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Posts Tagged ‘video’

Palin: “Celebrating The Season” in Ft. Campbell (video)

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on November 25, 2013

SarahPAC has just released a lovely video highlighting Gov. Palin’s “Good Tidings and Great Joy” book tour stop in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky on November 15th.  I’ve said enough. Please watch the video and let it speak to your  heart.


h/t SarahPalinAK

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Palin Passes Out U.S. flags to DC protesters (10-13-13)

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 13, 2013

h/t iizthatiiz

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Gov. Palin: Congress should defund Obamacare and not vacillate or capitulate

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 31, 2013

Video retrieved from sarahnettoo.

Governor Palin talked to Hannity by phone  last night after the satellite connection went down.  She said that Obamacare will bankrupt businesses and result in the single payer system Obama wants. Governor Palin said that Congress could and should defund Obamacare.   She said that legislators should not capitulate or vacillate in their efforts to oppose Obamacare.

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Palin: Obama was Dishonest and Divisive

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 3, 2012

The video that Palin refers to can be viewed at The Daily Caller.

Posted to Sarah Palin’s Facebook page:

Many of you have seen the 2007 speech in which then-Senator Obama suggested that because of racism the federal government didn’t waive the Stafford Act to assist New Orleans after Katrina. What you may not know is that 10 days before Senator Obama gave this speech, the federal government did in fact waive the Stafford Act for New Orleans. And to add insult to injury, Barack Obama was one of 14 senators who actually voted against the bill that included the provision to give supplemental emergency assistance to New Orleans. In other words, he was being dishonest and divisive, which is behavior we’ve sadly seen far too often from him in the last four years.

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Striking a Chord: The Beautiful Melody Of a Palin Speech

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 21, 2012

Imagine if you will, a piano keyboard with each key representing a conservative value or principle that is required to restore our Republic.  Further imagine that the right combination of keys produces the most beautiful melody you’ve ever heard, one that resonates with your very soul.  It’s the principles of our founders that are tried and true. It’s the “keys of truth”, conservative principles that  will bring this country back from a precipice.  I heard that beautiful melody on Saturday, February 11th in a Marriott Ballroom in Washington, DC when Governor Sarah Palin delivered the keynote speech at the 2012 CPAC Convention.  Based upon the reaction of the CPAC attendees, Sarah Palin “struck a chord” that resonated with their souls and quotes, such as the following, are the reason why:

Debt – “Ya cut it.  Gut it.  Get rid of it!  Americans shouldn’t have to spend their lives working so hard so Washington can spend easy”

Military – “We are going to put our faith in the strength of our armed forces and not the hollow promises of our adversaries.  We must be the home of the brave. We refuse to accept that a weak America means a better and safer world.”

Founders – “Professor Obama may have forgotten the Bill of Rights but we shall not forsake it including those rights that our founders risk their lives for.  Freedom of religion.  The right to bear arms.  We will rise up, we will defend them.”

Economy – “We want an economy built to grow.”

Taxes – “We want to cut taxes so we can create more wealth”.

Jobs – “We have a better jobs plan and it’s called the free market and it worked before this president and it will work again after this president.”

Life – “We believe that every child is created equal with that right to life.  I ask you to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  If not us, who?”

Israel – “God bless Israel.”

Is it any wonder there were some twelve standing ovations?  Take a listen.

After reading the above, you most likely think that it was written in the last twenty-four hours and certainly after the posting of SarahPAC’s most recent video release “Chords of Memory”.  It wasn’t.  Unfortunately the busyness of life sometimes gets in the way of blogging and seemingly good ideas get placed on the back-burner.  When I saw the video title “Chords of Memory”, I had to wonder if perhaps the piano keyboard analogy was divinely inspired.  I tend to think that perhaps it was.

Cross Posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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Woman at the Mercy of Obama’s Death Panel

Posted by Ron Devito on August 10, 2009

Watch the short video clip below, and tell me it doesn’t hit you hard. Tell me your heart doesn’t just break as you watch this concerned woman before a mere man–President Obama–to ask if he would find it in his heart to allow her mom medical care even at her late age. His response was that some people may be better off if they just take a pill! There is something completely sick about this. The words “God, bless America” are taking on a whole new meaning for us. It’s no longer just a little phrase we utter out of habit. Now it’s becoming the prayer it always should have been, rising up from the depths of our collective souls. God, please bless America.

America, we cannot give up our freedoms and rights in exchange for a date to sit imploringly before someone who holds our lives and the lives of our loved ones in his hands. Look, I don’t care if you’re a Democrat, a Republican, an Independent, or absolutely nothing, you deserve better. Who is Obama that this woman should have to ask him if he would consider her mother’s joy and spirit in his decision as to whether she can be given health care? Is he God?! The government has no right to make these kinds of decisions. America, you have got to keep standing up and speaking out. Congress, you have got to read the health care bill. We all need to read it. Otherwise, this is the just the beginning of a seriously diabolical time in our history. Some were outraged when Sarah Palin had the courage to call the proposed “death panel” by its true name: “evil.” But you look at the video and tell me you don’t agree.

From by Adrienne Ross

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