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Posts Tagged ‘Trig’

Palin: Life With Trig

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 5, 2012

Photo Credit: Jack Kurtz / ZUMA-Corbis

He’s nearing his fourth birthday. He has Down syndrome. And he greets every day with a round of applause.

Yet again, Sarah Palin takes the opportunity to remind us all that life is sacred and that all lives have a purpose.

From The Daily Beast:

Last week, Rick Santorum and his family offered us a reminder of what really matters. When his 3-year-old daughter, Bella, born with Trisomy 18, was hospitalized with pneumonia, Rick left the campaign trail to be by her bedside. In the middle of this very heated campaign season, many of us prayed through tears for Bella’s health and added prayers of thankfulness for a public example of someone’s sacrifice made with the right priorities.

It’s a sacrifice every parent and caregiver of a child with special needs sympathizes with. Families of children with special needs are bonded by a shared experience of the joys, challenges, fears, and blessings of raising these beautiful children whom we see as perfect in this imperfect world.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, on rope lines at rallies across the country, my husband, Todd, and I met so many of these families and caretakers, and I’ll never forget them. There was an instant connection—a kind of mutual acknowledgment that said, “Yes, these children are precious and loved. Yes, we face extra fears and challenges, but our children are a blessing, and the rest of the world is missing out in not knowing this.”  More

H/T @tsot on Twitter

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Palin’s Thanksgiving Message

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on November 23, 2011

Just moments ago, Sarah Palin posted a link to her Facebook page which in turn led to an exclusive Thanksgiving message that was published by The Brody File.  In this message, Sarah openly discusses her many blessings including Trig.


From the Brody File:

Sarah Palin has sent The Brody File some personal Thanksgiving reflections. She talks movingly about her young son Trig. It is truly a heartfelt letter that gives God all the glory.

As for Trig, Palin is showing that while there are some people who just talk the talk when it comes to being pro-life she actually walks the walk too.



A Personal Thanksgiving Reflection by Sarah Palin:

On Thanksgiving, my family’s traditions will reflect the loyal, active, robust, big family life that shaped me. We’re so fortunate to be together to share the making of another year’s memory. In these late autumn days with temperatures dipping to 20-degrees below zero, we’ll brave Alaska’s biting cold to run and skate and ride – just because we can, and for that I am so thankful. Life in America’s Last Frontier is not an easy living, but it’s a good living. Here in Alaska, where I’m never without inspiration, an optimistic pioneering spirit still permeates, and harsh conditions force us out of self-centeredness and towards community – often in order to survive.

This need for selflessness – and the blessings that come with it – sharpened for me almost four years ago when I was given the gift of broader horizons, clarified priorities, and more commitment to justice and compassion for my fellow man who faces challenges and fears. I was granted this through a gift that arrived in a tiny, six-pound, awe-inspiring bundle. We named him Trig.

I know America’s potential for goodness, thus greatness, because I see it every day through my son. Nothing makes me happier or prouder than to see America’s good heart when someone smiles at my Trig. I notice it happens often in airports. Often a traveler passing by does a double-take when they see him, perhaps curious about the curious look on his face; perhaps my son momentarily exercises an uncontrollable motion that takes the passerby by surprise. Perhaps, as an innocent and candid child announced when she first met Trig, they think “he’s awkward.” But when that traveler pauses to look again and smile, and maybe tells me what a handsome boy I have, I swell with American pride. I am so thankful for their good heart. They represent the best in our country and their kindness shows the real hope we need today.

I am thankful that, as in so many areas of life, the bitter people who say bitter things about someone facing challenges are so outnumbered. There have been stinging criticisms, even from people still screaming that Trig should never have been born, but we know those critics may be the loudest and most malicious, but they’re not the majority.   More

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Unmasking the Left’s Hatred for Governor Palin

Posted by Adrienne Ross on January 3, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

This is really too good to excerpt, but since I must, I implore you to read the full article. “Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sarah Palin” really does break down the unfortunate truth of why Palin Derangement Syndrome is so vile, why some don’t just disagree with her but vehemently hate her. I will share a few of these reasons with you, but click to read them all.

Megan Fox writes:

10. She’s Prettier Than You (and She Couldn’t Care Less)

“Caribou Barbie,” they sneered while insinuating anyone as attractive as Palin couldn’t possibly house a brain behind that stunning face. And she is stunning. Palin is one of those beautiful women for whom doors open, heads turn and lesser beauties fade. She’s one of those girls I imagine had a hard time keeping girlfriends if any were too self-conscious to be lost behind the radiance that is Sarah.

And yet, she is the most unassuming beauty queen I ever saw. How many women on TV can you name who would be caught dead in waders (giant rubber pants with suspenders that make even a taut size 4 look like she weighs 200lbs) and slugging giant halibut with a billy club? And yet, there she is on her show, Sarah Palin’s Alaska, without a stitch of makeup, hair a mess, up to her elbows in fish guts (having a marvelous time) and still managing to look better than most Cover Girls. It must really burn Maureen Dowd that on her best day (with professional makeup artists) she can’t hold a candle to Sarah Palin working a slime line.


Of course, Palin doesn’t care about any of this and would probably not approve of my bringing it up, but I can’t help myself. Much of the hatred from the Left (especially from the women) stems from this type of petty jealousy.


It might also have to do with the optimistic, baby-loving, country-loving, family-centered outlook conservative women embrace. It’s better for your pores to have a spirit of love.

Ms. Fox certainly didn’t surprise us with her number 10. The fact that jealousy drives much of the irrational disdain for Governor Palin is not lost on anyone.

This next one really bugs the haters:

6. She Hunts

All leftists hate hunters. It always cracks me up that during the presidential election cycles we will invariably be bombarded with hilarious photos of the limp-wristed leftist candidate trying to carry a gun on some pheasant hunt while appearing cool. Nine times out of ten, he’s carrying it wrong or struggling under the weight of the unwieldy thing he’s never before touched, let alone fired. The reason they do this is not because they’ve discovered a love for hunting but because the majority of Americans believe in hunter’s rights and either are or are married to, or have family members who are hunters! During an election, progressives must lie and try to pretend to be like most Americans when in reality, they are anything but!

They usually out themselves like Obama and his famous “bitter clingers” line,

[T]hey get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy to people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment

They just don’t understand why anyone would rather fill their freezer with totally organic meat they tracked, shot, skinned and butchered themselves instead of paying twice as much for worse quality at Whole Foods. And, like Kate Goesslin, they can’t figure out why anyone would want to slog through the cold, rain and mud when there are hotels with restaurants where food magically appears in front of you. They just have no concept of the pioneer spirit, they are so removed from it with hands freshly exfoliated and moisturized with something that cost more than most American’s weekly grocery budgets. So it’s no mystery when Sarah shows us how she stocks her freezer for the low cost of a few bullets and some serious hiking, the Left recoils in horror. Self-sufficiency isn’t on the menu of totalitarian regimes. The little people must be made to rely on the government for their very existence. Those who don’t are a threat to the power structure.

The following reason they hate Governor Palin especially troubles and saddens me. I wish it weren’t true, but indeed it is. I’ve seen enough of the jokes about Trig, the horrible things written and spoken about her not “choosing” to terminate him within the womb, the heart-wrenching statistic that 90% of babies with Down Syndrome in this country are aborted. Her stand for life annoys the snot out of many. The fact that she’s not a hypocrite but walked the walk when reality came knocking at her door, causes them to despise her. I don’t believe in condemning those who have made horrible mistakes in the past, including having an abortion. I believe God offers miraculous forgiveness to those who have done so. His grace, mercy, and love are amazing–and His desire is to bring healing and restoration to those who will confess their sins. However, some so-called feminists feel like Governor Palin owes the world an apology because she did not have an abortion, but chose to embrace Trig. That mindset is sick, for lack of a more fitting word.

5. She’s Pro-Life and Lives It

Of all the reasons to hate Sarah Palin (if you’re a moonbat) this is the one they won’t say out loud but believe me, it’s at the top of the list. In the leftist manual, a woman should never even consider keeping a disabled child. And if she actually does it, she is regarded as a freak. Someone who has no consideration for the groaning planet, heavy with the weight of too many people. A leftist believes even healthy babies should be pruned for the good of the species, so you can imagine their outrage at a person who willingly brings a child into the world who is less than perfect to consume more precious resources.

This may be the most disgusting of all leftist beliefs. The absolute arrogance of the Left is astounding. They believe they can be the arbiters of life and death, that only they know what is best for all of us and the planet and the universe for that matter. How would we survive without them telling us what to do? It’s a mystery.

It pierces their souls (if they have souls) when a woman such as Sarah makes a choice for life because they don’t have the moral character to make the same choice. Their guilty conscience makes them hate anyone who has more compassion than they. Progressives love to talk about compassion but their words never require them to actually be compassionate. When someone else lives in a compassionate way (and isn’t ideologically copacetic) it sears what is left of the conscience inside a leftist. It reminds them who they really are; people who advocate for the killing of the most helpless among us. (Death-loving tyrannical eugenicists.)

I love this next one, and how true it is that no matter what happens, Governor Palin emerges smiling, happy, and unmoved.

4. You Can’t Rattle Her

Despite the attacks, which unarguably have been the worst and most vicious in history, Sarah is still standing, never once bowing her head in defeat. Not only is she still standing, she ridicules and tweaks the Left regularly. They hate this.

I believe what Megan Fox listed as number 2 is really number 1, for there really is but one main reason Governor Palin is so despised. We saw it during the campaign and we still see it now. It’s a spiritual battle.

2. She Loves Jesus

Everybody knows the Left only proclaims to love Jesus during elections. If anyone should mention Jesus’ name at any other time of the year they must be some sort of fundamentalist FREAK. Sarah has never been ashamed of her faith and is willing to admit she prays for guidance. This makes her a major target. A “bitter clinger,” if you will. One of those psychos who believes a man once walked on water.


The problem is, most people in this country identify as Christians and we know we’re not crazy and so by default we know she’s not crazy either. This makes the left hate her and us more than ever.

Access the full article by going here.

Governor Palin represents everything the Left ought to love but utterly hates instead, perhaps because for her it’s real not just ideology–all of it: her love for God, her belief in the power of women, her strength and work ethic, her beautiful inner spirit that manifests on the outside. This has garnered her the diabolical vitriol of the Left. But while they hate her, so many Americans love her for what she stands for because when we see the values she embraces, we see ourselves. And as we see ourselves in her, we see every attack against her as an attack against us, and we fight back.

Governor Palin has what it takes to lead this country. And for every reason Leftists hate her, God-fearing, freedom-loving, common sense Americans have at least ten reasons we love her and would be thrilled to call her President, if she decides to take that step we’re all hoping she takes.

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Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part VI — Going Home

Posted by Ron Devito on November 23, 2009

Farewell Borders and Thank You…

I awoke, showered, cleaned up, packed up, had breakfast and while eating saw my Palin Power button on YNN Rochester. Click this link and go to 2:04 in the 3:33(a providential, lucky number of mine) video:

After breakfast and before my flight, I had to do one more thing. I went to Borders, drank a white mocha latte, then walked to the area where Governor Palin was signing…and went to the space she occupied and spent a few minutes there. I saw a couple of copies behind me near the floor were a little disarrayed. I knelt down, made them correct, left the space, came back again, left, came back a third time, then left — forever. I drove slowly out of the lot, then picked up speed after Borders was out of sight.

Slipping the Surly Bonds…

I was seated in 1A of the US Airways Dash 8 100. I shut the iPhone off after a strategy-related email exchange with Fay, Editor and Publisher of the Sarah Palin Information Blog and an author on Accomplishments. We departed Runway 22 and arced to the left. I found the mall right out the window where Borders is. Just as I bid farewell silently, the plane slipped into the overcast and re-emerged a few seconds later…..


When the light from the sun strikes an airplane, if you are sitting on the side opposite the sun and are flying over an under-cast, you will see a circular rainbow. The phenomenon is called a glory. Immediately after crossing the cloud layer, the shadow of the plane was encircled in a glory. Soon, the shadow disappeared, but the glory remained moving ahead of then behind the left propeller.

Aerial Tour

As the trip progressed, the solid under-cast went broken, then scattered. We broke out of the clouds in an area unfamiliar to me. Finally, I saw water…then a city below and to the left…Stamford, CT….what was about to unfold would be one of the most beautiful flights of my life. With Stamford to our left, we turned westward and followed the coast of Connecticut and Westchester. I saw Mamaroneck. Again, I remembered some of the Edison sites I’ve worked at over the years….I remembered another Sarah….my great aunt, Sarah Hackman who died in 2005. She lived in Tuckahoe, and her daughter Barbara had special needs, being crippled from Polio (this was in the pre-vaccine days).

We crossed the Bronx with Westchester now to our north. My mother’s Yonkers home would be off the right wing. I saw the George Washington Bridge and the plane turned left. More Edison sites, both Yankee stadiums. I could see clearly the de-construction of the former Yankee Stadium…we crossed into Manhattan. I figured we were going to turn left over 125th St. and land on Runway 13. We were not….we flew right over Central Park and through Midtown. All the skyscrapers below passed in striking detail. I saw Harper Collins at 10 E. 53rd St, and all the familiar landmarks: Met Life, Empire State, NY Life — Con Ed Headquarters, Zeckendorf Towers…the Federal Building, I sat spell-bound as my life’s memories flooded through….I could see Queens and Brooklyn clearly….

We continued over NY Harbor…as all the familiar Edison sites passed by. The Verrazano Bridge came into view…we were overflying Staten Island!!!! My home! I saw the rented house Elsy and I spent our first four Staten Island years in….but there was more to come…we flew all the way down to Great Kills tracking the Island’s core. I saw the little pizzeria where I have my second job. We took a descending left turn, out over Lower NY Bay and another descending left to parallel Staten Island’s south shore. Now…our approach to LGA was underway.

I could see the Bayonne Bridge on the other side and could see the general area where my house is. Once again, the Verrazano Bridge and we tracked through Brooklyn, passing the accursed BQE and the streets I dodged through just two days before. I saw Daisy’s Diner…were a fellow customer and I talk politics and Governor Palin each time I’m there. We flew right over the apartment Elsy and I rented in the first four years of our marriage. My childhood home in Flushing NY was off the right wing. We landed on Runway 4 and as we pulled into the terminal area, all of Flushing was in my direct view.

By juxtaposition, Governor Palin touched every aspect of my life.

In these six posts, you may wonder why I would include material that on the surface has absolutely nothing to do with Governor Palin or Going Rogue.

So…what does this all have to do with her? Everything. Simply go to the bottom of Page 8 in Governor Palin’s book.

All will be revealed.

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part I — Journey

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part II — Camping

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part III — Ready

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part IV — Books Signed

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part V — Egg Attack

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part VI — Going Home 


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Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part V — Egg Attack

Posted by Ron Devito on November 23, 2009

No Better Than the Book Burners of Old

The impact of the egg striking the stack of books resounded like a gunshot in the nearly empty Borders. I was behind the display stack talking with Kristina,  Kate and Rachelle. JD had already gone home. Adrienne and I had our backs turned. Adrienne was right next to the display stack, which was in the center of the store as you walked in the front door.

Following the sound, I heard a voice proclaim, “Sorry I didn’t hit you Sarah!” The egg thrower then sauntered out of the store as if victory was his. I ran toward the stack and saw several books covered in yolk and egg white. Adrienne’s outfit was splattered too…collateral damage from his attack.

I screamed out to the Borders staff…”get him…he destroyed several of Sarah’s books, and Adrienne’s been hit!” The staff told me they’d take care of it…don’t get involved! I waited…and I took pictures of the damage:

Photography by Ron Devito: Adrienne Ross — collateral damage from egg attack on Going Rogue display.
Photography by Ron Devito: Overall shot of the display. The more highly reflective covers have egg white on them.
Photography by Ron Devito: Close-Up. At least eight books were destroyed.

Photography by Ron Devito: Close-up. Yellow on the second book in the stack is egg yolk.

Photography by Ron Devito: Target of hate.

Photography by Ron Devito: Note the wet spot on the carpet and the egg shells. These books were located behind Governor Palin’s display.

Throw the Book at Him?

The egg thrower was caught and arrested. He came to realize that his form of “political protest” did not exactly serve him well. Borders chose not to prosecute him, because he opted to pay for all the destroyed copies of Going Rogue. In essence, this brilliant Obama Kool Aid drinker now bought the largest number of copies of Going Rogue for a single customer in the entire day!

Also ironic and providential: Governor Palin was accused of trying to ban books as Mayor of Wasilla…except for one minor detail: the books she was accused of trying to ban did not even exist at the time. But, book banning is a lie Obama’s followers continue to perpetuate. Adrienne Ross risked her job to protest a display at her school perpetuating this falsehood.

Ironic that this man wanted to not just ban…but destroy Governor Palin’s book.…and since he indicated that the egg was intended for Governor Palin herself, I was loudly pushing for him to be prosecuted…but Borders accepted reimbursement. Now it was up to Adrienne.

Mercy and Forgiveness? Or Pursue a Pyrrhic Victory?

The arresting officer told Adrienne, she had a choice to make. Prosecute him for criminal mischief and harassment; which meant she would have to stay the night, then drive four hours from her home each way to be present at his trial…or have him released.

I was pushing for prosecution. Kristina and Kate calmed me down and told me to defer to Adrienne — it was after all her decision to make….and they were right. It was her decision.

Adrienne chose the path of mercy and declined to press charges. She did not pursue him for the soiled outfit…she wanted nothing more to do with him…rightfully so.

Farewell Dinner

Our tired band of Rogues went to Uno’s right across from Borders to have our farewell dinner. We discussed the incident…the pros and cons of prosecution. For a few minutes, we wondered if the right thing was done not pressing charges. “Sorry, I didn’t hit you, Sarah” played in my head over and over again like a broken record. Could he be motivated to attempt to harm her in some way later on? Would Borders’ and Adrienne’s act of mercy embolden him? Conversely, what was to be gained by Adrienne prosecuting him for harassment? To appear before a judge and say “this man harassed me as a byproduct of destroying several copies of Going Rogue”? With the primary case disposed of, there really was little point in pursuing it further.

Finally, the conversation shifted to more joyful subject matter — some related to Governor Palin, some of it not. We enjoyed our meals and conversation.

It was nearly midnight. We all exchanged hugs and the band of Rogues broke up. Having Gone Rogue, now it was time to Go Home.

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part I — Journey

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part II — Camping

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part III — Ready

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part IV — Books Signed

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part V — Egg Attack

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part VI — Going Home 


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Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part IV — Books Signed

Posted by Ron Devito on November 23, 2009

Entertainment Tonight and Hamburg TV Station

I did a media interview with Entertainment Tonight. The reporter was very friendly. He asked me to explain why I supported Governor Palin — and why I would wait over 24 hours to see her. “I support her Reagan Conservatism, her positions on the Second Amendment and oil drilling. I admire her 17 years of executive experience and Transformational Leadership. We have not seen a leader like this in 150 years.” Do you want her to to run for President in 2012?, he asked. “YES! I believe she was summoned to carry Reagan’s torch. But I will support her no matter the path she chooses,” I said. We agreed to do a second interview after the signing. The first interview was completed at 1516 EST. My second interview with Entertainment Tonight took place at 1759 EST.

The same questions were asked in my interview with the Hamburg, Germany with my responses mirroring what was said to Entertainment Tonight. The Hamburg interview was completed at 1656 EST.

Ron Devito Going Rogue with Governor Palin

Finally, the time had come. I deposited my jacket and gift card on the table. I threw Adrienne a salute and passed her the books to give to Governor Palin. It was Saturday, November 21, 2009 at the seventeenth hour and the fortieth minute.

“Governor Palin…Sarah….it’s nice to see you again.” We locked eyes…she shook my hand, said “Hi, what’s your name.” “I’m Ron Devito, from Staten Island. You signed my heart in Pennsylvania.” She smiled…I could tell she remembered. “I like your buttons,” she said. But…I saw her looking at the Palin Power button, I had been selling. Pointing to the button, I said, “Today, I prototyped this one. And I will be giving it to you in the gift box. It is yours.” “Thank you,” Governor Palin said. It was time to leave….I turned back….”It was nice to see you again” — followed by a pregnant pause — “my President.” She ended the conversation with a final thank you and I took my signed books.

There was no time for personalization, and for collectors, non-personalized signed books are worth more money (mine is NOT for sale at any price). My fleeting time with Governor Palin went by faster than a Concorde flying overhead at Mach 2.2. 

When SarahPAC photographer Shealah Craighead releases the photos, I will acquire. She may or may not grant me permission to post, but I will ask.

I went to the main shopping area, finished off the gift card and took what was now Governor Palin’s property off my heart, put it in with the card, sealed it and left it and went outside to work the crowd, and wait for my colleagues….

Photography by Ron Devito: (iPhone Camera) Crowd awaiting entry to the store following my signing.

Photography: Ron Devito. Trig Paxton Van Palin. Photo re-touched to remove red-eye.

Photography: Ron Devito. Sally Heath, with whom I shook hands and had two brief conversations. When I told her I’m from Staten Island, her eyes lit up. “We worked on Fresh Kills.” “I know…it’s only 8 miles from my house.” We exchanged some pleasantries, and then I said, “Your daughter is going to make history.”

Photography: Ron Devito. Chuck and Sally Heath announce to the overflow crowd that Governor Palin will sign their books. Mrs. Heath hugs a supporter. Photo re-touched to remove red-eye.

From the Outside Looking In

Having had my books signed and awaiting my colleagues…we were going to eat dinner together after the signing, I took some potshots with the camera of Governor Palin signing books….

Photography: Ron Devito. A shot of Governor Palin with the back of her head facing the window. Piper Palin is to her right.

Photography Ron Devito. Profile view of Governor Palin.

Photography: Ron Devito. A blurred view, but one where Governor Palin’s face is visible.

From Going Bust to Going Rogue

As the evening progressed, jubilant supporters emerged with their signed books. One small boy was ecstatic: “she touched me! She actually touched me.” The little child wasn’t expecting Governor Palin to shake his hand. JD Merkel returned after the Heaths’ announcements. I told him to get on that line NOW….his book was going to be signed….JD went Rogue, not Bust after all….


Governor Palin and her staff left through the back of the store, they same way they entered. I ran to try to see her along with the crowd, but only saw the motorcade pull away. The store re-opened, the crowd dispersed, and I went to meet with my colleagues. We were all exhausted and hungry. Governor Palin had been gone 15 minutes, when an ugly act of hatred unfolded….an act reminiscent of the days not of banning books, but of burning them…

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part I — Journey

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part II — Camping

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part III — Ready

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part IV — Books Signed

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part V — Egg Attack

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part VI — Going Home 


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Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part III — Ready

Posted by Ron Devito on November 23, 2009


After cleaning up and showering and getting dressed, I checked my iPhone. Governor Palin had published a Facebook Post regarding health care. It was not covered. I launched into action, got the item on Accomplishments, did my Buzz, Digg, Fark, and Delicious, and put aside the laptop.

Not wanting to wait for the condensation to clear off my car, I wiped the driver’s side mirror with my hand, turned on the rear defroster and drove with the windows down in the freezing cold. Borders is only two miles from the Day’s Inn Henrietta, and my bee-line got me there in two minutes.

Back to Hustling…

I greeted Amy, Ed, Barb and the others. I went back to working the crowd with the business cards and buttons. I met Kristina, Kate, and Rachelle. Within the hour, the rest of my buttons were sold or given to those promised. All I had left was Adrienne’s and mine. Another generous soul brought coffee, bagels, and donuts. It was like a huge tailgate party — just as Governor Palin would Tweet in reference to her next stop. Like earlier, I whiled away the rest of the time reading Going Rogue — continuing to laugh or cry as the story continued to unfold. The time to 0900 — the opening of Borders — flew. I made it to page 105 and stopped.

Wristband Secured…

I got my Blue A wristband and immediately went outside and put on my right wrist. I wanted it there along with the red shirt I now wore — for Reagan Conservatism. I met Adrienne and gave her the promised button. Now, only the one over my heart remained….

Houston, We Have a Problem….

I alternately went in and out of Borders holing up in the cafe and returning to the camp post just outside the door. While talking with Kristina, her sister Kate, and Rachelle, we heard a commotion outside.

Apparently, the store did not get all 1,000 wristbands. They got 500. The second group of 500 were angry. But they got stickers…they became the overflow group. If Governor Palin had the time after the first 500, the overflow would be taken in. JD Merkel, Rochester Organizer, 2012 Draft Sarah Committee was in that second group. He resigned his fate to Going Bust….

Adrienne and the store’s staff had to deal with the crowd. Everyone calmed down, but I did not find her to be in an enviable position at that moment….Adrienne handled it like a skilled professional — as if she had been doing this all her life.

The Final Hours

The final hours were spent continuing to read Going Rogue, charging devices, going in and out of the store and learning about the structure of the event. A gift box was placed. I took out a business card and chicken-scrawled a message of support. But going into that box, it would get lost.

So, I opted for a greeting card and wrote my message. I emailed a trusted colleague for review. She loved it. I left the card envelope unsealed….The content of my message will remain private; however, I will state that it is based very strongly on the bottom half of Page 8 of Going Rogue.

A Sarah Palin look-alike — Sharon from PA — came in. I posed with her:

Then, Adrienne, Kristina, Kate, and myself posed at the book signing table.

 Adrienne Ross

Front: Kate Lazzaro. Rear: Kristina Lazzaro

Ron Devito

The time drew nigh…We all left the bookstore and assumed our new positions to the left of the door…

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part I — Journey

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part II — Camping

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part III — Ready

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part IV — Books Signed

Going Rogue, Rochester, NY: Part V — Egg Attack

Going Rogue: Rochester, NY, Part VI — Going Home 


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Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part II — Camping

Posted by Ron Devito on November 23, 2009

Lake Ontario

After over an hour of fooling around with my wife Elsy’s five-year-old laptop with a broken PCLinuxOS implementation (Synaptic will not update), I settled on leaving Accomplishments, and the promotion/news announcement sites up and leaving my other accounts alone. They would just have to wait until I got home.

Being near Lake Ontario and having some time to kill, I wanted to see my other love — the water. So, I hopped in the car and made the 30-mile one-way trip. I questioned my sanity for doing this after spending the morning battling traffic, but the road was open, drivers were mostly courteous and I was seeing something new and exciting. Ominous cumulonimbus clouds were forming to the north. Bad weather appeared to be approaching.

The area fronting Lake Ontario was all private property, so I could not venture out. Karl Strohmeyer called me. One of my two copies of Going Rogue that were to be signed was destined for him. We discussed how he wanted it personalized — if Governor Palin was going to — and just generally shot the breeze about politics. I met Karl in Scraton, PA in the final 72 hours campaigning for the McCain-Palin ticket — not with my own party, the GOP, but with Democrats for McCain.

Base Camp…

By 1600, I was back at Borders. I stopped in for a pretzel and a beverage, checked email, and charged the iPhone. No one had been camping outside like in other venues. Rochester, being rather liberal, I figured turnout would be lighter. I would go back to my hotel room, then check Borders every few hours. I emailed Kristina, Rachelle, and JD Merkel the non-news. Adrienne had secured a position as part of Governor Palin’s event team for the day, a job should would perform with expert professionalism, so I did not bother her with my updates.

At 1645, I met Amy, who had set up a chair and a gentleman named Ed who set up one behind her. Camping had begun!!! I sent a text message to my colleagues and told them to get here NOW! Then, I introduced myself, got my bag and set up behind them as number 3. Barb was number 4. Amy was generous and let me borrow a camping chair (yeah, I did not think to take one of those). I did bring a NASA foil emergency blanket. While it was effective at protecting the front of me, the wind whipped from behind. I needed more protection. I asked Amy and Ed to stand guard and ran to Dick’s Sporting Goods to get a cheap sleeping bag.

I did not drive. I ran across. The cold wind whipped my legs. In my business casual pants minus thermals, I might as well have been naked. I started to second-guess myself. The bag cost almost as much as the room for night — a hotel room I would now not be using. I questioned my own sanity. I had never done this before. Was I now some kind of groupie? Returning the bag and opting for the critter comforts of the hotel room was tempting. But I would not dare! Not being number three on that line! I wanted the front spot? I wanted to be here? I spent this effort to have these books signed? Well…I got re-focused! I had work to do….

Time to Hustle…

As campers began to secure their positions, I went to work, handing out business cards promoting Accomplishments. I also had pinned to me a button I created with the help of a colleague. I ordered 10 and the batch was not in front of my house; so I raised Cain and a replacement was sent to the hotel. Meanwhile, the original batch turned up the night before I left. So, I now had 20. The mission: test-market this logo. If people liked it and bought it, my online store would be promoted and I’d start selling. If there was little interest, I’d abandon the effort.

I had a happy problem: I sold almost the entire batch of 3.5-inch buttons at $6 each before the night was over. I had to save Adrienne’s, Kristina’s, Rachelle’s, and mine. So, I started hand-writing the name of my new store on the back of the blog business cards. North Star Promotions was born…

The atmosphere was very festive….and the generosity exchanged among strangers was amazing. One man brought in a big Sicilian Pepperoni pie. Starving, I dived into that box, and being the chow hound that I am, six slices were gone in no time. I offered to pay for what I took. He wanted a Palin Power button instead. Done deal.

And, so I worked the crowd, passing out cards, belting out SA-RAH! chants, just because. Barb told me about her Thompson Contender with interchangeable barrels. Another lady I met was a huntress. The 9/12 Project was there. A Gadsden flag was erected on a column of Borders.

And to while away the hours, I continued reading Going Rogue, but I had a problem….every other paragraph I had to stop. I was either laughing with Governor Palin or found myself on the brink of openly crying as the story of her life unfolded word for word.

Barb, Amy and I reached an agreement. They would watch my chair. I would go back to the hotel room, and come back in the morning. After we got our wristbands, they would sleep in their cars, and I would watch their setups.

I went back, tried to call my wife, but could not get through. I emailed her my position report, and went to sleep. Amy and Barb said I could be back by 0700. But there was no way I was going to come back that late….

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Going Rogue: Rochester, NY Part I — Journey

Posted by Ron Devito on November 23, 2009

I have this crazy idea…

Accomplishments author Adrienne Ross (the editor and publisher of Motivation: Truth and a Board Member, Media Director, and NY State Organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee). and myself were exchanging some text messages a couple of weeks ago. “I have this really crazy idea,” I wrote. I figured she was going to write back, “Again?” But, Adrienne was too kind for that. I went on…”You live upstate…Kristina Lazzaro (editor and publisher of: Inspiration Sarah, and the Buffalo, NY Organizer for the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee, and Accomplishments author) lives upstate….Governor Palin’s going to be in NY…you going to see her?” Of course they were…I went to Google Maps on my iPhone and banged in the address of the Borders store in Henrietta, NY, where she was to sign the books. It would be a 340-mile trip one way. Nearly seven hours driving. I calculated gasoline costs and figured I might be better using Amtrak or even flying up.

My head was spinning. Adrienne is not one to tell others what to do, and always emphasizes that ultimately, the decision on anything is yours to make. But, she looked at my texts and and listened on the phone as I egged myself on. “I want to do this…let me get back to you when I have the logistics worked out….”

Going Rogue, or Going Bust?

I plowed my 2007 Honda Pilot through the streets of Brooklyn and Queens from 0700 to 0900 the morning of Friday, November 20, 2009. I had some “Sarah music” going, but then switched to my “flying music” — the switch would prove to be very providential. Driving like a fighter pilot hopped up on caffeine and sugar, the morning’s trip devolved into desperate race against time to make it from Staten Island to LGA. I had opted to fly, because the traveling time would be much less and the costs not much more than driving up all the way. But, now I was angry and giving new meaning to the term “road rage.”. Here I was two hours in and now in danger of missing my flight. I could have been out of the Island through NJ, and back into NY…almost a third of the way to Rochester by now I thought….

Finally, I made the parking lot, dumped the truck (literally), grabbed my iPhone with the car charger still attached and my bags and lit out of there in the shuttle. It wasn’t till after I checked in that I realized I left my iPod in the truck, and a nice leather bomber jacket. I had no outer jacket for Rochester! Both my uncle and a trusted colleague said that Governor Palin should see the jacket on me.

Darn it! I haven’t even left the city and already I was well on the way not to Going Rouge — but to Going Bust! I choked breakfast down, and I started on the unsigned reading copy, leaving the two treasure copies to be signed well alone in the suitcase.

Governor Palin’s first words immediately soothed my frazzled nerves. I read on.

I nearly started blubbering when I came to the bottom of page eight. There, she told a story of something so providential in her life — and mine — something that was the basis of a rally sign I made 13 months ago…something that was the basis of a video I made a month after that…something that would be the basis of message I left in her gift box….something that would define this entire trip.

A surge of joy swept through me when I saw the Piedmont Dash-8 100 sitting on the apron. Being an IFR private pilot, I am most familiar with Cessna 172s, but the last time I had flown in a turboprop was 1992 when I went to visit my uncle who lived in Meadville, PA at the time.

I was amazed at the power of the turbo-props as my body snapped back into the seat on takeoff and the the aircraft lifted off with an amazing rate of climb. I love those snap-backs. They’re a big hoot. We arced over western Queens and I could see the Con Ed sites that have been my home for nearly 10 years now. We flew to the east of both the old and new Yankee Stadiums, past my mother’s house in Yonkers, and entered a thin overcast, which became an under-cast. Memories of all the places I’d been in the area flowed through…already Governor Palin was touching every aspect of my life by juxtaposition.

My flight instructor, Don Eck has logged thousands of hours for Piedmont. Some people fear turboprops. I love them. You get a greater feeling of flight in them. Flying lower and slower, you get to see the landscape below in greater detail. The windows are larger and you feel a closer connection with the sky as you are flung through the proverbial footless halls of air…while some found the loud drone of the spinning props annoying, it was music to my ears.

The combination of reading Governor Palin’s words and the flight itself mollified me. I concluded that there was a reason I left the jacket and the iPod behind…and as the trip progressed, I would learn that my conclusion was right. I put the book away and kept my face pressed to the window for the duration of the flight.

The under-cast became broken and we slipped through the layer, the plane gently bouncing as it entered the clouds — a normal occurrence. I didn’t know it then, but the Borders Governor Palin would be signing at was directly to my left and in plain view….

We touched down in Rochester, and I grabbed my gear and went to the car rental. Discover card declined… after I had paid it a few days ago to make room. Here we go again…Going Bust. I went for the debit card and accepted the $300 hold. Ugh. It worked. Success! The black 2008 Hyundai Tiburon became my Sarah-Mobile. I stopped down to see the bookstore, then went to Burlington Coat Factory and picked a warm hunting jacket for $20, and checked into the hotel to start up the Accomplishments command and control center.

I was here and established. I was ready to Go Rogue….

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