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Sarah Palin 26 Obama’s Alaska Mafia © ZERO

Posted by Gary P Jackson on April 28, 2010

The voluntary relinquishment of power for the greater good is normally praised as an example of true leadership—just review any biography of George Washington.

Let this latest dismissed complaint serves as a reminder for one of the real—and stated—reasons for her voluntary relinquishment of office, an office she campaigned for diligently, tirelessly and effectively. It stands as a marker that occasionally, every so often, there are public servants who can recognize the difference between self-interest and public interest. Sarah Palin is one such public servant.

~ Thomas Van Flein, personal attorney for Sarah Palin

When Sarah Palin was chosen as John McCain’s running mate the entire Marxist-democrat party went into panic mode. Granted, the general public was going “Sarah who?” but those of us who really follow this stuff knew exactly who Governor Sarah Palin was. In fact, a sizable number of people were openly lobbying for her selection before we even had a nominee for the top spot.

Sarah Palin has a long and storied career as a political powerhouse and a reformer. She was able to take down the “good old boy” network, the “Corrupt Bastards Club” as they called themselves, all Republican Establishment types. And she had a long record of taking down corruption in her other jobs.

Sarah had looked Big Oil, including the largest corporation in the world, Exxon, and told them how things were going to be. In short, Sarah is an effective leader, and an honest leader. The woman is fearless, politically.

Remember, two of Obama’s closest advisers, Pete Rouse, and the infamous Anita Dunn are both from Alaska. Both know all about Sarah. Dunn was one of the first ones sounding alarm bells.

Within days of the announcement that Sarah had joined the McCain ticket, Barack Obama personally reached out to the Alaska Troopers Union to discuss the bogus “Troopgate” nonsense that was brewing. Obama then set his Senate Chief-of-Staff, Pete Rouse, who is now a White House adviser, in motion.

Rouse contacted his former colleague Senator Kim Elton. Elton and Hollis French, along with a couple of other far left Marxist-democrats turned a small dispute over the firing of a insubordinate department head into a three ring circus, complete with a kangaroo court.

This went from a story about Walt Monegan, the head of the Dept of Public Safety, to a story about Palin’s deranged brother-in-law who was drunk on the job, got caught poaching (a serious deal in Alaska), tazered his step son, and threatened the lives of Sarah’s sister, her dad, as well as Sarah herself. Oh, and as far as I know, the trooper, Michael Wooten, is still a state trooper to this day.

The witch hunt became so absurd that sane members of the party wanted nothing to do with it, and a serious revolt was brewing in the legislature. Of course, Elton, French, Beth Kerttula, Steven Branchflower, etc., were all promising something so terrible, it would end up with Sarah’s impeachment.

Now bear in mind, Walt Monegan was an “at will” employee. An appointed position. In other words, the Governor could fire him for any reason, or no reason at all. You serve at the pleasure of the Governor. Period.

In the end, just a few days before the presidential election, the “Branchflower Report” was rushed in front of the world wide media. The promised “October surprise.”

The kangaroo court, of course, claimed that Sarah had somehow overstepped her bounds by firing a guy that, by law, she could fire at any time, without cause. One should know, before Monegan was shown the door, even though he was insubordinate, continually trying to do end runs around Palin’s budget slashing measures designed to put Alaska back on solid footing, even with all of that, Sarah offered the guy the opportunity to take another position. He refused.

Within days of the bogus “Branchflower Report” an independent investigator for the Alaska State Personnel Board looked at the findings. Timothy Petamenos, the investigator, found that not only had Obama’s people wrongfully accused and “found” Sarah guilty, Branchflower actually hid evidence that proved Sarah was innocent of the alleged issue: Trying to force Monegan to fire Wooten, a guy who deserved to be in jail, not just fired.

Branchflower suppressed witness testimony, e-mails, and more. As if Branchflower and Co. weren’t big enough jokes, Petamenos also found they had cited the wrong statues to “convict” Sarah in the first place!

The so-called “reprimand” Sarah received was then overturned by the Alaska Personnel Board, clearing Sarah of any wrong doing.

Of course, the dirty deed was done. This had stirred up just enough dust, only days before the election, to hurt McCain/Palin and help Obama. By the way, for those that don’t know, this is was first election that Obama had ever won outright. He used dirty tricks to have his opponent “disqualified” when he ran for the Illinois Senate, and of course his minions caused all sort of problems for Senator Ryan, and his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan, forcing him to withdraw, giving Obama what amounted to a bye-run into the U.S. Senate. Typical Chicago thug politics.

As a payoff for a “job well done” just weeks after Obama was sworn in as President, he quietly appointed Kim Elton to a make work job at the U.S. Department of Interior. Chicago pay-for-play at it’s finest.

Of course, this insanity didn’t stop there. The Obama regime, and his thug supporters knew they had awakened a Mama Grizzly. They also knew that Sarah Palin was a huge hit with the American people. I mean think about it, when have you ever seen a group run a TV ad, during the Superbowl, to thank the vice presidential candidate from the losing ticket?

This scared the hell out of the Marxist-democrats. They know Sarah’s proclivity of going after corruption, and Obama is the absolute epitome of the corrupt politician. They also saw the crowds Sarah drew, and the strong favorable emotions America had toward her, despite the best lies their media partners had thrown out there..

Now one of the things Obama’s right hand man, Pete Rouse had done was help set up the “Wasilla Project” with a bunch of radical leftists in Alaska. A small but seriously vile group of losers. Several of them were hate filled bloggers Shannyn Moore and Jeanne Devon. These two were afforded access to the sewage dump known as the Huffington Post, As vile as that place is, it is mainstream for members of the Marxist-democrat party, and Obama’s media partners at ABC, CBS, NBC, and so on, link to the site all of the time.

These two bloggers, and a handful more, including the “Official DNC Blogger For Alaska” Linda Kellen Biegel, used their access to so-called “legitimate” media to spread multiple lies on almost a daily basis, including the incredibly vile and hateful lie that Sarah’s new baby, Trig, was not really hers. They continually attacked Sarah with this nonsense, and had all sorts of sick “fun” photoshopping the kid and saying the vilest of vile things. These were published in HuffPo, and widely distributed. Some of these nimrods turned “Trig Trutherism” into a cottage industry.

Well, That didn’t work either. Sarah was still standing strong. In fact, Sarah had already started going after Obama and his destructive, anti-American ways. It was quite clear Sarah didn’t like the course Obama put the country on, and wasn’t going to just sit back and watch it happen.

Early on Sarah established herself as the leading voice of reason, while the feckless men of the GOP were still admiring the crease of Obama’s pants. As we have seen over the last year or so, Sarah Palin is not someone who just sits back. She is every bit the “Sarahcuda” who helped her team win a championship, playing on a broken ankle.

So, phase two was started. The Alaska Mafia © as I have taken to calling them, started recruiting folks to help file never ending “ethics complaints” Alaska has some really quirky laws. For example, anyone can file a complaint for any reason, with no consequences if it is found to be frivolous. Even crazier, while the law protects legislators, it does not protect the executive! You don’t even have to use a real name to file these things, one of these complaints were filed under the name of a soap oprah character!

These ethic complaints served all kinds of evil purposes. Obviously it tied up state employees, including Sarah and her staff, as they dealt with these. It was a distraction, at best. Of course here’s Sarah, who was not rich, only making $ 125,000 a year, having turned down a $25,000 raise thinking of the state budget, facing all kinds of personal legal bills. These ended up at over $500,000, which would have bankrupted the family.

By the way, and this played a HUGE part in Sarah’s decision to resign, these nasty little creatures cost the Alaska taxpayers around $2 million to investigate all of these bogus complaints. They should all be in jail, if you want my opinion.

The real value for Obama and his thugs though, was propaganda. You see, every time one of Obama’s little helpers filed one of these nonsense “complaints” it would be splashed all over the headlines world wide. Now under Alaska’s privacy laws, it is illegal to discuss or publicize these things until settled. However, the law has no teeth, no punishment. Often, within minutes of a complaints being filed, one of th Mafia © bloggers would have their press release already in the hands of Obama’s media partners nationwide. Knowing they faced absolutely no repercussions, it got to the point that the stories were already published, worldwide, before the complaints was filed.

These complaints, besides being pure old Alinsky/Obama harassment, also sought to paint Sarah as some sort of unethical person. To take the “reformer” tool out of her hand. Even better, it gave the hate bloggers a chance to shout, almost daily, that more was coming, “impeachment was eminent.” They were even talking about “FBI indictments” which prompted the FBI to do something they just don’t do, and come out and tell the world that there was absolutely no FBI indictment, and further, the FBI had no ongoing investigations, and absolutely none planned! (More on this later)

This was somewhat effective. One still sees the poorly informed Obama koolaid drinkers promising indictments are coming.

Now in all fairness, not all of these complaints were filed by Obama’s people. A couple were filed by Andree McLeod someone who, as best as we can tell, is angry that Sarah didn’t hire her for some position. I think she still has one pending. She’s one of those “characters” that ever good story has, and well…that is that.

The Obama people though were just relentless, and the “complaints” were ludicrous. Really stupid things like, I kid you not, being photographed holding a fish! There was a complaint because she was interviewed, on TV no less. Oh the humanity! My favorite though, was the one for wearing a jacket in sub-zero weather. Again, I kid you not. Sarah was serving as the Grand Marshall at the Iron Dog race, the longest snow machine race in the world, roughly 2000 miles. She was there to wave the green flag to start, and would later be at the finish line to wave the checkered flag. It was cold but the fact that Sarah was wearing this jacket just didn’t sit well with the Mafia ©

Anyway, with all of the craziness, all of the attempts by Obama’s hand picked thugs, Sarah Palin is not only still standing, but has proven herself to be a real force of nature, and the strongest leader in the country. It’s kind of poetic justice, to me. If Obama and his crew had just left Sarah alone after the election, and let her be Governor, she would be quietly running her state. But thanks to their zeal to do evil deeds, and forcing her to step down, for the good of Alaska, Sarah finds herself with a lot of time on her hands. She’s become quite well off, thanks to a runaway best selling book, and a brand new one on the way, as well as all of the speaking engagements across the nation where she can reach millions of people and spread her message of common sense conservatism.

In fact, one can say, thanks to these loons, Sarah Palin has become a household name and a shoe in for both the 2012 GOP nomination as well as the presidency.

I’ve said all of that to say this: Yet another one of the bogus “ethics complaints” the twenty-sixth one, has been thrown out. This from Sarah’s attorney, Thomas Van Flein via her Facebook page.

Swing and a miss

Yesterday we learned that another “ethics” complaint that was filed against Governor Palin was dismissed as baseless. (If you are counting, the Governor is 26-0-1 regarding such complaints or suits, with one still pending). Only this complaint was actually filed after she left office, and alleged that the mere existence of the Alaska Fund Trust (the legal defense fund set up for her to help defray the costs incurred during the Troopergate fiasco and related machinations that followed in its wake) was violative of the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act as well as its solicitation or receipt of contributions. The raison d’Ltre of the legal defense fund was inexorably linked to Governor Palin’s nomination as the Republican candidate for Vice President and the post-nomination political tactics arising therefrom; thus making the nomination sine quo non for the fund. In a detailed opinion, the complaint was dismissed as lacking a factual or legal basis. Last June, upon learning that a complaint against the Governor’s Anchorage Office Director was dismissed as baseless, Governor Palin’s then Chief of Staff Mike Nizich said, “This is not about holding the governor or state employees accountable. This is pure harassment.” That still rings true today.

When I discussed this with Governor Palin, she had an interesting take: “My reaction upon reading the opinion in this matter was not what I expected. Though I’m always pleased with the results of these investigations that prove the false allegations wrong, and I appreciate the detailed reasoning set forth in this recent opinion, I was primarily disappointed that the State of Alaska, the Attorney General’s office, and others, still have to spend time and resources addressing the abusive onslaught of frivolous complaints directed against me—even after I left office.”

At times (indeed, as recently as Sunday in a magazine cover story) people allege that the “real” reason Governor Palin stepped down was to “make money” (citing primarily her best selling book). As this most current complaint again emphasizes, Governor Palin stepped down for the right reasons—she did not want to see her state government continue to get bogged down with inane “ethics” complaints that were transparently political, plainly partisan, and diverting state resources.

The voluntary relinquishment of power for the greater good is normally praised as an example of true leadership—just review any biography of George Washington—and it should be in this case as well. But for those who seek power for the sake of power, a selfless act is confusing, so a new narrative is created, such as the “profit” motive now being asserted with renewed vigor. Rest assured Sarah Palin had obtained approval to write her memoir while still in office without running into any conflict with the Alaska Executive Branch Ethics Act. Her financial future from her best selling book, though unknown then, would not have altered much whether she stayed in office or resigned, except the number of “ethics” complaints did dramatically decrease, so any legal fees associated with such complaints decreased concomitantly.

Let this latest dismissed complaint serves as a reminder for one of the real—and stated—reasons for her voluntary relinquishment of office, an office she campaigned for diligently, tirelessly and effectively. It stands as a marker that occasionally, every so often, there are public servants who can recognize the difference between self-interest and public interest. Sarah Palin is one such public servant.

– Thomas Van Flein, personal attorney for Sarah Palin

That pretty much says it all. We wrote about the complaint Mr Van Flein references. It was the most egregious, in our opinion. What makes this one particularly infuriating is the fact that the state hired a so-called “independent investigator” Thomas Daniel to look into this.

Thomas Daniel has a day job, by the way. When not “special investigating” Daniel works for the law firm, Perkins Coie. Who is Perkins Coie? Perkins Coie, a large firm, just happens to be Barack Obama’s personal attorney of record. They are also one of the firms the DNC turns to when they really need to steal a contested election.

Daniel, of course, acted exactly like you would expect someone of his caliber to act, he “leaked” information to the media on this case, even though that sort of thing is illegal. Of course, he didn’t tell them how Sarah was innocent or anything. Oh no, this is the guy that let it be known the FBI were gassing up the Crown Vics and getting ready to pick Sarah up!

Again, this prompted the FBI to come out and make a strong statement that they weren’t investigating the Governor and had absolutely no plans to.

You can read more about that, as well as get an overview of Obama’s Alaska Mafia ©, and see the video Obama and the Mafia © do not want you to see, by clicking here.

In the closing, we are glad to see this nonsense come to an end. One thing it has proven though is that Sarah Palin is someone of strong character who will not back down and will not be intimidated. Since mid 2008 Obama, the media, the dirty trick squad, and all of the hangers-on, have thrown everything there is to throw at Sarah Palin, and she is not only still standing, but thriving.

This is why we started supporting Sarah Palin long before the rest of the nation knew of her. This is why we support her so passionately to this day. People like Sarah Palin, people of true character, are a real treasure. You just don’t see people like Sarah in politics. The few decent people that do get in, are usually run out by the dirty tricks squad. With Sarah Palin, you have someone who will run the bad guys out, and clean house.

The nation is better off with Sarah Palin as our true leader, our true strength.


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Sarah Palin: The Ethos of Ethics

Posted by Ron Devito on December 3, 2009

Following is the complete transcript of Thomas Van Flein’s post on Governor Palin’s Facebook Notes page pertaining to frivolous ethics complaints:

When the Governor announced her decision to resign on July 3, she
pointed out the then 15 frivolous ethics complaints that had been filed
against her and dismissed. It was intended to explain, in part, her
decision to resign as well to educate the public about the abuse of the
Alaska Ethics Act through a repetitive stream of baseless partisan
accusations, each one seemingly more pointless and frivolous than the
next. The Governor’s message was not intended as an invitation to run
off half-cocked and file more baseless ethics complaints, but not
everyone understood that message—or wanted to understand. In August
2009, largely in response to the abuse of Alaska’s Ethics Act by
partisan shills and low level lackeys, the Attorney General issued an
opinion recommending changes to the Ethics Act ”to prevent another
potential harm—abuse of the process. Some Alaskans have argued that the
Ethics Act has been used inappropriately in some circumstances to
politically damage the subject of the complaint.” (August 5, 2009
Attorney General Opinion). That argument was asserted by the Anchorage
Daily News. “Our View: Abuse of Ethics Complaints Turns Good Law Into
Bad Politics,” Anchorage Daily News, May 3, 2009. The Attorney General
further recommended “another safeguard to discourage habitual complaint
filers who use the Ethics Act process to harass executive branch
employees. Statutory amendments could provide authority to the
personnel board to decline to process further complaints filed by a
person who has abused the Act in this way.” Though it is encouraging to
see an impartial evaluation of the problem, it is ultimately up to the
Legislature to implement any of these recommended changes. Governor
Palin has been subjected to 24 ethics complaints, several lawsuits, and
dozens and dozens of public information act requests, few of which
raised even a scintilla of a good faith issue, and most of which were
simply done to garner a headline or promote opposition research for
political gain (Van Flein, 2009, ¶1).

Recently we learned that two more ethics complaints against Governor Palin have been dismissed—complaints that were filed after
the Governor announced her plans to step down. One complaint asserted
that it was unethical for the state to follow its own per diem
regulations and pay per diem to the Governor as set forth by law. Of
course, the complainant conveniently overlooked that the Governor and
her family received less per diem than they were entitled to under
State law—why let such details stand in the way of an ethics complaint?
The other complaint that was dismissed asserted that the Governor,
through me, supposedly violated the constitution because we informed a
person who falsely implied that the Governor was “under investigation”
by the FBI, that such statements are defamatory. It is notable to watch
those who agitate on all things Palin—locally and even across the
Atlantic—as they Huff and puff falsehoods about Sarah Palin under the
guise of free speech, which brings us to a teachable moment. All too
often we hear about constitutional rights—as we should—but many forget
about constitutional responsibilities. As citizens we have both rights
and responsibilities. Though we have the right to exercise free speech,
we have the responsibility to exercise that right without defaming
people. I like the way our Alaska Constitution describes it: “Every
person may freely speak, write, and publish on all subjects, being
responsible for the abuse of that right.” Ak. Const. Art. I, Sec. 5.
The irony of filing an ethics complaint because of a reminder about the
constitutional parameters of free speech is no doubt lost on those
consumed by irrationality when it comes to Sarah Palin; but one does
not need an ethics law to know that positive political discourse
depends on a robust debate about facts and the policy implications
stemming from such facts. The nation is not helped by calumnious ad hominem attacks against Sarah Palin, matrilineal conspiracy theories, and aberrant notions of ethics (Van Flein, 2009, ¶2).

– Thomas Van Flein, Personal Attorney for Sarah Palin


Van Flein, T. (2009, December 3). The ethos of ethics. Facebook, Sarah Palin. Retrieved December 3, 2009 from:

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Libelous and Defamatory Statements Against Governor Palin are Actionable

Posted by Ron Devito on July 5, 2009


July 4, 2009

On July 3rd, 2009, Governor Sarah Palin announced her intent to resign her gubernatorial duties and transfer the powers of Governor to Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

Almost immediately afterward, several unscrupulous people have asserted false and defamatory allegations that the “real” reasons for Governor Palin’s resignation stem from an alleged criminal investigation pertaining to the construction of the Wasilla Sports Complex. This canard was first floated by Democrat operatives in September 2008 during the national campaign and followed up by sympathetic Democratic writers. It was easily rebutted then as one of many fabrications about Sarah Palin.

Just as power abhors a vacuum, modern journalism apparently abhors any type of due diligence and fact checking before scurrilous allegations are repeated as fact.

The history of the Wasilla Sports Complex is publicly known. Contrary to the insinuation that as Mayor of Wasilla, Sarah Palin “personally” oversaw bidding, construction, funding and accounting for the project (and thus, the allegation goes, “embezzled” from the project), the truth is far more mundane, and publicly available:

Curtis D. Menard was instrumental in spearheading the effort from conception to realization of the Wasilla Sports Complex. He directed the steering committee that was responsible for placing the issue before the voters of Wasilla and subsequently passed. He remained chairman of that committee through the design and construction of the facility. He was an ardent supporter and leader of civic, educational and athletic endeavors within the community as well as an advocate of the continued success of the Sports Center. Thus, as any basic fact checker would learn, the Mayor of Wasilla is not listed as “chair” of the Steering Committee. As Mayor, Governor Palin did appoint the committee, another fact readily verifiable, and she was publicly on record supporting the need for such a facility—as was most of Wasilla.

“Wasilla weighs sports facility” published December 6, 2001 and available at

While her public support of this project was deemed pivotal by many, the actual construction, bidding, financing and other day-to-day management of the project was not in her scope of authority as Mayor.

In addition, Sarah Palin was then criticized by some of not showing enough interest in the project. The Frontiersman reported that at a public meeting with the Chamber of Commerce, an opponent of the project “accused Wasilla Mayor Sarah Palin of staying quiet about the arena because of her campaign for Lieutenant Governor.” “Sports Arena Campaign gets Rolling” (February 22, 2002).

Further, this was a highly public project, approved by the voters, and subject to public bid requirements. As described by the City of Wasilla itself:

The city uses competitive means for the purchase of all goods and services as required by Wasilla Municipal Code 5.08. The city also utilizes contracts and price agreements established by the State of Alaska, the Western States Contracting Alliance and other cooperatives or agencies when it is deemed to be in the best interest of the City. The city believes in open, fair competition and strives to ensure that all vendors have equal opportunity to compete for city business.

The City of Wasilla operates under a decentralized purchasing system. This means purchasing decision up to $5,000 is made independently by the departments in the city (with the exception of Management Information System purchases). When the estimated amount for goods or services is between $5,000 and $9,999, departments are required to obtain three quotes prior to purchase. The departments may utilize the services of the Purchasing/Contracting Officer (PCO) for this process or may do it themselves; however, when this processed is selected, the PCO must sign off on the final product prior to purchasing or contracting.

For purchases beyond $10,000, the city requires all departments to contact the PCO who will utilize the city’s bid process according to Wasilla Municipal Code 5.08. The bid process is initiated through either an Invitation to Bid (ITB), utilized when the city knows the specifications for the purchase; or a Request for Proposal (RFP), utilized when the exact specifications or process is unknown.

Accordingly, the Sports Complex was publicly bid, in accordance with City and state law, and was accounted for in the time and manner all public projects are handled. The Mayor of Wasilla, be it Sarah Palin, or her successor, did not handle the funds, or the materials, for this project. To thus suggest she “embezzled” is as false as it is impossible.

The additional claim of “proof” of wrongdoing is the allegation that the Palins purchased building materials from Spenard Builders Supply—and that this company may have provided supplies for the Sports Complex. Prior to the construction of Lowe’s and Home Depot within the last few years in Wasilla, Spenard Builders Supply was the primary building supply company in Wasilla. It can hardly come as a surprise that it would sell materials to small homeowners or that it would also bid to supply commercial contracts.

One would be hard pressed to find a home, cabin or outbuilding in the Mat-Su Valley in which Spenard Builders Supply did not sell at least some of the materials.

The Palins built their Lake Lucille house using Todd as the general contractor. Todd’s family owns a hardware and building supply business in Dillingham. He is no stranger to construction, or to rolling up his sleeves and doing work. The Palins used a combination of personal savings, equity from the sale of their prior home, and conventional bank financing to build the house—like millions of American families. The deeds of trust are recordable public records. Basic journalism and fact checking would confirm this.

The Sports Complex was built in 2002. It is now 2009. While the Federal Government has a process to follow, and that process sometimes takes time, we can categorically state that we are not aware of any “federal investigation” that has been “pending” for the last seven years. We are aware of no subpoenas on SBS regarding the Palins. We are aware that the Federal Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation have been helpful, responsive and diligent in prosecuting the email hacker and in cleaning up Alaska’s corrupt legislators. To be blunt—this “story” was alleged during the campaign, evaluated then by national media and deemed meritless. Nothing has changed.

To the extent several websites, most notably liberal Alaska blogger Shannyn Moore, are now claiming as “fact” that Governor Palin resigned because she is “under federal investigation” for embezzlement or other criminal wrongdoing, we will be exploring legal options this week to address such defamation. This is to provide notice to Ms. Moore, and those who re-publish the defamation, such as Huffington Post, MSNBC, the New York Times and The Washington Post, that the Palins will not allow them to propagate defamatory material without answering to this in a court of law.

The Alaska Constitution protects the right of free speech, while simultaneously holding those “responsible for the abuse of that right.”

Alaska Constitution Art. I, Sec. 5. These falsehoods abuse the right to free speech; continuing to publish these falsehoods of criminal activity is reckless, done without any regard for the truth, and is actionable.

Thomas Van Flein, for
Governor Sarah Palin


Van Flein, T. (2009, July 4). Libelous and defamatory statements pertaining to Governor Palin’s resignation. Clapp, Peterson, Van Flein, Tiemessen, Thorsness, LLC. Retrieved June 9, 2009 from:

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