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Posts Tagged ‘The Tonight Show’

“Bull” O’Reilly Discusses Governor Palin on ‘Leno’

Posted by Adrienne Ross on February 23, 2012

By Adrienne Ross –

Tuesday night, Bill O’Reilly was a guest on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. They discussed politics, among other things. O’Reilly did what he usually does: offer his perspective based on…his perspective. So not much was new there, but when Leno asked O’Reilly a question about Governor Palin, my ears perked up. How would he respond? Remember, the Governor has made a few appearances on The Factor, which came to a halt after the time she basically told him to stop interrupting her and let her answer a question. Those who are familiar with O’Reilly know he usually does most of the talking while his guests try to figure out why he invited them on if he wasn’t going to allow them to speak. Until Governor Palin indicated he needed to stop yapping, I had never heard anyone take a firm stand on Bill’s habitual interruptions. That was Governor Palin’s last appearance on his show, until recently. Perhaps it was sheer coincidence. Who knows? What we do know, though, is that after that day, he whined and complained for some time about that appearance and was less then complimentary when speaking about her–more so than usual.

Bill O’Reilly’s response Tuesday night can simply be described as dismissive and condescending. I know you’re thinking, “And this is surprising how?” It’s not, but it does afford an opportunity to once again point out some things.

Here’s part of the exchange:

Leno: Is Sarah Palin pretty much been eclipsed from all of this? Is she not a voice in any of this anymore?

O’Reilly: She has her niche audience, but the Governor is happy where she is on Fox News Channel making a fortune and shooting moose or whatever she shoots. [He laughs.]

First, did Bill actually hear Jay’s question because he certainly didn’t answer it? Leno asked if Governor Palin has a voice of influence in this political process. (It was not until after Bill responded that question that Leno asked about whether someone might “bring her in.”) Bill’s answer is that she is making a fortune and shooting moose. Really? Why didn’t he answer the question Leno asked? Was he too eager to promote his own narrative? Also, one thing has nothing to do with the other, does it? One can be influential and work for Fox News at the same time, can’t she? Isn’t that what they expect from their analysts? I have a hard time imagining that if the same question had been asked about Charles Krauthammer, for example, O’Reilly would have responded in similar fashion.

Second, enough of this making a fortune thing. If people think that Governor Palin would sell out for money, they’ve missed it. They’ve missed her character and her history. Remember, she walked away from a good-paying job to expose corruption in Alaska. As she says, “In politics, you’re either eating well or sleeping well.” She’s not for sale. She doesn’t suffer from a lust for money, and making money has nothing to do with her ability to impact the national scene.

Bill O’Reilly somehow relegates Governor Palin to the position of hunter-gatherer, thereby disqualifying her from being able to make a difference. We know Governor Palin is a hunting enthusiast, and we certainly have no problem with that. However, his condescending suggestion that she’s too busy loving hunting to have any real power is laughable. It continues to baffle me how people respond to and treat a former vice presidential nominee who offered herself up to serve her country. That’s his answer about the influence of the first woman on a Republican ticket in a presidential/vice presidential campaign? Bill, you can do better, can’t you?

His eagerness to dismiss the Governor also does not jive with the facts, and the facts illustrate that our presidential candidates seek Governor Palin’s endorsement, that she can’t go anywhere without someone poking a microphone in her face, that she’s asked who people should vote for in primary and caucus states, that she’s been questioned about a brokered convention, that she’s been asked repeatedly to reconsider her October 5th decision, that Newt Gingrich is on record as wanting her to be a part of a Gingrich administration, that she brought down the house at CPAC, that she went to New York and did a plethora of interviews with people who wanted her take on this primary season, that phrases she’s coined, like “fundamental restoration of America,” routinely come out of Mitt Romney’s mouth–who’s the purported heir to President Obama’s throne, and that causes like exposing crony capitalism all of a sudden became a topic of discussion in debates after she brought it front and center in current political discourse. Who’s lacking a voice?

Furthermore, how many can boast of the intensity of support she has–loyal supporters who would go through hell and high water for her if she just said the word? Which brings me to my next point: this “niche” that O’Reilly refers to when asked about her influence…perhaps we should take a look at something: O’Reilly, who constantly reminds us of how wonderful he is and how many people tune in to watch The Factor, has a little over 511,000 Facebook friends. The washed up, money-grubbing, moose hunter from Alaska has almost 3.3 million. You do the math, Bill–and cut the bull.



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Bristol Palin Discusses “DWTS,” Mom, and Levi with Jay Leno

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 4, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Last night, Bristol Palin appeared on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” before a cheering audience. You can watch the full episode below, where, among other things, Bristol talked about “Dancing with the Stars,” addressed the claims that she’s a diva, and even did a little dancing for us, or you can go here and watch a clip of Bristol talking about Levi and her mom.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Video retrieved here.

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Bristol Palin on the Tonight Show – Video Clip

Posted by Adrienne Ross on September 4, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

As I reported earlier, Bristol Palin appeared on “The Tonight Show.” In her interview with Jay Leno, she talked about “Dancing with the Stars”–what it’s like, reactions to her participation, and the claims that she’s a diva. Of course, there were a few questions about Levi and her mom, and she answered those as well.

Click here to see a short video clip of Bristol talking about Levi. I’ll post the full interview when it becomes available.

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Who’s Afraid of Big Bad Palin? (Update: Audience Member Debunks Laugh Track Lie)

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 6, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

I’ve had a few things going on lately and therefore have not been blogging much, but I see that Palinphobia–or shall we call it by its more recognizable name, Palin Derangement Syndrome?–has not come any closer to being cured. In fact, in the last few days alone, the Left’s absolute fear of Governor Palin has reached an all-time high. I recommend meds, but I’m not a doctor, so take that for what it’s worth.

I dealt with the first rumor here–the assertion that the Palins will star in a reality show when, in fact, Alaska will be the subject of the series. That one was pretty easy to debunk, although the haters will use anything to try to paint Governor Palin as a limelight-seeker. What they won’t tell you is that she is simply living up to the promise she made, upon resigning as governor, to promote the state she loves. The bogus ethics complaint filers did all that they could to bankrupt the state they claim to love, while the governor had the common sense and dignity to step aside so as not to allow them to continue, knowing she could help more from outside the governor’s office. This project will aid in that.

Let’s give the first rumormongers the benefit of the doubt and say they were simply mistaken people with no ill-intent at all. But here comes the next falsehood, surely a flat-out lie. Governor Palin, some family members, and friends were asked to stop by the Oscar gifting suite during her trip to California. Haters, like the Huff and Puff, once again delighted in reporting anything that would make her look bad. Truth is not a requirement when it comes to her. The goal is to demean and deride.

They reported that “the group was loading up on freebies.” They went on to state:

Or, in common-sense language, Palin and her handlers, “practically cleaned out the suite.”

Another unnamed source, from, says that the former Vice Presidential candidate was intent on spreading all that wealth around her own circle. “She insisted every person in her huge entourage get something, and there were assistants, nannies, security – insanity!” The same source also said that security swept the venue and would not allow photos, which are often expected by companies to use as promotion in exchange for the free products.

Eonline had to get in the lying act also–can’t have other people surpassing them in Operation Take Down Palin.

Here’s their lie:

The Fox News contributor and one-time vice presidental hopeful showed up to Silver Spoon’s Oscar Suite in West Hollywood yesterday, benefiting the Red Cross.

But like all politicians, Sarah and her crew were hardly gems when the cameras weren’t rolling…

“They were like locusts,” says one vendor at the suite, regarding Palin and her large group of hangers-on. “She showed up with like 20 people, and they immediately swarmed the place taking everything!”

S.P. was accompanied by daughter Willow, grandson Tripp and a bunch of female handlers. A source at the suite said Palin was stopping in while daughter Bristol was doing a photo shoot nearby.

We’re told Palin was quite the prima donna and that she insisted the suite be opened two hours early so she could come when no looky-loos would be around.


Palin grabbed some oversize sweatshirts and tie-dyed “jeggings” for Bristol, got a blowout by colorist Erick Orellana from the Chris McMillan Salon, along with snatching up jewelry from Pascal Mouawad, Skagen Watches, Lash Food and 40 pairs of Aiaiai headphones.

A spokesperson for Aiaiai tells us Sarah said “they would be great for working out.”

But was Sarah just grabby ‘n’ whiny for a good cause? The press release for the suite states Palin gave over $1,700 dollars to the Red Cross and planned to donate what she received at the suite to charity.

Oh, really?

Too fab she gave money, but we can assure you she did not give up any of her swag.

What liars! Here’s the truth, directly from Melissa Lemer, the co-owner of the Silver Spoon (emphasis mine).

The Silver Spoon, a company owned and operated by women and established with a firm belief in supporting women in business and leadership, invited Governor Sarah Palin and her family to participate in a charitable function sponsored by The Silver Spoon and the Red Cross to support the Red Cross’ disaster relief efforts in Haiti. Governor Palin graciously accepted since it was in support of such a worthy and timely cause. The governor arrived with a small group about 15 minutes prior to our store’s official opening; and upon arrival, she and her entire group gave generous donations to the cause. We offered to open early to accommodate her schedule; she did not ask us to open early. The other vendors routinely set up an hour before the event opens, so they were already there when the governor arrived. No one was asked to come in early. When Governor Palin arrived, she and her guests made generous donations. I escorted her around and introduced her to every vendor, and they talked to her about their products and gifted her with samples. She never asked for anything but politely accepted the products. The governor and her family and guests were very gracious and respectful to everyone. We asked and the governor happily agreed to take a photo with the American Red Cross staff and the staff of The Silver Spoon. The governor stayed for a total of about 35 minutes, thanked everyone, made an additional generous personal donation pledge to the Red Cross, and then departed.

The stories currently circulating about Governor Palin’s attendance at our event are total fabrications. Just one example of the many falsehoods is the ridiculous idea that Governor Palin walked away with 40 AIAIAI headphones. In reality, she was given two pairs of AIAIAI headphones – one for herself and one for her daughter Bristol who could not attend the event. The idea that she took 40 pairs is an outrageous falsehood. It would have been impossible because the vendors only bring around 100 items for the entire two day event. They would have run out of product after an hour of opening yesterday.

Just to clarify things, the entire point of giving someone a swag bag is to have them take your product and hopefully purchase more. The whole point of giving away products is to “give them away.” That’s why we call this type of event style a “gifting suite.”

We would like an immediate retraction and an apology to The Silver Spoon, its vendors, and especially to Governor Sarah Palin.

Read Ms. Lemer’s official statement here.

Does anyone care about the truth anymore? One or two people even? Andrew Breitbart is one who has joined Ms. Lemer in requesting a retraction.

He ends his request with this:

Exit question: If Palin is so green, so dumb, and so ripe for satire as E! Online and the rest of the mainstream media says she is, why does the left need to fabricate or wildly exaggerate stories to impugn her character? If she’s so bad, prove it with the truth.

Read his entire article here.

Is the Left this frightened of the former governor, a private citizen, that they will stoop to absolutely anything to discredit her? Are they that pitiful? My goodness, one would think that after time and time of looking like complete loons, they would muster just a shred of dignity and stop this nonsensical lying. Somebody pass them the memo that says the American people are growing weary of being misled. Some Americans may not agree with every decision the governor makes. Some clearly do not subscribe to her worldview. But most rational, decent human beings want their opinions based in reality, not lies by people determined to manipulate their thinking. I agree with Breitbart. If Governor Palin were really the creep the Left wants us to believe she is, it would be evident in the life that she lives. Why then would spreading lies be necessary? The answer is simple: it wouldn’t be. They resort to it because they simply have nothing else with which to work.

Here’s yet another example, for Palin Derangement Syndrome knows no end. We are aware that Governor Palin was a hit on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. C4P highlighted many of the comments about it in the article, “Reactions to Governor Palin’s Tonight Show Appearance.” She even did a comedy routine, which was hilarious. Now, the Left is so desperate they have accused The Tonight Show of using laugh tracks. Wow, they get more and more pathetic with each passing day.

TBTM Julie of the Daily Kos writes:

I’ve dealt with sound engineering for 30 years, as a film maker, interviewer, musician, working with master reel to reel tapes/decks at EMS Music in Seattle in the 80’s as a sound duplication engineer, or setting sound levels for my and other bands in live situations at shows. I won a Hollywood award for animation in 2000. I know sound. And it’s my opinion that audio portions of Sarah Palin’s March 2nd appearance on Jay Leno’s Tonight show were added or amplified, edited before broadcast to make it appear that Sarah Palin was more welcome than she was.

I know. I was there.

But NBC is calling out the lie. James Hibberd’s The Live Feed reports NBC’s denial.

NBC is denying a report that “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” boosted apparent audience enthusiasm for Sarah Palin’s appearance by using a laugh track.


Asked about the audio track, NBC replied, “Neither the audio nor the laughs were enhanced for Sarah Palin’s segments on ‘The Tonight Show.'”

Surely even NBC’s denial will face the spin we’ve come to expect, but they ought to know what really went down, right? Besides, the network hasn’t exactly been the governor’s best friend. Why would they guard and protect her now?

Yes, Palin Derangement Syndrome is in full swing, as usual. The lies and attacks keep on coming–and they’re intensifying. Fear produces that kind of reaction in people.

(H/T C4P & US4P)

Update (H/T Sinistar): RonDog was in the audience during Governor Palin’s appearance on The Tonight Show. What does he call this laugh track rumor? BS (emphasis NOT added!).

He writes:

In perhaps the worst possible development for the radical left since the discovery of Karl Rove’s now infamous “Weather Machine,” Governor Palin’s recently exposed top secret “laugh track” machine appears to also have even more dastardly powers than were originally feared.

In addition to altering the space-time continuum, and reprogramming the master computers at NBC – to cause laughter during Sarah’s monologue to appear where none had been before, and send well-intentioned jeers and “groans” from her wannabe stalkers into the abyss – this mysterious device apparently also exerts some kind of irresistible mind control powers over the loyal fans of “American Idol” megastar Adam Lambert, causing many of them to actually like the producer of the upcoming new “Alaska Valley Days” TV series, Governor Sarah Palin.

Or, at least, that’s what the Kos Kids would like you to believe.

Many of those wacky ultra-left “conspiracy-mongers” who post at such online cesspools as the Daily Kos, Huffpo and DU have been foaming at the mouth all week about Sarah’s “rock star” performance during for last week’s taping of “Day Two” of Jay Leno’s return to the traditional 11:35 pm time slot for the “Tonight Show.”

Since I was actually in the studio audience last week when Governor Palin made her “comedy debut” – with a small band of “Palin palm print”-bearing FReepers (and FRiends) who had crashed the party with the intention of acting as “Ed McMahon” to Sarah’s “Johnny Carson” – I call BS on their widely-reported, but easily-debunked, “laugh track” conspiracy theory.

Yep, another lie bites the dust.

Click here to go to Free Republic to read the rest of RonDog’s first-hand account, which includes what he has to say about the love that Adam Lambert fans have for the governor.

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Palin scheduled for Leno return

Posted by loricalabrese on February 28, 2010

Jay Leno faces an uphill battle to reclaim his spot as host of “The Tonight Show.” Leno’s return Monday night has many people wondering if he can win back viewers, barely eight months after Conan O’Brien’s debut.

NBC is hoping to see higher ratings and has been busing preparing and lining up guests. Jamie Foxx will join Leno for his first show on March 1, alongside Olympic medallist Lindsey Vonn and musician Brad Paisley.

Sarah Palin and Olympic snowboarder Shaun White will be welcomed on March 2.

Palin’s last appearance on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien garnered a huge response as she graced the stage during an interpretative reading of “Going Rogue” by William Shatner.  Palin tackled her own reading of Shatner’s autobiography “Up Till Now.”

NBC said Monday that other guests set for Leno’s first week back include Olympic champion Apolo Anton Ohno, Simon Cowell, Kristen Stewart, Avril Lavigne, Morgan Freeman and Matthew McConaughey.

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Governor Palin, Tonight Show, and Wounded Warriors

Posted by Adrienne Ross on December 12, 2009

Governor Palin appeared on the Tonight Show last night. Here’s the clip:

Today on Facebook she wrote the following about it:

The Tonight Show Last Night

The Conan visit was fun – the best part was that we had Wounded Warriors with us in the audience. I can’t express how proud I am of their courage and patriotism.

I’m extremely happy that Laura Ingraham had the great idea to put the simple coat from the cover of my book to good use. It’s being auctioned to benefit the Wounded Warrior Project and the Fisher House. Laura pulled it all together with a live auction that continues through December 18th. Click here to see the auction and God Bless the U.S.A!

– Sarah Palin

The Governor included some great behind the scenes photographs, including pictures of members of the Wounded Warrior Project. Be sure to check them out here.

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