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Posts Tagged ‘SarahPAC’

Palin to Appear at Liberty Rally in Tulsa April 24th

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on April 23, 2014


Show your support for Sarah Palin endorsed T.W. Shannon!
Where: Tulsa
When: April 24th at 6 p.m.
Can’t attend the event? Join supporters on Twitter and use/follow hashtags ‪#‎LibertyRally‬ ‪#‎TeamTW‬ ‪#‎ThatWoman‬

Gov. Palin posted this about tomorrow’s event:

Looking forward to rallying tomorrow with Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in Oklahoma for Senate candidate T.W. Shannon! Hope to see you there. You can RSVP for the event and get more details at:

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Help SarahPAC Support Candidates Like Steve Lonegan

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 13, 2013

The following email was sent from SarahPAC in support of Steve Lonegan’s bid to become the next US Senator from New Jersey as well as other conservative candidates endorsed by SarahPAC.



Friends,Governor Sarah Palin will be in New Jersey this Saturday to throw her support behind a very important candidate, Mayor Steve Lonegan. We are at a pivotal point in our nation, and New Jersey will choose their next U.S. Senator on October 16. Both of the men running for office have served their state as mayor, but only one has actually governed by the values of New Jersey’s state motto: “Liberty and Prosperity.”

During one mayor’s tenure, his town’s unemployment nearly doubled, taxes skyrocketed, and violent crime increased. In fairness, Newark Mayor Cory Booker may not have noticed these facts between his constant tweeting and trips to Hollywood. The quest for celebrity can be distracting.

But contrast Mayor Cory Booker with Mayor Steve Lonegan. As mayor, Steve cut wasteful spending, eliminated wasteful services, stabilized taxes, and reduced debt. Perhaps it was Steve’s prior experience as a successful small business owner and entrepreneur that encouraged him to lead with conservative principles. He understands that government is too often the problem, not the solution. Steve asked Governor Palin for her support, and after reviewing the facts, Governor Palin and SarahPAC have endorsed his candidacy enthusiastically.

Now we need your help to support Steve and fight for the limited government principles our nation was founded on.

Your contribution of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more will help SarahPAC support Mayor Steve Lonegan and our fight to preserve our founding principles!

Help us fight the liberal media’s lies that Steve can’t win in certain areas. His own electoral history proves that theory untrue. New Jersey deserves better, and Steve Lonegan will fight to reduce burdensome federal overreach, eliminate Obamacare, and stand up to the Washington political establishment that threatens our nation’s future.

Stand with Steve today!


Tim Crawford Treasurer, SarahPAC


Paid for by SarahPAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

P.O. Box 7711
Arlington, VA 22207

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Palin: “Mr. President, Tear Down These Barricades!”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 3, 2013

Posted to Palin’s Facebook page overnight:

Respect our vets!


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SarahPAC: Merry Christmas

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on December 19, 2012

SarahPAC emailed the following message to wish supporters a Merry Christmas:


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SarahPAC: Fight Back Against Hollywood’s Liberal Indoctrination of America

Posted by Dr. Fay on September 24, 2012

SarahPAC sent this e-mail to Palin supporters today:

Dear SarahPAC Supporter,

The Hollywood elite have already proven with the production of HBO’s Game Change their willingness to distort reality to promote a biased, left-wing agenda.

Despite multiple attempts by the Governor’s top aides to share on-the-record insight from the 2008 campaign with the writers of Game Change, HBO chose to advance its own fictional, sensationalized fabrication instead.

And last night, Hollywood spent an evening in smug self-congratulation for displaying courage and bravery in making the film—as if the slanderous portrayal was anything more than propaganda for Barack Obama and the Democrat Party.

Hollywood is clearly out of touch with everyday Americans, and they will stop at nothing to re-elect Barack Obama and undermine our conservative values.

We recently learned of Hollywood’s plans to further its liberal indoctrination of America by creating an Obamacare reality show and writing pro-Obamacare messages into prominent television shows. Some of this will even take place at taxpayer expense—the state of California has hired a prominent public relations firm to ensure that residents buy into the flawed Obamacare legislation. With priorities like that, it’s no wonder California is spending itself into bankruptcy.

Do not let Hollywood liberals bankrupt America.

Help us fight back with a generous contribution to our conservative cause of $25, $50, $100, $250 or more today!

You can also help by simply speaking out against those who attack our commonsense conservative values. Let them know that we will not stand idly by while they try to brainwash the American people during one of the most important elections of our lifetime.


Tim Crawford
Treasurer, SarahPAC

Paid for by SarahPAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

P.O. Box 7711
Arlington, VA 22207

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Palin: “Mr. Balanced Budget” for Utah

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on May 23, 2012

In a surprise announcement during last night’s appearance with Greta Van Susteren, Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Orrin Hatch of Utah then later posted the following to her Facebook page and to SarahPAC.


Orrin Hatch is part of the one percent. No, not that one percent you’ve heard about. He’s part of the one percent of national politicians who I think should be reelected. Orrin Hatch is a life-long conservative whose dedication and devotion to the conservative cause and to his beloved and beautiful state of Utah is well documented. Orrin was a Utah state campaign chairman for a fledgling and failing presidential candidate deemed “too conservative” and “unelectable” by the media. Ironically, that candidate was the man who restored our country to be a “shining city on a hill” – Ronald Reagan.

When asked about Orrin Hatch, President Reagan once said: “If every member of the Senate were like Orrin Hatch, we’d be arguing over how to deal with a federal surplus, and that’s why I like to think of Orrin as ‘Mr. Balanced Budget.’ The United States has been strong enough to deter aggression and maintain the peace, in no small degree due to the efforts of Orrin Hatch. He has been a champion of those who fight for freedom.”

As President Reagan said, Orrin is “Mr. Balanced Budget.” Long before the issue of debt was on the forefront of Americans’ minds, Orrin Hatch knew our government would face insolvency if we did not get our budget under control. He sponsored or co-sponsored a Balanced Budget Amendment 17 times, and he voted in favor of a Balanced Budget Amendment at least 9 other times. We know he will use his seniority and influence to dissuade politicians from continuing to raise the debt ceiling without any plan to balance the budget and end these dangerously unsustainable deficits.

Orrin Hatch voted against Obamacare and has pledged to repeal it. While we’re on the topic of Obamacare, which is currently before the Supreme Court, keep in mind that the Supreme Court would not look the way it does today if it were not for Orrin Hatch fighting for conservative nominees on the bench – from Clarence Thomas to John Roberts and Samuel Alito. Unlike other Republican Senators who are up for reelection this year, Orrin voted against both of President Obama’s nominees, Kagan and Sotomayor. And unlike some others, Orrin has gone out of his way to embrace the Tea Party movement.

For the past two years, Orrin has received a 100 percent rating from the American Conservative Union. He’s staunchly pro-life – receiving a 100 percent rating from the National Right To Life Committee. The NRA has given him an A+ rating. Club for Growth listed him as one of the most conservative U.S. Senators and gave him a 99 percent rating.

I join other conservatives like Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, and Tea Party leaders like Sal Russo in encouraging Utah voters to return Orrin Hatch to the U.S. Senate. Since Mark Levin has always got a way with words, read what he recently told Senator Hatch: “I feel that you would be… a terrific elder statesman to a lot of these other young guys who I’m going to be pushing in these other states.” I’m with Mark. That’s spot on.

We need Orrin’s conservative Reagan-like leadership – and our new crop of conservative senators Richard Mourdock, Deb Fischer, and Ted Cruz might need some friendly advice finding their way around the Senate.

– Sarah Palin

P.S. You can learn more about Orrin Hatch by visiting his website and by following him on Facebook and Twitter.

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SarahPAC: Time to Fire Barack Obama!

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on May 18, 2012

SarahPAC sent this e-mail to Sarah Palin supporters this week:

Dear SarahPAC Supporter,

You’ve been a loyal SarahPAC supporter and I can’t thank you enough for your generosity.

But now with so much at stake in this critical Election year, I have just one question for you:

Will you help us finish what we started in 2010?

You were part of the original Tea Party movement.

You joined Gov. Palin in telling Barack Obama that we didn’t want him to “fundamentally change” the America we love.

But now in 2012 we’ve got some unfinished business on our hands, and it’s clear what we need to do:

  1. Defeat Barack Obama.
  2. Win the U.S. Senate.

Barack Obama’s “fundamental transformation” of America is destroying everything that made our country great.

If he and his class-warfare cronies in the Senate aren’t defeated, there will be no end to theirregulating, spending, printing and borrowing.

If we want to save our country, then we must change the team and the game plan in this crucial 2012 election.

In fact, if we don’t win this election, I predict that our nation will never recover.

We will go the way of other broken, failed governments.

I don’t want my children and grandchildren working the rest of their lives just to pay off Obama’s debts. And I’m willing to bet you don’t either.

So I’m asking you to join us in finishing the job today.

Will you help Gov. Palin prove that the Tea Party movement isn’t simply a political fad… it’s an American awakening!

And it’s coming from ordinary Americans who understand that reclaiming our America meansrepealing ObamaCare. Upholding the Tenth Amendment. Reining in overregulation. CancelingObama’s unused stimulus money. Eliminating all federal corporate income tax, corporate welfare, and loopholes.

And tapping into our abundant American energy resources – oil, natural gas and clean coal – to free us from dependency on foreign dictators!

This is the kind of sudden and relentless reform in Washington we must have if we are going to defend the future of our families and our nation.

Now is our chance to grab the bull by the horns.

The media elites are predicting that the Tea Party isn’t going to be a difference maker in this Election.

As usual, they don’t know what they’re talking about.

Our Tea Party friends are telling us that they’re even more excited about this Election than they were in 2010…

…because this November we have a chance to fire Barack Obama!

State by state, district by district – by bus, by plane, on the stump – you can count on Gov. Palin to do everything in her power to elect candidates who share our vision for America.

Will you continue to support our SarahPAC Revolution and help elect pro-family, pro-America patriots who share our beliefs to Congress?

Thank you for helping us save the America we know and love!

Tim Crawford
Treasurer, SarahPAC

P.S. Our victory in 2010 may have slowed the Obama liberals down. But it hasn’t stopped them. Our chance to finish the job is finally here. We have our work cut out for us – but together we can make it happen!

Paid for by SarahPAC
Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee

P.O. Box 7711
Arlington, VA 22207

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Palin Reserves Space in Tampa near RNC Convention Site

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on April 11, 2012

Sarah_palin39It seems that Governor Sarah Palin will have huge presence at the 2012 Republican National Convention.  The release of the required FEC Disclosure Report for SarahPAC reveals a deposit of $4,500.00 for space at the Channelside Bay Mall.  This action creates questions for this writer with regards to the size of the space, the length of time Governor Palin will have space and whether or not this will this be a public venue or a private area for interviews and special guests.

You can find other stories related to this topic at Politico and at the Tampa Bay Times.

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SarahPAC’s “Game Change You Can Believe In”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on March 2, 2012

In response to the HBO film “Game Change”, SarahPAC released a video today with highlights from the actual 2008 campaign.  This video truly captures the excitement that was generated once Governor Sarah Palin was named as McCain’s running mate.

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Striking a Chord: The Beautiful Melody Of a Palin Speech

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 21, 2012

Imagine if you will, a piano keyboard with each key representing a conservative value or principle that is required to restore our Republic.  Further imagine that the right combination of keys produces the most beautiful melody you’ve ever heard, one that resonates with your very soul.  It’s the principles of our founders that are tried and true. It’s the “keys of truth”, conservative principles that  will bring this country back from a precipice.  I heard that beautiful melody on Saturday, February 11th in a Marriott Ballroom in Washington, DC when Governor Sarah Palin delivered the keynote speech at the 2012 CPAC Convention.  Based upon the reaction of the CPAC attendees, Sarah Palin “struck a chord” that resonated with their souls and quotes, such as the following, are the reason why:

Debt – “Ya cut it.  Gut it.  Get rid of it!  Americans shouldn’t have to spend their lives working so hard so Washington can spend easy”

Military – “We are going to put our faith in the strength of our armed forces and not the hollow promises of our adversaries.  We must be the home of the brave. We refuse to accept that a weak America means a better and safer world.”

Founders – “Professor Obama may have forgotten the Bill of Rights but we shall not forsake it including those rights that our founders risk their lives for.  Freedom of religion.  The right to bear arms.  We will rise up, we will defend them.”

Economy – “We want an economy built to grow.”

Taxes – “We want to cut taxes so we can create more wealth”.

Jobs – “We have a better jobs plan and it’s called the free market and it worked before this president and it will work again after this president.”

Life – “We believe that every child is created equal with that right to life.  I ask you to stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.  If not us, who?”

Israel – “God bless Israel.”

Is it any wonder there were some twelve standing ovations?  Take a listen.

After reading the above, you most likely think that it was written in the last twenty-four hours and certainly after the posting of SarahPAC’s most recent video release “Chords of Memory”.  It wasn’t.  Unfortunately the busyness of life sometimes gets in the way of blogging and seemingly good ideas get placed on the back-burner.  When I saw the video title “Chords of Memory”, I had to wonder if perhaps the piano keyboard analogy was divinely inspired.  I tend to think that perhaps it was.

Cross Posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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