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Posts Tagged ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’

‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Premiere Breaks TLC Record with 5 Million Viewers

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 15, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Last night’s premiere of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” was not only a fascinating look into the majesty and wonder that is the Last Frontier, but it was also a record-breaker. Alex Weprin writes:

The ratings are in, and it looks like “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is a hit. TLC says nearly 5 million total viewers tuned in to the premiere of the series.

In case you haven’t seen our previous coverage, “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is a documentary series from producer Mark Burnett and starring former Alaska governor and Fox News Channel contributor Sarah Palin.

TLC says 4.96 million total viewers tuned in, including 1.8 million adults 25-54, and 1.6 million adults 18-49, two of the network’s key demos. That is the best premiere in network history with regards to total viewers, beating the 2003 debut of “What Not to Wear.”

Read more.

Be sure to tune in Sunday at 9 p.m. EST for episode two.


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It’s Monday Night, Which Means it’s Bristol Palin’s Night to Shine!!! A Post by Conservative Girl with a Voice

Posted by conservativegirlwithavoice on November 15, 2010

I hope you all had a great weekend and had fun watching Sarah Palin’s Alaska last night on TLC. What a great show; I know I speak for many of you when I admit that I cannot wait until next week. Make sure to tune in next Sunday night at 6 pacific/9 eastern on TLC to catch the second episode of the eight-part series.

Now, on to the business of the day…

Bristol Palin has “WOWED” America with her consistent improvement and her just-dance attitude during her time on Dancing with the Stars. Bristol needs our help again TONIGHT as she prepares to dance two dances in an all-out effort to make it into the finals. It is no secret that Bristol is the most-improved dancer left. It is also common knowledge that Bristol is the only contestant left who has no acting OR dancing experience. As the fabulous Kelly Osbourne recently said, “I love Bristol. I think she’s what the show is all about. She puts her heart into what she’s doing; there’s such vulnerability in her, and she gets up there every week by herself and does it.” Kelly is so right, Bristol IS what DWTS is all about. When I interviewed her for my blog, I found her to be so down-to-earth and genuine. There is not a diva bone in her entire body. In becoming a cast member on DWTS, she chose put herself out there, which illustrates her bravery and willingness to just let her hair down and have some fun. Sarah Palin recently tweeted some words of wisdom that Bristol shared with her when she first became a contestant: “No matter what I do, they’re going to criticize, so I might as well dance.” Well said, Bristol, well said. You just get out there and have some fun, and we will be there to support you and vote like crazy!!!

Remember, it is up to all of you out there!!! YOU can help her get through to next week. Make sure you watch the show and VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!!! While it is vital that you call 1-800-868-3407 with as many phones as you have, voting multiple times, it is just as vital that you vote online at <a href=””> </a>and if <span style=”font-style:italic;”>AT&T </span>is your cellular carrier, text your votes to 3407.

(Click here to visit Conservative Girl with a Voice and become a follower. Follow me on Twitter @RachelleFriberg.)

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Palin brands new era of politics with TLC show

Posted by loricalabrese on November 15, 2010

Most Presidential hopefuls start the publicity machine for their candidacy with a book blitz–Mitt Romney, who is widely expected to make another run for the presidency in 2012, hit key primary states during a recent book tour, which looked quite a bit like a presidential campaign schedule. Obama did it in 2006, proving the hype over a book can be disguised as a potential campaign run. As part of the public relations roll-out, Obama’s team made a deal for Time Magazine to run excerpts, he was on the cover with the headline “The Next President,” and he appeared on the show of book-selling guru herself, Oprah. Consider it a clever strategy to gin up some publicity, keep your name in front of the people, and tip those favorability polls in one’s favor, but as we’ve found out, Sarah Palin does things differently–Yeah, she has a book tour scheduled for her latest book, “America By Heart”, but unlike others, she has also decided to scale Mt. McKinley and come face to face with a mama grizzly in her new TLC series, Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Perhaps you can say Palin has ushered in a new era of politics with the eight-week series that chronicles the life of the former Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate and her family. Palin states in the beginning of the show, “I love this state like I love my family.” And although the show is touted as a tribute to the state of Alaska (and a beautiful one it is with its amazing aerial views of the state), one must also realize that it’s an insider’s look into this potential 2012 candidate. The show is obviously part of Palin’s ongoing publicity campaign, underscoring her brand as an independent, rugged mama grizzly with a can-do attitude. And frankly, it succeeds. It’s pure genius… Read more

As published at

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Follow Her There!

Posted by Denise Spencer on November 14, 2010

Sarah Palin’s Alaska premiered tonight on TLC. This 8 part series introduces America to Alaska through the eyes of Sarah Palin and her family.

Check out the series Facebook page here as well as the official blog on TLC and the TLC series page here.

I don’t think that anyone can watch this show and not want to visit Alaska. This is not a political show, but a look at a beautiful state told by people who love living there.

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Dove Foundation Gives ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Rave Review; Updated with Video

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 14, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin shares the following on Facebook:

Happy to see that the Dove Foundation gave “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” a five out of five rating as uplifting entertainment for the whole family (follow the link to their review). That’s what we were hoping for in making this series as our love letter to Alaska. We made a positive family-oriented outdoor adventure that showcases America’s Last Frontier with its vast reserves of natural resources which can contribute to our nation’s security and prosperity. Please tune in to TLC tonight at 9pm/8pm central to join my family as we show you Alaska!

The review by CEO Dick Rolfe states:

“Sarah Palin’s Alaska” is chock full of the stunning, majestic landscapes at Denali Park and Mount McKinley, the highest mountain peak in North America. Nature’s beauty can also present dangerous challenges like angry momma bears and 100 ft deep ice crevices that could swallow up a careless climber.

This rugged backdrop offers some insights as to how Sarah and Todd Palin acquired the skills to overcome some of their own personal adversities; from the birth of their special needs child, Trigg to the cruel jabs leveled at them by political opponents and media pundits.

Sarah is seen as a typical mother with all the challenges of a parent with children from ages 2 to 18. Her husband and help-mate, Todd is not shy or quiet as he is often portrayed. Calm and secure are more appropriate adjectives that describe him. His calming demeanor helps keep the family on task and on track.

The first episode shows Todd and Sarah taking their kids on a fishing trip where they meet up with a few brown bears, and tackling a glacier and rock face at the foot of Mt McKinley. “I wanted to be a rock star, not a rock climber.”

This series will give the public a true-to-life, unvarnished look at Alaska’s former Governor and her family. Was this up-close-and-personal view a good move politically?

We’ll see what the future brings.

We certainly will. In the meantime, be sure to check out episode one of “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” tonight at 9:00 Eastern.

Update: “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” photo slideshow (courtesy of TLC) 

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Pre-Screening of Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 11, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

While I was not able to attend the Buffalo, NY pre-screening of Sarah Palin’s Alaska tonight, my friend Lori Brenneman, one of Governor Palin’s most ardent supporters, did attend and was gracious enough to write this review for me to share:

Having just come from a pre-screening of Sarah Palin’s Alaska, I must start by saying that this is a true feel-good series. It was fun. And that, I believe, is the intent here.

Those who watch the series hoping to get inside Sarah Palin’s head and find out what makes her Sarah Palin will, instead, discover that it is a travelogue. It is precisely what Sarah Palin maintained all along that it would be.

Not that there aren’t glimpses into the family life of the Palins. There are a number of them, all pleasing in their authenticity. Sarah Palin seemed completely at ease allowing viewers to see family moments that were less than perfect. I sensed an audible enthusiasm from audience members around me, an appreciation that Gov. Palin kept those snapshots of her family life real.

For the most part, viewers were treated to a breathtaking adventure. From a segment with the Palin family fishing near grizzly bears, to Gov. Palin negotiating a climb up a steep glacier (despite a readily admitted fear of heights), it was an engaging episode that really got the audience involved. There was a sense of being taken along on the fishing trip, in the motorhome, in the float plane. The Alaskan scenery was stunning. Watching the Governor, her husband Todd, and their children share experiences in the great outdoors was thoroughly enjoyable.

In the midst of all of the outdoor activities, Gov. Palin, with Todd’s help, filmed a segment for Bill O’Reilly in a studio a mere twenty feet from their home. This elicited laughs from the audience as Gov. Palin obviously struggled for one uninterrupted sentence, not an easy feat if you are familiar with Bill O’Reilly.

Although Gov. Palin has lived in Alaska her entire life, she approached each adventure with an undimmed first-time enthusiasm that was wonderfully refreshing. It was truly contagious. The atmosphere in the theatre gave me the sense that the audience wished they could be there, sharing the excitement of the fishing, the climbing, the flying. Alaska’s native daughter drew us all in, and we were happy to be there with her.

It left me, and my companions, looking forward to the next episode with great anticipation. Sarah Palin’s Alaska is good. Incredibly good. This is a show that families can watch together and honestly enjoy, from the youngest children to the older adults. It seems like a minor stroke of genius that Discovery Channel has come up with something that will appeal to most everyone.

This evening’s screening played to a house that, while not packed, certainly had more persons in attendance than some “blockbuster” films I have seen. And tonight’s audience clearly liked what they saw.

Seven more episodes? Bring ’em on. Two thumbs up to Discovery Channel for a job well done. And we owe the Palins a debt of gratitude for this endearing and genuine look into their Alaska.

—-Lori Brenneman

Afterword: Leaving the theatre was not the end of the evening. As we stepped back into the lobby, we were presented with a black plush grizzly bear and a packet of color postcards depicting scenes from the episode we had been shown.

In conclusion, I believe that each person who attended had the good fortune to take away something rare and unique from Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Lori provides a great review of this early screening. She also shared with me other little delights and surprises of the evening, but I won’t give them away! Be sure to tune in for the premiere Sunday.

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Support Gov. Palin’s New Endeavor with the Discovery Channel

Posted by Denise Spencer on April 27, 2010

A group of Sarah Palin supporters has decided to meet the left-wing haters head on by starting a petition of our own. We support Gov. Palin’s new endeavor to film a series showcasing the beauty that is Alaska. Below is a video promoting our petition. We hope you will sign up to show your support!

Here you can read a portion of our petition letter to Mr. Zaslav, CEO of Discovery Communications:

Dear Mr. Zaslav:

As President and CEO of Discovery Communications, Inc., your good taste and sound judgment were evident in your acquisition of the contract for Governor Sarah Palin’s documentary series about her home state of Alaska. Who better to tell the story of Alaska than her most famous daughter? Sarah Palin’s captivating personality will definitely be an asset to your network as you partner with Governor Palin to showcase the majestic beauty of Alaska’s natural wonders.

I join millions of others in my anticipation of this unique and exciting series about Alaska, its history, and its natural wonders. Governor Palin’s presence alone should ensure outstanding viewer ratings.. Oprah Winfrey and FOX News can attest to that. Governor Palin’s initial appearance on the Oprah Winfrey Show gave that show its highest ratings in two years. Her debut as a FOX News analyst drew more viewers than all the other cable news programs during that hour combined. Likewise, the first installment of Real American Stories drew more viewers than all her competitors combined. To put it simply, Sarah Palin is “ratings gold”.

You can read the rest of the letter here and sign the petition! Let’s show Sarah just how much support she has!

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