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Posts Tagged ‘San Francisco Chronicle’

Todd Palin Asks Unreasonable “Sellout” Woman a Reasonable Question

Posted by Adrienne Ross on August 16, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Todd Palin was confronted by someone wielding insults at the Iowa State Fair. Her accusation? Governor Palin is a sellout because she resigned from the governor’s office. Todd handles the situation by asking the woman what she would have done if she were the one getting hammered with ethics complaint after ethics complaint and was being buried in debt as a result. The woman, of course, had no answer. All she could do was resort to name calling, which is exactly what people do when they cannot deal with the issues. Had she really thought there was a reasonable alternative when dealing with the thousands of dollars the Palins were required to pay to defend themselves, she would have put forth that alternative. The truth is she had none.

Once again, let’s set the record straight. Even though Governor Palin was cleared of any wrongdoing in every single one of those bogus complaints, the Palins were required to pay to defend themselves, and there was no end in sight. Those bent on bankrupting this family and costing the state of Alaska time and monetary resources–thereby stifling progress–would have never discontinued their efforts. It was a calculated plan to take her down, and she wisely did what she had to do for the benefit of her family and her state.

Stacy Drake takes on this issue in her article, “Governor Palin Never “Sold Out” to Anyone”:

The San Francisco Chronicle shot some footage at the Iowa State Fair last Friday that has been making the online rounds this week. The video shows a woman who claims to be from Alaska, heckling Todd Palin by calling Governor Palin a “sellout” for resigning from office.

This line of attack is common with the governor’s foes for many reasons. For one, it’s much easier to spin the fact that she stepped down from her post than it is to explain the complicated circumstances that led up to her decision. It certainly takes less time. Second, Governor Palin’s political enemies don’t have anything else. The governor has been fully vetted in public view over the past three years, and there isn’t anything else for them to latch onto. The left-wing press even sued to have all of her emails released to them, only to come out with nothing but message after message of a good public servant doing her job, and doing it well.

I wrote a piece back in December of 2010 called “Why Governor Palin Resigned.” I gave an overview of the section in Going Rogue where the governor wrote about her decision to step down. In the book, the governor writes about the avalanche of politically motivated frivolous lawsuits that were taking their toll of the state. They were bogging down her administration, costing Alaska time and resources in a fight that appeared to have no end unless she did something drastic. As you can tell by Todd’s reaction in the clip, the lawsuits were also taking a financial toll on the Palin family. Her decision to pass the ball to her Lt. Governor weighed heavily on her for sure. But there is no doubt that it boiled down to doing the right thing for the State of Alaska, and the right thing for her family.

Read more here.

Todd Palin presented a reasonable question when he asked the woman what she would have done. Left with nothing, she–like a junior high schooler–turned, walked away, and called back, “Sellout.” It seems to me she should have hung around long enough to engage in an adult conversation about how the Palins could have better handled the politics of personal destruction being waged on Governor Palin. Todd gave this woman a great opportunity to articulate her superior knowledge, but instead, she diverted the conversation. Quite telling, isn’t it?

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