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Posts Tagged ‘protest’

Stanislaus Protest Planned, an Exercise in Futility; Updated

Posted by Adrienne Ross on June 23, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin will be speaking at Stanislaus University this Friday, June 25th. Much has been made of this particular speaking engagement with people complaining about the Governor being the choice to headline the school’s 50th anniversary celebration. They have hidden behind what they hoped would appear to be reasonable arguments for their protest, but those arguments simply don’t hold water.

Look, if school officials would disqualify a “polarizing and divisive celebrity with no connection to our school or community,” as one person coined her, perhaps they need to re-examine the reason for fundraisers. The last time I checked, the institution was proceeding on the common sense theory that she would raise a plethora of cash for them during a time when finances are needed. By the way, if schools, organizations, or companies only invited speakers who were connected to them personally, most people would be wiped out of consideration from the jump.

Complaining about the fee is also disingenuous. The original fee was not coming out of the school’s pocket, so what’s the beef? You pay no money out but receive an abundance of money in while hosting the former vice presidential nominee–and whining ensues? Let’s get real. These ridiculous complaints are just smokescreens to hide a larger political agenda, as Bill O’Reilly exposed when he interviewed two students from the university. He allowed them to have their say, but he ended the segment by showing them for the obsessive partisans they are. His final point:

I don’t think you’re being quite honest with us. Mrs. Palin has already passed on her speaking fee and is bringing in money to the university. So it seems that even if you don’t like her philosophy, she is doing good for the college. C’mon! This is ideology!

Of course it is. And their hatin’ ways have yielded no rewards, for Governor Palin will indeed grace Stanislaus University this week with her common sense appeal. However, it will not go forward without some planned drama.

The word on the street is that Craigslist in San Francisco has posted a protest of Governor Palin’s visit. And what a protest. Apparently the issue now is not the fee, the Governor’s “polarizing” power, or her lack of connection to the school. No, they’ve called on old faithful. They’re protesting her “racism, bigotry, and hate.” What complete loons. And is it just me or do her recent endorsements belie their claim? Just saying. Indeed, these people have built air castles and moved in, and the voices inside their heads are getting the best of them.

The call to the protest reads:

Protest Sarah Palin & the Tea Party!
Friday June 25
12:00 PM – 10:00 PM

CSU, Stanislaus, Turlock
Meet at the corner of Monte Vista and Geer Rd.

Protest Sarah Palin & the Tea Party on June 25th

The CSU, Stanislaus community rejects Sarah Palin and her Tea Party! We are a community of working class immigrants and people of color who have been historically silenced and pushed aside by the right-wing elite that dominates our Central Valley. We will be silent no more! We urge our brothers and sisters through out California to support our struggle against the hate and racism destroying our communities.

Join us on June 25th, 2010 at CSU, Stanislaus and help us show that Palin’s agenda of hate, racism, and right-wing reactionary politics is not welcome in the Central Valley or in California!

Of course these nuts have no evidence for their allegations, as they never do. They simply throw out their own hate speech and rely on silly, gullible people to jump on board in agreement, people at a loss for how to handle their paralyzing fear of Governor Palin who is kicking their butts in every single debate in which she chooses to engage. The fact that she’s making their president look like the unprepared community organizer that he is doesn’t do anything to endear herself to them either. So…you know the script: “racism, bigotry, and hate.” After all, anyone who sat in Jeremiah Wright’s church for twenty years must…Oh wait, that was someone else. Sounds like some people are projecting.

If you’re in the area Friday and can show up and demonstrate your support for Governor Palin, go for it. Drop a line to @palintwibe or email to say you’ll be there. As many as can, please go and respectfully make a statement that Americans are tired of the games, the politics-as-usual, the racebaiting.

I believe it’s safe to say the Stanislaus protest will be as futile as the protests that have come before. The Governor is not going to sit down and shut up, no matter how loudly the Palin-deranged scream out–and neither are we.

Update: It appears that Bill O’Reilly misspoke when he said that Governor Palin passed on her speaking fee, or perhaps he meant she has already brought in more than her fee. In any case, my point still remains because the university didn’t have to pay out for the Governor. As the university president has said, “This event is being 100 percent funded with fresh, private money coming into the foundation” ( I, for one, am glad she is getting paid. It’s simple: those who work are worthy of their pay.

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