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Posts Tagged ‘New Jersey’

Palin, Levin and the Tea Party Express Rally for Lonegan in NJ

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 13, 2013


Today I had a great opportunity to attend the Tea Party Express Rally for candidate Steve Lonegan of New Jersey.  There’s a special election in our state on Wednesday, October 16th to fill the US Senate seat that was vacated earlier this year due to Senator Frank Lautenberg ‘s death.

The Tea Party Express team along with special guest speakers “The Great One”, Mark Levin and Governor Sarah Palin rocked the event with music and speeches that fired up the responsive crowd. Steve Lonegan spoke to his supporters with heartfelt passion about his country, his state, his family, and his desire to serve the people of New Jersey.  I can tell that Steve Lonegan is ready to fight for “we the people” much like  Senator Ted Cruz of Texas and Senator Mike Lee of Utah.

Here’s a few photos from today’s event:



Amy Kremer from the Tea Party Express




Mark Levin takes the stage wearing a hat with “Alaska” emblazoned across the front.



Patriots waiving their “Don’t Tread on Me” flags.



Candidate Steve Lonegan.  His compelling story can be found here.



Always a  crowd pleaser, Gov. Sarah Palin fires up the crowd in New Egypt, NJ.



Palin reminds us that New Jersey needs a leader (Lonegan) and not a Tweeter (Booker).



Todd Palin (wearing black) and Mark Levin (wearing green).  Notice the great sign in the background- “Obama (and) Holder 4 Prison”.



What’s not to love about this guy’s ride?



If you made it this far, that would be me and my wonderful husband who accompanied me to the rally.


In closing, if you live in New Jersey, please get out to vote on Wednesday, October 16th and I would urge you to cast your ballot for Mr. Steve Lonegan.  If you don’t live in New Jersey but wish to support a conservative candidate, Mr. Lonegan would welcome your campaign donation in any amount as he’s being outspent by the Cory Booker campaign 12-1.  Together we can send Steve Lonegan to Washington, DC to fight for “we the people”.

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Palin to Stump for Lonegan in Ocean County NJ

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 10, 2013


Gov. Sarah Palin and “The Great One”, Mark Levin, will headline a rally for US Senate Candidate Steve Lonegan of New Jersey.  There is a special election on October 16th to fill the seat which was vacated by Senator Frank Lautenberg’s death.

From Palin’s Facebook page:

Looking forward to joining the “Great One” Mark Levin and the Tea Party Express in NJ this Saturday at a rally for Steve Lonegan.

It’s this Saturday, 4-6 PM, at New Egypt Speedway, 720 County Road 539, New Egypt, NJ 08533.

Please come and join us!

Tea Party Express anouncement here.
Tea Party Express RSVP here.

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Palin: Vote for Steve on October 16th in NJ

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 8, 2013

Governor Sarah Palin encouraged those who follow her Facebook page to support New Jersey US Senate candidate Steve Lonegan.

Please watch this great video about Steve Lonegan & remember to vote for him on Oct. 16! We need Steve in the Senate!

Steve Lonegan has a powerful personal story which is explained in the video that Palin shared:

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Palin: “Steve Lonegan will Fight to Preserve our Liberty”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 3, 2013



Press release  from the “Lonegan for Senate” campaign website:


BOGOTA, NJ – Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin endorsed Mayor Steve Lonegan in his bid for the United States Senate today.

Governor Palin’s endorsement reads as follows:

On October 16, New Jersey has the choice of two mayors to send to the U.S. Senate. Only one of these mayors has embraced and governed by the values of New Jersey’s state motto – “Liberty and Prosperity.”

During one mayor’s tenure his town’s unemployment nearly doubled, taxes skyrocketed, and violent crime increased; but in fairness, Newark Mayor Cory Booker may not have noticed these facts between his constant tweeting and trips to Hollywood.

Contrast this with Mayor Steve Lonegan. As mayor, Steve cut wasteful spending, eliminated wasteful services, stabilized taxes, and reduced debt. Perhaps it was Steve’s prior experience as a successful small business owner and entrepreneur that encouraged him to lead with conservative principles. He understands that government is too often the problem, not the solution.

Steve asked for my support, and today I officially endorse his candidacy. I encourage voters in New Jersey to give Steve a look and not believe those in the media who tell us conservatives can’t win in certain areas! Steve’s own electoral history proves that theory untrue.

New Jersey deserves better! Steve Lonegan will fight to preserve our Liberty against government regulations like Obamacare that seek to limit our prosperity. Let’s come together, turn out, work hard, and elect conservative Steve Lonegan to the U.S. Senate on October 16!

Mayor Lonegan responded to Palin’s endorsement by saying, “I am honored to receive the endorsement of such a principled leader. Governor Palin has been more than a voice for traditional American values, she has been a leader in helping conservatives stand up for their ideas and win elections. Her endorsement is further proof that the Republican Party will always come together to stand for principled conservatives.”  More

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Sarah Palin to Endorse Steve Lonegan in NJ Special Election

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 2, 2013

Lonegan-Campaign-Sign_2013As reported by earlier this evening:

Sarah Palin, the former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor, is set to become the latest conservative to endorse Steve Lonegan in New Jersey’s special U.S. Senate race, The Star-Ledger has learned. Lonegan, a conservative Republican activist running against Democratic Newark Mayor Cory Booker, said his campaign will officially announce the news Thursday morning.

Palin will not visit New Jersey for the announcement, nor is she scheduled to stump for Lonegan here, the campaign said.

“She’s doing a big push for me through Facebook and Twitter,” Lonegan said. “It helps to ignite even more money coming in (to the campaign). It will help galvanize more attention to this national race.”

Lonegan, the former mayor of Bogota, has been facing an uphill battle against Booker, a celebrity politician in a heavily Democratic state. The two are running in the Oct. 16 election to fill the final 14 months of the U.S. Senate term vacated after Frank Lautenberg’s death. More

h/t Pat

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Governor Palin vs. Governor Christie Equals Doing What’s Right vs. Doing What’s Necessary

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 5, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin appeared on Fox Business Network last night with David Asman. The video is below. The buzz last night and today is how she pointed out the difference between cutting spending when you have no choice and cutting spending when you have a surplus simply because it’s right. She does so by contrasting what she did as governor of Alaska and what Governor Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey.

You can find those comments early in the first video, and here’s the transcript:

And with all due respect to Governor Christie, you know he has no choice but to cut budgets because he’s broke. His state is broke. What courage really is, is in the face of having a surplus when you have opportunity to spend, spend, spend other people’s money, you still choose to reign in government to let the private sector soar. That’s real courage, and by the way, that’s what I did as Governor here when I engaged in hiring freezes, and reduced earmarks by 86%, and vetoed the largest amounts in our state’s history. Despite having a surplus that’s real leadership, and that’s courage.

But I do appreciate that Governor Christie is willing to face the reality in his state, and that is that they are going bankrupt. So he has to cut. He has no choice.

Real leadership is also recognizing and giving credit to others who are taking a stand for the right thing, which Gov. Christie apparently cannot do, and Governor Palin can–and does, as you’ll see in the video.

Watch the two short videos below, and listen to this particular discussion as well as other topics. I found the conversation regarding unions in the public vs. private sector to be most interesting.

Sarah Palin on Obama’s Role in Unions

 Sarah Palin on States Taking on Spending Cuts

(Courtesy of The Right Scoop)

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