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Posts Tagged ‘missile defense’

Sarah was right Part 6: Iran and Alaska’s Missile Shield

Posted by Ron Devito on October 30, 2009

by Upinak

The Palination

When Obama stands there with his feeble limp wristed style to swoon the stupid liberals into believing all is good and no harm will come to them. It makes one wonder about the safety for the country as well as when Obama is actually going to do anything concerning the Troops in Afghanistan.

Iran has put out there to the world that they will not go by the rules, regulations and sanctions that were instituted to make it “safe” for what they are doing with the yellow cake uranium. They are doing it their way no matter who says what. There is no cooperation with this country and it seems that it was shown via Cheney and others in the Joint Chiefs of Staff that it was never going to happen.  And Obama sits there looking like a complete failure concerning being bullied by Iran.
Now with this said, here is a new shocker. I mentioned that Alaska has a missile shield for the United States that would protect the West Coast and in some cases could protest the East Coast as Alaska is high on the hemisphere and could react if something does turn around. Well in the news recently, there is a new item on the table to complete the missile defense fund at Ft. Greely BUT on condition of:

Sen. Mark Begich, a Democrat, appealed to the Senate Armed ServicesCommittee in June to maintain money to expand the ground-based missile defense system, saying it’s not just about North Korea but also about shooting down missiles launched by Iran. In a news release Tuesday, Begich said the plan is “a welcome decision that will decrease the risk of the ever-evolving ballistic missile threats from rogue nations by increasing capacity required to defend the United States.”

Sen. Lisa Murkowski, a Republican, was less enthusiastic about the decision in an e-mailed statement to the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, noting that the completion of Missile Field 2 comes with plans to decommission another missile field at the base, about 100 miles south of Fairbanks. “I remain unconvinced that abandonment of the Bush administration’s plan, previously supported by Secretary Gates, is the right thing to do from a national security perspective,” Murkowski said.

So we can have all the missiles that were slated for us under the Bush administration concerning overall protection, BUT, we have to dismantle Missile Field 1, to get the missiles for Missile Field 2 at Ft. Greely. Does anyone else think this sound right? Especially since the Missile Field 1 was ONLY made in 2003/2004. Umm can we say waste of Government funds.

Sarah Palin, you were right. It is unfortunate that it has to come to this.

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Sarah was right part 5: Russia allows Iran pre-emptive nukes.

Posted by Ron Devito on October 14, 2009

by Upinak

The Palination

I spoke about Russia a few days ago concerning Iran and why Russia doesn’t seem to care and noted that something was amiss.

I was right. Russia said no to sanctions and now is ALLOWING pre-emptive nuclear to start in Iran. No regulations, no sanctions, nothing. What is Russia getting out of this deal I wonder?

Breitbart has some information:

The interview appeared in the daily Izvestia during a visit by U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, as U.S. and Russian negotiators try to hammer out a nuclear arms reduction treaty by December. It also came amid grumbling in Moscow over U.S. moves to modify plans for a missile shield near Russia’s borders rather than ditch the idea outright.

Patrushev said a sweeping document on military policy including a passage on preventative nuclear force will be handed to President Dmitry Medvedev by the end of the year, according to Izvestia.

Officials are examining “a variety of possibilities for using nuclear force, depending on the situation and the intentions of the possible opponent,” Patrushev was quoted as saying. “In situations critical to national security, options including a preventative nuclear strike on the aggressor are not excluded.”

As does Reuters:

“There is no need to frighten the Iranians,” Putin told reporters in Beijing.

“We need to look for a compromise. If a compromise is not found, and the discussions end in a fiasco, then we will see,” he said, adding that talks of sanctions was “premature” at present.

This stinks, worse then a dead elephant in the room. And what is worse is the fact that Obama is letting Russians visit our nuclear sites. WHY???? Via

Russia and the United States have tentatively agreed to a weapons inspection program that would allow Russians to visit nuclear sites in America to count missiles and warheads.

The plan, which Fox News has learned was agreed to in principle during negotiations, would constitute the most intrusive weapons inspection program the U.S. has ever accepted.

Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, who met with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, said publicly Tuesday that the two nations have made “considerable” progress toward reaching agreement on a new strategic arms treaty.

The 1991 Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty, or START, expires in December and negotiators have been racing to reach agreement on a successor.

Now what is START. Well there are two different type START 1 and START II. They are speaking about START II. But from the site here is what they have as the head:


Isn’t that interesting and now all of a sudden it seems that Russia wants to look into this. Putin has been around for a while, so why the “sudden interest”?  Well I think it has to do with that Russian and Iran alliance, that was done in 2005.  Yet no one really talked about it in the U.S. even now.

by Upinak
The Palination —

Is Sarah right about Missile Defense here at home.  Yes she was.  But is anyone listening? That is what I am concerned about.

Ed. Note: Complete prior coverage on Gov. Palin’s positions on missile defense here:

Master List of Governor Palin’s 2009 Accomplishments

— (See Command Experience) and at:

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Sarah was right part 4: Russia isn’t afraid of Iran.

Posted by Ron Devito on October 13, 2009

– by Upinak

The Palination

Russia has an interesting relationship with almost all other nations. She has never been one to back down from a fight, but something has been amiss in Mother Russia lately.

The Jerusalem Post published this interesting article concerning Russia and Iran, presenting two theories why Russia has no fear of the Persian state:

First, Iran is primarily a threat to Israel, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The mullahs will increase regional tensions and strengthen Russia’s position there. Good relations with Iran could position Russia as a mediator between these countries and the Islamic republic. For example, the recent cancellation of the deal to sell Iran anti-aircraft complexes was used to leverage Russia-Israel relations.

Second, Russia can use its relations with Iran as a bargaining chip in opposing the United States. The latest events demonstrate how, by changing its position toward sanctions, Russia achieved its goal: getting Obama to cancel the AMD program and reversing the previous US administration’s policy.

I think there is more to it then just what the Jerusalem Post has stated. Russia is a country that uses other countries to gain what they consider power, or a stepping stone of power. The Russians like to test other countries, such as when they probe American and Canadian airspace with their Bear strategic bombers, for example. But this isn’t just about America and Canada. Russia is constantly checking the boundaries of what it can do to judge how other countries react, including Pakistan. The Russian Bear is playing with fire and grinning from ear to ear while doing it.

Imposing sanctions on loose cannons such as Iran will not make much of a contribution to regional stability, especially when nuclear arsenals are involved. Such a measure may only make it more difficult for those nations that are trying to keep the peace. Hillary Clinton is also on the front end of the situation, but there is something which just doesn’t add up. Stating that Secretary Clinton never asked for Russia’s help seems odd to me in light of another article which states that she said no to the Russians. Something is not right.

And yet here we sit, without what should have been a missile defense, waiting to see what will happen. Meanwhile, the Russians say they do no want sanctions on Iran… The 64 Megaton question is why not? Hmm.

cross posted at

Ed. Note: Complete prior coverage on Gov. Palin’s positions on missile defense here:

Master List of Governor Palin’s 2009 Accomplishments

— (See Command Experience) and at:

The Palination


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Remember my Sarah was right 1 and 2? Pakistan is being downgraded.

Posted by Ron Devito on October 12, 2009

by Upinak
The Palination —

If anyone has been keeping up on this blog, you may remember how I sort of pieced together how Russia, North Korea, Iran, Venezuela, and China were seemingly piecing together and moving towards some type of exchange of oil, nuclear items and weaponry.

But I mentioned something about Pakistan. What was the deal with them?

Well on Drudge report, I spied something concerning Hillary Clinton and how she is downplaying Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. This, in my mind, is not a good idea.

Clinton said extremists were “increasingly threatening the authority of the state, but we see no evidence that they are going to take over the state. We have confidence in the Pakistani government and military’s control over nuclear weapons.”

Miliband told reporters at a joint news conference with Clinton that although Pakistan faced a “mortal threat” from extremists, there was no danger of its nuclear weapons being compromised.

And of course this from

Attackers in army uniforms struck at the headquarters in Rawalpindi on Saturday.

The strike was the third major assault in a week – after bombs in Islamabad and Peshawar – in an apparent campaign to deter a planned army offensive against Taliban strongholds in the country’s Waziristan region along the Afghan border.

Now, what is worrisome is the fact that I purposely put Pakistan in the last Palin was right blogs on missile defense, as a question mark. Why? Because we really do not know what may come about. They are hated by India, in which Pakistan use to belong to them and India has nuclear abilities as well. Kashmir, which was part of both Pakistan and India, does not involve themselves at all concerning India and Pakistan’s squabble of power between themselves.

Pakistan is in the middle. Lack and weak government, small military power that is half infiltrated with men who just want to go to Paradise and the fact that the Pakistan government will not state much on the assassination of Benazir Bhutto. Pakistan, from what I am told, is only a few steps away from totally being over run by the Taliban. And our news media from around the world seems to be downplaying this.

Keep an eye on Pakistan.

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A continuation of Sarah was right…..

Posted by Ron Devito on September 28, 2009

by Upinak

I mentioned a couple days ago about the problematic issue with Iran and nuclear facilities they have and their missiles, when Obama is dismantling ours, and showing Sarah Palin was right about missile defense.

Now that we have been threatened by North Korea, which bluffed and now warned by Iran… how off is Sarah Palin now concerning Missile Defense in our own country? Even Defense Secretary Gates is beginning to wonder what the deal is and is saying letting Afghanistan go is a bad idea, even after he as well as our federal law makers stopped the F-22’s manufacturing. I wonder what the “Law Makers” are thinking now. Yet Obama is letting the Gitmo detainees out one at a time, so not to draw attention is seems.

It really doesn’t matter. We are at the mercy of what Iran and their leaders may do. Israel is telling the U.S. to take a stand and take action, but unfortunately it looks as though Israel is on its own, as we are under the missile bubble as well. Yet Obama still sits and grins and campaigns as usual, this time for his kids and a longer school session. Isn’t there something to worry about then worrying about children’s education later? How about Americans and ALL of their children?

I also mentioned that Venezuela is seeking its own uranium, and possibly with help. What a concept, Russia is helping them. I also saw that China is going to be involved. It seems I was right about that as well, but one country that I thought would be on our side, India, is now in the battle who can have the most nukes. When is Pakistan going to get into the mix, is anyone’s guess, but I am thinking soon.

So while all this is going on in the world which we should be on high alert, what is going on in the House is the Democrats are PUSHING for all illegals to have healthcare. Where was the plan to have Obama make them citizens as well?

Yes, I know this isn’t good news, this is depressing news. Does anyone see anything positive under the Obama Administration?

Sarah Palin and those like her, should start talking and soon about the upcoming events. This is not the time to remain quiet. Nor is it the time to look past the issues that are right in the face of the world.

As I was posting this, reported that 2 medium range missiles have been fired.  It is now 8:18 PM in Alaska.  I will post the story when available as there is no link .. yet.  Say an Our Father, soon.

Update 8:26 Alaska time:  From

Iran has test-fired medium-range missiles, state TV reported on Monday, a day after the Islamic Republic’s elite Revolutionary Guards launched short-range missiles as part of several days of war games.

 So Obama, should Americans be worried now?????

cross posted at

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Sarah was right on Missile Defense, now all we can do is watch the showdown.

Posted by Ron Devito on September 26, 2009

by Upinak

Today as I watched the blogs, the news, and any reports coming in I noticed that only a few places seemed to be alarmed about Iran, until Ahmadinejad started fielding questions.,, and Jawa Report and a few of the more Islamic watch blogs always have something, so when it goes over to more the main stream and conservative media it is worth taking notice. And it is now viral, even in Europe.

Nuclear weapons, yellow cake uranium and the fact that Iran has two different areas in which they are converting the uranium into weapons grade, for nuclear weapons. And now Venezuela is helping with the search of yellow cake uranium for itself and I am sure with Russia’s help as well as China’s and possibly North Korea, well honestly is scares the absolute —- out of me. Please excuse my language. I don’t scare too easy. I have been almost stomped by moose, charged by grizzlies, in two different commercial plane crashes and washed down rivers as well as almost drowned three different times. This is more adrenaline pumping than any of those. Especially since we, as in the United States, have known about it for years. Great!

The process to get the yellow cake uranium into weapons grade takes months and at times over a year. Even then it is slow as they have to slow down the process due to temperature that can make the uranium stable enough to assemble into a warhead. It can take quite a long time. Three years is about the longest, but it has been known to take about nine months to build a complete nuclear weapon.

Sarah Palin had already chastised Obama about the missile defense. God help us as we know he and Gates didn’t listen to the warnings. Now we are in a quandary. What can we do, since most of us hard working Americans KNOW Obama will not do anything for the sake of America and Americans?

Do we stock up on food, water, ammo, fuel, as well as blankets and clothing?

Should we be worried? Or let the supposed “Intellectuals” take this power struggle to its fullest extreme?

Honestly, I would rather be like the song I am listening too then have to worry about this. But this is what we are dealt with. I hope it doesn’t come to anything…. caustic.

H/T FoxNews for pic.

crossposted at

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