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Posts Tagged ‘mark zuckerberg’

Proof Palin Is Living Rent Free In Obama’s Head

Posted by traceyporreca on March 29, 2011

Robert Gibbs, former white house press secretary, left that position recently to the cheers of conservatives and clear-thinking individuals who were tired of his side-stepping or simple refusal to answer the most basic of questions. Who gave him another thought? Who cares where he goes, right? Well, now you should care, because it looks like facebook is seriously considering hiring Mr. Gibbs for a high level position within its organization.

For all the left’s humanitarian, anti-capitalist talk, this latest step by someone within the tight inner-Obama circle sure smacks capitalistic to me. Articles citing facebook’s upcoming positioning as a public company, and Gibbs desire to be in a position to cash in on this with a high figure salary and ability to direct certain messaging, sure sounds capitalistic. Don’t fool yourself into thinking Mr. Gibbs is doing this for the common good. So why then – why would he leave a position where he had the ear of the entire nation (via our lamestream media) and free reign to run amuck over free speech? I don’t believe he’s left the white house at all. I believe the white house and president Obama still have full control over Mr. Gibbs.

Sarah Palin is undoubtedly in Obama’s head, rent free, 24/7. Our lefty media reports on her every step through the slanted prism of the socialist white house agenda. Via facebook, Sarah Palin has been able to direct her message to her audience, an audience hungry and thirsty for the truth and a clear vision of the future through the eyes of someone who understands our founding principles and our exceptionalism. I can just see it now – a white house staffer standing outside the office of the president, dreading the fact that he has been chosen (via a game of papers/scissors/rock) to be the one to approach our leader and tell him, “She’s posted to facebook, again.” Obama’s shoulders fall as he looks over her latest assault to his national transformational agenda. And then, it hits him.

“We have to figure out a way to control her message. We need to figure out a way to control – facebook.” I find it more than ironic that the very medium that Sarah Palin has used to relay her message is the one that a senior white house official, after leaving the white house, is now being considered for as a senior executive.

Facebook is currently a private company that is looking to go public. I cannot see what facebook and Mark Zuckerberg find appealing in hiring Gibbs. I certainly would not consider him a social guru. In fact, I find him to be one of the least appealing people I’d want to be stuck in a social situation with. What corporate board would seriously want him guiding their message? Somehow I just don’t see him as a part of what could potentially be one of the largest and most lucrative corporate boards in America. His only real claim to fame was being white house press secretary, and he wasn’t all that good at that. He was only good at side-stepping and dodging.

Still thinking this scenario is a stretch? Gibbs is also reportedly planning on helping with Obama’s re-election campaign (see here). Do you seriously think he won’t use a position at facebook to assist his buddy in his bid for re-election? There is a bigger agenda here, and I believe the white house is looking to take control of facebook and Sarah Palin’s message, via positioning Gibbs as a senior executive. Do you really want Gibbs in control of your social experience? Yes, Sarah Palin is living rent free in Obama’s head and if we’re not careful, Obama could be in control of much more.

(See more articles by Tracey Porreca at

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