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Posts Tagged ‘Kathy Griffin’

Critics: Griffin’s ‘Glee’ cameo ‘went over like a lead balloon’

Posted by joshpainter on March 17, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Bully “comic” Kathy Griffin, whose idea of quality material is to attack Sarah Palin’s children, made her appearance on the Fox hit show “Glee” this week. Sadly for the Palinophobes, the cameo, which had been hyped by gossip blogs and other Palin-hatin’ leftist websites, appears to have been a FAIL, even if not of EPIC proportions. At Mediaite, which is anything but a Sarah Palin fan site, Matt Schneider reports:

Given the rhetorical back and forth between Griffin and Palin, the cameo was highly anticipated, but went over like a lead balloon. EW’s television critic Ken Tucker called Griffin’s bit part “the evening’s dud moment in the episode written by show co-creator Ryan Murphy.” Tucker continued “It’s hard to believe that Murphy couldn’t come up with any better lines than, “I am not a witch” (a snicker at Christine O’Donnell) and ‘Obama is a terrorist.’”

While Glee plays with topical themes and hot-button opinions regularly, the hit show rarely enters political territory in such a blatant fashion. Yet given that Griffin’s appearance was so quick, many “Gleeks” (the term affectionately(?) describing fans of the show) probably didn’t even know who or what Griffin was attempting to mock. Especially since a line like “I twittered that Obama is a terrorist” likely takes a comedic backseat for most to fellow guest star Loretta Devine’s former stripper, who became a nun just because she needed a place to live.

Glee’s Executive Producer Ryan Murphy is a fairly brazen contributor to what some call the “culture war” dialogue, and it certainly seems like he and Griffin had conspired to score some cheap points by reducing Palin to a one-dimensional caricature. The irony is that this particular scene is far more likely to create good-will for the flagging former Governor because of an unfair portrayal, only fueling the notion that the “liberal Hollywood elite” are out to get Ms. Palin. Scenes like this make such a comment seem less a by-product of paranoia, and more of a legitimate case.

TIME’s TV critic James Poniewozik also panned Griffin’s potty-poor performance:

“Glee can be sharp and topical enough that I thought it could actually do something clever with the much-publicized cameo. Instead, the performance hinged on expected gags (‘I am not a witch’) and Griffin delivered it all with a stiffness that felt more like a recitation than a performance. As one line in the judges’ deliberations said, I mostly felt pandered to. (And I can only guess what Glee’s conservative viewers—and to anticipate the response, Glee has conservative viewers—would have thought.)”

And Entertainment Weekly’s Ken Tucker quipped:

“In an otherwise above-average episode of Glee, the much-publicized appearance of Kathy Griffin guest-starring as a Sarah Palin parody fell as flat as Brittany’s speaking voice… Palin has called the comedian a ‘bully,’ but after seeing Griffin meekly recite a lame joke about gay rights not being in the Constitution, the former Alaska governor must be feeling pretty cheery…”

Even critic Matt Richenthal at TV Fanatic, who was hoping for “some good Sarah Palin mockery,” had to admit that Griffin’s “Glee” appearance:

“…felt shoved in and out of place here, like producers lost a bet to Kathy Griffin and had to pay up via such a cameo.”

Heh. Looks like it’s back to the D-list for has-been never-was, no-talent, no-class Griffin.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Kathy Griffin Booed By Troops for Bristol Palin Joke; Bristol Responds

Posted by Adrienne Ross on December 6, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Kathy Griffin got a lesson in class from the military. I hope she took notes. While hosting “VH1 Divas Salute The Troops,” the troops actually booed her when she made a fat joke about Bristol Palin.

Holly McKay reported on

Kathy Griffin hosted the VH1 Divas salute to the troops this weekend, but her “jokes” about Bristol Palin being “fat” fell flat.

“She’s the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight,” Griffin said in reference to Bristol’s trip to the finals on “Dancing With the Stars.”

Even after the troops’ loud booing, Griffin continued the attack.

“No, come on, come on. She gained like 30 pounds a week, I swear to God, it was fantastic,” Griffin said. “She’s like the white Precious.”


But Palin, 20, isn’t letting 50-year-old Griffin’s digs bring her down.

“The audience’s reaction to this ‘comedian’ spoke volumes, and the decent people I know would probably have booed her, too,” Palin told Pop Tarts in an exclusive statement. “I hope people didn’t have to pay money to hear her negativity and criticisms.”


“Calling Bristol Palin fat is inappropriate and distasteful, even under the guise of humor,” body image expert and author of “Love Your Body Love Your Life,” Sarah Maria, told Pop Tarts. “The problem is that people, and particularly young people, easily absorb the ideas, beliefs, and attitudes that are presented to them. [It’s a problem] when someone makes critical comments about someone else’s body and weight, beliefs such as ‘fat is a horrible thing,’ ‘I am no good unless I am thin.'”


And while Griffin strutted in a bikini in what she called her “starvation body,” the comedienne wasn’t always so willing to flaunt her figure.

Just last year, the “Suddenly Susan” star admitted that she fell prey to some serious body image issues while seeking out her “big break” in Hollywood. Not only did Griffin get a nose job at the age of 26 in an attempt to improve her appearance, in addition to liposuction that she claims almost killed her, she also reportedly exercised obsessively, starved herself during the day and binged at night.

Having experienced the pain and pressure of show business first-hand, might one think Griffin would be a little mores sensitive to such issues?

“It is quite surprising, given her own experience,” Maria said. “One would hope that her own difficulties would awaken a sensitivity, understanding, and compassion regarding the difficulties of body weight and image in today’s culture.”

Read the full article here.

Of course, this isn’t the first swipe Griffin has taken at a Palin. She seems to be a bit obsessed, even stooping so low as to trespass the Palins’ property, which she managed to do while palling around with Levi Johnston.

Perhaps with the help of being booed by our men and women in uniform, Kathy Griffin will get the not-so-subtle hint: no one is laughing at her mean-spirited–not to mention incorrect–assessment of Bristol’s weight.

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Kathy Griffin, Unfunny and Un-American

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 8, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Kathy Griffin may have been invited to the state of Alaska to perform “comedy,” but she certainly wasn’t invited to Governor Palin’s home, which is where she showed up nonetheless–something law-abiding citizens call trespassing. Supposedly, her purpose in walking past a number of “No trespassing” signs on the Palin property was to invite her to the show.

The absurdity of that invitation is only more obvious now that details of the routine have been released, the least of which is that this is the same show where Levi Johnston introduced Griffin. That fact speaks volumes in and of itself.

The most disgusting part of Griffin’s routine was her scurrilous comment that Senator McCain picked Governor Palin to be his running mate after she performed a certain sex act on him. I am choosing not to link to the video, as it is rife with vulgarity and Palin Derangement Syndrome symptoms well beyond the pale.

Under the guise of comedy, this lady–and I use the term loosely–comes to the state where Governor Palin was elected and served, then commences to spew sexist venom, suggesting that the governor’s selection as the VP nominee could not possibly be because she was qualified. Governor Palin, whose resume includes city council member, mayor, oil and gas regulator, and governor with an approval rating of 93% at one point, was not tapped for her experience and expertise, but because she prostituted herself. Mind you, this is the same nominee who had more executive experience than anyone else on either ticket, but Griffin would have us believe that she “performed” her way into the senator’s good graces.

Furthermore, Griffin’s comment suggests that Senator McCain, an American hero who displayed incredible commitment to his country, who went through torture of a magnitude most of us will never even wrap our brains around, suddenly had such little regard for his country that one sex act was the deciding factor in who would join him in serving the America he loves and sacrificed so much for.

And this is supposed to be funny?

No matter your political party or your obsession with all things Palin–something Griffin admits to–relegating those who have served their states and their nation to positions of prostitute and john, just to get a few laughs from a few like-minded perverts, is not only unfunny; it’s un-American.

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