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Governor Palin to Kathleen Parker: I’m Still Standing

Posted by Adrienne Ross on November 13, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

Kathleen Parker fancied herself most clever as she bragged about leading the charge to destroy Governor Palin. In an interview with John Ziegler, she made the assertion that she was not only a willing participant, but the spearheader of “the assassination of Sarah Palin.”

Apparently, while spending her time focusing on how to get rid of the Governor–something she obviously failed miserably at accomplishing–she was “duped” by then-candidate Obama, although, for some reason, she was not as quick to admit to this particular point.

Via NewsBusters, here’s the Parker Spitzer exchange between Ziegler and Parker:

JOHN ZIEGLER: So you didn’t buy into the Obama moderation myth?


ZIEGLER: You were duped by the media —

PARKER: I was one of those people who thought this is a guy who is talking about not a red, not a blue America, and who’s going to bring the country together.

ZIEGLER: So you were duped.

PARKER: I was at that 2004 Democratic convention.

ZIEGER: Were you duped?

PARKER: No, I’m not going to say I was duped, I’m saying —

ZIEGLER: So you stand by that.

PARKER: Listen to you: I’m the interviewer here. [Nervous laughter] This is fun; this is fun. But I wrote critical things of him, and I still write critical things of him.

ZIEGLER: You endorsed him. You endorsed him before the election. And you took pride —

PARKER: I did not endorse. I did not endorse.

ZIEGLER: You took part in the targeting of Sarah Palin. You essentially took part in the assassination of Sarah Palin 1.0. That person is dead; she doesn’t exist any more.

PARKER: No, no, no. Actually, I did not take part in it: I led it. Let’s be clear. Let’s get our facts straight.

Read this interview here.

While Kathleen Parker feels oddly proud of herself for her leadership role in what she perceives to be the taking down of Governor Palin–while she celebrates herself–she falls short, it seems, of recognizing or admitting that she failed miserably in her so-called leadership role. No one has killed Governor Palin. No one has destroyed her message, either. In fact, she is standing taller and has emerged stronger since the pitiful attempts to cut off and assassinate her character, her career, and her–dare I say–cajones.

The Governor spoke to this yesterday via Twitter.

Parker: appreciate your admittance. Now, I’m still standing;Standing by family, faith & flag. Who do u stand by today?

It’s this type of response from Governor Palin that drives both the Left and the Right crazy. She is still standing. None of the attempts to destroy her–no matter how coordinated and committed–have yielded any rewards. She is not only still standing; she’s moving forward and shaping the current political conversation in America. What drives people even crazier is the fact that she can confront these self-professed opponents, as she did yesterday, and point out that they are utter failures. How odd it is that Kathleen Parker would even admit to something that shows her to be such a complete loser in this effort.

It’ll take more than a Kathleen Parker, or a lamestream media, to assassinate Governor Palin. She knows it–and she reminds them of it. They know it, too. And this is precisely why they hate her.

Instead of fighting a losing battle, perhaps at some point these haters will come to realize the wisdom in the old saying, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.”

* Speaking of “family, faith & flag” that the Governor refers to in her tweet, be sure to order her book by the same name and join her at one of her book tour stops.

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It’s Time For David Letterman to Go!

Posted by Gary P Jackson on June 10, 2009

It is time for CBS to show David Letterman the door. Letterman, in the past few days has shown he is nothing but a nasty, vile,pervert, a misogynist, and a racist. There is no excuse for his actions, and there is nothing he can do to correct them.

On Monday night Letterman, in his “Top 10″, called the Governor of Alaska a “slut”. That is so over the top it is unbelievable, but then he did something even worse, he suggested the Governor’s teenage daughter was “knocked up” by Alex Rodriguez while the Governor, and her family attended the Yankees game as guests of former New York City Mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

This is the Governor’s 14 year old daughter we are talking about here!

Of course, the classless Letterman, after being called out by many, went even further Tuesday night, suggesting Governor Palin’s daughter, her 14 year old daughter, was a whore! Letterman joked about her and disgraced former democrat New York Governor, Elliot Spitzer, who is known to consort with prostitutes.

This is beyond the pale. It is sick, perverted, and totally unacceptable.

But where is the outrage from the usual suspects?

Where are the women of the National Organization of Women (NOW)? These are two females who are being slandered in the nastiest of ways.

Where is Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, two folks who earn a living playing the race card?

Letterman’s attack was indeed racist. You see, Todd Palin is a Native America. A Yup’ik. So is his 14 year old daughter, Willow!

The Yup’ik, are a group of indigenous or aboriginal peoples of western, southwestern, and southcentral Alaska and the Russian Far East. They include the Central Alaskan Yup’ik people of the Yukon-Kuskokwim delta, the Kuskokwim River, and coastal Bristol Bay in Alaska; the Alutiiq (or Suqpiaq) of the Alaska Peninsula and coastal and island areas of southcentral Alaska; and the Siberian Yupik of the Russian Far East and St. Lawrence Island in western Alaska. They are Eskimo and are related to the Inuit.

Where are the usual groups that stand up to racists now?

It wasn’t that long ago that radio host Don Imus was fired for calling a group of basketball players “nappy-headed hoes”. Not a nice comment, and definitely racist. But it is very mild when you compare it to the things David Letterman has said. Imus never talked raping these basketball players.

Again we are talking about a 14 year old girl here!

You know, one can only imagine the vitriol that we would see if Letterman had the guts to really be “edgy” and suggest this about one of Barack Obama’s two adorable little girls!

It would be WWIII!

And rightly so!

But it seems to be quite fine because Sarah Palin and her family are conservatives.

Well, it’s absolutely NOT OK for David Letterman, or any other pervert to talk about raping a 14 year old girl, or to call her a whore!

Letterman has made sexual references about Governor Palin in the past. They were tasteless at best. But Governor Palin is a grown woman, and can certainly defend herself. And she certainly has.

But for David Letterman to attack a 14 year old girl like this just cannot stand.

Of course, this is typical from the left these days. They go out of their way to destroy those who disagree with them.

Look at Miss California, Carrie Prejean. She has been attacked from the left over and over for her stance on gay marriage. Her stance, by the way is the same exact stance as that of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama! And Miss Prejean also shares the exact same feelings as the majority of the voters in her native California!

But again, since Prejean is a conservative, with traditional American values, she must be destroyed.

This past week, Playboy Magazine, in an online blog, published what was basically a rape fantasy piece targeting prominent and beautiful conservative women like Fox New’s Megyn Kelly and Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann.

The silence from the usual “women’s rights supporters” was deafening.

But again, as disgusting as all of this is, it is nothing compared to a sick man’s rant about the rape of a 14 year old Native American girl!

In all fairness, not all liberals are being silent on this. There is a great group over at This is a group who supports Hillary Clinton, and since she has become a national figure, Sarah Palin. They are incredible group who stand up for what is right. They are organizing a boycott of advertisers to the Letterman show.

Conservatives 4 Palin has also called for similar action.

For the Palin family’s part, both Todd and Sarah have issued statements:

“Any ‘jokes’ about raping my 14-year-old are despicable. Alaskans know it and I believe the rest of the world knows it, too.”

– Todd Palin

“Concerning Letterman’s comments about my young daughter (and I doubt he’d ever dare make such comments about anyone else’s daughter): ‘Laughter incited by sexually-perverted comments made by a 62-year-old male celebrity aimed at a 14-year-old girl is not only disgusting, but it reminds us some Hollywood/NY entertainers have a long way to go in understanding what the rest of America understands – that acceptance of inappropriate sexual comments about an underage girl, who could be anyone’s daughter, contribute to the atrociously high rate of sexual exploitation of minors by older men who use and abuse others.'”

– Governor Sarah Palin

Governor Palin had appeared on John Ziegler’s radio show on Tuesday, discussing the first Letterman attack on her and her daughter, and called Letterman “pathetic”, which was very generous in my opinion!

The Governor also pointed out the she was in New York City to raise money for autism research as well as for an assisted living facility. The day before Governor Palin had been in Auburn, NY at the Seward House celebrating the life of William Seward, the former U.S. Secretary of State, who negotiated the purchase of the Alaska territory from Russia. This coincides with Alaska’s 50th year of statehood celebration. Alaska became a state in 1959.

In Auburn she spoke to over 20,000 enthusiastic supporters.

Ziegler appeared on MSNBC today as a guest of Contessa Brewer’s. Incredibly, Brewer couldn’t seem to understand why Governor Palin wasn’t pleased that Letterman called her a “slut”!

Brewer went on to say it was “comedy” and that she had no problem with it. Or the fact Letterman voiced out his rape fantasy on the Governor’s 14 year old daughter and insinuated she was a whore.

Brewer quickly turned the interview into an attack on Governor Palin instead.

This seems to be par for the course for the Peacock brand though, as so-called comedian Chuck Nice” from “Best Week Ever” had this to say about Governor Palin on NBC’s Today Show:

“But Sarah Palin to the GOP, she is very much like herpes, she is not going away”.

Absolutely no one on the NBC Today Show set called Nice on this. In fact, NBC News chief legal analyst Dan Abrams went on to say: “That’s the advantage of being Chuck Nice. You can say that, and there’s no repercussions.”

This sort of behavior is totally unacceptable.

There is a lot of tension in America these days, especially when it comes to politics. And it is one thing to take someone head on over their policies. But the left in this country delight in destroying their enemies personally. They seemingly cannot discuss the issues in a coherent manner, so they come out with the nasty personal attacks.

David Letterman has a history of doing this. He is incredibly hostile to those who don’t share his view on things. But you know, that’s fine, no one has to watch him.

But this is different.

To call the sitting Governor of a state, a happily married woman, and mother of 5 children a “slut” is unacceptable.

To fantasize about the Governor’s 14 year old daughter’s rape and to call her a whore just cannot stand!

I don’t care what your politics are. In America we have a certain decency that sets us apart from other nations. We don’t take kindly to men who have rape fantasies about 14 year old girls.

It is time to let CBS know that David Letterman is done. He is no longer fit to remain on the air.

It is time to let CBS’ advertisers know the same.

Talking about the rape of a 14 year old girl just doesn’t work in America!

Call CBS at 212-975-4321

C4P and Hillbuzz both have contact information for advertisers.

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John Ziegler’s Exclusive Interview With Sarah Palin

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on February 8, 2009

Sunday, February 8, 2009
Editorial by John Ziegler
The Sarah Palin “Media Malpractice” Interview

John Ziegler’s Exclusive Interview With Sarah Palin

If someone would have told me five months ago that in early January I would pay over $1,400 for an incredibly inconvenient plane ticket and $120 for a 3 am cab fare to get from sunny Los Angeles to Wasilla, Alaska, I would have told them there was a better chance that the Dow Jones would be below 9,000 and a gallon of gas would be less than two dollars.

If they would have told me that I would be glad I made the journey (even with a seven-hour, weather-aided, stop in Seattle), I would have told them Sarah Palin had a better chance to be John McCain’s running-mate. Of course, as well all now know, all that turned out to be true. And even though I still have the flu I got just before the trip, I am thrilled I got to experience -11 degrees in Alaska.

Obviously, I went there to interview Governor Palin for my forthcoming documentary on the media coverage of the 2008 election. My understanding is that the only reason that Governor Palin did this interview (while rejecting hundreds of other requests) is simply because she has a sincere devotion to setting the record straight on what really happened during the campaign and determining why the news coverage was as dangerously slanted as it so clearly was.

Largely because of absurd claims by Democrats that she was violating ethics rules by answering campaign questions on state grounds (one of several ways in which the Democrats there, who used to love her, are now totally invested in the “take Sarah Palin down” industry), we did the interview at the Palin home. At 9 am, without a security guard or handler within sight, Bristol Palin, eight days removed from giving birth, politely answered the door and Governor Palin, not yet fully put together, rushed out to tell me and our crew to make ourselves at home.

One of the things you quickly learn when you visit the Palins is that the legend that has been created around who they are and how they live is no myth. It appears to be absolutely real and everything about them seems 100% sincere. From the stuffed hunting trophies on the wall, to the Track’s military photo by the TV set, to Piper’s crayon school projects on the kitchen cabinets, everything is exactly as you imagine it might be.

What was particularly valuable about the perspective I had was that, I am not Charlie Gibson, Matt Lauer or Greta Van Susteren (who I understand now gets her mail delivered to the Palin home); the conductors of the three most prominent interviews done in the Wasilla house on the frozen lake at the end of the drive that has the sign “Palins” posted on a tree at the entrance. Unlike them, I am virtually unknown nationally and there was absolutely no reason for anything to be done differently as a “show” for us. We saw the genuine Sarah Palin and it is patently obvious that this is the only one that exists. She is the real deal.

As a former TV sportscaster and radio talk show host, I have interviewed a lot big-time “celebrities,” and I can honestly say that, even though you could argue that Sarah Palin was the most prominent I have ever spoken to one-on-one, she was also by far the nicest, most sincere and, seemingly, honest subject that I have ever questioned.

For context, I admit to being a fan of Sarah Palin from before she was ever named John McCain’s VP candidate. I attended her convention speech and consider it to be by far the finest that I have ever personally witnessed. But, being a world-class cynic, I also wondered if maybe there was at least some truth the to the negative media narrative that had been created about her. Maybe she really wasn’t that smart, maybe she was indeed a “diva” or a “wack job.” Well, if anything of those smears are remotely true, Palin should move here to LA permanently because she is a far better actor (not to mention better looking) than the vast majority of actresses in Hollywood.

Our interview started early and ended late (ask Barbara Walters how often that happens at this level). The Governor fully answered every question I asked, even though some of them brought up media episodes that clearly got her upset and, when the subject turned to her kids being targeted, even a little emotional. She then posed for pictures and signed autographs for the entire crew and casually discussed all sorts of topics, including how the local newspaper is absurdly still trailing the “story” that her youngest son is not really hers at all (this while Todd walked around with Trig on his back and Bristol cared for her newborn Tripp in a nearby bedroom; even Trig conspiracy theorist Andrew Sullivan would have had a hard time not seeing the insanity in his own delusions).

The madness of the local paper’s efforts to prove that Trig is not really Sarah’s baby was not all we learned in the post interview conversations. Conservatives will be thrilled to know that she immediately “got” and seemed to fully appreciate my joke that Pete Wilson (and not Arnold Schwarzenegger) would go down as the last Republican Governor in the history of California, If that wasn’t enough, when she looked at the back cover of my first film (“Blocking the Path to 9/11” and saw the photo of one of the film’s targets, Keith Olbermann, she literally let out a groan and, pointing to his photogragh, declared, “THAT guy is so EVIL! What is wrong with him?”
Beyond the great interview for the film (from which there is still plenty of tremendous stuff yet to come), the most important part of my visit to the Palin house is that there is a big difference between thinking that something is true and knowing for sure that it is. I now know that Sarah Palin is exactly who I thought she was.

I also know now, with morally certitude, that the media assassination of her, her character and her family was one of the greatest public injustices of our time and I am totally justified in devoting my life to correcting the historical record in my forthcoming film “Media Malpractice…How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Smeared” ( )

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Reaction To My Palin Interview Proves The Point

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on February 8, 2009

by John Ziegler
Unless you were hanging out with Joe the Plumber in Gaza this past week, you probably heard that I did an exclusive interview with Governor Sarah Palin for my forthcoming documentary, “Media Malpractice… How Obama Got Elected and Palin Was Smeared.”

The reaction to the interview excerpts has been far more intense and far more deranged than I expected. Quite simply, the media response has done more to prove the basic point of the documentary than just about anything I could have produced in the film.

Here are just a few ways in which this episode felt like I had suddenly become Alice in Wonderland (without the dress or blond hair).

Governor Palin’s comments about being taken out of context were clearly taken out of context and her statements that they were being taken out of context were themselves taken out of context in a blatant, though thus far, unsuccessful attempt to turn the Governor and I against each other.

The Governor’s measured, rational and accurate attempts to correct the historical record about the basis for which a Presidential election was decided were “reported” by the left as being “whiny,” “catty” and “delusional.” Folks, there’s a reason why there’s such a thing as a war crimes tribunal; some things you just have to get to the bottom of.

Palin’s incredibly mild and humorous pushback against two very grownup media stars (Katie Couric and Tina Fey) who clearly had it out for her, helped destroy her candidacy and who benefited greatly from doing so, was somehow “reported” as an “attack,” “taking shots,” and “not taking responsibility.” Please. This is almost like ripping a Jew for making a Nazi joke (No doubt, THAT will also be taken out of context).

Both the vaunted New York Times and the tiny liberal rag, the Alaska Dispatch (it was difficult to tell them apart since neither bothered to contact me before writing very deceiving pieces), figured out a way to discuss everything about the interview excerpts except the primary issue, which, of course, was their own malfeasance during the campaign. It’s become patently obvious we’ve reached a point where, especially when you’re a conservative, blatant bias, combined with the incredible shrinking attention span of the media and public, make it absolutely impossible to get a message out that is remotely nuanced. And once conventional wisdom is cemented, even when done so by a comedian on SNL with a clear agenda, there’s virtually no chance to set the record straight (again, especially if you’re a conservative and even more so if you’re seen in any way as a threat to Barack Obama).

While I’ve been most concerned with the unfair assaults on Governor Palin and the ignoring of the basic truths she reveals in our interview, I’ve also taken more than my share of shrapnel. It began with a bizarre appearance on MSNBC with David Shuster.

Instead of even bothering to pretend to find out the background of the interview or the nature of the “real Sarah Palin” (forget about why I did the interview or why I’m making a documentary), you would have thought I’d been accused of a major crime. I guess at MSNBC trying to get out the truth about Barack Obama and Sarah Palin may indeed qualify as such.

At one point after that appearance I was booked to do three more spots on Obama’s pet network (two of which had already been scheduled) as well as two more on Fox, one on CNN and one on Saturday’s version of the “Today Show.”

Next up was a live shot with Norah O’Donnell, with whom I’d gotten along great with the previous day during a lengthy interview (only 6.3 seconds of which was actually used, I believe) for that morning’s “Today Show.” After waiting around 30 minutes watching their largely non-condemning coverage of the post-impeachment press conference of Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich, I was not happy.

When O’Donnell hit me on the air with a totally out of context statement from the Governor’s office I hadn’t seen that made it sound like they thought I had misled them, I thankfully and correctly didn’t believe her and tossed the question aside. But on the follow up I let loose.

After that, I was suddenly bumped from “Hardball” on MSNBC, which I was very much looking forward to. (Chris Matthews is not only one of the stars of my new documentary, he also grew up with my deceased mother and many of my aunts and uncles in the Somerton section of Philadelphia. The only time I met Chris was at the home of my grandfather who passed away the day after the Palin interview). I didn’t view the cancellation as a coincidence. I was also bumped from “No Bias, No Bull” on CNN, which I had really wanted to do, if only for the inherent irony in it.

As for Keith Olbermann, he cherry picked an inaccurate description I gave (and have since corrected after being able to view a tape that I previously didn’t know existed) about how the Governor reacted to seeing his photo. It is my only regret of this entire bizarre week that I was not more accurate in that initial post for Big Hollywood and gave that professional liar even more of a chance to gloat over being called “evil” (doesn’t THAT say everything about MSNBC) than was warranted by the facts. He, of course, did not have the courage to even pretend to have me on his show.

Finally, Shuster, I guess feeling he hadn’t gotten much of me the first time, heavily promoted a “rematch” on his afternoon show. His behavior and journalistic ethics (is there such a thing any more?) hadn’t improved in the ensuing few hours between confrontations.

The next day I received a call at home from Governor Palin. We briefly discussed a miscommunication with her staff that led to some on the Alaska state side (who had nothing to do with the actual interview, which was conducted at her home) to be unprepared for the coming storm even though I had informed my contact person of my intentions the morning before the story broke open on Big Hollywood and Drudge.

The Governor also mentioned she had watched my first documentary, “Blocking the Path to 9/11,” and thought it highlighted just how deep the issue of media bias really goes. But mostly we discussed how the pathetic news coverage of this event proves the need for my new documentary. I think this episode has strengthened the resolve of both of us, each in our own way, to keep fighting to get the truth out on this subject. Once again, I was amazed at her courage to not back down when the average politician would do a George W. Bush and just lie in the fetal position. Sarah Palin is apparently no George Bush, and for that we should all be thankful.

Please get on the mailing list at

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