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Posts Tagged ‘GretaWire’

Palin: Statement on Republican Convention

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on August 12, 2012

Governor Sarah Palin released a statement via GretaWire regarding the upcoming Republican National Convention which will be held in Tampa, Florida August 27th-30th

“…Everything I said at the 2008 convention about then-candidate Obama still stands today, and in fact the predictions made about the very unqualified and inexperienced Community Organizer’s plans to “fundamentally transform” our country are unfortunately coming true. This year is a good opportunity for other voices to speak at the convention and I’m excited to hear them. As I’ve repeatedly said, I support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan in their efforts to replace President Obama at the ballot box, and I intend to focus on grassroots efforts to rally Independents and the GOP base to elect Senate and House members so a wise Congress is ready to work with our new President to get our country back on the right path. This is imperative. As President Clinton said in 2008 while candidate Obama and lapdogs in the media were thrashing his wife’s record and reputation, this is “…the biggest fairy tale.” For the sake of America’s solvency and sovereignty we must close this nonsensical book in November…” – Sarah Palin


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Palin: Appearing “On The Record” Tonight (Update)

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on June 20, 2012

UPDATE:  There is conflicting information about this appearance.  Apparently it was listed on the Gretawire sidebar earlier today; however, it’s no longer there

As advertised on the FOX News Network, Governor Sarah Palin will go “On The Record” tonight with Greta Van Susteren at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.  While this appearance has been promoted on television, Palin’s appearance is not mentioned on the GretaWire website.

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Palin Appearing “On The Record” Tonight

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 14, 2012

According to GretaWire, Governor Sarah Palin will appear “On The Record” tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern with her takes on the latest in the 2012 race.  Also appearing tonight will be Congressman Paul Ryan to discuss President Obama’s budget plan.

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GretaWire: Is Sarah Palin or Sally Quinn “putting family first”?

Posted by Adrienne Ross on February 20, 2010

By Adrienne Ross –

As I pointed out as recently as last night, Governor Palin is no stranger to double standards. The mainstream media loves to pull out a separate set of rules when it comes to her. Greta Van Susteren boldly points out another example of such bias in her article, “Who is ‘putting family first?’ Sarah Palin or Sally Quinn?”

Greta writes:

In July, Sally Quinn, columnist in the Washington Post, defended David Letterman for his comments about Governor Sarah Palin and her daughter. In doing so, she criticized Governor Palin. My “favorite” of her criticisms ? It is in bold blue text below. Read below and then you decide who is putting family first – the mother defending her child from the comments of a talk show host who coincidentally cheats on his wife? or the wife who conveniently schedules a wedding so that her husband can’t attend the wedding of a grandchild from a former marriage…and then writes a column to sugar coat it when it hits the gossip circuit in DC.

We report, you decide.

Here are Sally Quinn’s comments about Gov Palin…followed by a link to her explanation.

“…..Well, clearly, [Governor Sarah Palin] has not put her family first … And these children have, it seems publicly, to have been exploited by her in a, I think, really unfortunate way … She brings them all to the convention, including Trig, the baby. She brings the pregnant daughter with the boyfriend who clearly didn’t want to be there. She then travels around with the children, using them as sort of photo ops … she brings the children up when she needs them to shore up her own image…..” [MS/NBC]

So how does Sally Quinn compare to Sarah Palin? She has scheduled her son’s wedding on the same day as her husband’s grandchild from a previous marriage so now her husband must pick: his son or his granddaughter from previous marriage. Family first? or some deep seeded problem?


PS – you may notice the reference Sally Quinn made on MS/NBC about Governor Palin’s then “pregnant daughter” which seemed a bit of a slap at the family situation. In Quinn’s article, she reports her news about her son’s pregnant girlfriend and her reaction is that she is thrilled. I am sure she is thrilled – but was she being nasty about the Palin situation or not? We report, you decide.

Visit this article on GretaWire by clicking here.

I applaud Greta’s commitment to truth above all. She calls it like she sees it. Sally Quinn’s double standard is plain to see–so she gets called out.

People suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome face one major danger: in their commitment to undermining Governor Palin and calling her actions into question, they draw attention to their own actions–and often theirs doesn’t stand up to serious scrutiny.

There’s a problem with wielding a double-edged sword: on the rebound, it usually comes back to smack you in the face.

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