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Posts Tagged ‘Fox Business Network’

Palin: “State Leaders are going to Teach National Leaders a Lesson” (Video)

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on June 6, 2012

Governor Sarah Palin appeared with Neal Cavuto on the FOX Business News Network last night prior to the Wisconsin race being called for Governor Scott Walker and Lt. Governor Rebecca Kleefisch.  Palin was confident that the “good folks of Wisconsin would not recall Walker or Kleefisch”.  Reports earlier in the evening showed exit polling results at “50-50” with early returns having Walker and Kleefisch at 59%-60%.  Wisconsin voters sent a clear message with both Walker and Kleefisch taking 53% of the vote.   (Use the drop down menu to view results for each Wisconsin recalled office results.)

“Austerity is a good thing. This is a virtue that the governor is representing and he’s just letting the public know that they have the opportunity to live within their means, actually cut government spending and allow private sector to create jobs. I think that the voters will embrace that.”

H/T SarahNetToo

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Palin: “I Would Do Whatever I Could To Help”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on March 7, 2012

Appearing on the FOX Business News Network with Neil Cavuto, Governor Sarah Palin discusses the Super Tuesday primary results and reveals who she voted for in the Alaska caucus.

Video from SarahNetToo

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Palin: “Follow The Money” Tonight – Game Changing Statement

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 15, 2012

Sarah Palin will be appearing with Eric Bolling tonight at 10:00 p.m. Eastern on “Follow The Money”, the FOX Business Network.

Earlier today, Eric Bolling posted the following to his Facebook page:

“ALERT! Palin breaking big news… the 15 minutes with Gov Sarah that may change everything.. stay tuned 10p FBN”

This statement has created quite a buzz on Mr. Bolling’s Facebook page.  A portion of Governor Palin’s segment (recorded earlier today) has been posted via transcript and it seems that the excitement surrounds a comment made when discussing a brokered GOP convention. She is quoted as follows:

“I mean nobody is quite there yet. So I think that months from now, if that’s the case, then, you know, all bets are off as to who it will be willing to offer themselves up in the name of service to their country. I would — I would do whatever I could to help”

You can read more here on the Time website.   

Cross posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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Palin: Appearing on “Follow The Money” Tonight

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on January 10, 2012

Earlier today Eric Bolling posted to his Facebook page that Governor Sarah Palin will appear on “Follow The Money” tonight. Tune into the FOX Business Network starting at 10:00 p.m. Eastern.

Mr. Bolling’s post:

ALERT! Gov Sarah Palin weighs in on NH results AS THEY HAPPEN! tonight FollowTheMoney 10pet-> until the Fat Lady sings!

H/T Texans for Sarah Palin

Cross posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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Governor Palin vs. Governor Christie Equals Doing What’s Right vs. Doing What’s Necessary

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 5, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Governor Palin appeared on Fox Business Network last night with David Asman. The video is below. The buzz last night and today is how she pointed out the difference between cutting spending when you have no choice and cutting spending when you have a surplus simply because it’s right. She does so by contrasting what she did as governor of Alaska and what Governor Chris Christie is doing in New Jersey.

You can find those comments early in the first video, and here’s the transcript:

And with all due respect to Governor Christie, you know he has no choice but to cut budgets because he’s broke. His state is broke. What courage really is, is in the face of having a surplus when you have opportunity to spend, spend, spend other people’s money, you still choose to reign in government to let the private sector soar. That’s real courage, and by the way, that’s what I did as Governor here when I engaged in hiring freezes, and reduced earmarks by 86%, and vetoed the largest amounts in our state’s history. Despite having a surplus that’s real leadership, and that’s courage.

But I do appreciate that Governor Christie is willing to face the reality in his state, and that is that they are going bankrupt. So he has to cut. He has no choice.

Real leadership is also recognizing and giving credit to others who are taking a stand for the right thing, which Gov. Christie apparently cannot do, and Governor Palin can–and does, as you’ll see in the video.

Watch the two short videos below, and listen to this particular discussion as well as other topics. I found the conversation regarding unions in the public vs. private sector to be most interesting.

Sarah Palin on Obama’s Role in Unions

 Sarah Palin on States Taking on Spending Cuts

(Courtesy of The Right Scoop)

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