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Posts Tagged ‘Etch A Sketch’

Lessons From An Etch A Sketch; Video Update

Posted by Adrienne Ross on March 26, 2012

By Adrienne Ross –

America stands at a crucial place in our history. As we look forward to restoring some kind of sanity to our nation, four candidates remain in the fray to take on President Obama, although one would be hard-pressed to find a journalist reporting this as anything other than a two man race at this point. While many have already crowned Mitt Romney the Republican nominee, I am reminded of what Governor Palin told us over two months ago. She said that, contrary to what some would have us believe, the mainstream media and President Obama actually want to face Romney in the general election. Class warfare specialist that he is, the President is salivating at the chance to depict the front-runner as an out-of-touch elite with no ability to relate to the average, everyday, struggling American. Romney, of course, hasn’t helped himself, as he has provided gaffes for the left to add to their storehouse of ammunition.

Mitt Romney’s achilles heal, Romneycare, became Obamacare, and no one knows that more than President Obama. Romney’s chief weakness is certainly not lost on the President, nor will it be dismissed. When–if–the time becomes right, President Obama will use it masterfully. Can Romney endure?

The truth is many people are simply not sure where Romney stands or even if he’ll be able to stand. The “Etch A Sketch” comment, by Romney top adviser Eric Fehrnstrom, adds to that concern. “Who is Mitt Romney?” many people wonder–and we have a right to know. When candidates are struggling to secure an overwhelming majority of voter support, indeed we have that right. This is just one reason I agree both with Governor Palin’s admonitions to vet each candidate carefully and her support for a long, thorough primary process that will diminish the chance of an “October Surprise.”

Now that more and more people are already crowning Romney as the GOP nominee, the Democratic party is wasting no time in exploiting his weaknesses, and Romney gives them some things to work with, making their goal of re-electing President Obama that much more possible, in their assessment. Via The Blaze, check out the video the Democratic National Committee has produced. This is just a taste of what is to come if we allow the GOP establishment, in their zealousness to pick our nominee for us, to prematurely urge this process to a close. It is essential that we look closely for the most principled, consistent conservative who is addressing the most important issues facing America–and in a way that doesn’t leave us vulnerable to an Obama second term. I am inclined to believe that, at the end of the day, most of us agree that each candidate is better than the person now occupying the White House. Governor Palin calls that Anybody But Obama.

Nonetheless, we need to be able to trust our nominee, we need a stark contrast to President Obama, and we need to rally around that person at the conclusion of this primary season. President Obama will unleash a no holds barred, full-throttled attack on the opposition, and nothing will be off limits. Who is best able to take him on while simultaneously upholding true conservative principles and garnering the enthusiasm of fellow Republicans and Independents? Look, I’ve heard enough about presidential hair to last me a lifetime. That won’t save our scalps–or our Republic–come November.

May the process continue…

Here’s the Etch A Sketch video:

Update: Via Sis at Team Sarah, here’s an even more powerfully revealing video:

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