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Posts Tagged ‘elective base’

Pundits: “Palin Won’t Have An Elective Base For 2016.” So? Neither Did Nixon/Reagan Nor Will Bush/Pawlenty/Santorum, Etc.

Posted by M.Joseph Sheppard At Palin4President2016 on August 28, 2012

The Palin haters and so-called pundits are writing Sarah Palin off as not having any further elective office capability because, amongst a myriad of other things they concoct, “she won’t have an elective base to keep her in the news.” 

In passing, I said “so-called pundits,” as I am reminded of George Will, who is supposed to be a doyen of sorts amongst the pundit tribe, advising, “January 2013 will see either Mitch Daniels or Tim Pawlenty sworn in as president.”

They know as much as you or I and their crystal ball is, well, cloudy.

As far as their Palin prediction is concerned, wel,l she doesn’t seem to have too much trouble in being in the media whenever it suits her. In fact, if she chooses to stay out of the limelight, she then gets media coverage along the lines of “Where is Sarah Palin,” etc. 

And, as regards public interest, the fact that over 1000 people would turn out in the baking Arizona heat to attend a campaign rally of an obscure Congressional candidate at whose rally Palin spoke says it all.

Anyway, just to play along with the “pundits,” let’s assume that Palin is still getting coverage because it is an election year and that after January she will fade into obscurity. 

In that eventuality, which will have to wait until after her next book (which will undoubtedly be a massive best seller) comes out, and after the pundits have fully dissected the results of the 2012 election (musing on Palin as they do, of course), is there an historical precedent for a Palin 2nd act?

Of course there is. Richard Nixon not only lost his race for the presidency but then was beaten for Governor of his home state of California. If one thinks Palin is hated by the leftist media, it is like a candle to a lighthouse compared to the white hot heat of hate the left/media had for Nixon. And yet, without an elective office and with only the support of the rank and file, Nixon was elected president.

Ronald Reagan was out of office when he challenged and lost  for the Republican nomination in 1976 and the presidency which he won, of course, in 1980. Again, with the aid of the rank and file – in Reagan’s case, the conservative element. 

Mondale, Stevenson, amongst many others, were out of office when they received their presidential nominations, so it is utterly fatuous to state that Palin is under some sort of disadvantage by not holding office.

At the very least, Palin will be very much in the news during the 2014 mid-terms, doing what she has been spectacularly successful at in 2010 and recently, endorsing candidate for high office who go on to win their races. By doing so, she will not only be shaping Congress to her political philosophy, but will be building up a solid base of support for any 2016 run she may choose to undertake.

Compare Palin’s options, and who could imagine, e.g. Pawlenty, attracting the massive crowds she does during the 2014 mid-terms.

Based on all the highly active events and personal accomplishments Palin can undertake – books,TV etc. – and given her mass of rank and file support, with over 3,000,000 followers on Facebook alone, clearly not being in office would be absolutely no impediment whatsoever to a Palin run commencing in the pre-election year of 2015, which is only three short years away.


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