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Posts Tagged ‘death panel’

August 19, 2009 Synopsis of Governor Palin’s Accomplishments

Posted by Ron Devito on August 19, 2009

Governor Palin caused the removal of two particularly onerous aspects of HR 3200, Obama’s proposed health care bill via two words — “death panel” — in a FaceBook posting. Her posts, which were fully cited and referenced ignited a firestorm of public protest against the bill, which is ongoing. The removed provision includes “end-of-life” counseling, and quite likely the “public option” will be removed.

When she left office, Governor Palin said, “I will be able to fight even harder for you – for what is right and for the truth. And I have never felt that you need a title to do that.” True to those words, Governor Palin accomplished this feat as a private citizen, having been out of office nary two weeks. Using FaceBook, she bypassed the mainstream media and got her message out unfiltered, awaking an otherwise apathetic public.

When she left office, Governor Palin had around 550,000 supporters on FaceBook. As of this writing, the number of supporters stands at 799,287 — just shy of 800,000. Her former gubernatorial Twitter Page is still gaining followers and as of this writing has 138,045. No date has been set for when this page will transition to a new name and Tweeting will resume.

Governor Palin received five awards at the National Rifle Association’s XVIII Gun Collectors Seminar in Anchorage for defending our Second Amendment rights. The most significant of these awards is a Benefactor Membership in the NRA, which is a $5,000 addition to the Life Membership, which as of this writing is $1,000 (The NRA has an Easy Pay option, where the membership is paid off in quarterly installments over 10 years). The second award — a Gold Medal of Merit for the Promotion of Gun Collecting had not been awarded to anyone in 10 years. The remaining three awards were life memberships at gun collector groups in Missouri, Ohio, and Texas.

Various media reports stated that Governor Palin briefly visited New York City to meet with Harper Collins regarding her book deal. While the trip itself is not an accomplishment, the book deal most definitely is. Governor Palin’s autobiography is expected to be released in the spring of 2010.

Complete stories at:

En Español:

한국어 (Korean)

עִברִית (Hebrew)

日本語 (Japanese)

繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese)

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Analysis of Palin Wins — by James Taranto

Posted by Ron Devito on August 14, 2009

This referenced article by James Taranto article speaks extensively about Governor Palin’s two victories in the health care debate this week.

The first victory was to establish and prove the thesis that Obama’s socialized health care plan will lead to rationing. Rationing will cut care to those who are deemed of least economic benefit to society.

That victory was followed by a legislative one…the Senate Finance Committee removed the “end-of-life” provision from the health care bill.

Taranto delineates both victories in detail and shoots down the canard that Sarah Palin somehow has a limited intellect. Quite the contrary, Taranto establishes what we at Accomplishments have known for a long time — that Sarah Palin is very highly intelligent and astute.

Click the URL in the reference to read the article. It will spawn a new window or tab depending on your browser configuration.


Taranto, J. (2009, August 14). “Palin Wins: If she’s dim and Obama is brilliant, how did he lose the argument to her?” Wall Street Journal. Retrieved August 14, 2009 from:

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Palin Wins! Death Panels/End of Life Provision to Go

Posted by Ron Devito on August 13, 2009

by Pamela Geller

Finance Committee to drop end-of-life provision heh. Palin power.

The Senate Finance Committee will drop a controversial provision on consultations for end-of-life care from its proposed healthcare bill, its top Republican member said Thursday.The committee, which has worked on putting together a bipartisan healthcare reform bill, will drop the controversial provision after it was derided by conservatives as “death panels” to encourage euthanasia.

They are dropping the death panel. But frankly they will drop it back in once the health care rout is passed. It’s not enough NO OBAMACARE.

Obama’s Ration Man: Rahm’s brother Ezekial Emanuel (read the whole thing at Political Evidence)

President Obama’s chief adviser on healthcare is Ezekiel Emanuel, the brother of White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel. In addition to Dr. Emanuel being a trained oncologist, an NIH Bioethicist and a fellow at the nonprofit bioethics research institute, The Hastings Center, he’s also an avowed communitarian who advocates healthcare rationing.In February 2009, he was tapped by the administration to work on the formulation of a national healthcare strategy. Officially, Dr. Emanuel is a special advisor to the director of the White House
Office of Management and Budget for health policy. In February Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times reported that he is “working on (the) health care reform effort.” He is “detailed” to the OMB spot and is still officially an employee of the NIH.

In Dr. Emanuel’s writings, he overtly advocates the rationing of healthcare based on age. In January 2009, just one month prior to taking his new position at the White House, Dr. Emanuel co-wrote an article entitled, “Principles for allocation of scarce medical interventions”, in the British medical journal The Lancet. In this article he advocates a particular healthcare allocation system which he calls the “complete lives system.” He declared in The Lancet article that in healthcare, “scarcity is the mother of allocation.” He explains, “This system (complete lives system) incorporates five principles: youngest-first, prognosis, save the most lives, lottery, and instrumental value. As such, it prioritizes younger people who have not yet lived a complete life and will be unlikely to do so without aid.”

In other words, Dr. Emanuel places a higher value on a young adult’s life, than he would the life of a senior. He goes further. He flatly declares that “Consideration of the importance of complete lives also supports modifying the youngest-first principle by prioritizing adolescents and young adults over infants.” From his standpoint, society has already made an economic investment in the lives of young adults whereas no significant investment has yet been made in the lives of infants, so therefore it’s only “fair” that resources be allocated toward the young adults and away from the infants. He also applies this standard to those that he deems of “no societal worth” such as people with Down syndrome. Sadly, this mindset is eerily similar to that of German National Socialists (Nazis) for the Nazis rationalized their evil attacks against the disabled and vulnerable of their society by throwing out the false notion of “Das Leben nicht lebenswert” or “the life not worth living.” This was coupled with claims that the disabled were a financial burden on society. The propaganda poster below illustrates the point well.

Government Controlled Healthcare, a Hand that Rocks, Cradles to Graves “Medicine is the keystone of the arch of socialism.”- Vladimir Lenin

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