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Unreal Abuse Of Power: Barack Obama Attempting To Force The Discovery Channel To Drop Sarah Palin’s New Show

Posted by Gary P Jackson on April 6, 2010

Man, where does one even begin with this deal? We all know that Barack Obama is nothing more than a Chicago street thug. That’s what a “community organizer” is, at least as defined by Alinsky’s methods, the methods Obama used to teach when he worked for ACORN.

We all know that Obama is scared of Sarah Palin and curls up under his desk in the fetal position at the mere mention of her name. It’s well documented that the second John McCain announced Governor Palin as his running mate, Obama dispatched his top people to Alaska to set up a smear campaign to end all smear campaigns.

It started with “Troopergate” or as Sarah calls it: “Tasergate” and culminated in the formation of the Alaska Mafia ©, a group of hate bloggers and their operatives, that were given complete access to Obama’s media partners, the so-called “mainstream media,” to publish attack pieces, filled with out and out lies, at will.

These operatives also filed dozens of bogus “ethics complaints” in an attempt to taint Governor Palin’s stellar record as a real reformer, bankrupt her, and cause the Alaskan people pain. Obama’s Alaska Mafia © accomplished the latter, his team cost the Alaskan taxpayers over two million dollars, as the state was forced to investigate each and every nonsensical claim.

Governor Palin outsmarted Obama and his band of hired thugs though, when she resigned. By resigning, Obama and his thugs were no longer able to terrorize the Alaskan people. They were also no longer able to bankrupt Sarah personally.

That didn’t stop Obama’s thugs from their work though. They continually attack her with The White House calling the plays. While Rahm Emanuel and David Axelrod surely play their part, White House adviser, and Alaskan, Pete Rouse plays a large role as well. It was Rouse who arranged the “Troopergate” dog and pony show and arranged for Barack Obama to do a little pay-for-play with his buddy, Alaska State Senator Kim Elton, who now has a make work job with the Obama regime. Reward for his part in the “Troopergate” witch hunt.

Chicago thuggery at it’s finest.

As absolutely off the charts vile as all of that is, one can still say politics is a nasty business, and this is how the Marxist-democrat party plays it. It is what it is. If you can’t run with the big dogs, stay on the porch!

Well, as we all know, not only does Sarah run with the big dogs, she’s the leader of the pack All of Obama’s and his thug’s attempts to stop her have not only failed, they have made her stronger, more popular, and more determined.

With that said, what is going on now is unprecedented in American history. Not even FDR or Richard Nixon, two really vindictive bastards, would have went this far.

Never in our history has the President of the United States attacked a private citizen in the manner Barack Obama has continually attacked Sarah Palin. This latest abuse of power is off the charts.

Here’s a copy of an e-mail sent to me by an operative.

Urge Discovery to Drop Sarah Palin’s New Show

Discovery Communications — the parent company of The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC and others, and known for their wildlife-focused programs — is planning to produce an 8-part TV show on Sarah Palin’s Alaska.

Sarah Palin’s Alaska is a “reality TV” show that aims to showcase the “powerful beauty of Alaska,” according to Discovery’s TLC website.

But the real Sarah Palin is no friend of Alaska’s natural heritage. While in office, the former governor fought against increased protections for endangered whales and America’s dwindling populations of polar bears in favor of oil and gas development, supported dangerous drilling for oil in the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge, and escalated Alaska’s brutal aerial wolf-killing program.

Yet according to reports, Palin will earn about $1 million per episode from the nature-focused series.

Act now, Send a powerful message to Discovery Communications expressing your disappointment at their action and urging them to drop Sarah Palin’s new show from their programming schedule.

It’s important that the truth about Sarah Palin’s record not be swept under the rug by her celebrity. Palin’s disrespect for the environment and disregard for science and has done real damage to Alaska’s wildlife and endangered Alaska’s natural heritage.

Send a message to Discovery Communications and let them know that Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve to represent the “powerful beauty of Alaska” in front of millions of people.

Take action today>

Thanks for taking a stand,

– The Team in support of Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

The links in this e-mail take you directly to Barack Obama’s political arm,, and this message:

Targeting: Mr. David Zaslav (President and CEO, Discovery Communications)

Sponsored by: Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund

Sarah Palin has signed on with reality TV producers and Discovery Communications to star in a new TV show about Alaska and its outdoors.

But the ugly reality is that as governor for only two-and-a-half years, Sarah Palin escalated a bloody aerial wolf-slaughter campaign that continues to this very day. She even planned to offer a $150 bounty for the severed forelimb of each killed wolf.

Palin also fought against increased protections for endangered Cook Inlet beluga whales and America’s dwindling populations of polar bears.

Sign our petition to Discovery Communications — and let them know that Sarah Palin doesn’t deserve to represent the “powerful beauty of Alaska” in front of millions of people.

Notice something? Remember the few last weeks when Obama, his thugs, and their media partners were having a hissy fit because Sarah was “targeting” them? I guess their hypocrisy truly knows no bounds!

For good measure, Obama has provided his thugs a little form letter to send to Discover’s President and CEO:

Please Drop Sarah Palin’s New Show

Dear Mr. David Zaslav,

As a supporter of Defenders of Wildlife Action Fund, I am disappointed and angered by Discovery Communication’s decision to produce and air Sarah Palin’s Alaska. As governor, Sarah Palin championed a bloody aerial wolf-slaughter campaign that continues to this very day. She even planned on offering a $150 bounty for the severed forelimb of each killed wolf. Palin also fought against increased protections for struggling Cook Inlet beluga whales and America’s only populations of polar bears.

As parent company of Animal Planet, The Discovery Channel and TLC, and known for your wildlife-focused productions, I hope that you will reconsider your decision to partner with such a terribly anti-wildlife and politically divisive persona as Sarah Palin.

[Your name]

Politically divisive persona? Really? Well, at least they aren’t trying to hide the fact this is all political and has little to do with the animals.

Now, should not be confused with, Barack Obama’s “tranition” website or Organizing For America, his commercial venture and part of his never ending, permanent political campaign.

Much like Obama uses the Alaska bloggers to stay at “arms length” from things, Obama uses in the same manner. At first glance, appears to be a stand alone organization, but a little bit of research finds that Obama has been using the website as a base of operations since he began his run at the presidency. The website was launched in 2007.

We found an article in a technical online publication touting Obama’s use of as a political tool dated November 6, 2008. Our operative also forwarded us numerous e-mails from this group to their registered “changemakers.” Changemakers are a group of high profile activists, as well as online volunteers who are dedicated to doing the Obama regime’s bidding. These e-mails coincide with the talking points of the Obama regime.

We were immediately drawn to some of the members of this group. Once one gets past the celebrities and political hacks, like John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, and “Patches” Kennedy, our eyes were drawn straight to none other than Jim Wallis.

Wallis is a radical anti-American Marxist “priest” who has promoted the overthrow of our current system of government for a communist form of government. Wallis is also Barack Obama’s “spiritual advisor” having replaced Obama’s far left, anti-American, Antisemitic, “preacher” of 20 plus years, Jeremiah Wright, of God Damn America fame.

Another “changemaker” is Lisa Jackson. Jackson is the Administrator for the Environmental Protection Agency and a far left radical. The EPA has rapidly become one of the more dangerous agencies in the federal government. (and that’s saying something)

Unable to shove job and economy killing cap and tax legislation down America’s throat, Obama is about to unleash the EPA on America to regulate, restrict, (and tax) all manners of activity that produce carbon. That of course, includes breathing. Isn’t communism great!

Predictably, the radical stance by Obama’s EPA has touched off numerous lawsuits brought by dozens of states with many hoping to block Obama’s out of control agency from implementing industry killing regulations and economy crushing taxes.

Some “changemaking” huh?

Now for some facts about the wolves: Sarah Palin didn’t start the Alaskan predator elimination program. It had been going on for years, and Alaska isn’t the only state that has this sort of program.

Wolves travel in packs. They are incredibly efficient hunters. So efficient, they had depleted Alaska’s herd of elk, moose, deer, and caribou significantly. Alaskans depend on these herds for their very survival, as much of the population hunt and fish in order to eat. In order to survive. As Sarah herself has said: “I eat, therefore I hunt.” That pretty much sums up the Alaskan lifestyle.

Since these programs were put in place, the herds have thrived and multiplied many times over. They are back in healthy, sustainable numbers.

Wolves also attack people. Alaskan teacher Candice Berner was mauled to death by wolves in March of this year. While attacks on humans are rare, wolves are predators and really don’t distinguish between people and wild game.

People seem to forget, maybe conveniently, that Alaska is a frontier state roughly the size of the entire Western United States and is mostly wilderness. Even where the people are, they are surrounded by the wilderness.

A good friend of mine who lives in Alaska was telling me about moose just last night. These animals are magnificent, but they are also aggressive and everywhere. He was telling me how they come into his yard and will charge him if he crosses their path.

Alaska ain’t New York City!

The Defenders of Wildlife is a far left group of environmental extremists who use Sarah Palin’s name to raise money. They have cooked up off the wall campaigns before and used fraudulent images to sell their program.

Coinciding with the attacks by Obama’s Alaska Mafia ©, the bogus ethics complaints, the fake stories planted in the media, and so on, the Defenders of the Wildlife, started in on their attacks on Palin as well. They are purely political.

Seeing the attacks for what they were, political, having nothing to do with actual sound wildlife management policy, the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance penned this letter of support to Governor Palin in February of 2009:

February 12, 2009

The Honorable Sarah Palin

P.O. Box 110001

Juneau, AK 99811-0001

Dear Governor Palin:

On behalf of the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance and the listed conservation organizations supporting this letter, we want to publicly endorse your wolf management policy. We believe the recent public relations blitz initiated by the Defenders of Wildlife grossly mischaracterizes your Administration’s wolf management policy.

After years of research, it is recognized by practically all state and federal wildlife officials that predator management is a prerequisite for guaranteeing stable populations of prey species. Given that many Alaska residents rely on moose, caribou, and other wildlife species for food, it becomes imperative that those species not be decimated through lack of predator management.

The Alaska wolf management program accomplishes this. It does so through a rigorously regulated, scientifically based system targeting only those predators in areas where wildlife populations are not able to reach adequate levels of sustainability in the program’s absence.

As each of our organizations works within the conservation movement, we understand the critical importance of science in wildlife management. It is evident that the Defenders of Wildlife attacks are part and parcel of a well orchestrated publicity stunt meant to achieve maximum exposure and minimum discourse. The future of effective wildlife management necessitates that emotional pleas not substitute for reasoned analysis.


Walter P. Pidgeon, Jr.

President and CEO

U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance

Jay McAninch,

President and CEO

Archery Trade Association and Bowhunting Preservation Alliance

Steve Mealey,

Conservation Policy Co-chairman

Boone and Crockett Club

John J. Jackson, III,


Conservation Force

Ben Carter,

Executive Director

Dallas Safari Club

Lawrence G. Keane,

Senior Vice President and General Counsel

National Shooting Sports Foundation

Brian Bachman,

President and CEO

North American Bear Foundation

Mike Schlegel,

Conservation Committee Chairman

Pope & Young Club

Kirby L. Brown,

Vice President of Public Policy

Texas Wildlife Association

As mentioned above, Alaska isn’t the only state to practice predator control. In fact the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Wildlife Services Division has a long standing airborne predator control program. The Billings Gazette reported on this in November of 2009:

In January, the federal Environmental Protection Agency refused a similar demand from WildEarth Guardians and others to ban cyanide for predator control, calling its arguments “unpersuasive.”

Efforts to end aerial hunting aren’t new: The Humane Society of the United States has tried for decades to stop the practice. In 2005, however, Idaho officials convinced the Federal Aviation Administration to expand policies to allow licensed ultralight-aircraft pilots to shoot predators from aloft.

Aerial gunning even rose to the level of presidential politics in 2008, when then-Alaska governor and vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin unapologetically backed her state’s airborne wolf hunts.

Ranching interests including the American Sheep Industry Association say using aircraft and poison to kill coyotes are important tools to combat $125 million in annual losses from predators to the sheep, goat and cattle industry. Peter Orwick, the group’s director in Englewood, Colo., said WildEarth Guardians has a radical animal rights agenda that threatens the livelihood of ranching families like his own.

If they weren’t able to use airplanes, they would not be in the livestock business,” Orwick said. WildEarth Guardianswants absolutely no control tools made available, from the federal perspective.”

USDA Wildlife Services, with a budget of about $120 million, reported killing some 4.9 million animals in 2008 in efforts to control predators and invasive species. It uses airborne predator management primarily for coyotes, wolves and feral swine, spokeswoman Meghan Klingel said.

Wildlife Services only uses lethal methods … when they are determined to be the most effective and humane method,” Klingel said in an e-mail Friday.

You can read more here.

As you can see, predator control, and more specifically airborne predator control is a long standing, mainstream solution to significant problem. Not only is it accepted policy, it’s policy that The Obama regime continues to carry out, while commanding their minions to attack Sarah Palin for enforcing the exact same policies during her time as Governor of Alaska.

That takes serious cojones my friends!

Now lets get to the whales. Sarah fought the Bush and Obama administrations over their policies because they violated long standing maritime law. Sarah actually defends the law. It’s who she is and what she does.

In addition to that, as Governor, Sarah felt the federal government had overstepped it’s bounds, failed to comply with rules and regulations regarding public review, and used faulty and incomplete data to reach their conclusions. You can read a copy of the “Intent to sue” letter from the Alaska Department of Law here.

As for the polar bears, Sarah successfully sued the Bush administration to keep them off the endangered species list because they are simply not endangered. The population is growing, not declining, Sarah saw the move to put the polar bears on the endangered list for what it was, an attempt by the environmental zealots to shut down all energy production in Alaska. Noting more, nothing less.

And should you think I’m exaggerating, just ask California farmers in the once fertile and incredibly productive San Joaquin Valley. That land has been turned into a modern day dust bowl, and the area is experiencing a 43% unemployment rate because the environmental zealots were able to declare the Delta Smelt, a minnow not even native to the water ways, “endangered.”

The federal government shut off the water to this fertile land that once fed the world, literally, because of a 3 inch long bait fish!.

Read about it here and here.

Sarah Palin was doing her job. She was looking out for the Alaskan people, and their economy. And since Alaska provides such a significant amount of energy to America, much like the California Valley used to supply the bulk of America’s food, by extension, Sarah was working to protect America and the American economy as a whole.

Look, Obama and the Marxist-democrats couldn’t care less about the environment or the animals. They use this the way they throw down the race card at the drop of a hat. BTW, they couldn’t care less about Blacks or other minorities either.

To these vile bastards, wildlife, race….whatever…are just weapons in their arsenal. Weapons they can use to beat their opposition into submission and gain command and control over them. Past that, these issues are completely meaningless to them.

Look, politics are a dirty business, especially when the Marxist-democrats are involved. We get it. Again, if a person isn’t tough enough to play in the big leagues, stay home.

What Obama is up to, though, is simply beyond the pale. He has continually attacked Americans who disagree with him, either directly or through his corrupt “rubber stamp” Congress.

For example, now that many fortune 500 companies are publically announcing they will have to take write downs in the tens of billions of dollars with the passage of ObamaCare and it’s related increases to their costs of doing business, Congressman Henry Waxman has ordered them before Congress in an attempt to intimidate them into silence. To bully them into sitting down and shutting up.

The problem with this is, in the wake of the Enron scandal, and their phony-baloney book keeping practices, the Republican Congress, at the time, passed laws that require publicly traded corporations to do exactly what these companies are doing now! By law they can’t sit down and shut up, no matter how hard Obama and his Congress wish they would.

Barack Obama and his party do not govern. They are attempting to rule, and to rule by intimidation and thuggery.

This latest attack by Obama though is the last straw. For Barack Obama to use the full weight and power of the presidency to attack Sarah Palin, a private citizen, and Discovery Communications, a private company, for personal political purposes, simply goes too far.

This is an Intolerable Act and must not be allowed to stand.

Look, we get it. Sarah Palin is the strongest voice in America for freedom and liberty. She is also, by far, Obama’s biggest political rival, and the candidate for President in 2012. When Sarah Palin speaks, Obama and the left trembles.

This still does not give Barack Obama the license to use his power as President to pressure Discovery, or any other entity, to bow to his demands.

This is a clear abuse of executive power and a severe breach of trust with the American people. Obama has proven time and time again he can’t be trusted with the simplest task on behalf of the people, but to openly attack an American, a private citizen, and to attempt harm on her, all for his personal political gain, is simply intolerable.

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Top Democrat: It’s Taken A Long Time To Control The People

Posted by Gary P Jackson on March 24, 2010

Marxist democrats say the darndest things, and I’m not talking about Mr Gaffetastic, Joe “Big F****ing Deal” Biden who is liable to say anything, at anytime. Two words: Impeachment insurance!

No…this time I’m talking about a working Marxist communist, Congressman John Dingell, who is absolute proof we need term limits and we need them yesterday. This guy has been a member of the House of Representatives since 1955 and his dad held the seat before that.

Peter Barry Chowka from the American Thinker brings us this:

Rep. Dingell: It’s taken a long time to ‘control the people’

Rep. John Dingell (D-MI), the Dean of the House of Representatives for being the longest serving member of the body (he was first elected in 1955, succeeding his father, Rep. John Dingell, Sr.), made an amazing admission during a live telephone interview with Detroit WJR News/Talk 760 radio talk show host Paul W. Smith on Smith’s show Monday morning, March 22, 2010. The night before, Dingell had been a featured speaker at the Democrat Congressional leadership victory press conference after Obamacare passed the House.

In response to a question posed by Smith, Dingell said:

Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.

The comment by Dingell begins 6 minutes 23 seconds into the twelve minute-long podcast of his interview on Smith’s radio show. The podcast is titled “Congressman John Dingell tells Paul W. Smith he is thrilled with the passage of the health care bill.” It can be streamed or downloaded as an mp3 audio file from this page at WJR’s Web site.

In his defense, Congressman Dingell has said he was “tired” when he said this. Yeah, too tired to censor himself! Marxist-democrats will always tell you the truth if you listen long enough, even though they don’t mean to.

Anyhow, this poster child for term limits is just another in a long line of democrats to admit their real goal in life is to control every minute detail of your existence, because, you know, there are like smart and stuff!

These sociopaths have a disorder that makes them think that only they know what is right, and only they should have a say.

There’s a problem with this, of course, because Americans are freedom loving people.We were born into liberty, freedom, and the American way. We are the most unique people on earth, and blessed to be born in the only truly free civil society in human history. That’s a bad deal if you are a Marxist, because you can’t just impose your will on people. You must force them to conform to you misguided fantasies of how things should be.

Anyway we are glad that Congressman Dingell finally admits what we have been saying since Obama started us on this odyssey. ObamaCare isn’t about “health care reform” it’s about usurping the Constitution and establishing a different form of government. A centrally located command and control style of government, ran by a handful of “elites” without the consent of the people.

What has happened with ObamaCare is nothing less than a coup d’état. This was passed without the consent of the governed. Never before has a bill this unpopular been attempted, let alone forced on the American public.

Obviously, this isn’t over, and we shall prevail.

Thankfully, there is someone running against Dingell, this crusty old Marxist from the Eisenhower era. There is a solid Conservative, Dr. Rob Steele, who has thrown his hat in the ring.

Steele is among a growing list of physicians who are joining the fight. Of course, the Republican Party has a number of physicians among it’s ranks that serve in the House and the Senate, unlike the Marxist-democrat party, which is dominated by trial lawyers.

Anyhow, Dr Steele is a cardiologist from Superior Township. Michigan Capitol Confidential had this to say:

Like Conservative Party candidate Douglas Hoffman in New York’s 23rd Congressional District and Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Steele hopes his campaign can garner national support.

Our general intention is to turn this into a national race with him (Dingell) being the poster child for everything that is wrong with Congress,” Steele said.

With no prior political experience, Steele says that is to his advantage.

We can’t expect a career politician who caused all the problems to fix them,” Steele said. “I’m not looking at this as some long-term thing. I’m not going to be there 20 years from now.”

Steele was a founding shareholder of Michigan Heart, P.C. and serves as the chair of the finance committee and benefits committee.

He has been a vocal critic of President Barack Obama’s health care reform proposals and has spoke at forums as an expert. Steele said he considers himself an independent. He said he held a 1994 GOP fundraiser and hadn’t given to the Republican Party since then until the fall of 2009. Steele said he was more interested “in ideas than party.”

Steele starts out behind Dingell in funding. According to the Federal Election Commission, Dingell has $622,587 in his campaign as of Dec. 31.

District 15 includes Washtenaw, Monroe and Wayne counties, as well as Ypsilanti, Ann Arbor, Dearborn Heights and Romulus.

Steele is married. His wife, Phyllis Boniface, is a psychiatrist. They have four children.

Ideas before party…this sounds like someone Sarahcuda would be very interested in. I know the American people will be. If there was ever a cat that needed our support, this is our man. As I wrote yesterday we need to defeat each and every democrat, at each and every level, but some democrats, like Dingell deserve our special attention. These old Marxists have been growing moss in Congress for too long.

Congress, especially the House, but the Senate as well, was supposed to be inhabited by citizen legislators who came to serve, did their service, and went home. They were also supposed to live under the rules they imposed on us. This has been an epic fail on both accounts. Not only are these people coming to D.C. and staying until they are carried out feet first, they are writing laws, like ObamaCare, and exempting themselves and their cronies (labor unions, trial lawyers, etc.) from the ramifications. It is completely and totally corrupt.

Since it doesn’t look like we’ll have a constitutional amendment any time soon to fix this big problem, it looks like we will just have to work hard a defeat these relics, these hold overs from the glory days when Saul Alinsky and his kind still wandered the streets of Chicago.

Send Dr Steele some love and some cold hard cash. Much better than having Obama’s new IRS stooges take it from you! You can check out Dr Steele and his campaign here.

While we are at it, let’s not forget Dr Dan Benisheck, also from Michigan, who is running against Bart Stupak, the man who betrayed the nation, and God knows how many unborn babies, for an airport. Stop by Dr. Dan’s Facebook page here and check him out. Dr. Dan has rapidly become an internet sensation!

Of course, this episode of “Marxist-Democrats Say The Darndest Things” wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through some greatest hits.

Sunday night, in all of his glee the Reverend Al Sharpton popped up for his usual appearance on the Geraldo Rivera show on Fox. Sharpton, couldn’t contain himself and admitted that, yeah, Obama is a socialist and “the people voted for socialism.”

Of course, who could forget the wonderful Newsweek cover we were treated to after Obama was elected:

Or the inevitable “revised for accuracy” photoshopped model:

Another old favorite is Marxist Maxine Waters. Here she is seen giving the “evil” oil executives hell. Marxist-democrats have never been, nor will ever be, accused of being smart. Waters is wearing out the oil executives when oil prices were at an all time high. The oil companies were wanting to open up more areas for exploration, you know, because of the age old supply and demand thing. Of course, that sort of complicated thinking is well beyond the capability for Waters, or any other Marxist.

True to form, not hearing what she wanted to hear, Waters throws a hissy-fit and exclaims she will just “socialize” the oil business, because, you know, that has worked out so well every time it’s been tried. The hilarity starts though when Maxine realizes, for the first time in her life, she has told the truth, and spilled the beans about the Marxists’ true intentions. The stuttering alone is worth the time to view the video:


More and more of these come out all of the time, and frankly, since Obama has become President, and these old Marxist revolutionary types feel emboldened, look for many more of these folks to finally let the mask fall.

Take this guy for example: When Obama caught heat for his anti-American, anti-Semitic, preacher, the Reverend Jeremiah “God Damn America” Wright, he threw his preacher, and mentor, of over 20 years squarely under the bus.

Well, Obama needed a new “spiritual advisor” so he picked this guy:

Wallis is a long time Marxist. The old revolutionary type. He of course, like many, perverts the Word of God to peddle his nonsense. BTW, isn’t it odd that all of the people who scream “separation of church and state” at the top of their lungs are silent when it comes to Marist loons like Reverend Wright and Reverend Wallis?

Andrew Breitbart and Naked Emperor News have uncovered some video of The Reverend Wallis extolling the virtue of the communist lifestyle. Check it out here.

Naked Emperor News has hours upon hours of this sort of thing on video, which you can check out here.

When I was growing up, communism was considered the most evil thing ever to infect society, and with good reason. Never mind the fact that as an ideology, it has failed every time it has been tried. Like Margaret Thatcher once noted: “Socialism is fine, until you run out of other people’s money.”

Since Obama has become President he has spent more money than all of the previous 43 Presidents were able to do in 233 years combined, and most of his spending has been on the nation’s credit card. In other words, deficit spending. As a nation, we were already about to run out of other people’s money, before Obamacare became a reality.

Marxism, communism, always results in the enslavement of the people who live under this type of government, and as the system fails, people’s lives collapse around them.

What saddens me, as we approach the 100th birthday of the Great Ronald Reagan, the man who defeated the “evil empire,” we now have this evil squarely entrenched in power here in America.

We can beat these people though. Just as Reagan, with the help of Maggie Thatcher and Pope John Paul, defeated the Soviets, the “evil empire,” Americans can band together and beat the evil that has infected our nation.

Again, we need to defeat each and every democrat in each and every election, and with that said, let’s kick that off by helping Dr. Rob Steele defeat John Dingell and Dr. Dan Benisheck defeat Bart Stupak. We can also help Sarah Palin defeat the 20 she has targeted as well.

In 1948 John Southerland, creator of the “Fun Facts About America” series of films, produced a film called “Make Mine Freedom” that illustrates the American way of life, and warns of the evils of communism. You will no doubt see a character who reminds you of a certain someone selling “hope and change.”

We present it now for your viewing pleasure:

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Oh My….Barack Obama Caught Astroturfing!

Posted by Gary P Jackson on August 12, 2009

My oh my. Obama and the democrats have just been hoisted by their own petard!

This is really and truly delicious. If you saw Barack Obama’s totally staged townhall meeting in Portsmouth, NH, you saw something right out of central casting. I mean that was some serious stagecraft.

We’ve all seen the many highly contentious townhall meetings on TV, and you simply don’t see a quiet, gentle, supportive crowd. It just ain’t happening!

What you do see are some angry middle aged and senior citizens who are not taking this lying down! You see people who have never done anything political in their lives who have become activists!

So this precious moment during Obama’s campaign stop just didn’t pass the smell test. The second person “randomly selected” to ask the Dear Leader a question was young Julie Hall. She asks her question at 29m:25s into the video.

You can watch the video here.

Julia read the following question off a piece of paper: “As I was walking in I saw a lot of signs outside saying mean things about reforming healthcare. How do kids know what is true and why do people want a new system that can help more of us”.

Yeah, that was totally spontaneous.

Of course those “mean things” were on posters being held by angry Americans who weren’t allowed under the big tent to participate. No dissent allowed in Hopey Changey Land!

Of course, this “totally unrehearsed and random comment” gave Obama a perfect lead in to talk about Sarah Palin’s brilliant “death panel” comment that has all of the democrats scrambling, as well as talking about not killing grandma off. And of course, blame it all on the Republicans (who don’t have enough votes to stop anything.)

The fact that there will be, in fact, defacto “death panels” has been discussed everywhere, so we’ll let that be for now.

The important thing here to know is who sweet little Julie Hall is. You would think in this day and age if someone is going to go out and pretend to be just some civilian off the street, they’d either delete their Facebook account, or radically change it up. But we are dealing with liberals here, not exactly brain surgeons.

As you see from the photos here, and a screen shot of the video, Julie’s mother is democrat insider Kathleen Manning Hall seen posing and smiling with our fearless leader, Barack Obama!

Even more interesting is the fact that this randomly chosen young Julie, lives in Malden, MA, as does Kathleen.


Kathleen Manning Hall’s campaign contributions list the occupation “Legal Asst, Looney and Grossman LLP” and a home address in Malden MA:

Looks like she donated $636 to Obama in 2008.

But wait, there’s more:

This lists donations to Obama of $230 on 6/15/07, $250 on 9/28/07, $500 on 9/30/07, $300 on 3/2/08

On that link we have the $636 previously mentioned from “Kathleen Manning Hall” but we also have $1355 donated to Obama by “Kathleen Hall, Legal Assistant, Looney & Grossman” at the same address.

Looney and Grossman loves Democrats – their employees donated $12,101 in total to Democrats and $0 to Republicans.

Back to Kathleen’s Facebook Page, here are some of her Facebook friends. A quick trip to Google will find out these friends are all big time Democratic insiders:

Martha Coakley, (Democrat) Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Adam Parkhomenko, former aide to Hillary Clinton, Democrat running for VA House of Delegates (who has the support of the Brady Campaign, President Clinton and Wes Clark)

Addisu Demissie, National Political Director of Organizing for America and former Ohio Get out The Vote director of Obama for America

Adrienne Elrod, Chief of Staff to Rep. Loretta Sanchez (D-CA)

Alan Rosenblatt, Associate Director for Online Advocacy at the Center for American Progress (and Huffington Post blogger)

Alayna Van Tassel, Budget and Policy Director for MA Senator Pat Jehlen

So much for the “randomly picked” question.

This is as pathetic as it gets.

The democrat are crashing and burning on the health care issue. Scott Rasmussen’s latest poll has support for Obamacare at a new low and circling the drain.

Obama’s townhall was a rambling, incoherent mess. He told many whoppers, like the fact that AARP is supporting his plan. They have come out and said they are not, and did that long before Obama’s NH dog and pony show.

He also brought up the Post Office vs UPS and Fed Ex as a sales pitch for government run health care.


It was just a very bad day.

Photo of the audience at Portsmouth, NH townhall meeting:

What makes this delicious is all of the crowing the democrats, who invented political astroturfing, have been doing in regard to the real grass roots activism that millions of Americans are getting involved in.

Speaker of the house Nancy Pelosi first called all of this genuine anger astroturf back in April when all of the tea parties were in high gear as seen on the video here.

Madam Pelosi has continued her outright hatred towards the ordinary American people by pronouncing the townhall protesters astroturf too. A few days later Harry Reid and fellow slug Chuck Schumer chimed in a well. You have to wonder if they understand who their bosses are and who signs their paychecks!

And again, this from the group who invented political astroturfing!

Obama’s man, David Axelrod is the king of astroturf!

And Obama himself was a trainer of “thugs for hire” back in his ACORN days! And he had zero problem with calling out the union kneebreakers from the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) to beat up some unarmed American patriots who have attended townhalls to protest.

All of this disgraceful talk about honest Americans prompted AstroTurf Chairman Michael Dennis to come out and express his outrage that these sleazy democrats were using his product to attack the American people.

As if to double down on stupidity, a democrat party specialty, Nancy Pelosi dragged her number two man Steny Hoyer, along for a great little op-ed, where she called the patriotic men and women who oppose their insane communist plans “un-American!”

Amazingly, for 8 long years we heard these same loons lecture us that dissent was the truest form of patriotism. That speaking truth to power was cool. Now it’s a crime against the state!

For the most part, the American public has gotten decidedly tired of the democrats. The democrat party lies to the American people when the truth would work better.

It’s pathological!

They have to lie about everything they do because no one would ever elect them as dog catcher if they actually told the truth about what they were up to!

It’s time for all of America to join together. I mean ALL of America.

Barack Obama and the democrat party have declared war on all of us.

They have declared war on the American citizen.

They have flat decided that even though most of the nation wants them to stand down, stop spending our great grandkid’s future, and leave the best health care on earth alone, they are still going to go full steam ahead and build themselves a communist utopia anyhow!

I mean who really cares what the peasants think!

It’s really pretty pathetic though, when they have to bring out a sweet innocent girl like Julie Hall to shill for them!

I’d say that Barack Obama and the democrats should be ashamed of themselves, but that is a foreign concept to this pathetic bunch!

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