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Posts Tagged ‘Clint Didier’

Gov. Palin: Good to see Didier and Maness beginning to surge in the polls!

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 6, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this evening:

Sarah Palin

Great to see grassroots commonsense conservatives Clint Didier and Rob Maness begin to surge in the polls. Their positive solution based messages are resonating with voters in Washington and Louisiana. We need these proven fighters in Congress to help take our country back!

– Sarah Palin

Support Clint today –

Support Rob today –

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Clint Didier: Sarah Palin Is Working Her Tail Off For This Country

Posted by Gary P Jackson on August 19, 2010

By Gary P Jackson

Let me tell you what, don’t you take anything away from Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin is working her tail off for this country. She’s been all over this country to different states. She’s going where she thinks she can do the most good, I just thank her for her efforts.

~ Clint Didier

From an interview with Clint Didier by Anna King in OPB News, via Palin TV:

The Senate candidate that had backing from the Tea Party, Clint Didier garnered about 12 percent of the vote on Tuesday’s primary election.

Didier relied heavily on his endorsement from Sarah Palin for his bid against Republican Dino Rossi.

Didier says although Palin didn’t come to Washington, her backing still helped his campaign.

Clint Didier: “Let me tell you what, don’t you take anything away from Sarah Palin, Sarah Palin is working her tail off for this country. She’s been all over this country to different states. She’s going where she thinks she can do the most good, I just thank her for her efforts.

He’s best known for his NFL football career. Late Tuesday night Didier said he hasn’t decided yet if he will run for elected office again.

Clint is a class act.

We also agree with Clint. Sarah Palin’s love of this great nation shows in how hard she is working to defeat the evil that has gripped this nation. She is the one leader who is working tirelessly to stop the Obama regime in it’s tracks and restore Freedom and Liberty.

Like George Washington before her, she may not win every battle, but you can bet she’ll lead us to the ultimate victory.

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Clint Didier: A Strong Decisive Leader For America. Why We Need Him In The United States Senate

Posted by Gary P Jackson on July 6, 2010

By Gary P Jackson

Leadership. It’s an ability you either have, or you don’t.

Clint Didier is a born leader. A lifelong farmer, Clint was drafted into the National Football League out of Portland State University by the Washington Redskins, where he spent seven seasons and played in three Super Bowls. He would go on to play for the Green Bay Packers for two more seasons.

When Clint retired in 1990 he bought a farm close to the original family farm in Eastern Washington. He also owns a successful excavation business. Both of these are tough businesses that require strong, bold leadership to survive. But that’s not all Clint has done.

Clint also devoted nine years to coaching the Connell High School football program. Under Clint’s strong leadership, the team won two state championships and was second twice.

Ronald Reagan used to talk about leadership. Reagan said “Raise the banner of bold colors, not pale pastels.” What he meant was we need strong leadership with big ideas. Bold ideas. Just as it was in 1975 when Reagan first made that speech, now is the time for bold leaders, not the timid.

The reason I write today is to talk about the differences between the two front running candidates for the Republican nomination in Washington state: Clint Didier and Dino Rossi.

On paper these two gentlemen may appear similar. Both are billed as Conservatives. To be honest, Rossi had a decent record during his two terms as a state Senator and before leaving the Senate to run for Governor, was chair of the Ways and Means Committee. But when you start looking at the issues, and the way both men approach them, you start seeing some stunning differences.

The best way to put it is this: Clint Didier is a plain spoken, no nonsense guy who tells you what he thinks. He doesn’t do nuance. No doubt, this is one of the reasons Sarah Palin endorsed him. She doesn’t do nuance either. You check him out on the issues and there isn’t a lot of grey area to drift around in. Check Clint out on the issues here.

Bold, decisive, no nonsense.

Now at first glance, Dino Rossi seems to be on the same page. But if you really look where Rossi is, you see some differences. Strong differences.

Let’s take Health Care for example. Specifically, ObamaCare. Clint Didier just says, point blank, it’s unconstitutional. The government has no right and no business fooling around with health care. Not their job. No where in the Constitution does it give Congress the authority to do what it’s done. Plain, simple and correct.

On the other hand, Rossi is a tad more timid, nuanced, and vague. Oh, he has the right idea and points out all of the things wrong with ObamaCare, and talks about the backroom deals and how this is only going to destroy health care in America. On his website, his official position is this:

Replace Pelosi-Reid healthcare bill with something that will actually lower health insurance costs , improve access to a greater variety of health insurance plans, and give people choice in picking their doctors .

Sounds great. Where do I sign up?

The problem is, on the very same page, right above it, he also says this:

We need to repeal the parts of this bill which hurt access to and coverage for quality affordable health care, and replace it with common – sense bipartisan proposals.

Two problems here. Obviously the first part is where he says “We need to repeal the parts …

Repeal PARTS?


That sure sounds a whole lot like Alaska Senator Lisa Murkowski’s nuanced position that ObamaCare is a “work in progress.” She was also talking about repealing ObamaCare at one point, but has gotten quite soft on the issue, as we pointed out here.

It’s a tad concerning that Rossi isn’t even in office yet and we aren’t sure where he is on this deal. I can’t hammer him for being a Big Government Statist like Murkowski, but this is certainly a squishy establishment Republican kind of position.

My second problem here is it seems that Rossi is more concerned about developing a bi-partisan plan, than a good one. Or at the least, just as concerned about it. Bi-partisanship is a fine thing IN THEORY, but if we have leaned anything at all since the Marxist-democrats took control of Congress almost 4 years ago, and especially since the Obama regime came to power, to the Marxist-democrats, bi-partisanship means you do it their way, or else.

We’ve already seen the damage the reach-across-the aisle crowd is capable of. They are way too timid, and way too quick to compromise just to get a deal, any deal.They are little more than enablers to Marxist radicals who are destroying our Republic.

We got enough milquetoast, squishes on our side. The Marxist-democrats are ruthless and never give an inch on anything, and never compromise on their evil plans for the country. We shouldn’t compromise on plans to take our nation back! We need to get back to being the Constitutional Republic the founders created.

I will say this, Dino Rossi was successful as a reach-across-the-aisle-er in the State Senate, but that ain’t D.C.! George W. Bush was incredibly successful as the Governor of Texas at working with hard core democrats to get real things done. However, at that point in time there were few Marxists in the Texas democrat party. Once Bush became President, he went out of his way to reach out to the Marxist-democrats. Basically let Teddy Kennedy write the education bill. We all know how the Marxists thanked him.

As troubling as it is to know that we don’t exactly know what Rossi’s stance on Health care is, it’s even more troubling to think that Rossi may not realize that we are at a state of war with the radical left, for the soul of the nation and the survival of the Republic. .

Energy is another area where it’s easy to see why Sarah Palin speaks so well of Clint. These two are simpatico. Clint embraces the idea of “Drill baby, drill” and why not. We have an estimated 300 years of recoverable oil, and that’s if we don’t import a drop.

Like Sarah, Clint ties energy independence into national security. Over the coming decades, as China and Russia grow, this will be our number one national security issue. Clint recognizes we need to reel in the out of control EPA, and the environmental extremists, that do more harm than good, and start building some refineries as well.

Clint does talk about some renewable energy , but he puts a huge emphasis on nuclear power. Not only would the construction phase of both refineries and nuclear power plants  create good, well paying jobs, and a lot of them, so would the finished facilities. Good, sustainable jobs.

We are never going to see a time where we don’t need energy. Our only question is do we do it for ourselves, or rely on other nations, and hope they don’t decided at some point to either stop supplying it to us, or make it so expensive we can’t afford it.

France gets over 75 percent of it’s electricity from nuclear powered plants. FRANCE. If they can do it, we can do it, and do it better.

Rossi is a little more timid, and a lot more vague on energy. While he seems to be against cap and tax, a good thing, the rest of his positions tend to be less than ideal.

His plan relies a lot on “alternative energy” sources, and a steadily increasing reliance on them. The problem is, as we point out here, people have been throwing money down the bottomless pit of “alternative energy” for over a half century, and overall, we are using LESS alternative energy, not more.

The problem is, none of the alternatives really work, and even the ones that marginally do, can only survive with massive government subsidies. Not a good plan when times are booming, and times are definitely not booming!

Though he doesn’t come right out and say it, as you read his positions on energy, you can see he’s trying to court both reality based Conservatives, and the flat earth society greens who believe in nonsense like global warming.

You can check out all of Dino Rossi’s postions on the issues here. He’s not horrible, but the lack of bold, authoritative answers leave a lot to be desired. In short, there’s a better, bolder, stronger candidate.

Another example of Rossi’s timidity is shown in the video below. Here he and Clint are debating what to do with the Fed:

As you can tell, while Rossi is trying to get the answer right. Clint is bold, and decisive. Didn’t have to search for the nuanced answer.

If you’ve not seen this speech from the Washington State Republican Convention, watch it and you’ll see why we are impressed.

Bold and dynamic. Clint Didier reminds me a lot of another great patriot, Lt Col. Allen West, someone else who isn’t shy about speaking his mind!

There are more concerns I have with Dino Rossi. These not only call into question his timidity, but his ability to close the deal. Rossi was late getting into the race, even though many thought he was the guy to run. Instead of jumping in, especially with his decent base of support, he waited until others came, and went. It was almost like he was waiting to see who his competition was before he committed. Reminds us of another noted profile in courage.

There is also the real question of elect-ability. Though Rossi was able to win on his second and third try for the State Senate, he’s not won at the statewide level. He has run for Governor twice.

Now in all fairness, he did actually win the 2004 election. This ended up being one of those famed Perkins Coie specials, where the Marxist-democrat law firm was able to manufacture enough votes (129) after Rossi was certified the winner, to overturn the election and steal the victory away. One can form their own thoughts about allowing someone to steal a victory this way, especially when it was this close, and the chicanery was so obvious.

Even though it was an obvious ripoff, four years later, in a rematch, Marxist-democrat Christine Gregoire beat Rossi 53 to 46 percent. Gregoire is one of the worst Governors in the nation and has destroyed the state, and yet ….

The bottom line is this. If we are to take back Congress, stop Obama from doing any more damage to our nation, and ultimately repair all of the destruction four years of the Marxist-democrat control of Congress, as well as Obama’s horrific agenda has done, we need bold leadership.

We need someone who isn’t afraid to grab the bull by the horns and take on any and all threats to Liberty and Freedom. We need someone who will work with everyone when it’s in the pursuit of improving our nation, but will stand up to those who would further usurp our Constitution, and oppress the people of this nation even more.

We need someone who will say enough is enough, and actually shrink government, not grow it. Someone who will fight for Liberty and Freedom every day he is on the job. Someone who believes in Common Sense Conservatism, the Constitution, and the Rule of Law. Someone who doesn’t feel the need to nuance or “moderate” his positions. We’ve had plenty of them in D.C. and they have been an absolute disaster. No need to send another one.

I submit that Clint Didier, farmer, businessman, championship football player and coach, and bold leader, is that man.

Currently Clint is doing battle to win the August primary.

Clint needs your help. Go to his website and donate, volunteer, help any way you can. You can check out his two Facebook pages here and here, and follow Clint on Twitter here.

Clint Didier is the bold aggressive leader we need to help clean up Congress. Let’s all make sure he gets there to do it!

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Renee Ellmers and Clint Didier, Two Strong Conservatives We Can Get Behind

Posted by Gary P Jackson on June 22, 2010

I almost feel like I need to apologize to our readers on this one, especially in regard to Renee Ellmers, who is running for Congress out of North Carolina’s second district.. On the suggestion of a fellow twitter-er (is that a word?) I started following Renee a while back. This is a solid conservative woman with the right ideas and the right agenda. She has a strong medical background as well as a strong business background. People with real world business experience are almost nonexistent in our current Congress, which is why we are in the mess we are in now.

Here’s Renee’s bio from her website:

Renee Ellmers was born in Ironwood in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula; when she was a child her family moved to Madison Heights, near Detroit, where her father took a job in the auto industry. He worked with General Motors until he retired.

After graduating from Madison High School, needing to work her way through college, Renee trained as a Medical Assistant. For the next eight years, working full and part-time jobs, she attended Oakland University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing.

A year later, working as a Surgical Intensive Care Nurse at Beaumont Hospital she met her husband, Brent, a graduate of the University Of Indiana School Of Medicine.

After their son was born, while visiting family in Cary, Renee and her husband decided to move to North Carolina. Today she works with her husband as Clinical Director of the Trinity Wound Care Center in Dunn.

Renee is active in community affairs, having served as Vice President of Community Development for the Chamber of Commerce and as President Elect of the Chamber for the coming year. She has also served on the Dunn Planning Board, the board of the Betsy Johnson Hospital Foundation and the Harnett County Nursing Home Committee.

She volunteers at Cape Fear Christian Academy where her son, Ben, is a student, and teaches Sunday school at Sacred Heart Catholic Church.

Last summer she and her husband attended a Town Hall meeting to hear Congressman Bob Etheridge speak on behalf of President Obama’s health care plan. Later, as a volunteer, she became an outspoken critic of government-run health care. She is now a candidate for Congress – opposing Congressman Etheridge – in North Carolina’s 2nd District.

As luck would have it, Renee is the one who is running against Bob Etheridge, who has become the focus of a lot of attention after he assaulted a college student on video. Renee has a statement on this assault here:

It seems that Bob Etheridge has a habit of this sort of violent behavior, as Brandon Leslie, a former resident of the district recalls here. I guess Bob Etheridge really does support ALL of Barack Obama’s agenda, including the part about “getting in their faces” and “punching back twice as hard“! Maybe after Renee sends this cat packing, he can get a job as an enforcer with Obama’s union thug buddies over at the SEIU!

Folks, I support Renee Ellmers for who she is and what she believes in, but knowing who her opponent is, it’s vital that we help her out and make sure she defeats Bob Etheridge. You can support Renee by going to her website: following her on Facebook, and Twitter.

Currently Ellmers and Etheridge are neck and neck in this deal, so again, any help is good. Send a few dollars her way, volunteer to man phone banks, and if you live in North Carolina’s District 2, help get out the vote. Let’s send Renee Ellmers to Congress!

Maybe a certain Mama Grizzly will take notice and add Renee to her ever growing group of magnificently tough, self-sufficient bears!

Speaking of Sarah Palin, one of the big Papa Grizzlies she has endorsed is Clint Didier who is running for the United States Senate out of Washington state. Clint will be going up against the far left Marxist-democrat Patty Murray, who is an absolute disaster for the state, and the nation.

Football fans will recognize Clint as a former Washington Redskin, who played in three Super Bowls, but there is a lot more to the man. He’s a strong leader and a good businessman. Clint is a farmer, and owns an excavation company. He understands what hard work is all about. He’s been the football coach at Connell High School, and led that team to two state championships in nine years.

Sarah Palin is strongly backing Clint, and recently paid him a visit to up the ante. He still has to win the upcoming Republican primary. He has some tough competition. His main competition is someone who has run unsuccessfully for statewide office before, twice. Washington is a blue state, and even though the Marxist-democrats are going to lose big this fall, Republicans are still going to have to put their best foot forward. That best foot is Clint Didier.

I was prompted to write about Clint after an interesting and lively discussion, via Twitter, with Chris Widener a conservative leader, author, and columnist for Red County and contributor to SUCCESS Magazine. (Chris is a great guy, but more of the establishment type, in my opinion) It was during our pleasant, but vigorous, debate that Chris posted this awesome video of Clint Didier speaking at the Washington State Republican Convention:

Listening to Clint’s powerful speech, we are reminded of another one of our favorite leaders, and another Sarah Palin endorsee, Lt Col Allen West, who is running for Congress in Florida. Both of these men are powerful speakers and believe in Freedom, Liberty, and the Constitution.

Like Renee Ellmers, Clint can use any support you can give him. You can go to his website: , check out his two Facebook pages here and here, and of course, follow Clint on Twitter here.

Let’s get on board and send these two great conservatives to Washington, D.C.!

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