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Bristol Palin: Prayer and international pressure can free Asia Bibi as it did Meriam Ibrahim

Posted by Dr. Fay on October 26, 2014

Posted on Bristol’s Blog last evening:

Christian Mom in Pakistan Sentenced to Die for Her Faith


You guys know I ache over the Christians who are being persecuted around the world.  I’ve written about Pastor Saeed (don’t forget about him!!) and Meriam Ibrahim (whose story ended well, thanks to so many of you praying and signing petitions).  Now, there’s another tragic situation you need to know about.

Asia Bibi is a Christian woman in Pakistan, and the mother of 5. They are the only Christian family in the village, and the neighbors don’t like it. In 2010, she was falsely accused of blaspheming the Prophet Muhammad and convicted.

In Pakistan, the penalty for blasphemy is death – by hanging.

She appealed, but just last week, the appeals court upheld the execution sentence. Now she’s appealing to the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

In the meantime, she remains chained and locked in prison, with a price on her head. All because she won’t deny her Savior.

Prayer and international pressure freed Meriam Ibrahim – it can do the same for Asia Bibi. If we don’t do something, this innocent woman will hang, and her children will become orphans.

Visit ACLJ and sign the petition to demand Asia Bibi’s release.

Matthew Clark weighs in at and Red State:

Pakistan Sentences Christian Mom Asia Bibi to Death for “Blasphemy” over a Cup of Water

Read more.




Listen to ACLJ update here.


MailOnline interviewed Asia Bibi’s family, who described the hell they have been put through as well.

Despair: The family has launched a second court appeal against Ms Bibi's death sentence

Her oldest daughter, Esham Masih, who was nine years old when the family came under attack, told how she came back from school one day to find her mother being abused by a gang of men.

‘My friends told me that people were torturing my mother at the fields where she used to work,’ she said.

‘I rushed to the spot and found that she was being abused and tortured by men. They had even torn her clothes.’

Esham, now 14, ran back home to get her mother a new dress, but when she came back the gang had returned.

‘I still dream of the day she was tortured and arrested. I could not sleep properly.

‘The angry men came back and started torturing us both and tore down her clothes again.

Asham said the gang called her offensive Punjabi terms that translate roughly ‘mother f*****’ and ‘sister f*****’.

When she asked one of her attackers for water, they instead smashed the glass against the wall to torment her.

‘They dragged her to the centre of the village. We both were crying but there was nobody to listen to us.

‘After half an hour or so, the police came and my mother asked me to go and find my father, who was hiding at my uncle’s house.

‘But he was too terrified to leave. I ran back and by that time police had taken my mother away.’

Ms Bibi’s husband, Ashiq Masih, said his other daughter, 15-year-old Esha who has special needs, had also been abused.

‘All those people who abused and tortured my wife knew me very well, but they did not respect anything,’ he told MailOnline at his house in a Christian district of Lahore.

‘They became so cruel. They even didn’t spare my daughters and tortured them.

Bowing his head in shame, Mr Masih said: ‘I was so afraid that day.

‘I do not think it could have helped her or our family if I had tried to save her that day.

‘I might also have ended up in jail as a blasphemy-accused and there would be no one to help my daughters.’

Mr Masih, who used to work at brick kiln as a labourer in his village, said their lives have been destroyed.

‘I was born in that village. I spent almost 45 years of my life in that village. I had so many friends in that village but I do not want to go back there.’

‘I have restricted my movement. I am afraid of being recognised as Asia’s husband in public.

‘I have almost stopped communicating with Muslims. I am afraid they could recognise me. Just imagine how tough it will be for my wife to live in prison.’

In November 2010 Ms Bibi was sentenced to death by a lower court, becoming the first woman in Pakistan’s history to be given the death penalty for blasphemy.

Over the past four years Ms Bibi has languished in the high-security District Jail Seikhupura, 22 miles north-west of Lahore, before being moved to a more remote prison.

The shocking case hit global headlines after two prominent politicians who tried to help Ms Bibi were assassinated, one by his own bodyguard.

Lawyers showered the killer with rose petals when he appeared in court and the judge who convicted him of murder had to flee the country.

Ms Bibi’s lawyer, Naeem Shakir, said her accusers have contradicted themselves many times since first raising their complaint.

Two witnesses allegedly involved in the incident did not appear in court, he said.

A Muslim prayer leader did appear, saying he did not witness the original altercation, but that Ms Bibi had confessed to the supposed crime in front of him.

Last week, despite international outrage and hundreds of thousands of people signing a petition for her release, Ms Bibi lost an appeal to have her sentence overturned, meaning she now faces death by hanging.

The decision of the Lahore High Court has thrust the family back into public spotlight, placing their safety in jeopardy once again.

‘This is too dangerous for all of us’, said Mr Masih. ‘We have changed five residences during the last five years. The blasphemy accusation on my wife has ruined our family.


‘I could not sleep properly after the decision of The Lahore High Court. We could be attacked or framed in similar kind of case.’

Human rights groups say Pakistan’s blasphemy law is increasingly exploited by religious extremists as well as ordinary Pakistanis to settle personal scores.

The law does not define blasphemy and evidence might not be reproduced in court for fear of committing a fresh offence. There are also no penalties for false accusations.

Those accused are sometimes lynched on the spot. If they are arrested, police and the courts often allow trials to drag on for years, as in the case of Ms Bibi.

The delays tend to be caused because officials are afraid of being physically attacked if they release anyone they feel had been wrongly accused of blasphemy.

Only one person has been executed since Pakistan imposed a de facto moratorium on executions in 2008.

This year has seen a record number of blasphemy cases as well as increasing violence against the accused.


The family have struggled to look after Esha, who has difficulties with her speech and walking, after her mother’s arrest.

Speaking in broken words, Esha said: ‘I miss my mother too much.’

Both sisters go to a private school being run by Joseph Nadeem, executive director Renaissance Education Foundation, a Christian educationist who has been helping the family since December 2010.

‘Esham is a brilliant student, but she goes through spells of depression regularly,’ said Mr Nadeem.

Esham, who visits her mother once a month in prison, said: ‘It is tough living without her. I hope she would soon be released and would celebrate Christmas with us.

‘I love my mother and miss her a lot. I request everybody to pray for her.’

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Bristol Palin: #ItsTime to free American Pastor Saeed

Posted by Dr. Fay on September 25, 2014

Posted at Bristol’s Blog this afternoon:


#ItsTime to free American Pastor Saeed


Rev. Franklin Graham sent this letter by e-mail yesterday.  You can also view it here.
Samaritans Purse Logo
Email not displaying correctly? See it here »
Pastor Saeed Prayer Vigil
This week marks the two-year anniversary of the imprisonment of Pastor Saeed Abedini, the American citizen jailed in Iran for his Christian faith. Now he faces a new danger as ISIS militants imprisoned in the same jail are threatening his life.
Along with Saeed’s wife, Naghmeh, I will be hosting a prayer vigil in Washington, D.C., this Thursday at 6 p.m. outside the White House. Naghmeh also has mobilized prayer vigils in cities across the world to pray for her husband and the persecuted church. I’m encouraging everyone to find a vigil in your area, or register to host one yourself.
“Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need” (Hebrews 4:16, NKJV).
Please join with other believers as we call on the Name of the Lord.
May God bless you,
Franklin Graham
President, Samaritan’s Purse

Jordan Sekulow posted this report about the prayer vigil in DC at this evening:

Franklin Graham, Pastor Saeed’s Wife and Kids, and Hundreds More Gather in Front of the White House to Pray for His Freedom


Read more.

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(Updated) Bristol Palin: Meriam Ibrahim and her family are now safe and free in Italy!

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 25, 2014

Governor Palin tweeted a link to this article at Bristol’s Blog today:

Meriam Ibrahim and Her American Family Free in Italy!


Wonderful news!!

I’ve written about Meriam Ibrahim herehere, here and here. Thank you to all of you who urged diplomatic action on her behalf, to save her life and the lives of her American children. As you remember, she was imprisoned because of her Christian faith.  Given the chance to renounce Christianity, she refused.  What amazing courage!

I’m so happy to tell you that she and her family are now safe and free in Italy!

The ACLJ reports:

After being under U.S. protection in the American Embassy in Khartoum for the last month, Meriam her two young American children Martin and Maya, and her American husband Daniel were flown out of Sudan on an Italian government plane, escorted by Italian personnel.

This is a huge victory for religious liberty.  Meriam, Martin, and Maya have gone from suffering on death row in a brutal prison because of Meriam’s Christian faith to freedom in Italy.

It is believed that Meriam and her American family will be traveling to the U.S. in a matter of days, but today they are safe and free in Italy.

We are thankful for the Italian government’s critical involvement in this case.

Fox News also reported on this great news!

Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese Christian woman who faced a death sentence for refusing to renounce her faith, has been flown to Italy on an Italian government jet, accompanied by that country’s vice-minister for foreign affairs.

Reuters reported that Italian television broadcast images of Ibrahim, 27, arriving at Rome’s Ciampino airport accompanied by her family and Italian politician Lapo Pistelli. Earlier, Pistelli had posted a picture on his Facebook page depicting himself with Ibrahim and her two children. The caption, translated from Italian, read “With Meriam, Maya, Martin and [Ibrahim’s husband] Daniel, a few minutes from Rome. Mission accomplished.”

Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi was among those who greeted the plane, calling it “a day of celebration.”

At times like these, I am SO thankful for you guys, who were willing to pray and sign petitions on behalf of Meriam.  Thank you!!

Thank you, Bristol, for keeping everyone informed.  And thank God for His deliverance of Dr. Meriam Ibrahim and her family out of the hands of those who persecuted her for her faith.


This article by Caitlin Burke at CBN News is noteworthy:

    US Mostly Absent in Meriam Ibrahim Release

    Read more.


    Also at CBN News:

      Sudanese Christian Mom Now Free, Arrives in Italy

      Read more.


      Sadly, Obama is too busy suppressing religious freedom in this country to care about religious freedom in another country.  Just before the 2008 election, Pastor Steve Foss wrote that God had told him in 2006 that after George W. Bush that America would elect her most ungodly President ever.  Here is an excerpt from Pastor Foss’s letter, which you can read in full here.

      I want to put this deep in your spirit. I am speaking as a prophet. The words I’m about to tell you are “thus saith the Lord”. If Barack Obama is elected, the attacks against free speech, against those who believe differently than he does, and the systematic use of the government and laws to silence the voice of fundamental Christians will be unlike anything ever seen in this nation before.

      We have been forewarned.  And we need to do everything we can to remove Obama from office by impeachment if necessary and to tie his hands from mischief during his last two years in office by electing a Republican majority in both the House and Senate.   Boots on the ground are very important, but most importantly, pray and vote!

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      Palin: Please Help Save Saeed

      Posted by Jackie Siciliano on February 8, 2013

      save_saeedSarah Palin posted a link on her Facebook page leading to Bristol’s Blog in order to encourage her readers to learn more about the plight of an American pastor in Iran.  Saeed Abedini is a Christian who has been sentenced to prison for his faith.

      From Bristol’s Blog:

      A few weeks ago my mom tweeted about an American pastor named Saeed Abedini being held and tortured by the radical Iranian regime.  He’s been sentenced to eight years in Iran’s most brutal prison simply because of his Christian faith.

      This pastor and father has shown enormous courage, but now Iranians are lying to him in prison — telling him that Americans have forgotten about him.

      Yesterday was Save Saeed day, and Christian and country musicians across the U.S., including Toby Mac, Ricky Skaggs, Steven Curtis Chapman, Mercy Me, and many others tweeted for him and signed a petition for his freedom.  (In fact, #SaveSaeed was trending on Twitter yesterday!  Let’s keep it up!) The American Center for Law and Justice represents his family and is organizing a petition on his behalf.  Please consider signing and telling this American pastor that he will never be forgotten.

      We should never leave an American behind.

      How you can help:

      1.  Sign the petition.

      2. Tweet using: #SaveSaeed.

      3. Pray for Pastor Saeed, his family in Iran, and his wife and children here in the United States.  More

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      Mark Ballas: Our rehearsals have been a million times better since that first-ever argument with Bristol

      Posted by Dr. Fay on October 14, 2012


      From Mark Ballas’  DWTS blog at USA Today:

      All in all, I think it was a successful week, jumping up 4.5 points from last week. Even though we’re still at the bottom of the leaderboard, I was happy with that.

      Monday’s episode showed the first-ever argument between Bristol and myself. It’s really hard to capture the full breadth of a 45-minute conversation in a 90-second recap.

      TWITTER: Follow Mark Ballas at @MarkBallas

      CATCH UP: Read Mark’s previous post

      A lot of people have been asking why I “missed a rehearsal.” I had a family matter involving my mom that morning, and I did everything a cast member is supposed to regarding a rehearsal cancellation or a time change. I called production and told them I wouldn’t make it and that we should reschedule for that evening. We did make up the lost rehearsal time that night. And thankfully, my mom is doing much better.

      On the upside, our rehearsals since then have been a million times better. We are much stronger as a team, and ready to push forward. I love what I do and love doing it for the fans. I always give 100% and am proud to be a member of this cast.

      This week’s theme is “Rock ‘n’ Roll,” which is one of my favorite styles and favorite genres of music. In terms of dance style, it calls for a mix of the Lindy Hop, jitterbug and the like. Bristol, however, is finding the speed and over-the-top personality of the dance challenging.

      I had to completely change the creative approach and choreography, which is hard because this season is “All-Stars” and the bar has been raised that much higher. I just hope we can push through and make this routine as great as it should be.

      Read more. 

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      Bristol Palin: THANK YOU AMERICA! I appreciate every single vote cast.

      Posted by Dr. Fay on October 10, 2012

      Bristol thanked her fans for voting for her on DWTS All Stars Week 3:

      Thank you guys!!  I know that I have the most wonderful people voting for me — I appreciate every single vote cast.  This week was a hard week, as everyone saw.  But you guys were there to support me, and I’m so thankful for that!

      For fun, I thought I’d celebrate making it to Week Four by showing a dozen photos from the first three weeks.  Enjoy!  (You may have already seen one or two of these.  And oh yeah –warning — the last one is gross, but I wanted to show you what dancing in high heels does to feet!)

      Governor Palin also posted a comment and photo on her Facebook page:

      The boys are busy waiting for mom and mom/grandma to exit the DWTS studio! Thank you to all Bristol & Mark supporters who voted for them to keep on dancing! They honor you.

      Share · 11 hours ago

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      Bristol Palin and Mark Ballas to dance “rock and roll” for Week 4 on DWTS All Stars

      Posted by Dr. Fay on October 9, 2012

      Bristol and Mark were declared “safe” during the second elimination on Dancing With The Stars Tonight!  They will be going on to the Week 4 competition.  Congratulations to both of them on a job well done!

      Please be sure to tune in next week and vote, vote, vote to help Bristol and Mark go on to Week 5 DWTS and beyond!  We hope they win that mirror ball trophy!

      From article by Ann Oldenburg at USA Today:

      Time for the first elimination. Would it be Drew or Kirstie?

      Season 2 champ Drew Lachey.

      “I can honestly say I would not change a thing,” Drew said of his experience on the show. “Everybody questioned why I would come back. I came back because this is fun. I had an amazing partner.” Tom Bergeron gave his “buddy” a hug, while the crowd cheered them.

      The dance styles for next week were then revealed. Each couple had 10 seconds to pick a dance for another team.

      Here’s how it went:

      Bristol and Mark picked for Bollywood style for Gilles and Peta.
      Kirstie and Maks, who Brooke casually mentioned were “safe,” picked disco for Sabrina and Louis.
      Helio and Chelsie picked Mambo for Shawn and Derek.
      Kelly and Val picked Bolero for Emmitt and Cheryl.
      Melissa and Tony picked Hip Hop for Apolo and Karina.
      Apolo and Karina picked Jitterbug for Melissa and Tony.
      Emmitt and Cheryl picked Contemporary for Kelly and Val.
      Shawn and Derek picked Broadway for Helio and Chelsie.
      Sabrina and Louis picked Charleston for Kirstie and Maks.
      Bristol and Mark got Rock and Roll.

      But one celeb would not be dancing their chosen dance. Someone was still going home.


      And finally, the second elimination.

      Bristol and her partner, USA TODAY blogger Mark Ballas, were safe!

      Who was going to get the boot — race car driver Helio Castroneves or Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan?

      Helio Castroneves. Aw.

      He thanked the racing league for letting him take time off to participate, his family, America and partner Chelsie Hightower. “I couldn’t be happier,” he said. “Thank you.”


      Read more.

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      Bristol Palin: A Little Perspective about DWTS from Afghanistan

      Posted by Dr. Fay on October 9, 2012

      Posted on Bristol’s Blog today:

      A Little Perspective about DWTS from Afghanistan

      October 9, 2012 By  19 Comments

      Typical Palin picture – the day Track left for his second deployment.

      As many of you know, my brother Track is in Afghanistan.  This week, I got the rare chance to talk to him over the phone, and I was so excited to hear his voice and know that he was safe.

      While we were talking, I told him about Dancing with the Stars All Stars and he sounded confused.

      “What show?” he asked.

      He had no idea I was on DWTS!

      There’s a lot of talk about being “in jeopardy” on this show, but most of us never experience real jeopardy.  The fact that Track didn’t even have the time to think about Hollywood or a dance competition put all of this in more perspective for me.

      Thanks, Track, and all of the United States military.

      For the perspective and everything else you do!

      Track says goodbye to Tripp at the airport when he went back to Afghanistan.

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      Bristol and Mark dance a futuristic Paso Doble for Week 3 of DWTS All Stars

      Posted by Dr. Fay on October 9, 2012

      Video retrieved from MamaBarracuda

      Andrea Rieher at ZAP2it reports:

      It was Iconic Dance Week on “Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars” and Bristol Palin andMark Ballas chose to do the futuristic paso doble that Joanna Krupa and Derek Hough did during Season 9.

      The dance was very dramatic, but the big drama was happening behind the scenes. Bristol was upset after last week’s critique and started accusing Mark of wanting to be paired with Shawn or Sabrina.

      “I feel like you’re bummed that you have me as a partner … you’re like ‘Oh dang, I got paired up with Bristol,'” says Bristol. She also says she thinks Mark wants to go home already.

      But they patched things up and were able to channel their energy into their dance, which the judges were very complimentary about.

      “The most content I’ve seen in any dance you’ve done and without a doubt the best dance you’ve done,” says Len. And Bruno says, “Bristol, the ice queen with the killer streak. Your lines were better than ever. I liked the concept, your best dance to date.” Carrie Ann adds, “You’re proving yourself a worthy competitor.”

      They ended up getting three 7.5s for a total of 22.5.

      Governor Palin posted this photo and comment on her Facebook page after the show:


      Backstage in Bristol’s trailer at #DWTS. You can call 800-868-3409 to vote for Bristol & Mark. Here are instructions on the other ways to vote:



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      Bristol Palin: Four Ways to Vote for Team Ballin during DWTS Double Elimination Night

      Posted by Dr. Fay on October 8, 2012

      Posted on Bristol’s Blog today:

      Four Ways to Vote for Team Ballin during DWTS Double Elimination Night!

      October 8, 2012 By  5 Comments

      Did you know that tonight is a special “double elimination night” for Dancing with the Stars? That means two “all star” couples are going home, no matter what.  Mark and I don’t want to be one of them!

      If you think Mark and I are the best dancers tonight, then there are four ways to vote.

      1. Phone

      Please use this official telephone number.  It is:


      Phone lines open as soon as the show starts and stay open for 1 hour after the show.  Fans should try to phone vote as soon as the show starts.  After they dance and at end of the show are the hardest times to get through and we want every single vote.  You can vote on as many phones as you have access to.  For the first half of the season, voters will be allowed the same number votes as the contestants.  For example, this week there will be eleven contestants, so each type of account gets 11 votes.  Once they are down to 5 contestants or less, the fans still get 5 votes per account.

      2. Text

      AT&T users can text the word “vote” to “3409″ as well.  Once again you get the same number of votes as contestants.  You can text votes and call votes from the same phone.

      3. E-mail

      You can also e-mail votes online here.  On show nights there will be a vote tab.  You have to have an account to vote online.  You should make your accounts before the show starts because when the show is going the site crawls.  You can vote with as many accounts as you make.

      4. Facebook

      The final way to vote is by going to the DWTS Facebook app and casting your voteshere!

      Spread this information far and wide! Thank you for your support!

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