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Posts Tagged ‘Black community’

Video: My Cape County Republican Women’s Club Speech: Conservatism and the Black Community

Posted by Adrienne Ross on July 13, 2013

By Adrienne Ross –

Yesterday, I had the privilege of delivering a speech to the Cape County Republican Women’s Club in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. The topic was “Conservatism and the Black Community.” I had an amazing time and am so grateful for the opportunity to share a message that is so very needed.

Although Governor Palin was not the subject of the speech, I did mention her a couple times as I shared how my interest in politics began and discussed why the left despises her so much.

Below is the YouTube description, the video, and pictures taken after the speech.

Should Republicans target the black community? Adrienne Ross delivers a rousing speech to the Cape County Republican Women’s Club on the topic of “Conservatism and the Black Community.” She discusses the chasm that exists between the Republican party and black Americans, but declares it can be overcome–and now is the time to walk through that open door. Who’s willing and why bother?

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Tonight AACONS Interviews Me about Governor Palin & Black Community

Posted by Adrienne Ross on May 10, 2011

By Adrienne Ross –

Tune in tonight to my interview with African-American Conservatives (AACONS) on Blog Talk Radio. First, they will interview South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint at 10 p.m. Eastern. I will follow at around 10:20. The discussion will center around Governor Palin and a variety of issues pertaining to the Black commmunity.

Here’s what they posted as a preview:

Jim DeMint was elected senator of South Carolina in 2004 and then chairman of the Senate Steering Committee in 2006. For standing up against wasteful spending in Congress and saving Americans about $17 billion, Wall Street Journal editor Steve Moore called DeMint the “taxpayers’ greatest ally.” DeMint was also recently ranked as the Senate’s most conservative member by National Journal and as the No. 1 senator voting for responsible tax and spending policies by the National Taxpayers Union. The senator and his wife, Debbie, have four grown children, are doting grandparents, and live in Greenville, South Carolina.

Adrienne Ross is a 7th grade English teacher in New York, yet is becoming one of the fastest rising stars of the conservative blogging world. Her work can be found on her website, where one can also many interesting links, photographs and videos. She credits Sarah Palin for providing the spark that has brought her into the political arena and is a passionate supporter of Governor Palin. [Miss] Ross is a Born Again Christian, a basketball fan, and a motorcycling enthusiast. News Real Blog has listed Adrienne Ross as one of The Top 10 Tea Party Bloggers You Need to Read.

You can listen live by clicking here, and I will have the audio up when possible for those who cannot listen live.

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Part II: Governor Palin’s Policies and the Black Community

Posted by Adrienne Ross on February 10, 2011

This is Part II of highlighting how Governor Palin’s policies positively impact the Black community. Last week, on the first day of Black History Month, I submitted Part I in which I discussed the issue of abortion and its lethal effect on Blacks in particular. It should now be quite obvious how Governor Palin’s fight for the sanctity of life is not only a righteous position, but one that can help rescue the Black community from eventual extinction.

The economy is another issue of utmost importance to Americans. This is one reason why there was such heated debate over whether or not the Bush tax cuts would expire or be extended. The Obama administration insisted that it was time to terminate tax cuts for the rich. He defines the rich, mind you, as those making over $250,000. The reality is that in this number are small business owners–the very ones who drive 70% of our economy. The debate has been ongoing, with those on the Left speaking with disdain about the people who have not only managed to build businesses that benefit them and their families, but have built businesses that provide for the families of so many others. They can demonize the so-called rich if they choose, but they do so to the detriment of Americans. Common sense people like Governor Palin, however, understand that those who have more of their money taken away will have less money to invest in job creation.

At a time when unemployment is a scary reality for too many, why not encourage those who have power to hire to do just that? Why not give more breaks to people who can then hire more people? It seems easier, though, for our President to point fingers at the filthy rich who have, in his estimation, made enough money.

President Obama sat with Bill O’Reilly on Super Bowl Sunday and stated, “I’ve never raised taxes once,” a statement that is easily revealed for the untruth that it is–as untrue as his assertion that he respects FOX News. The President boasted, too, that he has cut taxes. Granted, he agreed to temporarily extend the Bush tax cuts in what some called a good deal, and others called a measure that didn’t go far enough because businesses don’t readily make long-term decisions based on short-term promises. Bragging at all about extending these tax cuts is a disingenuous activity at best when he submitted to it only because he was, according to him, held “hostage” by Republicans.

The truth is he has indeed raised taxes, and he certainly didn’t agree to the temporary tax cut extension, for which he applauded himself on Sunday, based on a respect for people’s right to earn and keep money or for business owners’ ability to employ more people. The truth is he feels he was a hostage, forced to allow people to keep more of their money, forced to allow business owners to hire more people and thus boost the economy. It’s not in his DNA at all. It also isn’t in his DNA to listen to the will of the people or the voice of experts. According to The New York Times (emphasis mine):

Martin Feldstein, who was economic adviser to President Ronald Reagan, said all the Bush tax cuts should be extended for two years because even letting those for the wealthy lapse would be “a blow to a very fragile economy.”

To the chagrin of the White House, Mr. Obama’s recently departed budget director, Peter R. Orszag, took the same stance on Tuesday in a column in The New York Times.

This is what we know: had President Obama gotten his way in November, he would have gone full-speed ahead with punishing those who create jobs in this country. His penchant for doing so is in part due to his lack of experience running a business or balancing a budget and his comfortability with government dipping into other people’s pockets.

Governor Palin, on the other hand, gets what President Obama does not. She has, after all, run a city, a state, and a business. She knows how to spark business growth and make payroll. Time and time again she has taken a stand for our small businesses, speaking out against tax hikes on these job creators. This is who she is. This is what she’s been relentlessly advocating. Unlike President Obama, she didn’t require hostage takers to poke and prod her into this common sense understanding, and she has not flip-flopped on the issue. Over and over she has sounded the alarm.

In a Facebook note, the Governor wrote:

We’ll all be feeling the pinch, but the ones who will be hit hardest by this massive tax hike will be America’s small business owners – the businesses that create up to 70% of all jobs in this country. According to a recent report by the Congressional Joint Committee on Taxation, small business owners will pay over half the taxes raised when the Democrats increase the top two tax brackets. In an already anemic jobless recovery, the last thing government should do is to impose even higher tax burdens on job creators. Instead of hurting “the rich,” such measures would end up hurting the unemployed.

After President Obama’s State of the Union address, she took him to task on Facebook:

Perhaps the most nonsensical bit of double-speak we heard last night was when the President said that hitting job-creators with a tax increase isn’t “punishing their success. It’s about promoting America’s success.” But government taking more money from the small business entrepreneurs who create up to 70% of all jobs in this country is not “promoting America’s success.” It’s a disincentive that will result in less job creation. It is, in fact, punishing the success of the very people who created the innovation that the President has supposedly been praising.

Sunshine State News reported:

“We need to remind people that tax cuts help everyone,” argued Palin late Tuesday. “And we should also remind the Democrats that many of the so-called ‘rich‘ they’re dismissing are our small-business owners who account for 70 percent of all job-creation in this country. At a time when we need job growth, we should not target job-creators with tax hikes. Closing our deficit gap requires us to cut spending, but we also need to spur economic growth. With that in mind, the last thing we should do is hamper our economic innovators and entrepreneurs with excessive taxes, overly burdensome regulation, and more uncertainty. This is not a difficult argument to make. It’s common sense.”

Last week, I highlighted that Governor Palin’s support for life is a benefit to all Americans, but to Blacks in particular, while President Obama’s unyielding support for Planned Parenthood is deadly. Today, I submit that Governor Palin’s common sense political perspective in the area of the economy greatly impacts the Black community, but President Obama’s lack of understanding is a blow to all Americans, hitting Black Americans in a way that we simply cannot afford. Many are suffering right now, businesses are laying off people, and unemployment has risen above the cap that the President promised. The Black community, mind you, is affected at levels well above and beyond others, and President Obama’s philosophy won’t help at all. The unemployment and poverty levels for Blacks are off the charts compared to others. The last thing we need is business owners clamping down on hiring because their money is being snatched by the big hand of government. We need more jobs, not less jobs. We need not buy into demonizing those who account for 70% of the economy. We need businesses who have the security of keeping their own money, as this will allow them to hire more workers.

How serious is this issue in the Black community? Let’s look at the numbers for unemployment among Blacks as of January 2011:

For all Blacks, unemployment is 15.7%
For Black men, 20 years and over, unemployment is 16.5%
For Black women, 20 years and over, unemployment is 12.9%
For Blacks of both sexes, 16 to 19 years, unemployment is 45.4%

To get a good look at how dire the situation is, compare the above information to the numbers for unemployment among White Americans as of January 2011:

For all Whites, unemployment is 8.0%
For White men, 20 years and over, unemployment is 7.9%
For White women, 20 years and over, unemployment is 7.0%
For Whites of both sexes, 16 to 19 years, unemployment is 22.8%

Obviously, a large unemployment rate will lead to a large poverty rate. Such is the case in the Black community. National Poverty Center reports:

The poverty rate for all persons masks considerable variation between racial/ethnic subgroups. Poverty rates for blacks and Hispanics greatly exceed the national average. In 2009, 25.8 percent of blacks and 25.3 percent of Hispanics were poor, compared to 9.4 percent of non-Hispanic whites and 12.5 percent of Asians.

The numbers speak for themselves. I am not minimizing the impact unemployment and poverty has on all people–regardless of race. What I am saying is this problem is an absolute crisis of staggering proportions for the Black community. No doubt, we could have quite the discussion as to all that factors into why the numbers are so much higher than those of their White counterparts, and that’s a discussion for another day. The bottom line, however, is that we simply cannot afford to make matters any worse. We clearly need to be working more, not less. We need more people encouraged to go into business, not less. And we don’t need existing businesses being punished for their success by taking away the very resources they need to hire others.

Governor Palin doesn’t take this stand because it’s best for Blacks; she takes this stand because it’s best–period. Nonetheless, her policies, when embraced, cannot help but benefit the Black community in particular. President Obama and his administration fail to recognize this. America–and Black America–simply cannot afford another term of this President who just doesn’t get it, who snarkily comments he had to be made to do the economically advantageous thing. We need someone with the common sense and experience of Governor Palin who understands what the right thing is, and does it because it’s right, not because she’s been strong-armed.

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