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Posts Tagged ‘2008 election’

Limbaugh: “Pure and Simple. Sarah Palin Was Not The Mistake On That Ticket.”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on August 1, 2012

During today’s show, Rush Limbaugh responds to Dick Cheney’s comment that choosing Governor Sarah Palin as the 2008 vice presidential candidate was a “mistake”.


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Palin: President’s Character Questioned for Accepting Maher’s “Dirty Money”

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on March 9, 2012

Sarah Palin appeared on the Sean Hannity Show last night where the topics of discussion included misogynist Bill Maher’s “dirty” one million dollar campaign donation to the Obama re-election campaign and the main stream media’s complicit role in not properly vetting President Obama during the 2008 campaign election cycle with specific reference to tapes that are being released by the Breitbart TV site.

On a lighter note, viewers immediately noticed that Governor Palin was sporting new glasses.  There was a great deal of spectulation (no pun intended) on social media sites as to who designed the frame and where they would be able to purchase a pair for themselves.

Video from SarahNetToo
Cross posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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SarahPAC Statement on Game Change

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on March 7, 2012

There used to be a commercial for Memorex cassette tapes (yes, I know I’m dating myself here) which posed the question, “Is it live or is it Memorex?” with the obvious point being that the closed-eye listener would never know the difference between the recording and the live version.  HBO’s “Game Change” is being promoted as a historical docudrama and is suggesting that the film presents the facts of the 2008 campaign even though it’s based upon unnamed sources.  SarahPAC recently released a video entitled “Game Change You Can Believe” with actual, not fabricated, footage from that historical election cycle.  You may recall seeing that video here when it was posted last week.  On the other hand, HBO’s “Game Change” relies upon 25 unnamed sources, making it neither “live nor Memorex”.

The following was posted to the SarahPAC website earlier today:

Despite HBO’s best efforts, we have all seen the movie Game Change. We stand by everything we previously said on the record. The movie is at best “historical fiction” – historical only in that Sarah Palin was nominated and campaigned for the office of Vice President. The movie is a series of scenes where the dialogue, locations and participants are invented or rendered unrecognizable for dramatic effect. HBO and its surrogates continue to argue that they spoke to 25 sources. None of them are on the record nor is their level of “involvement” in the campaign disclosed. Not one source is on the record in either the book or in the movie and it is clear why. The authors of the book never even traveled on the campaign with Governor Palin. We call on HBO to add the fiction disclaimer.

Tim Crawford
Jason Recher
Randy Scheunemann
Meg Stapleton
Tom Van Flein
Doug McMarlin
Andy Davis

Cross posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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A Truly Inspirational Book: “Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere” By Frank Aquila

Posted by Gary P Jackson on July 27, 2011

By Gary P Jackson

For many Americans, Sarah Palin was “picked out of obscurity” to become John McCain’s running mate in 2008. Many mistakenly think choosing her was some sort of last minute “Hail Mary” attempt to counteract Obama’s “historic” status. These folks would be wrong.

Among Conservatives who were paying attention, Sarah Palin was already seen as a rising star, the likes of which we hadn’t seen since Ronald Reagan was in his prime. A lot of us learned of Sarah not long after she was elected Alaska’s governor. The first reports on her no-nonsense style of governing, and her ability to get big things done caught our attention, as did the fact she had no problem going to war with corrupt Republicans up there.

By early to mid 2007 many of us realized Sarah Palin definitely had what it took to be President of the United States. As time grew on, it only became more apparent. Though 2008 was too early for that, and indeed Sarah wasn’t known to most Americans, there was a dedicated group of people looking to change that.

The media worked hard to build the narrative that McCain choosing Sarah was a “last minute act of desperation,” but nothing could be further from the truth. There was a intense effort to “Draft Sarah Palin” for the VP’s job. Some of this effort was public, with petitions and such, but there was a big story happening behind the scenes as well. This book is about that story.

Frank Aquila was John McCain’s campaign chairman from San Joaquin County, California. Frank was a peace officer from liberal San Francisco, a single father raising two boys, and a political outsider. He was also one of the driving forces behind the decision to choose Sarah Palin to be the Republican Party’s nominee for Vice President. Adam Brickley, who started the “Draft Sarah ” effort was the public face, and Frank’s inspiration, if you will.

In his book, Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere Frank Aquila takes us through his own process of coming to choose Sarah, his doubts, his revelations, and his successes.

In Chapter One, Franks tells of championing Sarah for the job of Vice President.Frank also points out what we all later learned, that Sarah Palin was already secretly being vetted by A.B.Culvahouse, the former Reagan adviser, and D.C. attorney who headed McCain’s veep search. Still, few knew anything about her.

Franks shares some of the emails sent back and forth and gives us a real feel for how things went, right up to the day he got the call from McCain’s California chairman Bob Pacheco, just before McCain announced Sarah as his choice, saying: “I just want to be the first to say congratulations! You got your girl!

Then Frank takes us through the GOP convention, and gives us some history about Reagan, his supporters, and his detractors.

In Chapter Two, entitled Grassroots Politics, Frank tells us his own interesting story growing up Conservative in a Hispanic family that always voted democrat because their ancestors did. We learn how he was frustrated with the Republican “machine” and how he thought he could make a difference. Frank takes us on his journey from just someone who was concerned, to someone who was participating in the process, a story Tea Party members will know by heart, and appreciate greatly.

We learn of the frustration involved when you deal with the party establishment, but we also learn Frank is a creative, and determined man!

Frank provides things like “letters to the editor” and correspondence that not only give the reader a behind the scenes look, but also provide great ideas that can be used by anyone trying to get involved and make a difference. And make a difference Frank did. He became quite successful at rallying the troops in his precinct.

This is essential reading, not only for it’s inspiration, but to get a look at the back room dealings that go on, including the selling of endorsements by some Republican groups. I’m sure the democrats do the same, by the way.

Frank also talks about the experience of meeting President George W. Bush, as one of his state’s leaders.

Frank also goes into the nuts and bolts of it all, what worked and what didn’t. This chapter alone is worth the price of the book for anyone who wants to seriously make a difference.

Chapters One and Two are just the warm-up though. In Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere Frank Aquila gives us an incredible behind the scenes look at the 2008 election, the process of selecting Sarah Palin, Sarah on the issues of the day, and much more.

Frank gives us a first-hand look at what it’s like working with the Republican establishment, as well as grass roots groups. He also takes on the communist infiltration of our country, and the democrat party. He takes on the corrupt media and how it has been used to shape the false narratives in support of the democrat party and liberalism. Frank also speaks to the failures of liberalism, and how people’s lives have been negatively affected.

Frank doesn’t complain about all of this evil, he offers up strong insight, and solutions to these problems. He offers up his predictions for 2012 as well.

Reading the book is a joy. I found myself inspired by Frank’s personal story. Here’s a man, like many of us, who was concerned about the situation around him and took time to get involved. His story relates well to any Tea Party member. Frank is living proof that anyone and everyone can make a real difference, if they just get up and do it!

Throughout the book Frank lets us in on the conversations he had with various officials, complete with e-mail exchanges and more. The book is well referenced and well written.

Frankly, if this book was only about Frank Aquila, and had nothing to do with Sarah Palin, I’d recommend everyone read it. It’s that interesting and that inspirational. The story of Sarah Palin from Frank’s unique perspective from within the McCain campaign is icing on the cake.

I strongly recommend Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere. It really is a must read for any patriot who wants to get involved, but isn’t sure how, or if they even matter. As a reader, you will quickly realize that you most certainly do matter. You will be inspired, I guarantee that!

Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere is due in book stores and online at Amazon mid-August. Meanwhile, you can stay up to date by checking out the book’s official website here and following Frank on Twitter.

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Rebirth, Forging, and Breaking Glass

Posted by Ron Devito on November 4, 2009

Never again…

The death of McCain-Palin 2008 was the birth of Sarah 2012…

Defeat can lead to victory; progress may be circuitous, not in a straight line (Hilley, 2008, p. 163)

Her enemies thought they could destroy her…

…with a full-court hostile press, character assassination, hate, and vitriol…

…frivolous ethics complaints, and attempts to break her family asunder….

…they never realized the gift they gave her: Shugyo — severe training…

Press experience, that millions of dollars in consultations and simulations cannot buy.

They forged and tempered her steel….

Executive experience, command experience, financial administration…

…Transformational Leadership, and the ability to withstand any media attack…

…she is laser polished.

She has been summoned and is ready…we wait for her to beckon us home….

The world will tremble beneath her sonic boom…

The last glass ceiling will be smashed from above….

…Followed by a High-G Vertical Climb…because she can…

Excelsior — Ever Upward.


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Governor Palin Waving in Auburn, NY and Ronald Reagan Saluting — Photo Montage by Ron Devito

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F-22 Commencing Vertical Climb

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Sarah Palin and F-15 Montage by Ron Devito

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Governor Sarah Palin at IGHL

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