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SPWB Comment Policy

Readers are encouraged to leave comments on SPIB pages and articles as long as they follow a few simple guidelines.  Comments posted on SPIB are moderated and will be approved or rejected at our discretion.
1.  Intent.  As stated elsewhere on this site, the purpose of all of our SPWB websites is to support Governor Sarah Palin and the conservative values and ideals that she represents.  With that in mind, we will not tolerate hateful rhetoric attacking Governor Palin on this site.  Comments containing such rhetoric will not be approved for posting.
2.  Language.  In keeping with the conservative values held by Governor Palin and our authors, comments that are posted on this site must be civil and lacking in profanity.  At our discretion, portions of comments that are otherwise acceptable but do not meet this standard may be redacted before approval of the rest of the comment for posting.
3.  Content.  Comments should be relevant to the articles or pages on which they are posted.  For example, advertisements and other promotional material will not be posted. 
4.  Disclaimer.  None of the Sarah Palin Web Brigade websites are operated or authorized by Governor Palin or any of her staff.   Therefore, we do not know to what extent they are aware of the content posted here by our authors and readers.  If you need to get information to Governor Palin, you should use the information posted on Governor Palin’s Contact Information page.   Her post office box in Wasilla and the SarahPAC  e-mail address and phone number are probably your best avenues to contact Governor Palin.

15 Responses to “SPWB Comment Policy”

  1. John-Henry Pearcy said

    Governor Sarah Palin,
    I agree with you that he President should be impeached. I have contacted my congressman and the speaker of the house for the past 12 months, but the Speaker of the House does not have the courage to perform his duties to impeach the current President.

    Run for President.

  2. EvelynOrr said

    Dear Sarah

    Just a note to encourage you When anyone is pursecuted as you have been you know you are doing something right. You ae a great young woman and American. Hang in there.

    • Danny Curtis said

      WANNNA SHAKE THINGS UP….. Hey Gov. Nikki Haley….Appoint Sarah Palin to replace DeMint….hee hee hee….that would destroy the Libs…..(no length of residency requirement)



  4. This video was created for the Palins, inspired by the recently released emails. This was the closing for the June 13th radio program on “The Baker Report”

    • Dr. Fay said

      Mrs. Baker, thank you for sharing this inspiring video. Dr. Baker’s reading of the Trig Letter brings it to life. Thank you also for your support of Governor Palin and her family.

      I have shared your video with others via @sarahpalinlinks on Twitter and PalinECoalition on Facebook.

      This video is definitely a MUST WATCH. Thank you again for sharing it with us.

      Have a blessed day. Happy Father’s Day to Dr. Baker!

      Dr. Fay

  5. Dors said

    Type the below in your browser and Obama says with his own mouth he was born in Kenya. I don’t understand what all the flack is about when he SAYS he was born in Kenya. I don’t see how this video could be doctored. I believe it is really Obama talking.

    Obama says with his OWN mouth “My Muslim” faith. Hear it for yourself. Sincerely yours

  6. DEAR Sarah, I have been around a long time, yet cutting firewood working on the farm listening to Rush, not knowing who you were I heard your acceptance speech accepting VP. You blew me away, finally I was excited about a candidate. You are the best and I go back to Truman. Hang in there, I only admire you more each day. Read your book Rogue, you are what America means to me. I have three Honorable Discharges, have had my disagreements as to the countrys direction since Vietnam, we’ve been sold at every step of the way since then. You are our only last hope, we will rally around you, that I promise. Please run while many people still remember America before McNamara etc. You are the best since Goldwater, and Reagan was really good. He(goldwater) was the best. I write my freshman congressman begging him to call the alarm and get some spine, Never going to happen with Republicans, they do not see the threat. 9/12, 2009 on the Mall singing the National Anthen was one of the most special moments of my life, I cried with 1.5 million others. Churchill cried the alarm an no one listened, he was a leader, you can be the next Churchill, period. Guts, something that is rare these days. The women of the GOP have more than there male counterparts. Steve King, new guy in Ga, new guy in Fla, these are a few men I respect, they will rally behind you. Your husband is the best, I admire him as much if not more since he supports you under such horrible conditions you never should have faced. It is hard ball time, this guy living in a barn, unemployed loves this cvountry, seeing it die makes any sacrifice I make trivial. I love Herman Cain and Rubio, good running mates.Listen to the winds not the GOP or NYTImes, and good riddance to John Mccain. sincerely jmbailey

  7. Laura Jane Burkhart said

    Dear Sarah Palin,
    When you and Senator McCain, my family and I deeply appreciated your love, support, and beliefs, in a value system, which was so much like ours…that, for the first time, in probably 20 years…I had extreme hope, in the two candidates.
    Thank you for all that you have done, are doing, and will do, and if you ever need a volunteer in your area…I am glad to help. I owned a Janitorial Service in Montana, and am just a hard working woman. I simply must see this America of mine, come to a better place, and think you may be a very great part.
    I also have been writing my ideas of facebook, and, because I hold views that people on facebook do not possess, even a Christian friend wrote this:
    by Jeff Pagan on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 6:41pm
    Christians ! What are we thinking??? If God’s Word instructs us that it would be better to let ourselves be cheated and defrauded rather than to take a “brother” to court( 1 Cor. 6:7 ) before a worldly judge, how can we even think that it’s ok to argue and backbite and fight with a brother before the WHOLE WORLD on Facebook?? If you have a problem with someone deal with it in private ( Matt 18:5 ) as His Word instructs us, or go find some other “god” ( intentional lack of capitalization) to follow after and shame their name. Please use this media to bring honor and glory to HIS name, not shame. Please quit using this as a tool to spew hatred and strife. All you do is dishonor the name of Christ when you do this. And you never “win” the argument, BUT Satan wins every time!

    If sending messages about a belief that America needs to change…then, what other means do we have to suggest it, better than your facebook website.

    Please, would you have someone, or your yourself, look at what we are doing…and tell me if you think I have made any mistake. Please!

    Thank you for everything!

  8. Deanna trenholm said

    Just had to drop you a note to say how much my husband and I love the Alaska show. So much relates to our life but we are jealous of yours.

    1. we are highschool sweethearts who went on to marry and have 4 kids. (You know,…the “odd-balls who have more than the 2.2 kids” syndrome ;) )
    2. we love the outdoors and showing our kids how lucky they are with everything that is around them.
    3. Find it challenging to deal with the Diva’s of the world but even worse the ones who specify that they think you are different. (City girls :D )

  9. Frank Walker said

    Pro-life is pro-love. Pro-choice is, well, something else. I’m halfway through America By Heart and can feel your love in it. Keep telling the truth. You inspire me. You make me feel good about my faith.

  10. Brian said

    Ms Palin,

    I commend you for your political “incorectness”. You’ll have my vote any day. I guess I don’t need to remind you of this and do not intend any disrespect, but in addition to being smart, you are also a very pretty Lady. Good for you!


    Brian Quinn
    Bay Shore, NY

  11. Dear Mrs. Palin,

    Met you and you signed your book last fall, Thanks again good book.
    Since then this Arizona debunkle should do nothing but strengthen your goals for 2012!! by exponential numbers.
    You know it is obvious of the Democrats goals to stop you. Did you notice there was NO hooplah, mention, etc. for the Muslim Army dude that killed numerous soldiers last year. NOT ONE REFERENCE.

    I got an email with the Az. Killer’s Picture and your name below it!! What Crap is that can you sue them??

    Regards, God Bless you (I think I can still say that – I will check with Congress!!)
    Melvin Leroy Miller
    Father, decorated Viet Vet, International business man, Virginian, Constitutionalist.

  12. tanya sturgill said

    Dear Mrs. Palin,
    I have so enjoyed watching your show, wish there was more! Growing up we were not wealthy, but I always grew up Republican, and as an adult always voted that way, even when I didn’t have money. I have learned so much about you and respect you as a woman in politics, mother and wife! You will always have my respect … just wanted you to know this. Also thank you so much for putting yourself out there for people to see the real you and your family, you have my vote if you decide to run in 2012! Good luck to you and yours, Tanya Sturgill

  13. Steve Gagnon said

    Dear Mrs. Palin,

    I just wanted to drop you a note of support. I think what the Dems are doing in the face of this AZ tragedy is disgusting. Please stand your ground and do not cave to these Marxist morons. I am in your corner and if you need any assistance, I am here.


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