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11 Responses to “SARAH’S INTERNET ARMY”

  1. doug said

    as per sarah palin’s alleged comment ‘I can see Russia from my house’. important to remember that Alaska was once part of Russia (seward’s folly). when an Alaskan looks out their window one can say I can see Russia from my house. as I live in salem Massachusetts I can look out my window and I can say I can see indian land from my house. also there are two islands in the bering strait, one island that is Russian territory is big diomede island. the U S A island is little diomede. both islands are only several miles apart at most. when standing on little diomede island one can see Russia. Russia can also be seen from Alaska by an air inversion (somewhat like a mirage). liberals despise facts. liberals despise science.

  2. Carol Cumbie said

    Sarah, America is calling you. Do you not hear all our crys for you. We have faith in you like no other before. We feel God is guiding you that is why we know you will do right.A brokered convention.We need you to lead. You have what no other politician has. That is honesty and a servant heart. The political elite don’t get why the people like you so much. We like you because you are us,you are on our level. You are the female Reagan was he knew when the politicians wouldn’t work with him all he had to do was talk to the people. The political elite think Bush loss because he said ” Read my lips no more taxes”. It was actually because he felt he was to good to lower himself to talk to the people like Reagan did. If he had gone to the people we would have been okay with raising taxes. He thought he could get by he sure found out the hard way what always worked for Reagan. Sarah you are the female version of Reagan. You are not afraid of them Democrats or republican. We know you will not allow Washington to line their pocket while american have holes in their pocket. Nancy Pelosi increased her wealth by 64%. She and many more need to be investigated and put that money back in the people bank. There needs to be a big investigation on the wrong doings while in power. One thing that needs to surely change is anything they put in effect for Washington also. If that was in now that health care would not go through.

  3. Kinabalu said

    Sarah, you must run for the office. I know for sure just from my few friends that 3 out of 4 will vote for you. We need you to make America great again!

  4. Faith M. Martin said

    Dear Sarah,
    Firstly, I offer my sincere apologies, I was one of the millions bamboozeled by the Obamanation. But that being said, never again.

    I have an idea on healthcare that my local reps, Mitt, and others haven’t even said thank you for, so I’m going to post it here and maybe you will listen and maybe even say thank you.

    First-all states already have a quasi-system in place with our state/county clinics. So here’s what I propose.

    1. Expand this system.

    2. Require our interns to work at least 1 year under a qualified resident at our clinics, paid of course.

    3. Require our physicians to work X-number of hours pro-bono as our lawyers are required to do.

    4. Expand the hours to 12 a day to cover after work hours, currently you aren’t going to get seen unless you are unemployed or work nights.

    5. Charge a co-pay on a sliding scale i.e. 0$ for unemployed, 10$ for underemployed (minimum wage to say 10$ hr. or one job families.), 20$ for lower middle/upper lower class, 30$ for middle class ect.

    6. Include a basic generic and lower tier name brand pharmacy with a sliding scale co-pay on all but generic drugs. Even Walmart has 4$ geneics.

    Sarah, this will have the affect of raising the quality of care at our clinics. It will bring capitalism to our closed healthcare system. It will reduce indigent care at our emergency rooms. It will make quality healthcare available for everyone. The copays for the clinic and pharmacy will help pay for it and the freed up indigent care dollars being used in the emrgency room for kids with colds and minor health problems can then be redirected to public healthcare in general.

    In short everyone wins.

    I am not a politician, but can still see many of the argument to this so here are the answers to:

    1. “We don’t have the facilities”. BULL, there are so many empty government buildings, school, office spaces that there is room.
    2. They don’t have computer connections. BULL they have electricity and had computers before they decided they need new ones.
    3. We will have to refit. Yes but it’s cheaper than a rebuild and let the property go.
    4. ect. ect. ect.

    Thank you for the space, and for possibly considering this.

    Faith M. Martin
    South Carolina

  5. Eric Flavell said

    Dear Sarah,

    Hopefully your screeners will find this important enough to forward to you. You are the one person that could bring this to the forefront to make the changes needed to save this country. We all know that the US government is beholden to the big financial institutions and until we break that hold this country is doomed. I am a small engineering business owner and I have been researching finance for 5 yrs trying to understand what is going on so I can protect my family, friends and associates from what is happening. Rush you have focused on the political side of the issue. I have known that for a long time that this is happening, but didn’t know how we could go about fixing it. I just read the attached article and the author has articulated in detail how to go about fixing this.

    One thing I have figured out is we can never permanently fix the political side of things unless we fix the financial side as well. Until we break the chains of big finance on this country, we can never be free. You are a freedom fighter and you have the ability to move this concept forward. Please consider it.

    Eric Flavell

  6. Jim Kingeryq said


    I doub’t you ever get the chance to read this e-mail, but if you do I would just like to say I think yo’re doing a great job.I will get right to the point. What would be my chances of going on a Moose hunt with you someday. I’ve hunted elk all my life in Colorado and would love to try my luck at a moose. My work here in Colorado is in Law Enforcement and I’m a lieutenant Detective with the local department. I know it’s a long shot to ask if you might have the time to hunt with me but the pleasure would be all mine. Please consider my offer. I’m just a Joe citizen hoping to get a chance to hunt with former senitor of Alaska and one of the best looking hunting partners a guy could ever ask for.

    Jim KIngery

  7. Gloria Miller said

    I voted for McCain because of Sarah Palin. I would love to work for her. She speaks my political language and more! Hey Sarah….need some help?

  8. Sarah Palin’s position on family and ethics is remarkable. When I hear her political enemies go nuts over accusations against them and I watch Sarah respond to her critics with a smile on her face. It is a shame and disgrace when I here our VP use the f… word and other gutter language on tv it lowers the image of the Oval office and VP position. But Sarah, she smiles and responds as opposed to reacting to her critics. I want my grandkids to model Gov. Palin’s manner of being a lady instead of the filthy and trash mouths of Hillary, Nancy, VP Joe and yes even President Obama. Thank God for a Lady of Character (Sarah Palin).

  9. We certainly could use someone like Mrs. Palin with compassion and common sense which some don’t seem to have .

  10. I voted for McCain, Palin, because I had no other choice, and I would like to see a woman as president someday myself, but this isn’t the reason. I want to see Sarah Palin president. It is, THAT WE NEED SARAH PALIN AS OUR PRESIDENT. Sorry I don’t mean to shout but some things need to be said so as knowone has any doubts of ones meaning. Like Washington, was our first, and Lincoln, kept it going Palin, will put it back.

  11. EARL LARSEN said

    I voted for Mcain Palin because I wanted to see a woman president someday. I hope she gets her chance soon. Keep trying, and let me know if I can ever help. A disabled veteran who admires and will support you in any way I can. Good luck.

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