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TRIP TO ISRAEL – February 2011

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

There may be more recent links to news about Governor Palin’s views on Israel on our Latest Palin News page, where they are posted first.


Professor Dershowitz Is Right About Media Matters February 13, 2012

When Sarah Palin and Alan Dershowitz agree

Sarah Palin Comes to Dershowitz’s Defense

Sarah Palin after Fox interview wearing her U.S./Israel flags pin

Why Gov. Palin Stands With Israel

JOEL POLLAK: Why Sarah Palin could be 1st Jewish president

Joel Pollak on Anthony Weiner, Andrew Breitbart, and Why Sarah Palin Could Be the First Jewish President

L’shanah tovah! Happy New Year!
September 28, 2011

The Palin Update with Kevin Scholla: Benyamin Korn, founder of Jews For Sarah

Palin to Obama: Stop ‘poking our allies in the eye’

EARTHQUAKE! Why Obama is losing his Jewish supporters

Why Obama Is Losing the Jewish Vote

Op-Ed: The Palin Doctrine: For Israel?

Why Israel Matters

HILLBUZZ on Jewish Talk Radio: Identity Politics & Sarah Palin

Jewish Tea Party of NY: 1st event this Weds. eve, Staten Island

JewsForSarah responds to HEEB inquiry re Michelle Bachmann

From SarahPac: Sarah Palin photo with silver Star of David

 Atlas Shrugs:  SHOT OF THE DAY

Jews for Palin

Jews becoming commonplace in conservative ‘new media’

OP-ED: Jews becoming commonplace in conservative ‘new media’

Glenn Beck’s Jerusalem rally program unveiled,7340,L-4082351,00.html

Sarah Palin, Friend of Israel

Christian and Jewish Leaders Respond to Obama’s Attack on Israel

Barack Obama’s Disregard for Ally’s Security Begs Clarity Monday, May 23, 2011!/note.php?note_id=10150189806913435

Top Hebrew paper: ‘Palin Slams Obama, Supports Israel’

Palin slams Obama, supports Israel,7340,L-4072339,00.html

This Had to Hurt… Sarah Palin Lectures Obama on His Anti-Israel Plans Too (Video)

FOX News Video:  Sarah Palin’s Take on Israel, 2012

Sarah Palin Slams Obama on Israel, Wants ‘Redneck Woman’ to Be Her Ringtone

‘We, the People, need to rise up and take a stand for Israel’ – Sarah Palin defends PM Netanyahu

Video:  Governor Palin on Justice w Judge Jeanine May 21 2011

Gov. Sarah Palin’s May 21, 2011 Jeanine Pirro interview

JewsForSarah is proud co-chairman of – Israel Day Concert & Rally • Sunday June 5 • Central Park

Gov. Palin ‘Tweets’ Israel Independence Day greeting

Jews for Sarah Palin profiled in Tablet magazine

Jew for Sarah

Palin’s Star of David attacks JewsForSarah, and we respond; plus letters

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Alaska – Chabad Rabbi: Sarah Palin a Great Friend To The Jewish Community

Americans Send 10,000 Roses to Netanyahu Following Mistreatment By Obama 

An Alaskan Woman, the Jewish State

The Bachelor,  A Republican,  The President and A Lawyer Walk Into A Bar (Ilana Angel) 

Benyamin Korn:  Will Obama Repeat Carter’s U.N. Mistake on Israel?

Can’t Have Those Jews Building Houses! 

Caroline Glick jumps on the Sarah Palin bandwagon 

Column One: Sarah Palin’s friendship 

Comcast CEO David Cohen: Sarah Palin could be President 

A Declaration of Jewish Independence, by Jewish Independents 

Defending Sarah Palin Over A Glass of Kool-Aid 

Did Palin Zone Out on Obama and Israel? Nope.  (mixed)

Evangelical faith drives Palin’s pro-Israel view 

Excellent Article: Exclusive: Educating Biden? 

Father, With Israel I’ll Stand! (excellent read)

‘The Gipper’s Gift: A Pro-Israel GOP’

The Growing US-Israel Chasm (See SP quote & WSJ quote at end)

‘Her Heart And Soul Are Wrapped Up In Love Of Israel’: An Interview with the Founder of Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin

Is Barack Obama anti-Semitic?

Is Sarah Palin Jewish?

Is Sarah Palin Jewish? UPDATED

The Israel Friendship Project (WND)\

I Will Bless Those Who Bless You

Jennifer Rubin: Why Jews Hate Palin

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin? (Israel matzav)

Jewish Americans for Sarah Palin (J4P) website

Jews Turn Against Obama

Jews for Sarah Palin debates ex-CEO of Jewish Democrats

Jews for Sarah Palin responds to Dick Morris in Yated Ne’eman

Michelle Obama and Sarah Palin Must Have Lunch Together (Ilana)

MSM, American Jews Look the Other Way As Obama Wages Diplomatic Jihad Against Israel (Pamela Geller)

Nadya Suleman, Sarah Palin, Hatred, Faith & The Bible (Ilana Angel)

New ‘Jews for Sarah Palin’ movement

New ‘Jews for Sarah Palin’ movement: Grassroots group seeking to roil Jewish political waters

Obama’s Pressure on Israel Spurs a Jewish Group for Sarah Palin

On Israel, Jerusalem, Palin is far wiser than Obama

Op-Ed: Palin’s policies reflect Americans’ spirit on Israel (Benyahmin Korn)

Our Shabbat with Sarah Palin

Palin: “Next year in Jerusalem”

Palin and Jews

Palin Bill Signing

The Palin conundrum (Jerusalem Post)

Palin: Media reporting only one side of the Israeli Flotilla incident

Palin joins other GOP prospects in slamming Obama on Israel

Palin Meets with Israeli Ambassador

Palin: Obama Wrong on Israeli, Afghan Policy

Palin on Ahmadinejad: ‘He Must Be Stopped’

Palin: ‘Only Flag in My Office’ Is Israeli

The Palin Puzzle (Mixed)

Palin rips Obama on Israel (Israel Matzav)

Palin: ‘Second Holocaust’ if Iran gains nuclear weapons


Palin to Obama: Hit reset button with Israel (Jewish Telegraphic Agency)

Palin Warns American Reaction to Israel Only Serves to Aid Iran (Yeshiva World News)

Rabbi: Palin a Staunch Friend of Jews

The Rules of Dating When You Write a Blog (Ilana)


Sarah Palin and Israel

Sarah Palin: An Unexpected Encounter

Sarah Palin Celebrates Shabbat And Offers Echoes of Esther

Sarah Palin defends U.S. aid to Israel on Fox w/ Judge Jeanine

Sarah Palin: Happy Hannukah

Sarah Palin:  Happy Hannukah (Facebook)

Sarah Palin, Iran, al Qaeda and Israel

Sarah Palin, JFK and the wisdom of Rabbi Gamaliel

Sarah Palin mesmerizes Israeli filmmaker,7340,L-3591532,00.html

Sarah Palin: Needed: A Reset with Israel

Sarah Palin: Obama Embraces Iran, Cuba, Sudan, North Korea & Burma… Attacks Israel

Sarah Palin on Israel (w/vid)

Sarah Palin: Peace Not Possible if Iran Escapes Real Sanctions

Sarah Palin Rips Obama on Israel (Seraphic Secret)

Sarah Palin Takes Aim At Obama On Israel..

Sarah Palin tells AIPAC she’s pro-Israel

Sarah Palin To Barack Obama: Israel Is Our Friend Not Our Enemy Pal

Sarah Palin watch: She looks trim, fit — and brimming with energy and plans

Shabbat Shalom — Sarah Palin & Shimon Peres

Some Reactions to Governor Palin’s Statement on Israel; UPDATED

Shut Up About Sarah Palin Already. Seriously. Enough. | Keeping the Faith | Jewish Journal

The speech Palin never gave: Ahmadinejad dreams of Final Solution

Tammy Bruce on Palin, the Jews, and McCain

Video: Sarah Palin: Obama Wrong on Israel

We Are All Bibi Netanyahu Now (must read)

What Does Sarah Palin Read Her Daughter From the Bible?

What Does Sarah Palin Read Her Daughter From the Bible?

Who Are the Jews Behind Palin in 2012?

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