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Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the GOP’s Newest Star,2933,288722,00.html 


American Achiever of 2014: Sarah Palin

Another Palin first 

Armed and dangerous, Sarah Palin fires up crowds on both sides (Andrew Malcolm)

Army of Sarahs? (How Palin’s Legacy Might Be Future Female Stars)

Atlantan Created Palin’s Defense Fund

Awesome Aerial Photos of “Showdown in Searchlight”

Barbara Walters Reveals Her 2010 Picks for ‘Most Fascinating People’,,

Barbara Walters Presents: The 10 Most Fascinating People of 2009

Beck, Palin, Faith, Hope, and Charity Hundreds of thousands rally in Washington

Chambliss: Palin ‘allowed us to peak’

Chance Of A Lifetime: Dinner With Sarah Palin 

Choosing The Stars”: Governor Palin’s Speech At The Reagan 100 Freedom Dinner 

CNN Lowballs Nevada Tea Party Event: ‘Hundreds of People, at Least Dozens of People’; Politico Reports 20,000

The Competing Narratives of Barry and Sarah 

Consolidate this: Palin uniting 6 utility companies 

Conventional wisdom cannot explain Palin 

Cover Photo for Sarah Palin Memoir Was Last-Minute Choice 

CPAC 2012: Sarah Palin, motivator-in-chief

Custom motorcycles, Paul Senior and Palin

Daniel Hannan and Sarah Palin Rock CPAC — and Romney Wins Meaningless Straw Poll (Rush Limbaugh)

David Letterman’s Double Standard (Meghan McCain)

D.C.’s most exclusive club: Obama, Palin and no reporters

Devoted Volunteers Build Foundation for Palin in Iowa

Does a Palin Endorsement Matter? You Betcha!

Don’t Step on Her Blue Suede Shoes: Gov. Sarah Palin Rockin’ & Rollin’ in Tupelo

Draft Palin Effort Begins In A Denny’s In West Haven

The Eagle Has Landed… SARAH PALIN Arrives in Israel – Visits Wailing Wall

Election result: Sarah Palin’s ‘Fire Nancy Pelosi’ Tea Party wish comes true

Engaging the Culture: Palin Rocks SNL’s 40th Anniversary

The Essence of Sarah Palin’s Message for 2014

Esquire Reveals What Prepared Todd Palin for His Wife’s 2008 Vice-presidential Run

Excerpts of Sarah Palin’s Speech to Investors in Hong Kong

Exclusive: Sarah Palin Visits Eureka College (w/video of interview)

Exclusive Story: Sarah Palin at the Indiana Right to Life Banquet

Exclusive Video: Sarah Palin Interview With The Brody File (with transcript)

The Faith of Sarah Palin

Fan pays $63,500 for dinner with Palin

FEC dismisses complaint over Palin clothing


The Female Force Series: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton & Gov Sarah Palin

Fighting For Life Not Above Palin’s Pay Grade

First Draft of Her Story: Sarah Palin Announces What a Future Presidential Campaign May Look Like

The ‘First Dude’ in his element

5,000 Greet Sarah Palin at University of the Ozarks

Flashback: What Does Sarah Palin Read Her Daughter From the Bible?

Franklin & Billy Graham Meet with Sarah Palin

Fred Malek, Sarah Palin and the Case for Loyalty

Friends, foes cash in on Palin

Frustrated, Palin to quit oil panel job

Glenn Reynolds: Nashville Shows Tea Party Is America’s Third Great Awakening–83762647.html

‘God knew what he was doing when he blessed us with Trig’: Sarah Palin’s touching account of living with a son with Down’s syndrome

God’s gift to Sarah Palin

Going Rogue, An American Life, Is An American Treasure

‘Going Rogue’ by Sarah Palin Is #1 on NYT Best Seller List for Nonfiction Titles

Going Rogue: Highlights From the First Week; Updated: Going Rogue Officially a Best-Seller

‘Going Rogue’ Palin trumps best sellers in first week

Good job Gov. Palin. (RedState – good read)

GOP leaders assert anti-abortion stance – Palin, Steele speak at Right to Life banquet

Governor Announces Alaska’s Exports Remain Strong Alaska’s 2008 exports at $3.6 billion

Governor Palin Leads The Opposition To Obama

Governor Palin’s Press Release and Photo Archive

Governor Palin Will Be Official Ambassador for Special Needs Ministry

Governor Palin’s Appearance on “Hannity” at the Iowa State Fair on August 12, 2011 (Posted on August 12, 2012)

Governor Palin’s Speech at the “Restoring America” Tea Party of America Rally in Indianola, Iowa (Video and Transcript) Posted on September 04, 2011

Governor Sarah Palin address 16th CLSA Investors’ Forum

Gov Palin Called It: Obama Loans $10 billion & Soros Invests $811 Million In Petrobas

Gov. Sarah Palin ~ Conservative of the Year

Gov. Sarah Palin:  Star Power

Guess who’s coming to Israel for Purim

Guts and grace (WORLD Magazine’s Lynn Vincent Chosen as Collaborator on Sarah Palin’s Book)

Highlights From Gov. Palin’s Lincoln Dinner Speech

Holy Moly Is Right: Palin on American Chopper

How does Sarah Palin connect so well with her crowds? (Andrew Malcolm)

How John McCain came to pick Sarah Palin by Jane Mayer

How Palin Beat Alaska’s Establishment

How Sarah Palin Works  (info but some spin)

‘Huge Win’ for Palin Publisher vs. Gawker

I’M A RUNNER: SARAH PALIN,7120,s6-243-410–13221-1-1X2X3X4-5,00.html


India Today videos of Sarah Palin’s speech

In Elvis’ birthplace, Palin wears blue suede shoes

Iron Todd Palin

It’s Her Party: The Brilliance of Sarah Palin ( – Mixed),8599,1963564,00.html?xid=rss-fullnation-yahoo

iVillage Woman of the Week: Sarah Palin

Jim DeMint, Sarah Palin, Dick Armey and the TEA Party conservatives are in the driver’s seat and THEY have the keys to the bus.

The Joan of Arc of Alaska politics

John Ziegler’s Review of Going Rogue

Last Night’s Real Winner – Sarah Palin 

LIVE—- SARAH PALIN SPEECH IN INDIA (Video) …Update: Sarah Palin Says – “It’s Time A Woman Became President of the United States”

A Mama Grizzly Dines on Dems.

Margaret Thatcher And Sarah Palin-More Alike Than One Thinks

McCain has only kind words for Palin

McCain picks Sarah Palin as VP nominee

McCain taps Alaska Gov. Palin as vice president pick

McCain vetter: Palin nailed interview

Mika Brzezinski: Media Elite wanted to “Bring Palin Down”

The Most Popular Governor

My Vision of America (transcript)

News: Governor Sarah Palin Visits Task Force Arctic Eagle Soldiers in Kosovo

Night of the Grizzly (Updated)

NY Sun:  Checking Out Sarah Palin

Obama puts heat on Palin as she boosts GOP ticket

Obama Urges Compromise on Abortion; Palin Slams Notre Dame

On her new Twitter page, Sarah Palin offers a more personal look

Only Palin’s Stylist Knows for Sure

Oprah and Sarah

Out of Alaska

Our view: Abuse of ethics complaints turns good law into bad politics

Out of Alaska, Palin’s star shines

Outsider: Where Is Sarah Palin Going Next (TIME),8599,1909442,00.html?

Palin: A ‘breath of fresh air ’

Palin Acceptance Speech Draws 37M Viewers Utterly Outshines Biden

Palin a hit at tea party rally in Madison

Palin already a best-seller

Palin and the Culture of Liberty

Palin book tour takes her to Idaho city of birth (Sandpoint)

Palin Brings Conservatives to Their Feet at SRLC


Palin celebrates Alaska’s 50th anniversary at home of William Seward in upstate NY,0,3917650.story

Palin center of attention at big GOP dinner

Palin, Clinton Comics Fly Off Shelves

Palin Closes Out CPAC Slamming Obama Economics: “His plan isn’t winning the future, it’s losing the country.” (w/video)

Palin cover released


Palin dinner brings in $63,500 for charity

Palin donates jacket from Going Rogue to benefit military

Palin donates royalties to Fort Hood families (w/slideshow)

Palin draws more than 37 million viewers

Palin emerges as Facebook phenom

Palin Emerges with Even More Clout

Palin encourages ‘culture of life’ at pro-life charity banquet

Palin Energy Plan Receives High Praise

Palinettes lead Republican revival

Sarah Palin faces off with William Shatner in surprise ‘Tonight Show’ gag (w/vid and pic)

Palin gave a “stirring speech on 2nd Amendment rights” last night in Anchorage at NRA dinner

Palin gets as close to Washington insiders as Alaska is to, well, Russia

Palin Goes After Obama at Tea Party Convention (FOX News)

Palin greeted by 20,000 enthusiastic supporters

Palin has active Web following

Palin Hauls in Nearly $500k In Just Over a Month (TIME)

Palin hits Big Apple

Palin in Time 100

Palinism is Reaganism

Palin joins nation’s elite at exclusive dinner

Palin keeps her powder dry

Palin lives model life on the Last Frontier

Palin Makes Dems Cry “Uncle” On Death Panels

Palin meets Down syndrome parents

Palin Meets with Israeli Ambassador

Palin memoir shoots up best-seller lists (ADN)

Palin mentor: “She has that magic”

The Palin Movement By the Numbers – Can You Feel the Power?

Palin, not even in the race, draws double the size crowd as Romney

Palin/Obama: A Tale of Two Books

Palin on China : The former vice presidential candidate understands Beijing better than the Obama Administration does

Palin on Reagan: He was ‘America’s lifeguard’ By Sarah Palin 

Palin on stimulus

Palin, others awarded at College of the Ozarks–others-awarded-at-College-of-the-Ozarks

Palin participates in Turkey Trot (w/ photo galleries)

Palin Passes on D.C. Dinner; ‘Chooses Life’ Instead

Palin picks evangelical magazine editor to collaborate on memoir

Palin Power in Action

Palin Rails Against ‘Crony Capitalism’ and ‘Career Politicians’

Palin Rallies Tea Party Activists in Reid’s Nevada Hometown (NYT)

Palin Reduces Budget By Nearly A Half Billion Dollars

Palin related to Princess Di, FDR

Palin Releases Video Highlighting Iowa Trip

Palin Responds to ‘Run, Sarah, Run’ [on Reagan’s Birthday]

Palin’s Advocacy: The Turning Point in Health Care Reform Debate

Palin ’s biggest opponent: media bias

Palin’s book already a best-seller before release

Palin’s book sells 700,000 copies (first week)

Palin’s book shoots to No. 1

Palin’s bull’s-eye in the Big Easy

Palin’s deal crafted by book agent to the political stars

Palin Sends Postmaster General Letter Expressing Concern Over Rate Increases

Palin sets up defense fund

Palin’s Got (Ground) Game

Palin shines brightest at CPAC

Palin show is top TLC program

Palin’s Iditarod

Palin signs book deal with HarperCollins\

Palin’s No Bumpkin

Palin’s online army marches on

Palin’s PAC gets $732K, former SF mayor says she’s a genius

Palin’s Passion and Faith

The Palin Patch

Palin Speaks As Thousands Gather For Madison Rallies

Palin speaks at gun collectors’ function

Palin speaks at Fairbanks (Lincoln Day) dinner

Palin Speaks to Investors in Hong Kong

Palin draws more than 37 million viewers

Palin has active Web following

Palin Shines Through the Rain

Palin’s People Power

Palin’s picnics begin today

Palin’s Prayer: Former Alaska governor gives religious testimony

Palin’s Speech on Children with Special Needs (Pittsburgh)

Palin still a draw for hometown, Alaska

Palin storms the Iowa State Fair

Palin To Obama: “You Bow And Kowtow To Our Enemies And Snub Our Allies”

Palin’s Turning Point

Palin supporters make a formidable army on the Internet

Palin’s word-coining gets double honours

Palin takes on Obama

Palin takes stage to wild cheers

Palin taking her book tour through battleground states

Palin Talks God And State With Graham Group

Palin to feds: Alaska is sovereign state

Palin to GOP: ‘Gipper Smiling Down on Us’

Palin to run in Red Cross Turkey Trot at Kennewick

The Palin trust fund: the rest of the story

Palin up, Obama down

Palin urges less government, lower taxes at Boston Common Tea Party rally (video)

Palin Urges Obama To Veto Current Stimulus

Palin visits aircraft carrier during Northern Edge (photo gallery)

Palin Visits Flood Devastated Communitiies

Palin visits Reagan Boyhood Home

Palin visits troops in Kosovo

Palin v. ObamaCare

Palin welcomes TV chopper group

Palin: We Won’t ‘Sell Our Birthright’ for Federal $

Palin Wins (WSJ)

Palin wows the crowd

Palin Wows Wisconsin Tea Partiers With Blistering Speech; To Obama: ‘You Ignored Us in 2010, You Cannot Ignore Us in 2012′

Panicked Over Palin (Bill Kristol)

Pastor Mark Arnold talks with Todd & Sarah Palin

Poll: Palin Most Desirable Celeb Neighbor

The power of a Facebook post by Sarah Palin

Pro-Life Sarah Palin: Not Just Talking the Talk but Actually Walking The Walk

Rabbi: Palin a Staunch Friend of Jews

The Reagan/Palin model for leadership

Reflections On The Day Gov. Palin Changed The Nation

Reformer Palin Takes On Political Machine Again

Reporter: ‘We Took Sides, Straight and Simple’ Against Palin

RETURN OF SARAH PALIN (Bill O’Reilly),2933,478525,00.html

Review: Ziegler’s ‘Media Malpractice’ an Absolute Must-see

Rick Joyner says God endorses Sarah Palin for President

Root Causes:  In Iowa, Sarah Palin Lays Out a Governing Philosophy that Should Worry Both Sides of the Aisle

Roses for Sarah

Rush Limbaugh: Sarah Palin Saves “Today”

Rush Limbaugh: “Sarah Palin’s Future Is Bright”

Sarah and Todd Palin: The Entire Interview and Alaskan Journey (Gretawire)

Sarah ‘Barracuda’ Palin and the Piranhas of the Press

Sarah of Liberty

Sarah Palin 2016: 7 Key Political Positions of GOP Presidential Hopeful

Sarah Palin: America’s Last Great Hope?

Sarah Palin: Anchorage Republican Lincoln Dinner

Sarah Palin – Barney Frank smackdown: Lots of laughs, no low blows

Sarah Palin and Princess Di (Genealogy Chart)

Sarah Palin and The Brody File One-On-One at Iowa State Fair

Sarah Palin and the Miss America Scholarship Fund

Sarah Palin: A New Kind of Leader

Sarah Palin (Ann Coulter)

Sarah Palin approves of this Twitter page

Sarah Palin: A Star Is Born in the GOP

Sarah Palin at CPAC: It is her Party

Sarah Palin Attacks the Political Class, Crony Capitalism at Tea Party of America Rally in Iowa

Sarah Palin Backs Miss California– Rips “Liberal Onslaught”

Sarah Palin begins to Twitter

Sarah Palin boosts Fox News ratings 4 ‘Hannity,’ ‘O’Reilly Factor’–she visits Greta Van Susteren Monday


Sarah Palin co-hosts NBC’s ‘Today,’ pokes fun of  herself by reading newspapers, writing notes on hand

Sarah Palin, Comic Book Hero

Sarah Palin: Conservative of the Year
by Ann Coulter

Sarah Palin coy about 2012 run, but door is open

Sarah Palin Declares her Independence (Gary Jackson)

Sarah Palin Defends Miss Calif. Prejean

Sarah Palin Defense Fund Up and Running

Sarah Palin Defines the Health Care Debate

Sarah Palin Delivers Fiery Speech in Wisconsin

Sarah Palin dines with Billy Graham

Sarah Palin dines with Israel’s Netanyahu

Sarah Palin Dominates the Blogosphere

Sarah Palin Discusses Trig Decision: She Had to ‘Walk the Walk’

Sarah Palin does the Turkey Trot, helps raise a record $45,000 for charity in Washington state

Sarah Palin Dominates the Blogosphere

Sarah Palin Dominates Google’s Year-End Zeitgeist

Sarah Palin Draws Crowd of 60,000 at The Villages

Sarah Palin: Dumb like a fox

The Sarah Palin Effect (SRLC ‘10)

Sarah Palin 14…Ankle Biters O

Sarah Palin does the Turkey Trot, helps raise a record $45,000 for charity in Washington state

Sarah Palin draws crowd of thousands at Tea Party rally in Boston

Sarah Palin Endorsements Deliver Power Punch

Sarah Palin Generates High Ratings for ‘Oprah’ 

Sarah Palin Gives Sean Hannity Her Debt Solution: ‘Cut The Crap And Balance’

Sarah Palin hands over power in Alaska,0,970489.story

Sarah Palin Has Book Deal

Sarah Palin heroine in new children’s book

Sarah Palin immortalized as comic book character

Sarah Palin is a nice enough person, but…” (Randy Evans)

Sarah Palin is not a Racist!

Sarah Palin is “some dummy”

Sarah Palin is the Most Powerful Female Politician in the World

Sarah Palin: I Want to Play a Major Role in National Politics, ‘If People Will Have Me’

Sarah Palin Joins Rudy Giuliani At Yankees Game

Sarah Palin Lays Out Economic Plan in Iowa, Silent on 2012 Bid [VIDEO]

Sarah Palin Lexicon

Sarah Palin: Libertarian of the Year 2008

Sarah Palin lives what she preaches, and that’s a good thing..

Sarah Palin makes surprise stop at Eureka College

Sarah Palin: ‘Never Apologize For Our Country!’

Sarah Palin not under FBI investigation, agency spokesman says,0,7018263.story

Sarah Palin: Obama’s Nobel Speech Echoed “Going Rogue”

Sarah Palin: Our “Queen Esther” for VP (June 6, 2008)

Sarah Palin Overshadows GOP Debate?

Sarah Palin “present day Esther? by Mark Arnold

Sarah Palin presented Great American award

Sarah Palin Proves She’s No George Bush

Sarah Palin:  Recent Decisions Inside the Beltway Are Not in Nation’s Best Interests

Sarah Palin redraws the electoral map: “The 2012 election starts here” in Madison, WI

Sarah Palin Rocks CPAC Crowd

Sarah Palin rocks Madison

Sarah Palin Rocks New Orleans!

Sarah Palin runs unannounced in Iowa half-marathon | Iowa Caucuses

Sarah Palin’s a Brainiac, by Elaine Lafferty

Sarah Palin’s Address at the Special Olympics

Sarah Palin’s Alaska – Newly Discovered Oil Reserve: Equivalent To 30% World’s Supply 83 Billion Barrels

Sarah Palin’s Ancestry: Solid New England: Vice Presidential Candidate Has Multiple Mayflower Lineages

Sarah Palin Says Daughter Bristol ‘Doing Just Great’,,20265779,00.htm

Sarah Palin’s book is bestseller before going on sale (Reuters)

Sarah Palin’s Charisma

SARAH PALIN: Selects Washington Speakers Bureau for Exclusive Representation

Sarah Palin’s “Going Rogue” sells 300,000 on first day

Sarah Palin’s guest stint on SNL proved beneficial

Sarah Palin memoir tops US bestseller chart (BBC News)

Sarah Palin: One of 2009’s Most Fascinating People (Airs Dec 9)

Sarah Palin rocks Iowa: ‘The status quo is no longer an option’

Sarah Palin rolls into Washington on a Harley

Sarah Palin speaks to crowd of 16000 at Freedom Hall

Sarah Palin Skips Big DC Event for Pro-Life Fundraiser

Sarah Palin’s plug interview for ‘Going Rogue’ wins ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ best ratings since 2007

Sarah Palin’s Son Track Stars in Iraq

Sarah Palin’s Southern California Getaway

Sarah Palin’s speech keeps delegates spellbound at India Today Conclave 2011

Sarah Palin Supporters Meet Online to Discuss Life After Her Decision

Sarah Palin swarmed at first bus tour stop (Willow wasn’t there)

Sarah Palin #24, Hillary Clinton #34 On “World’s Most Beautiful Politicians” Survey

Sarah Palin on the Issues

Sarah Palin: Runner-Up for Time’s Person of the Year,31682,1861543_1865103_1865106,00.html

Sarah Palin Runs Surprise Half Marathon

Sarah Palin Saves “Today”

*Sarah Palin’s CPAC Keynote: ‘Time To Drain The Jacuzzi And Throw The Bums Out With The Bathwater’

Sarah Palin Searchlight Nevada Speech Video: Not a Time to Retreat. Time to Reload

Sarah Palin speaks to crowd of 16000 at Freedom Hall

Sarah Palin sports Star of David necklace during Israel trip

Sarah Palin’s ‘Take Back the 20’ PAC scores a bull’s-eye

Sarah Palin Steps Into Wisconsin, Points to Left Field, and Hits a Grand Slam

Sarah Palin strikes back at Journolist’s ’sick puppies’

Sarah Palin stuns the Ohio Right to Life fundraisers

Sarah Palin takes center stage again today (Andrew Malcolm)

Sarah Palin takes her bus to Iowa; Oh look, it’s the Ames Straw Poll weekend  (Andrew Malcolm)

Sarah Palin Thanks America’s ‘Giants,’ Large And Small, At Restoring Honor Rally

Sarah Palin To Appear On American Chopper

Sarah Palin to GOP: ‘Fight like a girl’

Sarah Palin to Tea Party Convention: ‘This is about the people’

Sarah Palin visits Ronald Reagan’s boyhood home,0,4873138.story

Sarah Palin visits Western Wall,7340,L-4045160,00.html

Sarah Palin was the star at Tea Party b Showdown at Searchlight

Sarah Palin Wins the Ames Corn Kernel Poll (7th paragraph from bottom)

Seeing Chukchi

She’s baaack! Sarah Palin launches her next political journey at a Tennessee Tea Party (with Andrew Malcolm’s special sense of humor)

SHOOTIN’ TOOL (Alaska Ear)

Smithsonian 100 Most Significant Americans: Sarah Palin 

‘SNL’ Producer: Sarah Palin ‘Most Confident Person I’ve Ever Met’

A star is born
The country ‘fell in love with Sarah Palin tonight’

State Republicans like McCain’s ‘bold’ pick – Palin expected to bring ‘buzz’ to GOP convention

Surprise! George Soros Behind Ethics Complaint Against Governor Sarah Palin

Team Sarah’s GOTV (Get Out The Viewers) campaign for ‘The Undefeated’

Tea Party With Sarah Palin: Scenes from the Showdown in Searchlight, Nevada (great pics)

That Sarah Palin Video: Beware of the Mama Grizzlies (TIME),8599,2002932,00.html#ixzz0tI5I4XYQ

+30,000 Express Support for Gov. Palin (Thanksgiving Day Petition)

The TIME 100: Sarah Palin by Ann Coulter,8599,1895349,00.html


Todd Palin To Fill In For Sarah At DC Dinner

Top 10 Reasons to Hate Sarah Palin

TRENDING: Palin swarmed at Iowa State Fair

Two thousand brave cold, snow for Palin book signing in Fairfax

2009 April Environment & Climate News: Palin Energy Plan Wins High Praise

The 2009 TIME 100 Finalists: Sarah Palin,28804,1883644_1883653_1883949,00.html

The 2010 TIME 100:  Sarah Palin,28804,1984685_1984864_1984871,00.html

Vetting Sarah Palin—The Assignment of a Lifetime

Video: Film Director Steven Bannon Discusses Sarah Palin and ‘The Undefeated’

Virtue and Sarah Palin

Walmart and Amazon in book price war

Washington Speakers Bureau:  Sarah Palin

Welcome Back, Dad (by Michael Reagan)

What Sarah Palin Said in Her Hong Kong Speech (TIME)…/article/0,8599,1925657,00.html

What Sarah Palin told Republicans — full video (Andrew Malcom)

When McCain picked Palin, liberal journalists coordinated the best line of attack

Who Are the World’s Most Influential People in 2009,28757,1883644,00.html/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1883644_1883653_1883949,00.html

Who is Sarah Palin?

Why her popularity is undimmed (Marjorie Dannenfelser)

Why I Love the Guv

Why I’m Bullish on Sarah Palin s Prospects

Why Is The Left Afraid Of Sarah Palin? (John Hawkins)

Why I support Palin (and no, it’s not just to get on Michael’s nerves)

Why Palin Quit

Why Sarah Palin Is So Freaking Awesome Reason #24: Track!

Why Sarah Palin Scares Democrats

Why Sarah Palin Should Not Leave The Room

Will Palin Run?  She Already Is

With Palin, NBC’s ‘Today’ show widens gap over ABC’s ‘GMA’ despite challenge from Couric

World’s Most Powerful Women:  Sarah Palin

The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women




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