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Archive for the ‘twitter’ Category

Matt Lewis: Palin’s bus tour causes media bickering on Twitter

Posted by joshpainter on June 1, 2011

– by Josh Painter
The DC’s Matt Lewis observes that Gov. Palin has some members of the media in a flame war on Twitter:

“I want them [the mainstream media] have to do a little bit of work on a tour like this,” Palin told CNN. This morning, she fooled some of them, leaving her bus behind as a decoy. Reporters have resorted to chasing her bus. All of this confusion seems to have gotten to the press who, understandably, are trying to get the story and do their jobs.

Now, some of the media frustration is playing out on Twitter.

Some journalists believe Palin is behaving like a celebrity, and that covering her may be beneath them.

Liberal scribes from three left wing publications — Garance Franke-Ruta of The Atlantic and Politico’s Ben Smith, with The Washington Post’s token “conservative” Jennifer Rubin predictably crossing the aisle to side with them against Sarah Palin — seem to have taken that position, but CNN’s Peter Hamby, to his credit, is calling them on it.

Dave Burge, of Iowahawk fame, has a knack for boiling things down to one often deliciously sarcastic sentence, as he demonstrated by tweeting:

“Breaking: bus containing irrelevant laughing woman chased by angry camera-wielding zombie army of the undead”

Big Hollywood editor John Nolte added this tweet:

“What did you think, MSM? you could accuse Palin of mass murder, weaponize her kids against her & then get a ride on the bus?”

It is nothing short of hilarious watching some of the same DNC stenographers journalists who have thrashed Gov. Palin and her family for the better part of three years now making complete fools out of themselves. None more so than NY Times political blogger Michael Shear, who has his undies all tied up in knots.

Did she set them up? As the Grateful Dead used to sing, “like a bowling pin.”

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Palin: Pray for Joplin, MO

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on May 23, 2011

While most of us on the east coast were sleeping, Sarah Palin tweeted the following message:

Pls pray for victims & assist however you can as Joplin, MO is devastated by violent tornado’s direct hit. MT@Drudge

I’ll add the following: Find a charity you can support and please do so with your time and/or donations. Our fellow American citizens desperately need our help. ~Jackie~

Cross posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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Analysis: Gov. Palin Growing 10X Faster Than Rivals on Social Media

Posted by joshpainter on May 2, 2011

by Josh Painter
Mark Malseed and Alex Salta at OhMyGov! want to know, “Can anyone or anything stop the social media juggernaut that is Sarah Palin?”

An analysis by OhMyGov of social media activity during the early stages of the 2012 campaign reveals that Palin can do no wrong when it comes to Facebook and Twitter. Palin’s social media fan growth so far in 2011 outshines that of any other GOP contender, declared or rumored, in many cases by a factor of 10. And she doesn’t need to be part of the day’s big story to experience continued rapid growth.

The former Alaska governor has gained momentum in a number of unexpected situations. Palin attracted more news coverage than both Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty in the days following their announcements of presidential exploratory committees, as OhMyGov reported yesterday, even as her own presidential intentions remain unclear. Palin also drew more new social media followers than Rep. Gabrielle Giffords in the aftermath of the assassination attempt in Tucson that left Giffords critically wounded. And Palin saw her biggest spike in new Facebook fans — or “Likes” of her page — around the time of President Obama’s State of the Union speech, which she provocatively criticized as being full of “WTF moments.”

Anytime Palin becomes part of a news story, whether deliberately or unwittingly, our analysis shows, she benefits handsomely on social media. With a commanding advantage in Facebook fans over all her potential GOP primary opponents — and a strong showing on Twitter as well — Palin wields a lot of influence in the campaign whether she enters the race or not.


After keeping a respectful silence in the first days following the Tucson attacks, Palin made her first public statement via a video message released on January 12, resulting in a slew of traditional media coverage and social media activity.

In the 24 hours after accusing the mainstream media of “blood libel” in her video statement, Palin picked up another 3,021 Twitter followers and a staggering 15,068 new Facebook fans. Within a week of her remarks Palin netted roughly 9,000 new Twitter followers, proving once again that in politics there is no such thing as bad publicity.


Gov. Palin’s social media presence is remarkably strong, the authors note, pointing out that the 150,000 Facebook fans Gov. Palin picked up during just the weeks of the State of the Union and her India trip are more than most politicians, government agencies and many in the GOP presidential field can claim in total fans.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Sarah calls the shot: Bernake in the side pocket

Posted by joshpainter on April 30, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Like good chess players, those accomplished at the games of billiards and politics are always thinking several moves ahead. That includes not only the player’s own moves, but those of his or her opponents as well. Is that what Sarah Palin was doing Wednesday when she tweeted

“Media: admit it, Trump forced the issue. Now, don’t let the WH distract you w/the birth crt from what Bernanke says today. Stay focused, eh?”

Before you answer that question, consider this item published Thursday by The DC’s Matthew Boyle:

“…indirectly, Obama is benefiting from giving in to Trump as the mainstream media’s focus isn’t on the major story lines that would usually dominate the headlines, like the Federal Reserve press conference, unfavorable economic numbers and all-time-lows for Obama in polling results.”


Former deputy White House press secretary Scott Stanzel told The Daily Caller that the document’s release and Obama’s appearance in the White House briefing room to talk about it only elevated the story. His appearance on Oprah shortly thereafter made the story even bigger, and then he joked about the conspiracy theory at 2012 campaign fundraisers Wednesday night.

“President Obama said he’d made this decision a couple weeks ago,” Stanzel said. “I don’t understand why it takes two weeks to produce the document. In my view, the White House generally doesn’t try to release news in a haphazard way. Having the president of the United States show up in the press briefing room like this, they had to know it would be front page news.”

New York Times pollster Nate Silver said, too, that the White House probably isn’t complaining about the boom in birther coverage since it has shielded Obama from other, more important issues. “Lots of mediocre polling and economic numbers for Obama today,” Silver tweeted. “I don’t think he’d protest if media devoted another 72 hrs to birther crap.”

If that was the White House strategy, it appears to be working. A quick sweep of the front-page headlines of major U.S. newspapers Thursday revealed little coverage of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s first-ever press conference. Also, the birth certificate release topped the Fed presser in many newspapers that gave front-page attention to it.

Sarah called Obama’s shot: Bernake in the side pocket while all eyes were on the shiny birth certificate object. And the media, despite Gov. Palin’s admonition not to allow themselves to be distracted, went for the shiny object.

Never get into a game of pocket billiards with Gov. Palin. She will clean your clock.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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John Nolte: How Trig’s Crew used Twitter to declare children off-limits

Posted by joshpainter on April 25, 2011

– by Josh Painter
While it’s been an unwritten rule of political combat for decades that the very young among the offspring of politicians should not be attacked, some hate sites on the far left of the blogosphere think rules are for everyone but themselves. But a coalition of concerned Twitter users which sprang up literally overnight in the whirlwind after Wonkette’s demeaning attacks on Sarah Palin’s 3-year old son Trig, seems to have found a way to put some teeth into that unwritten rule. Using the #TrigsCrew hash tag, they tweeted Wonkette’s advertisers to make them aware that ads for their products and services were being displayed on the leftist hate site right alongside debasing slurs against a helpless toddler afflicted with Down Syndrome.

Big Hollywood Editor-In-Chief John Nolte, in his commentary for sister blog Big Journalism, opines that Trig’s Crew “might represent the most potent example of the power of online activism we’ve seen yet.”

Best of all, and contrary to Andrew Sullivan feeling all “queasy,” this was not a “Palinista” uprising. (Heads up: When it comes to Trig Palin, Sullivan is nothing more than Wonkette with professorial elbow patches.) Decent people of all political stripes, including some in the media, put partisan politics aside over this — and it was a beautiful thing to behold. Better still, organized under their hash tag, a group of citizen activists discovered the small “d” democratic wonder of Twitter and effectively learned how to politely, firmly, and publicly fight for something they believed in.

Personally, I’m not a boycott person, but that’s my right. Others have a right to boycott, and brother, did Trig’s Crew put on a boycott. All on their own, they organized a list of Wonkette advertisers, tweeted them directly with a request that they pull their ads, and kept track of those who did and didn’t. Within hours, it was obvious a tidal wave was brewing and by the next day it was just as obvious that it had hit. As of this writing, over 30 advertisers [forty-six, as of this Monday morning – JP] agreed with Trig’s Crew and pulled their ads from Wonkette. Seemingly, and in record time, the dismantling of a fairly mainstream, left-wing snark-site seemed probable.

Like the Tea Party, Trig’s Crew has represented the very best of mainstream America as they engaged in an inspiring First Amendment online debate with dignity and decency.


Some extreme hate sites which don’t depend on ad revenue will, of course, continue their despicable attacks on innocent children, but those websites are self-marginalizing, and this form of depravity amounts to little more than preaching to the choir coven.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Gov. Palin: Obama is mistaken. Again.

Posted by joshpainter on March 14, 2011

– by Josh Painter
For the second time in three days, Sarah Palin used Twitter to call President Obama out for his misleading statements on U.S. domestic oil reserves and production. She tweeted late Sunday afternoon:

“Pres is mistaken. Again. Claims we control 2% world’s oil & he ‘boosts production’?Who advises him?Who writes his stuff?Why won’t press ask?”

John Hinderaker explains the 2% deception:

That two percent figure is one that you hear all the time from liberals. It refers to the fact that the United States has only two percent of the world’s “proven reserves” of petroleum. This is what a character in a Nabokov novel called a “doughnut truth”–the truth, the whole truth, with a hole in the truth. Here is the hole: there is no universal definition of “proven reserves,” and “proven reserves” do not represent what Obama called “every single reserve available to us.”


Liberals like Barack Obama imply that America only has two percent of the world’s petroleum, but that is completely false. We only have two percent of the “proven reserves” that are recoverable under current “government regulations” and at current petroleum prices. We could increase our proven reserves overnight by opening up new areas to exploration and development; ANWR is just one of many examples. And our proven reserves increase every time the price of oil rises.

Under American law, there is another category of petroleum in the ground called “undiscovered technically recoverable oil.” I believe this category is also limited to areas that are legally available for development, but nevertheless, this category encompasses an enormous amount of energy…


As for “boosting production,” Obama is falsely taking credit for production growth which occurred over the last decade, even though he has only been in the White House for a little over two years, as Steve Maley points out:

Obama Administration policies had nothing whatever to do with the production buildup in late ‘09 into early 2010.

That production growth is due almost entirely to a handful of large deepwater fields, notably BP’s Thunder Horse, which came on production during that time frame.

”First oil” came on June 14, 2008. Since then, Thunder Horse has steadily ramped up its production by bringing on new wells. In March 2009, Thunder Horse produced close to 250,000 barrels per day (40,000 m3/d) oil equivalent in oil and natural gas from seven wells.

So Thunder Horse by itself accounts for almost all of that abrupt ramp-up in oil production.

Does Obama deserve credit?

Thunder Horse sits in 6,200 feet of water. The leases date from 1988 (Reagan) and 1994 (Clinton). The discovery well was drilled in 1999, and the platform was set in 2005, during the George W. Bush Administration.

Due to the Deepwater Moratorium/Permitorium and the shutdown of the Offshore Leasing Program, we have essentially stopped looking for the next Thunder Horse.

Instead, half the available rig fleet sits idle due to a lack of permits. The BOEMRE’s current permitting backlog is comprised of 270 shallow-water and 52 deepwater wells. The Obama Adminstration threatens to reject seven of the outstanding deepwater permits rather than comply with Judge Feldman’s order to approve them or show cause within 30 days.

Production elsewhere in the U.S. has also increased, but no thanks to Obama’s policies. It is industry ingenuity and competitiveness that has led the production growth, in the Bakken Shale of North Dakota, the Eagleford Shale of South Texas and in the Permian Basin of West Texas. This increase is driven by technology (horizontal drilling and hydraulic fracturing) and by product prices. None of these areas are primarily on Federal lands; they have excelled in spite of hostile Federal policies, not because of them.


On Friday, Gov. Palin also criticized Obama’s false claims about domestic energy.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Gov. Palin: Prayers for Japan

Posted by joshpainter on March 11, 2011

– by Josh Painter
In the wake of the devastating earthquake and tsunami which hit northern Japan, Sarah Palin asked her followers on Twitter Friday to pray for those affected by the destruction:

“Prayers for Japan in these turbulent times. May recovery be swift and complete after this earthquake and tsunami.”

The situation is very serious there. For those who want to help our Japanese friends, a list of relief options is here.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Gov. Palin to TIME Mag: Retract your lies and apologize

Posted by joshpainter on February 13, 2011

– by Josh Painter


Sarah Palin sent a blistering email to TIME Magazine’s Jay Newton-Small, in which the governor demands that the magazine not only retract the “total lies” that it published about her, but also apologize to Sean Hannity and Christina Aguilera. Both were mentioned in the bogus story, a satirical piece that both TIME and Us Weekly ran, apparently without bothering to first investigate. The text of the email, via Fox Nation:

“Subject: Great job, MSM!

Jay – pls tell your bosses there at Time Magazine thank you for the invitations to attend the upcoming functions. I’ll sure put a lot of thought into those invitations.

Then, have your editors retract Time’s most recent ridiculous lies about me supposedly giving Sean Hannity a radio interview wherein I supposedly talked about Christina Aguilera (that I slammed her for her Nat’l Anthem mistake, and called for her deportation, etc). You guys were fooled into running a fake story that even US Weekly pulled and apologized for their blunder. Total lies – and you guys (once again) even put quotation marks around things I have never uttered. Then, Time needs to run an apology to Christina along with the retraction. (Add Hannity in your apology, too…those good folks don’t deserve to be in a caustic, untrue story about me.) Thanks much – keep up the great work, Time Magazine.”

h/t: Free Republic

Update: Newton-Small was not the author of the article Gov. Palin was referencing, but merely someone at TIME Gov. Palin knows well enough to address as a contact person.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Jennifer Rubin attacks Sarah Palin… again

Posted by joshpainter on December 8, 2010

– by Josh Painter
For the second time in less than eight days, Jennifer Rubin, the leftist Washington Post’s idea of a conservative (i.e., one who will attack Sarah Palin on demand), has gone after Gov. Palin. In a December 1 post, we noted how Rubin, who had mostly treated the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate fairly on the pages of Commentary Magazine and its Contentions blog, had started slamming Sarah for Rubin’s new masters, the WaPo editors.

Rubin continues with her anti-Palin pontificating Wednesday in her “Right Turn” column. Today’s attack is even more gratuitous than her first one, hyper-criticizing the governor for her tweets regarding the dealings in DC on the Bush tax cuts:

What is she talking about? It is obvious that an extension of the Bush tax cuts is wrong? Or is it obvious that Obama is adopting ideas that were once Republican positions? If the latter, it should be a good thing, one would think. This is Palin at her worst — reflexively anti-deal making, grandstanding, imprecise and unreasoned. If she has a specific policy argument — e.g. the payroll tax “costs” too much for too little job growth — then you’d think she, who has been accused of being light on policy knowledge, would want to spell . . er . . . tweet that out.

For some time, liberal pundits have been taunting conservatives that they need “adult” or “mature” leadership. Right now, Obama is short on both qualities. His shoddy performance yesterday highlights the opportunity for Republicans to field a candidate in 2012 who appears more presidential than the incumbent. But Palin certainly doesn’t give the impression she would be able to step into that role.

Rubin should be ashamed of herself. It’s obvious to anyone who can read and looks at Gov. Palin’s tweet in the context of her other Twitter messages on the subject what she means and where she stands. She obviously stands with Jim Demint, who tweeted that Republicans can do better than the current compromise they made with Obama on the cuts. Why is it so difficult for Rubin to recognize this? That’s a rhetorical question; it’s clear what the columnist is up to here.

We cut Rubin some slack, even after her shoddy treatment of Fred Thompson during the 2008 GOP presidential primaries. But Jennifer Rubin has crossed the line and is now spouting the same elitist nonsense that anti-Palin faux conservatives David Frum, Kathleen Parker, Karl Rove and Peggy Noonan have been cranking out, some of them for years. Sadly, Rubin has sold out to the WaPo leftists and is now doing their dirty work for them. The last ounce of respect we had for this writer has evaporated. She’s fitting in very well at the Democrats’ DC house organ.

– JP

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

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Sarah Palin Cyber-Attacked by Wikileaks Supporters in ‘Operation Payback’

Posted by joshpainter on December 8, 2010

– by Josh Painter
Jake Tapper at Political Punch reports that Gov. Palin told ABC News in an email today her political action committee’s website and personal credit card information were cyber-attacked by Wikileaks supporters:

Hackers in London apparently affiliated with “Operation Payback” – a group of supporters of Julian Assange and Wikileaks – have tried to shut down SarahPac and have disrupted Sarah and Todd Palin’s personal credit card accounts.

“No wonder others are keeping silent about Assange’s antics,” Palin emailed. “This is what happens when you exercise the First Amendment and speak against his sick, un-American espionage efforts.”

Palin has criticized Wikileaks founder Assange, writing on Facebook that his “past posting of classified documents revealed the identity of more than 100 Afghan sources to the Taliban. Why was he not pursued with the same urgency we pursue al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders?…Assange is not a ‘journalist’ any more than the ‘editor’ of al-Qaeda’s new English-language magazine Inspire is a ‘journalist.’ He is an anti-American operative with blood on his hands.”

Activist Gregg Housh told the New York Times “that 1,500 people were on online forums and chatrooms including, mounting mass and repeated ‘denial of service’ attacks on sites that have moved against Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks in recent days.”

A cached page from shows Palin’s site as a suggested target.

A technical aide said that “on our server log this morning it showed the attacks coming from a browser identified as It has since spread to others entitled ‘anonymous.’”

Added SarahPAC aide Rebecca Mansour, “the governor voiced her opinion knowing full well that she was speaking out against a shady disreputable organization with no regard for laws or human life. This is how they operate. The world should not be intimidated by them.”

Mansour pointed out the hypocrisy of Wikileaks supporters who claim to be “in favor of free speech yet they attack Sarah Palin for exercising her free speech.” She added that was not harmed because Gov. Palin’s staff was able to move quickly to protect the site.

Sean-Paul Carroll, a threat researcher at PandaLabs, the malware detection division of Panda Security, confirmed that the SarahPAC website was down for about six minutes.

– JP

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

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