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Archive for the ‘Todd Palin’ Category

Statements of Brad Hanson and Todd Palin on McGinness Charges

Posted by joshpainter on September 15, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Brad Hanson, Todd Palin’s former business partner, has released a statement refuting one of the many lies being propagated by professional liar, plagiarist and all around creep Joe McGinness:

“This is the same old story that went around in 2008,” Hanson said in a statement released today by his publicist. “It is a complete and outright lie. Todd and Sarah Palin have been good friends for many years, and in fact we still own property together. We sold a former joint business venture for business reasons, nothing more. These attacks are shameful and those making them seem to be out only to destroy good people and make money doing so.”


Todd Palin released his own statement regarding McGinness’ slimy attack on his wife’s character late Wednesday night:

“This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us to satisfy his creepy obsession with my wife,” Todd Palin said via SarahPAC’s Rebecca Mansour. “His book is full of disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears. Even The New York Times called this book ‘dated, petty,’ and that it ‘chases caustic, unsubstantiated gossip.”


Update: Todd Palin’s full statement was provided to NBC’s “Today Show” Thursday morning:

This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us. He traffics in innuendo and falsehoods. A few years ago he interviewed members of Sarah’s administration for a magazine article, and afterwards they said that he was the most disingenuous and intellectually dishonest writer they’d ever dealt with. He’s spent the last year interviewing marginal figures with an axe to grind in order to churn out a hit piece to satisfy his own creepy obsession with my wife. I’d ask that people consider these facts when evaluating his latest lies.”

“I’d ask the fathers and husbands of America to consider our privacy when one summer day I found this guy on the deck of the rental property, just 18 feet away next door to us, staring like a creep at my wife while she mowed the lawn in her shorts, unbeknownst to her that he was prying. As well as our teenage daughters while they tried to enjoy our traditional Alaskan summer days outdoors. Joe’s son told the media he advised his dad not to move from the East Coast to become our next door neighbor, but said his dad ‘was just waiting for Todd to be out of the picture.’ Sarah has never spoken to this intruder into our lives, our friends and family don’t speak to him, so we have no idea where he would come up with content for his book. He was on our doorstep one day trying to make conversation with our son until Track cut the conversation short after discerning Joe’s odd behavior, and I spoke to him one time when I saw him 18 feet away, just to find out who he was. He took that conversation and reported it to the media as me ‘threatening’ him.”


Incredibly, no reporter appears to have taken the time to contact Glen Rice for comment on the McGinness allegations. But, as Sean Hannity likes to say, “Journalism is dead.”

Cross-posted from Texans for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Todd and Sarah may ride with the Rolling Thunder vets (Updated)

Posted by joshpainter on May 27, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Blue Star parents Todd and Sarah Palin may be riding with tens of thousands of Rolling Thunder veterans Sunday:

The former Alaska governor, who is the subject of a lot of overheated speculation about whether she will run for president in 2012, has accepted an invitation to participate in the annual Rolling Thunder memorial ride this Sunday, an official says.

“As far as I know, she is trying to rent a motorcycle, so she can ride with her husband,” said Nancy Regg, a spokeswoman for Rolling Thunder.

Gregg says the tentative plan is for Palin to join up with the ride at the Pentagon at 7 a.m. The ride kicks off at noon, and hundreds of bikers will snake through D.C. to the event’s main stage, which will be between the Reflecting Pool and the Korean War Veterans Memorial on the Mall. The program is scheduled to kick off at 1 p.m.

Gregg said Palin is currently not scheduled to speak at the event and watchers should not expect any type of “political statement” from Palin during Rolling Thunder.

Warning, Todd: Speaking from personal experience, riding a motorcycle can be downright addictive. If you rent a chunk of American Iron for the RT ride, you might just want to get your own Harley or Victory (Arctic Cat doesn’t build two-wheelers, AFAIK) for surfing the Maricopa County roads. The temptation is greater, of course, in Arizona, where one can ride all year long, unlike Alaska, where motorcycles have to hibernate for 7 to 10 months out of ever 12.

But one scoot is never enough. How about his and hers Harleys? Maybe even get one of them fitted with a side car so Trig and Piper can enjoy the ride, too. Then perhaps a dirt bike for the desert… Whatever you do, don’t get a copy of Bruce Brown’s “On Any Sunday” DVD. To watch Steve McQueen jumping the sand dunes on his 400 Husqvarna is nothing less than inspirational

Update: An FYI for Palin-hatin’ leftist liar Andrea Mitchell of MSPDS – Sarah and Todd Palin were invited to participate in the ride.

Related: Rolling Thunder Riders Praise Sarah Palin’s Participation in Rally

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Statement by Anchorage PD exposes lies about Todd Palin

Posted by joshpainter on January 26, 2011

– by Josh Painter
According to infotainment site TMZ, the Anchorage Police Department has released a statement explaining that although they have seized evidence in a massage parlor sting operation, none of the evidence shows any sort of link between a massage therapist named Shailey Tripp and Todd Palin.

Not only does the APD statement directly refute allegations made in the tabloid National Enquirer and spread across the internet by leftist and gossip web sites, but the police department also revealed that the Enquirer published their lies without even bothering to contact Anchorage police officials to verify their misinformation.

The website finds a curious coincidence in the timing of media coverage (what little there is of it) of the APD statement:

“…this attempt to ‘bury’ this story in the SOTU coverage really reeks of MSM business as usual. Slime the conservative morning noon and night…..bury the retraction on a busy news day.”

To which we say, what retractions? So far only TMZ (to their credit) and have reported on the APD statement.

The lying, lamestream media just won’t stop making things up.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Palin: Todd’s Response to the Miller Flap

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on October 6, 2010

I am constantly amazed that the “hate bloggers” in Alaska simply won’t give up.  They just can’t seem to grasp the reality that the only thing they have been successful at is catapulting Sarah Palin to even greater notoriety.  Everything imaginable has been thrown at Sarah and yet she is like Teflon.   Earlier this week the less than illustrious Mudflats blog published a private email communication written by Todd Palin without regard for the Palin’s personal privacy.  Bring it on because both Sarah Palin and I can see Pennsylvania Avenue from our front porches.      ~Jackie~


Yesterday, the anti-Palin blog Mudflats leaked an email that Todd Palin had sent to several people, in which he complained about something Alaska Republican senatorial candidate Joe Miller had (not) said about Sarah Palin’s qualifications for the presidency. Predictably, a media frenzy ensued.

Here’s Mr. Palin’s response, in a statement released to THE WEEKLY STANDARD:

My family has worked hard in supporting Joe Miller, so when I heard he’d said something less than supportive of my wife’s efforts, I responded. But it turns out we’d gotten our wires crossed and Joe hadn’t said anything like what I’d been told. So there’s no story here except the fact that the press put our personal emails online again, and again couldn’t even be bothered to conceal our email addresses or take any steps to protect our privacy.


Additionally, this story was chronicled over at The Other McCain Blog quite well.

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Todd Palin: We Need Your Help in Alaska

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 21, 2010

An e-mail from Todd Palin:

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Greta’s Complete ANWR Interview with Sarah and Todd Palin

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 20, 2010

Sheya at PalinTV has combined all the clips from Sarah and Todd Palin’s recent ANWR interview with Greta, including the web extras at Gretawire, into a 74-minute documentary.  Enjoy!

Video courtesy of PalinTV.

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Palin’s other First Dude

Posted by loricalabrese on June 7, 2010

In Alaska, Sarah Palin can often be seen cheering on her champion snowmobile racer husband, Todd Palin, but on Saturday, the former Governor was cheering on a different First Dude.

Sarah Palin made a surprise appearance at the Belmont Stakes, the third leg of the Triple Crown to place her bet on a horse named First Dude.

“Of course, we love the name of the horse,” Palin exclaimed. “And we’re excited First Dude’s gonna get a chance to race.”

First Dude, out of the mare Run Sarah Run, is named for Palin’s husband Todd, who was nicknamed First Dude while Sarah Palin was Governor.

Palin was the guest of Marylou Whitney and her husband John Hendrickson, who also used to be in politics in Alaska.

“We’re excited to be here,” said Sarah Palin, who was decked out in navy capri pants, a white T-shirt and black cap. The New York Daily News reported that the Palins swept into the raceway about 4 p.m., hours later than planned.The couple’s limo driver got lost during the ride from Kennedy Airport, leaving them with no time to stop off at their hotel to change.

“We were a couple hours late (coming from Texas),” said Palin, “but everyone has been so hospitable and accepting of the garb.”

So what did the Palins wager on First Dude?

“A big bet for us would not be much,” she said with a laugh.

More than 45,000 people filled Belmont Park along with the Palins, who watched Drosselmeyer pull off a stunning victory, surging past First Dude and runner-up Fly Down in the home stretch.

Learn more about First Dude at Horse Racing Nation.

Read more articles by the National Sarah Palin Examiner at

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Todd Palin and Teammate Peter Kakes Place Seventh in Artic Man Race

Posted by Dr. Fay on April 11, 2010

Tweeted by Governor Palin this afternoon:

From an earlier article at the Fairbanks Daily Newsminer:

Now in its 25th year, the Arctic Man is Alaska’s most unique ski and snowmachine race.

The race is held in the HooDoo Mountains in the Alaska Range near Summit Lake, about 200 miles south of Fairbanks, and is accessible to spectators only by snowmachine. The event annually attracts a crowd of 10,000 fans or more.

Skiers and snowboarders team up with snowmachiners to form two-person teams. The skier or snowboarder starts at the top of a 5,800-foot summit and skis down 1,700 feet in less than two miles. At the bottom of the hill, the skier or snowboarder meets up with their snowmachine partner, grabs a tow rope and is towed — at speeds exceeding 80 mph — to the top of another mountain before letting go of the tow rope and skiing 1,200 feet down to the finish line.

The entire race takes the top teams less than 5 minutes.

The Arctic Man annually attracts some of the top speed skiers from around the U.S. and Alaska, as well as some of the top snowmachine racers in the state.


More than 20 teams have already committed to the ski division, including the team of Todd Palin, the four-time Iron Dog champ and husband of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin and four-time Arctic Man ski champ Peter Kakes, according to Thies.


The Arctic Man’s sponsorship agreement with Tesoro comes less than five months after the fuel company pulled its sponsorship from the Iron Dog, the 2,000-mile snowmachine race from Big Lake to Nome to Fairbanks. Tesoro had been the main Iron Dog sponsor for 10 years.

Kip Knudson, external affairs manager for Tesoro in Alaska, said the company had sponsorship money available after pulling out of the Iron Dog and decided the Arctic Man would provide good exposure with the same kind of crowd.

“We like the snowmachining crowd and this is one of the premier events in Alaska,” Knudson said. “It’s a huge gathering.”

Tesoro will hype the race with displays in its convenience store gas stations around the state and have a presence at the race, Knudson said.

Tesoro donated $25,000 to the race to complement the race’s other three main sponsors: The Alaska Army National Guard ($20,000); Mystick Lubricants ($10,000); and The Odom Corporation ($10,000).

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Injury to Davis and Damage to Snowmachines Caused Iron Dog Champs to Scratch

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 24, 2010

Todd Palin and Scott Davis Unloading Their Snowmachines

Davis/Palin warming up before 2010 Tesoro Iron Dog race

Davis/Palin waiting for start signal

And they were off!

On Monday, the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman reported that the Davis/Palin team had withdrawn from the 2010 Tesoro Iron Dog race due to an injury sustained by Davis during an accident:

As of early Monday evening, five teams were forced to bow out of the 27th annual race that leads teams from Big Lake to Nome and on to Fairbanks. Among that group is the team of past Iron Dog champions, Scott Davis and Todd Palin, who officially scratched in Puntilla Lake.

Iron Dog officials confirmed Monday morning that Davis injured his back about 30 miles past Puntilla Lake late Sunday evening. The full extent of the injury had not been reported to Iron Dog headquarters, but Davis and Palin did have to make their way back to Puntilla Lake and had since returned to Big Lake.

The Peninsula Clarion added some initial details on Tuesday as they reported:

In the Pro Class, Soldotna’s Scott Davis and Wasilla’s Todd Palin scratched due to a variety of factors, according to Regina Daniels, the wife of Davis. Davis has seven Iron Dog titles. He is tied with John Faeo for the most wins in race history. Palin has four titles.

Daniels said both Palin and Davis crashed in separate accidents going into Skwentna, which is the first checkpoint in the race that goes from Wasilla to Nome to Fairbanks.

Daniels said the crashes caused damange to snowmachines and caused the pair to lose time. The pair rode ahead to Puntilla, but there decided to scratch.

The cause of the scratch was listed as injury, but Daniels said Davis’ aching back was just one of the factors that caused the duo to scratch. She said Davis’ back injury was not severe, because the pair rode 300 miles back toward Wasilla on Monday after scratching.

This report is consistent with Governor Palin’s tweet:

At the time the decision was made to withdraw from the race, the Davis/Palin team was showing up in Position Number 1 on the Iron Dog 2010 GPS Tracking page. Alerted by @TraceyPorreca’s tweet (see below), I saw this personally by following the link to the tracking page.

So at the time they withdrew because of equipment problems, they stood a very good chance of winning the race. They had drawn a starting position of 22, from which they had raced to the head of the pack. It must have been a heart-wrenching decision to withdraw from the race and was certainly made with due consideration of all factors involved.

There is always another year, another race, and another championship. And we are here to cheer them on!

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Time for the Iron Dog!

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 22, 2010

By Tracey Porreca – Finding Myself In Alaska

Alaska is a unique place. We have a lot of things here that are not common in the lower 48. We all know that winter is on it’s way out when we start having events like the Iron Dog. There is a great deal of interest in the race because of one of it’s participants, Todd Palin, husband to Sarah Palin. Here is a little history on the event from the Iron Dog Website:

The first Iron Dog event started in 1984, in Big Lake following the Northern Route of the Historic Iditarod Trail to Nome. The event began as the “Iron Dog Iditarod”, but the name was quickly changed the next year to the “Gold Rush Classic”, in 1990 the race was recognized as the “Iron Dog Gold Rush Classic” for a decade until Tesoro Corporation became a title sponsor, thus recognizing today’s event as the Tesoro Iron Dog.

Today’s Iron Dog course length 1971 miles, starting in Big Lake to Nome and finishing in Fairbanks, making it the World’s longest snowmobile race. Participants must traverse in some of Alaska’s the most remote and rugged terrain while confronting some the harshest winter conditions. Survival skills are essential, making it the World’s toughest snowmobile race. All teams in race classes are a team of two persons and two snowmobiles for safety…
(To see the whole story, follow this link.

The Iron Dog is Alaska’s Nascar. The race starts on Big Lake which is very appropriately named because of it’s size. This lake covers roughly 13 square miles. Go to Mapquest or GoogleEarth and check out Big Lake, Alaska and you’ll see what I mean. The actual race starting line is on the lake near an island that is home to the Islander Lodge. In the summer, you can only get to this lodge by boat but in the winter you can drive to it. Ever seen Ice Road Truckers? What they have is a plowed road system out on Big lake, and that is how you get to the start of the Iron Dog.

Driving on one of the ice roads out to the starting point

The Islander Lodge

There is something of an Alaskan “fair” feeling to this event. People are walking around, running it to others they know and catching up. There are a few vendors and many, many people ride out on their own snowmachines.

Planes with skis also use the lake and were taking off

The Army National Guard is a huge supporter and a strong presence. Here is one of the vehicles they bring out every year

They line up along the chute, which is plowed and has fencing on each side.

The racers are in pairs for safety because this is an extremely dangerous sport. Flying across frozen lakes, rivers, and tundra at speeds of 50, 60, 70+ is dangerous in itself, not to mention the temperatures in the interior can reach -40 degree below zero or more. Going 70 mph in -40 degree weather is punishing on the skin and the body. Racers put duct tape on the exposed skin on their faces to protect it.

They wear very warm gear, have to have a knowledge of arctic survival and have to be able to make repairs to their machines out on the trail. And it can really hurt if you’re going 70 mph and hit something and get thrown from your sled. This happened last year to one team only 2 minutes into the race. One team member hit something that was buried in the snow, it stopped his snowmachine cold, and he went flying. The race was done for that team. Even Todd Palin has fallen victim to this. One year he was thrown from his snowmachine and finished the race with a broken arm. Rest is a luxury but there are a few times during the race that mandatory layovers take place. Todd and his partner Scott Davis are pros, though. Todd first won the Iron Dog in 1995. Here is footage of the finish of that race with the interviewer talking to Sarah about how she feels about his racing:

Todd last won this race in 2008, when he was injured. Here is video of that finish:

(Click here to read an article written last year in Men’s Journal Magazine about the snowmaching, famous “First Dude”)

If you’d like to follow the race, each team has a GPS unit on their snowmachine and you can track their progress by following this link.

I’d like to share some personal photos from last year’s Iron Dog. I had the opportunity to speak briefly to Sarah before the race and had my picture taken with her. You can read more about that experience here and look at some of the photos that go along with the story

Sarah arrived to see Todd off and took a few photos with some of the spectators

I even had a chance to speak to Sarah and have my picture taken with Sarah and Trig

Todd Palin and his race partner Scott Davis greeting fans

Last year Todd had all the kid’s names painted on his snowmachine, as well as Sarah “The Gov”

And, let the ceremony begin! The Army National Guard presents the colors, the National Anthem is played, and we say the Pledge of Allegience.

Sarah gives Todd and hug and kiss and says goodbye

Sarah wishes all the racers luck and then she and Piper get ready to drop the flag to start the race

Piper got to drop the flag for the start of the race. Sarah’s dad Chuck Heath is just to the right of the security guard

After a few other racers, Scott Davis (left) and Todd Palin pulled up to the starting line

And then they got the signal to head down the chute

They are on the trail now. Please keep them in your prayers for a safe return!

UPDATE: To view photos of the Iron Dog start today, check out this link to KMBQ 99.7 Valley Radio

– To see more posts from this author, please check out Finding Myself In Alaska

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