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Archive for the ‘Texas’ Category

Inspired by Sarah Palin, County Clerk in Texas ‘Fights Like a Girl’

Posted by joshpainter on July 7, 2011

– by Josh Painter
To say that Bowie County in northeast Texas is a Democratic Party bastion would be a gross understatement. The 923 square-mile jurisdiction, which has a population of almost 90,000, had never in its history elected a Republican to county office before 2010, when a determined 34-year old conservative defeated her Democrat opponent for the County Clerk’s job. Now, six months after taking office, she finds herself engaged in cultural combat with those liberals who are still clinging to power on the Texas side of the border with Arkansas.

Pamela Geller has a chronicle of Natalie Nichols and her struggle with the entrenched Bowie County “progressives”:

Natalie Nichols, a newly elected county clerk in Texas, is fighting back against a rogue court that actually voted to remove the Pledge of Allegiance and an opening prayer from the court’s official records. She refuses to do it, has made it her official stance and is now actually being threatened with legal action by a representative of the district attorney’s office. But Nichols is standing firm: She has stated that she would rather be removed from office than acquiesce to this.

Of course, the district attorney is a Democrat. Nichols, who was inspired to go into politics by watching Sarah Palin in 2008, was the first-ever Republican woman elected to a county-wide office in the history of Bowie County, Texas. “Since our county’s been in existence,” she told me, “it was just understood that if you wanted to run for office, you ran as a Democrat or you had no chance.” Nichols, however, was not interested in doing that: “I wasn’t about to compromise my values to get into office, and I will not compromise them now that I am in office. I ran as a Christian conservative and I am a Christian conservative.”

As county clerk, Nichols keeps the minutes of the proceedings of the Commissioners Court, which are held before an audience and begin with a prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. While Nichols was away attending a county clerk training conference on June 13, the Commissioners Court voted to remove the invocation from the minutes of a previous meeting. Why? Nichols said that County Judge Sterling Lacy told her that he “didn’t want some group like the ACLU to come in and sue.”

They removed the Pledge from the minutes also. Nichols commented: “Are we now afraid to be patriotic in America? Well, I am not. I will not sit down while people drag our country into a direction that makes me not even recognize it anymore.” Nichols is fighting this decision, against heavy odds. Judge Lacy remarked ominously: “What she hasn’t thought through are the unintended consequences” of her stand.

Nichols responded: “Contrary to what Judge Lacy seems to understand, I have thought through the unintended consequences of being a party to removing an official record of saying the prayer and the Pledge of Allegiance. I have thought through the impact it will have on my grandchildren to read the history of our county and errantly think that our customs were such that we didn’t proudly proclaim a love of God and Country.”


Examiner Devonia Smith, on how Natalie Nichols found inspiration in 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin to “fight like a girl” for the principles she believes in:

A hint about why Nichols didn’t hesitate to challenge the court can be found in Nichol’s personal choice of heroines. A twelfth generation American, Nichols shares that, although she never voted before the last presidential election, she was “inspired by Sarah Palin and realized there were conservative, strong women out there, like myself, and that we actually could make a difference.”

She went on to explain why she admired Palin, “mainly because she is a mother and doesn’t apologize for that. She’s holding strong in her convictions and she doesn’t hide her Christianity, which is very important to me.”

Smith has more on Natalie Nichols, including the transcript of her “scathing address to the Texas Bowie Commissioner Court” here.

Nichols is a district coordinator for Smart Girl Politics and is active in the Texarkana TEA Patriots and the faith-basedd Bowie County Patriots. She’s the founder of Texans 4 Sarah, a Sarah Palin support group. A detailed profile of Natalie Nichols is here (PDF).

Cross-posted from Brazos Valley Pundit

– JP


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UT/Trib Poll: Palin 12%, Gingrich 11%, Huckabee 10%

Posted by joshpainter on May 25, 2011

– by Josh Painter
According to a new statewide poll, Sarah Palin leads all of her potential rivals as the top choice for the GOP presidential nomination in the Lone Star State. The survey, which was conducted by The University of Texas and the Texas Tribune the week of May the 11th, was taken just before former governors Mike Huckabee and Mitch Daniels, along with real estate Mogul Donald Trump, removed themselves from contention. The poll also preceded missteps by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and businessman Herman Cain, as both stumbled coming out of the starting gate.

Results of the survey show that Gov. Palin led the field at 12 percent, followed closely by Gingrich at 11 percent, and Huckabee with 10 percent. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota were in a tie for fourth place at 7 percent each, followed Donald Trump at 6 percent; Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty with 4 percent; former U.S. Sen. Rick Santorum of Pennsylvania at 3 percent. Gov. Mitch Daniels of Indiana and former Gov. Jon Huntsman of Utah were at the back of the pack, tied at 1 percent apiece.

The poll also found that Texas is still a “red” state, with only 30 percent of all registered voters saying that they would cast ballots to re-elect President Obama, while 48 percent would vote for the Republican candidate in the presidential race. Obama remains unpopular in Texas, as his job approval rating is only 35 percent, while a majority — 55 percent — disapprove of the job he’s doing. Of the latter group, 46 percent strongly disapprove of his job performance. Gov. Rick Perry’s job approval rating is balanced, with 41 percent giving him positive marks and 42 percent are negative about his performance. The Texas Legislature fares somewhat worse than the governor, with 35 percent approval and 38 disapproval.

According to the survey, true independents are not a very large demographic in Texas, as most registered voters associate themselves with one of the two major political parties. But when it come to the contest for the U.S. Senate seat of retiring Kay Bailey Hutchison, many voters, including half of Texas’ Republicans and a solid majority of Democrats, are still undecided.

Most Texas voters see both the state and the nation as being on the wrong track. A significant percentage of Texans say they are economically worse off than they were a year ago. Lone Star State voters are evenly divided about the state of the economy, with 48 percent saying Texas’ economy has worsened and 49 percent saying the same about the national economy.

This latest University of Texas/Texas Tribune poll is an internet survey of 800 registered voters, with a sampling error of plus or minus 3.46 percent. The Republican primary questions have a margin of error of plus or minus 4.98 percent.


h/t: M. Joseph Sheppard

Cross-posted from Brazos Valley Pundit

– JP

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Sarah Palin Speaks at Two Events in Midland, Texas

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on March 27, 2010

Friday afternoon, Governor Palin spoke to about 1300 people at the Commemorative Air Force Museum in Midland, Texas. In the evening, she also spoke to an audience of about 400 at a fundraising dinner at the Petroleum Club. Both events were sponsored by the Liberty and Freedom Foundation of New York City.

David Johnson at OA Online reported:

The former vice presidential candidate and governor of Alaska spoke to a crowd of about 1,300 people in folding chairs for the better part of an hour Thursday afternoon at the Commemorative Air Force in an event that was primarily political but between the “Amens” and cowbells from the crowd, often resembled church or a football game.

Speaking for the Liberty and Freedom Foundation, Palin said that she felt very welcome in the Permian Basin.

“There’s such an appreciation here for your freedom,” Palin said.

In addition to energy production, which she called one of her favorite subjects, Palin was focused on getting people out to reverse what she called the leftist direction of the county under President Barack Obama.

But she said that media reports mischaracterized the conservative message as inciting violence.

“ ‘Take up your arms’ means voting,” Palin said.

Although some of the people in the crowd had never heard of the LF Foundation, everyone knew about Sarah Palin and had nice things to say.

“I love her,” said Shelly Rollins of Midland, who was hoping to get an autographed copy of Palin’s book Going Rogue. “She reminds me of me.”

Rollins even took her daughter Kim Biedeger, 16, out of school to come to the event.

“I think with the passing of the health care bill, democracy is on the way out,” Biedeger said.

Palin, who said that she was glad to see all of the young kids in the audience, was very critical of the debt she said liberals had created.

“That’s selfish and it’s generational theft,” Palin said.

Crosby Cobb, a 10-year-old from Greenwood, was also missing school. But for someone who dressed as Sarah Palin for Halloween, this wasn’t a surprise.

“She’s just someone who stands up for women’s rights and shows that just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t do something,” Cobb said.

Even though some didn’t support her move to resign as governor, everyone seemed to support her in whatever she did next, whether running for office herself or supporting other candidates.

“The opportunity to see someone like this in our area was compelling for my wife and I,” Jerry Berkebile, president of Colt Hill Resources, said.

Stephan C. Brown, CAF president, said that it’s exciting any time a celebrity comes to the museum.

“We like anybody that can draw a crowd to see what we’re doing,” Brown said. He said, however, that the museum has no political affiliations and the LF Foundation was in charge of the event.

The Liberty and Freedom Foundation executive director Victor Cocchia spoke before Sarah Palin and laid out the foundation’s goals to support 10 truly conservative candidates and help elect a majority in Congress in 2010.


Palin also spoke at the Petroleum Club from 6:15 p.m. to 8 p.m. Thursday. Tables of eight were $4,000. Tickets for couples were $1,250. The funds raised go to support the Liberty and Freedom Foundation.

A photogallery of the event can be found here.

Permian Basin 6 reported:

Former Vice Presidential candidate and Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin was at the CAF Thursday afternoon. Palin is in town to raise money for the Liberty and Freedom Foundation. This foundation gives money to 10 conservative congressional candidates in hopes they will get elected. If that happens, the GOP will take back some seats in congress and with more than a 1,000 people coming out to hear her speak. The foundation got some West Texas support today.

Unfortunately, it was pencil press only, meaning our cameras weren’t allowed in. But, we did manage to take some photographs.

When the governor took the stage, a sea of people were on their feet welcoming her. Palin spoke about a variety of different issues going on in our country including healthcare reform, which she called “Obamacare”.

Another issue she addressed, which was fitting to West Texas, was of course, energy.

After Palin spoke, she then answered questions from elementary students. One student asked, what was her inspiration behind her book Going Rogue? She answered, she wanted to set the record straight and let people know the truth about her family, her administration and her record.

Beau Berman at CBS-7 News reported:

Palin began the day at the CAF Air Hangar, cracking jokes for the audience, and chastising the healthcare reform bill.

“We just like to hear from Sarah that she’s going to help get the Republicans back in charge of the house and Senate”, said speech attendee, Dale Wilson.

For dinner, Palin chose the Midland Petroleum Club, where she was the keynote speaker for a fundraiser put on by the Liberty and Freedom Foundation of New York City. Mayor, Wes Perry, joined hundreds of others in attendance.

“She’s very charismatic. You can understand why she’s the national figure that she is when you hear her speak”, said attendee, Steve Burleson.

With video cameras barred from both events, the crowd’s reaction isn’t recorded, but attendees say the crowd loved Palin, who reportedly stressed the importance of domestic energy.

“A lot about energy and the economy and the needs of the country to get on the right track”, said spectator, Lonnie Simms, right after the 2nd speech.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a visit from, Sarah Palin, without her famous sense of humor.

“She said that when she ran for Vice President they finished second out of 2 in the race so everybody thought that was pretty funny”, said Burleson.

According the event’s organizers, the proceeds from this evening’s fundraiser go toward grass roots organizing and policy development efforts.

 Bob Campbell at My West Texas News reported:

Texas has prospered by “sticking to its conservative principles.” That’s the message former Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin preached Thursday during her first of two stops in Midland.

Comparing Texas and her home state of Alaska as “big, wide open states with hard working people,” Palin said the conservative governmental philosophy practiced in Texas could be applied nationally to revive the economy.

“We need the courage to do what’s morally right and cut taxes so small businesses can hire more people,” Palin told 1,100 applauding, cheering spectators at the George H.W. and Barbara Bush Commemorative Center near the airport.

“That’s how our economy can come roaring back to life.”


“What makes America exceptional is not her politicians, it’s her people,” the former Alaska governor said. “I see it in our brave men and women in uniform who are willing to sacrifice it all for our country.

“Freedom is a God given right and worth fighting for. Our government is supposed to be working for us. We’re not supposed to be working for the government.”

Palin stringently criticized the health care reform legislation just passed by Congress, saying, “Obamacare is not sustainable.

“It’s impossible to fund. They say we would learn to like their programs if only we were smart enough to understand them. But we are smart enough to understand. We just don’t like them.”

In an apparent reference to reports this week of threats and vandalism aimed at Democratic leaders and their property, Palin said, “We are not inciting violence.

“When they’re trying to keep you from speaking out (and I get this from my dad), don’t retreat, just reload.”

Palin’s husband Todd listened in the back of the capacious room, smiling and occasionally talking with a Midland policeman. The spectators were seated by volunteers in pink “Palin T-shirts,” and there was a question-and-answer session after Palin’s 22-minute speech with five schoolchildren asking questions.

She said she would discuss energy production later at the Petroleum Club, where some 400 people had paid $1,250 per ticket and up. Both events were fundraisers for the Liberty & Freedom Foundation, a conservative group based out of New York City.

“God created these rich resources in Texas,” Palin said, adding that the U.S. is asking foreign countries to sell it more oil because it has neglected its domestic production.


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Palin Speaks to Audience of Over 3500 at Get Motivated Seminar in Beaumont TX

Posted by Sarah Palin Web Brigade on March 26, 2010

On Friday morning, Governor Palin was one of the featured speakers at a Get Motivated seminar in Beaumont, Texas.

Ashley Rodrigue from KFDM 6 reported early from the event:

Former Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin spoke to a large crowd Thursday morning at a motivational seminar at the Civic Center in downtown Beaumont.

Palin spoke to the crowd at about 8:40 a.m. KFDM anchor Ashley Rodrigue was in the Civic Center to cover the story. Ashley says Palin told the crowd that when faced with a challenge, “Don’t retreat-reload.”

Dr. Robert Schuller preceded Palin.

Among the featured speakers for the Get Motivated seminar are Palin, Rudy Giuliani, former mayor of New York City, and Hall of Fame quarterback Terry Bradshaw. A spokesman for the seminar told KFDM News other featured speakers, including Zig Ziglar, Dr. Robert Schuller and Tamara Lowe, will also appear in person. Rick Belluzzo, former president and COO of Microsoft, will speak via satellite.

The seminar will last from 8 a.m. until about 5 p.m. Thursday.

According to the company’s website, the motivational seminar is designed to sharpen business and personal skills.

Shuttle buses will run from Jaguar Stadium to the Civic Center to help reduce traffic congestion.

Tickets were about $5 a person and $19 for an entire office if purchased prior to Thursday. Tickets at the door Thursday are $225 per person.

A slideshow of photos by KDFM 6 can be found here

News 12 reported:

It was a day of excitement as a crowd of more than 3500 people filled the Beaumont Civic Center to hear from former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, football star and media mogul Terry Bradshaw and many others.

“I thought that it would be a good opportunity for myself and everyone in the office to come down and listen to what they had to say” said David Dugas, one of the attendees.

Dugas closed his business for the day at Southeast Texas Realtors just to hear what the seminar had to offer, especially from Sarah Palin.

“She basically said – keep the faith – you could tell she was a genuine person speaking from her heart” said Dugas.

Mike D. Smith at Beaumont Enterprise also reported:

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin largely steered clear of any political discussions during her 20-minute speech at the Beaumont Civic Center. Her glancing mention of Sunday’s health care bill vote drew boos.

Palin drew on her experiences as a mother, governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate. She said she’s been successful with family support and by toughening up during the challenging times.

“Like my dad said, ‘You don’t retreat, you just reload,’” she said.

She and her husband, Todd, were quickly escorted out of the Civic Center to a vehicle waiting out back after her speech.

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Sarah Palin Campaigns for Rick Perry in Texas

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 8, 2010

Governor Palin spoke at a campaign rally for Governor Rick Perry in Cypress, Texas on Sunday. Christy Hoppe from The Dallas Morning News reports:

But it was Palin who brought the crowd to its feet. Her speech was filled with comparisons between her home state and Texas.

She said she’d asked her daughter Piper if she knew where they were. “Honey, we’re in Alaska’s little sister state,” she joked.

Palin lauded the state’s ability to attract businesses and Perry’s decisions to turn away federal offers for hundreds of millions in education and unemployment funding. Those programs would have required Texas to meet certain federal criteria that he said would rob Texas of setting its own path.

“When Washington came calling with money for expensive programs that Texas couldn’t afford, he told them, ‘Thanks, but no thanks. We’re doing just fine without you,’ ” she said.

Palin also made reference to the dust-up Perry caused this summer at a Tea Party rally, when he said he could understand why some Texans might want to secede from the union.

“I think they got that wrong. Texas isn’t seceding. They’re succeeding,” Palin said.

She concluded by saying that the country must get back to believing in its own “exceptionalism.”

“There’s nothing wrong with America that Americans can’t fix,” she said. “Let’s get our country back.”

Videos by AdoringPalin

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