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Archive for the ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Category

Preview: ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ – Episode 8, ‘Gold Mining’

Posted by joshpainter on January 5, 2011

Via Palin TV:

The 8th and final episode of the series airs Sunday night at 8PM and again at 10PM (both Central Time) on TLC.

– JP

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Andrew Malcolm: More good news for Sarah Palin

Posted by joshpainter on November 29, 2010

Things have been going Gov. Palin’s way lately, and Andrew Malcolm sees even more good news for the possible presidential candidate:

Fans are lining up in the cold 24 hours in advance to buy her new book during the 16-city promotion tour for “America by Heart.” “This lady will be the next president of the United States of America,” said an enthused Brian Roper in Tulsa.

She’s got a hit cable TV show. Polls of Republicans show the former Alaska governor is currently a most popular candidate for the party’s 2012 presidential nomination.

And now, believe it or not, even President Obama has an encouraging word for her. The Democrat tells ABC’s Barbara Walters that he’s not paying attention to his possible White House competitor.


That would be repeating the same mistake some of Obama’s Democrat competitors made back in 2006-07.

They thought that an inexperienced elected state official who’d quit that job to run for higher office, who could give a real good speech but had zero foreign policy experience and who had only written a couple of best-selling books, could not possibly present a serious political challenge to established Washington veterans.

And we all know now how accurate that thinking was.

More at Top of the Ticket.

– JP

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

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‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska’ Shatters TLC Ratings Record

Posted by joshpainter on November 15, 2010

From blogger James Hibberd at The Hollywood Reporter:

Sarah Palin’s documentary / travelogue / reality / biopic shattered TLC ratings records Sunday night.

The debut of Sarah Palin’s Alaska delivered a whopping 5 million viewers.

The first episode of the eight-part series was the most-watched program launch in TLC’s history.

More details from TV Newser.

– JP

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

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Two Thumbs Up For Sarah Palin’s Alaska

Posted by Shane Vander Hart on November 14, 2010

imageI just finished watching the first part of the eight part new documentary on TLC called Sarah Palin’s Alaska.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.   The scenery was fantastic as former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and her husband Todd went salmon fishing and then mountain climbing in Denali National Park on a section of  Mt. McKinley.  This first episode provided an interesting mix of Alaskan scenery and outdoor life with an inside look into the Palin family.

What I liked most about the show is that it shows the family uncut and unscripted.  There was some mention of politics as it related to their everyday life (her work with Fox News and their noisy neighbor for the summer), but for the most part the topic was avoided.  I also appreciated that the behind the scenes look gave you a sense that they are a real family with real challenges.  They didn’t seem to censor anything their kids said, for instance, Piper complained about how much her mom was on her Blackberry.  Governor Palin talked about the challenges of having teenage daughters.  You also saw a little mother-daughter conflict when a boy came over to the house.  Also Governor Palin admitted to (and demonstrated) a fear of heights when climbing Denali.  There didn’t seem to be any desire on the part of the Palins to put up a false image, but rather a desire to just be themselves.

This show looks to provide an unprecedented transparent look into the life of a political figure which is something that I appreciate.  I’m sure there will be naysayers who will point to the flaws, but most I believe will gain a new appreciation for Governor Palin, but more importantly, an appreciation for the state that she loves.

Shane Vander Hart is the editor of Caffeinated Thoughts, a popular conservative blog based in Iowa.

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Sarah Palin’s Alaska Series Stays On Course Despite Attacks

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 19, 2010

As Josh Painter at Texas 4 Palin  reported earlier this afternoon, Discovery Communications and TLC are moving forward with the “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” series without a hitch. Scott Collins at the Los Angeles Times reports that production of the eight episodes of the series will begin next month. 

Extremist environmental groups, led by Defenders of Wildlife, waged a well-funded campaign against the series with multiple petitions and with ads at bus stops across from Discovery’s corporate headquarters.  We don’t know whether their petition was delivered to the Discovery shareholders meeting as they planned.  But we do know that our counter petition, with signatures and a list of sponsors, was overnighted on May 4 to Discovery CEO David Zaslav, with a request that it be presented at the shareholders meeting on May 5. 

Our petition drive was launched on April 20, two weeks before the shareholders meeting, with limited resources but a lot of enthusiasm.  The group of sponsors listed on the petition represent over 30 Sarah Palin support sites. This was the second Internetwide cooperative effort between Sarah Palin supporters.  The first was a Grassroots Webathon spearheaded by Conservatives for Palin in which $115,585. was raised for Governor Palin’s legal defense fund.  (See here, here, and here.)  

Spearheaded by the authors of Sarah’s Web Brigade and SPIB, the current petition drive was a cooperative effort between many Sarah Palin supporters that enabled us to make a statement of support on behalf of Governor Palin’s new series.   A Facebook Cause was also set up for the petition drive. Related efforts are also ongoing at the “Tell TLC/Discovery Communications YES to Sarah Palin” Facebook group, which we encourage you to join.  The U. S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) has also encouraged their members to write Discovery in support of Governor Palin’s series. 

Obviously, Discovery Communications knew they had a winner from the beginning when they landed the contract for Governor Palin’s Alaska series.  But what kind of statement would it have been if we her supporters had remained silent in the face of the vicious attack against her series?  We’re glad we took a stand and will continue to cheer Governor Palin and Discovery Channel on as this series becomes a reality.  (And no, it is not a reality series – it is a documentary about Alaska and her people.) We are certain to see breathtaking scenes of Alaska’s awesome beauty and learn fascinating facts about what it is like to live there.

Thank all of you who have already signed the Show Your Support for Sarah Palin’s Alaska Series! petition.  Those of you who have not yet done so, please sign the petition and join us in supporting  Governor Palin and Discovery Channel in this endeavor.  Contact information for Discovery Communications and TLC is posted on the petition site so you can make phone calls and send letters. Visit the other links posted on the petition site for additional information. 

Let’s make Sarah Palin’s Alaska the most-watched series in TLC’s history!  Do it for Sarah!

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Petition Drive Supporting Palin’s Alaska Series Gains Momentum

Posted by Dr. Fay on May 2, 2010

As does everything Palin, Governor Palin’s upcoming Alaska documentary series has come under attack by the left, in the guise of protection of wildlife. Radical environmental groups, such as Defenders of Wildlife and CREDO, have led the charge. Backed by considerable funding, they have collected over 500,000 signatures through petitions sponsored by Defenders, CREDO, Care2, and A summary of their efforts to date against Governor Palin’s show can be found here. To top it all off, CREDO plans to present their petition with signatures to Discovery Communications at their annual shareholders meeting in Washington, D. C. on Wednesday, May 5.

Radical environmentalist efforts against Governor Palin are not new. We are all familiar with Ashley Judd’s propaganda against then Governor Palin’s predator control program. (See here also.) As U. S. Sportsmen’s Alliance (USSA) pointed out then, predator control is essential to ensure that there is enough caribou for Alaskans to hunt for food. Predator control was conducted responsibly and scientifically by Governor Palin’s administration.

Environmental extremists have also attacked Governor Palin over her call to “Drill Here, Drill Now!” As Governor Palin has explained on numerous occasions, energy independence is essential for national security and prosperity. In Alaska, the gas and oil industry provides a significant portion of its citizens’ income. Again, her administration responsibly monitored the oil and gas industry so that there was minimal impact on the environment.

As the fiasco in the San Joaquin valley has taught us, we have to balance the needs of human beings with our need to protect the environment. Due to the uproar of eco-terrorists over a three-inch minnow that wasn’t even indigenous to the region, that fertile valley, the bread basket of the nation and even the world, was turned into a dust bowl. Thousands lost their jobs and their livelihood before the federal government was forced to respond to citizens’ demands to turn the water that supplied the farms in the valley back on.

I’ve said all that to say this. Upon becoming aware of the eco-terrorists’ latest attack on Governor Palin, a group of Sarah Palin supporters decided to do something about it. The authors of Sarah Palin Web Brigade and the Sarah Palin Information Blog spearheaded a petition drive in a counter-attack. Other Sarah Palin support sites joined the effort, and our numbers have doubled already.

We have set up a petition in the form of a letter to Discovery Communications President and CEO David Zaslav in which we support Governor Palin’s and Discovery’s Alaska documentary series and at the same time present the facts about her responsible stewardship of Alaska’s wildlife. All supporters of Sarah Palin are asked to sign this petition as a show of support for Governor Pallin. Strength is shown in numbers, and we want the world to know that Governor Palin’s support far exceeds that of the opposition. If you bought her book or stood in line to get her autograph or traveled the distance to hear her speak, please take time to go here and sign this token of support for her. You’ll be glad you did!

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