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Archive for the ‘media bias’ Category

CSM on the Snark and Pettiness of Geoffrey Dunn

Posted by joshpainter on May 10, 2011

by Josh Painter
It’s so rare to see a defense of Sarah Pain in such a “progressive” publication as The Christian Science Monitor, that we had to double check the masthead to convince ourselves that we weren’t reading a Jedediah Bila op-ed at The Daily Caller or a John Hayward opinion piece at Human Events. But, no, it was indeed the usually anti-Palin CSM displayed on the monitor right before our very eyes. We were even more surprised to learn that the article’s author, Kelly Nuxoll, is a frequent contributor (“citizen journalist”) to the very anti-Palin Huffington Post. Nevertheless, it’s a resounding refutation of Geoffrey Dunn’s book, The Lies of Sarah Palin. The fact that Dunn is also a HuffPo contributor probably accounts for the Nuxoll piece landing at CSM rather than at Arianna’s place.

Some excerpts:

It seems that everyone has something to say about Palin, not least Geoffrey Dunn, an investigative reporter and Huffington Post contributor who has regurgitated the political bile of the last two election cycles in 400-plus pages of unsubstantial but toxic prose. “The Lies of Sarah Palin” is an extended ad hominem attack with little fresh information, analysis, or insight. Readers sympathetic to Palin will likely find that Dunn’s dismissive tone confirms the worst characterizations of left-leaning media. Readers not sympathetic to Palin may find that Dunn’s argument misses the mark. Many voters have real objections to Palin. That she waves like a beauty pageant contestant is not one of them.

The book’s central thesis is that Palin is ambitious and deceitful. The first accusation seems irrelevant. Unless we alter our political process so as to foist public office on resisting citizens as punishment, we must accept that our representatives will be ambitious. Let it go.

Dunn’s second point – that Palin habitually plays fast and loose with the truth – has more significant implications for a public official. Though, again – really? A politician fudged? This merits a book? Dunn’s argument is made particularly thin by the examples he provides.


His indignation might be more persuasive if he offered new or compelling information for his charges; however, the bulk of his case against Palin is built out of conversations with people who don’t like her. The result doesn’t feel so much like rigorous reporting as a transcript of the seventh grade.


Somehow it seems fitting that Dunn, who so often has used the web pages of Huffington Post as a battleground to prosecute the left’s War on Sarah Palin, should have his book exposed as just another collection of unsubstantiated ad hominem attacks at the seventh-grade level by one of his own HuffPo co-contributors.

We wonder if there are more liberal authors who will, when reviewing Dunn’s book, show the same intellectual honesty as did Kelly Nuxoll. Or will they pander to the salivating left and simply join in his gratuitous and unsubstantiated Palin-bashing?

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Sarah calls the shot: Bernake in the side pocket

Posted by joshpainter on April 30, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Like good chess players, those accomplished at the games of billiards and politics are always thinking several moves ahead. That includes not only the player’s own moves, but those of his or her opponents as well. Is that what Sarah Palin was doing Wednesday when she tweeted

“Media: admit it, Trump forced the issue. Now, don’t let the WH distract you w/the birth crt from what Bernanke says today. Stay focused, eh?”

Before you answer that question, consider this item published Thursday by The DC’s Matthew Boyle:

“…indirectly, Obama is benefiting from giving in to Trump as the mainstream media’s focus isn’t on the major story lines that would usually dominate the headlines, like the Federal Reserve press conference, unfavorable economic numbers and all-time-lows for Obama in polling results.”


Former deputy White House press secretary Scott Stanzel told The Daily Caller that the document’s release and Obama’s appearance in the White House briefing room to talk about it only elevated the story. His appearance on Oprah shortly thereafter made the story even bigger, and then he joked about the conspiracy theory at 2012 campaign fundraisers Wednesday night.

“President Obama said he’d made this decision a couple weeks ago,” Stanzel said. “I don’t understand why it takes two weeks to produce the document. In my view, the White House generally doesn’t try to release news in a haphazard way. Having the president of the United States show up in the press briefing room like this, they had to know it would be front page news.”

New York Times pollster Nate Silver said, too, that the White House probably isn’t complaining about the boom in birther coverage since it has shielded Obama from other, more important issues. “Lots of mediocre polling and economic numbers for Obama today,” Silver tweeted. “I don’t think he’d protest if media devoted another 72 hrs to birther crap.”

If that was the White House strategy, it appears to be working. A quick sweep of the front-page headlines of major U.S. newspapers Thursday revealed little coverage of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke’s first-ever press conference. Also, the birth certificate release topped the Fed presser in many newspapers that gave front-page attention to it.

Sarah called Obama’s shot: Bernake in the side pocket while all eyes were on the shiny birth certificate object. And the media, despite Gov. Palin’s admonition not to allow themselves to be distracted, went for the shiny object.

Never get into a game of pocket billiards with Gov. Palin. She will clean your clock.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Say what, Meghan?

Posted by Morgan on April 18, 2011

Somebody named Meghan Daum had a column out yesterday on Sarah in the Los Angeles Times which featured statements I have found to be the most baffling ever written by anybody (and I mean anybody) working in the American media today.  She claimed thanks to the “Palin machine” (Ms. Daum’s idea of a flattering nickname), it’s impossible to criticize Sarah “without being discredited as a biased and therefore unqualified source”.  Naturally, there’s more:

And that’s not the only reason why we can’t bring ourselves to take the gloves off with Palin. It’s impossible not to feel like we’re punching shamefully below our weight, which everyone knows is against the rules. Palin lacks the intellectual, analytical and rhetorical skills to have a competent discussion about policy or much else. She is handicapped not only by a lack of education, experience and curiosity about the world (wearing a Star of David in Israel doesn’t count), but by a speaking style that often collapses under the weight of disjointed, undiagrammable sentences. She is, in terms of the political arena, easily outclassed.

Does Meghan Daum live in some kind of bizarro world?  Apparently, it has never occurred to her that the reason why some members of the media have been discredited as biased and unqualified is because they relied on misleads, distortions, falsehoods, lies and blatantly biased sources when it came to their coverage of Sarah and her record in the first place. But the thing which baffles me most is her claim that she (and her “friends and readers”) would like “to rip the lady to shreds and move on”, but cannot because Sarah “is too well-shielded by her own incompetence”.  Has it ever occurred to her that those of like mind as her friends and readers have already attempted to rip the lady to shreds and failed because their criticism has been unfounded and makes them look like fools repeatedly? As far as Meghan Daum is concerned, I hate to think she represents what Los Angeles is today.

(Cross-posted from Hoosiers For Sarah Palin)

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Media/left insanity ahead of Gov. Palin’s WI appearance (Updated)

Posted by joshpainter on April 16, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Sarah Palin hasn’t even hit the ground in Wisconsin (she’s in Oklahoma City for an event tonight) for her appearance at the TEA Party rally in Madison, and already the media and their leftist fellow travelers are spreading wild rumors lies.

One of the lies is that she will be paid for her Madison appearance, knocked down by Tammy Bruce and others via Twitter:

“Thanks Tammy! @ MT Beltway operatives are spreading the false rumor that Palin is being paid to speak in Madison. She’s not.”

Another lie, one being spread by the local firefighters union is that the same Gov. Palin who fought the oil companies and their stooges in Alaska is somehow a “corporate puppet.” This one is so absurd that it prompted Rick Moore to quip:

“I hope they know which end of the hose the water comes out.”

Finally, this tweet from Jedediah Bila:

“To all spreading fiction,@ is from a union family & has never voiced an anti-union message.Do your research:

Expect more moonbat madness from the dicheesehead left before it’s all said and done Saturday in the People’s Republic of Madison.

Update: Dana Loesch, at Big Journalism comments:

“Wonkette, the website that popularized and repackaged JV-grade sarcasm as ‘snark’ published a piece wherein the author crosses his fingers for violence when Sarah Palin speaks in Madison on Saturday…”

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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James Lewis: The Liberal Media Cult

Posted by joshpainter on March 26, 2011

– by Josh Painter
At American Thinker, James Lewis has the media pegged. It’s a cult of liars. Excerpts:

There’s plenty of evidence for coordinated propaganda lies in the media. We even have an apology from Roger Simon of Politico for the corrupt and massive coordination of media headlines using the JournOlist email list. They say they’ve dropped JournOlist, but they are still at it every single day, probably through a secure website. We know that the Washington Post, the NYT (all the news you’re allowed to think), and the UK Guardian (an old Stalinist rag, as Malcolm Muggeridge revealed in his autobiography), are talking to each other all the time.


Media leftists are liars. That’s the only way they can say the same words on the same day, every day. Rush Limbaugh has been proving it for years just by recording the talking heads of the MSM on any given day, all aping the same words, syllable by syllable. Even monkeys are smarter than that.


Just Google these words: “Sarah Palin loses popularity.”

I just got more than 8 million hits on that phrase in 0.22 seconds.

The hits include:

1. The New York Times. (Natch!)
2. McClatchy.
3. CBS News
4. HuffPo.
5. Newsweek.
6. Mother Jones.
… et mendacious cetera.

We know who started that little viral lie. It came from the Washington Post, from Dana Milbank, who whipped up a twitter mob for the specific purpose of shutting Governor Palin out of the liberal media. That’s how scared they are of the Governor of Alaska.

All the little brainwashed Leftobots went Heil Dana! Zum Befehl! And then they marched stiffly to all their twitter pods and typed in the message from the Politburo. It’s just like those old Nuremberg mobs in the 30s. Libs are really disgusting human beings.

And now the words “Sarah Palin is losing popularity” has 8 million hits on Google.

How’s that for mass brainwashing?

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Palin camp refudiates media’s checkpoint mendacity

Posted by joshpainter on March 23, 2011

– by Josh Painter
One of Gov. Palin’s top aides has stated that she was not turned away at a checkpoint crossing into Bethlehem, as the lamestream media has widely reported:

SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford told POLITICO on Tuesday that “Gov. Palin was never scheduled to go to Bethlehem.”

“They had always planned on viewing Bethlehem from the Separation Wall,” Crawford said of Palin’s visit to Israel with her husband, Todd. “They did that, then drove past the checkpoint on the way out.”

“Their guide is not licensed or insured for tours of Bethlehem,” he added.

The account relayed by Crawford contradicts stories from the British press, which widely reported that Palin had intended to visit Bethlehem before turning around at the checkpoint.

By “the British press,” Andy Barr means The Guardian, which can be counted on to ignore facts and make things up to crank out a story which will fit the expectations of its “progressive” readers. The left wing rag wrote Monday that Gov. Palin “apparently had second thoughts about crossing an Israeli checkpoint.” The story was widely regurgitated on leftist blogs in the U.S.

Had any of these intellectually incurious “journalists” and bloggers bothered to read accounts of her visit in the Israeli press, they would could have learned the actual facts, as the Jerusalem Post reported Sunday:

“Palin expressed regret that she would not be able to visit Nazareth or Bethlehem during her brief stay in Israel, but promised that she would soon come back for longer.”

But that’s probably too much to ask of a group of people with access to the Web, a leftist agenda, and total disregard for the truth.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Marcus: Some conservatives duped by lib media branding of Palin

Posted by joshpainter on March 1, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Lloyd Marcus, Tea Party activist and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America, calls out those conservatives who “still crave to be accepted by the liberal media” and have been duped by that same media into accepting the left’s narrative about Sarah Palin:

The Left launched their “Sarah Palin is Stupid” campaign the next day after her incredible VP nomination acceptance speech. A woman, pretty, smart, witty, confident and bold with an ability to inspire and fire up the conservative base, Sarah Palin was the Left’s worst nightmare. They were livid. The only thing which could have made it worse would have been if Palin was black. The Left would have surely lost their minds.

The clarion call went out, “Palin MUST be destroyed!


The assault on Palin’s intellect intensified daily. Every word out of Palin’s mouth was dissected and placed under a microscope. Then, viewed through a lens tainted with the paradigm that “Palin is stupid”. Who amongst us could withstand our every utterance judged with such extreme scrutiny?

Conservatives saying under their breath at cocktail parties that Palin isn’t too bright is evidence the liberal media’s branding of her has worked on some level.

Frustratingly, the facts completely prove otherwise. Palin was extremely successful as Governor of Alaska.


Some on our side still crave to be accepted by the liberal media. They are embarrassed to be named among those “crazy tea party people“. Thus, they pander to the Left saying things like, “They’re right, Palin is a joke. And yes, we conservatives should be willing to work with liberal democrats“. Unfortunately, willing to work with always means compromising our values, not theirs. Thank God, most of us get it. We realize the left simply must be defeated.

Liberal mainstream media, your glory days of distorting the truth, monopolizing coverage and totally controlling public opinion are over. We The People truly are Taking Back America!


Lloyd Marcus has a point. Though conservatives pride themselves on not being as gullible as their liberal friends, some of them nevertheless seem to be willing to fall for anything rather than stand for something. Those conservatives who buy the Democrat/Media Complex’s narrative about Sarah Palin almost always do not resemble movement conservatives in any way, shape or form. They are represented in the corrupt media by the likes of David Frum, David Brooks and Kathleen Parker, and the type is easy to spot. Their modus operandi is to attack other conservatives more often than they criticize the left and its policies.

In Ronald Reagan’s day, they were called Country Club Republicans, and they supported Gerald Ford over Reagan in 1976, with the result being the national disaster that was the Jimmy Carter presidency. Nowadays, they like to call themselves “conservatives,” and the liberal media never fails to oblige them. We like to refer to them as Conservative Lite®. To take back America, as Lloyd Marcus urges us to do, we must first defeat these pretend conservatives. Only then can we set about dismantling the crack house government that the Democrats and Vichy Republicans conspired to build. We can’t think of a better contractor for such a project than Sarah Palin.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Gov. Palin to TIME Mag: Retract your lies and apologize

Posted by joshpainter on February 13, 2011

– by Josh Painter


Sarah Palin sent a blistering email to TIME Magazine’s Jay Newton-Small, in which the governor demands that the magazine not only retract the “total lies” that it published about her, but also apologize to Sean Hannity and Christina Aguilera. Both were mentioned in the bogus story, a satirical piece that both TIME and Us Weekly ran, apparently without bothering to first investigate. The text of the email, via Fox Nation:

“Subject: Great job, MSM!

Jay – pls tell your bosses there at Time Magazine thank you for the invitations to attend the upcoming functions. I’ll sure put a lot of thought into those invitations.

Then, have your editors retract Time’s most recent ridiculous lies about me supposedly giving Sean Hannity a radio interview wherein I supposedly talked about Christina Aguilera (that I slammed her for her Nat’l Anthem mistake, and called for her deportation, etc). You guys were fooled into running a fake story that even US Weekly pulled and apologized for their blunder. Total lies – and you guys (once again) even put quotation marks around things I have never uttered. Then, Time needs to run an apology to Christina along with the retraction. (Add Hannity in your apology, too…those good folks don’t deserve to be in a caustic, untrue story about me.) Thanks much – keep up the great work, Time Magazine.”

h/t: Free Republic

Update: Newton-Small was not the author of the article Gov. Palin was referencing, but merely someone at TIME Gov. Palin knows well enough to address as a contact person.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Santorum: Politico article ‘is garbage’

Posted by joshpainter on February 10, 2011

– by Josh Painter
After Politico published one of its typically deceptive hit pieces, this one written by Andy Barr alleging that Rick Santorum had criticized Sarah Palin’s decision to skip CPAC, Santorum called BS via Twitter:

This article is garbage.All I said was- she is VERY busy, PERIOD. Reporter trying to create something out of nothing

Here’s the first paragraph of Barr’s article:

Rick Santorum knocked Sarah Palin’s decision to skip CPAC, saying on Tuesday that she must have “business opportunities” that are keeping her from the annual conservative conference that is a showcase for potential presidential contenders

And here’s the actual exchange between Santorum and S.E. Cupp:

Pollutico never misses an opportunity to use lies and distortions to paint Gov. Palin in a negative hue. In this case, Barr and his editors took a mostly uncritical observation by Santorum and tried to make it appear that the former Senator from Pennsylvania was bashing Gov. Palin. The article also draws on one of the constant memes promoted on left wing blogs that Sarah Palin is some kind of money-crazed fiend, simply because she gets paid well for her speaking appearances. So does Bill Clinton.

We had always considered Barr to be one of the lesser evils on Politico’s staff, but with his latest slanted piece, he proves that he’s no better than the rest of the biased website’s resident leftists. The left wing, anti-Palin agenda is there for all to see, and it’s the main engine that drives the corrupt Politico.

Don’t get us wrong; we’re no Santorum fans. He supported liberal Arlen Specter over conservative Pat Toomey in 2004, explaining that Snarlin’ Arlen is “with us on the votes that matter.” That really worked out well, didn’t it? And Santorum has subtly and not so subtly dissed Gov. Palin before. He got in his little sexist dig in his remarks to Cupp, but that’s almost par for the course for Santorum, whose loose lips show what a loose cannon he is. But the real outrage here is the way Politico always puts a negative spin on any story it writes about Gov. Palin. And if it can brew a tempest in a teapot by pitting Republicans against each other, that’s just considered bonus points at the leftist website.

Related: Sheya has a good roundup of opinion over this one here.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Maddow explains why she fell for Palin/Egypt hoax

Posted by joshpainter on February 2, 2011

– by Josh Painter
We posted Tuesday about how MSPDS host Rachel Maddow, whom the left touts as “brilliant” (like Bill Clinton, she’s a Rhodes scholar), fell hook, line and sinker Monday for an internet spoof by a satirical website that Gov. Sarah Palin was advocating an attack on Egypt.

Maddow took 24 hours to come up with an excuse, and, as Noel Sheppard reports, on Tuesday’s program explained that it was all conservatives’ fault, in particular that diabolical Glenn Beck:

And that was Maddow’s explanation for getting duped by a satirical website: in her view, conservatives – especially Glenn Beck – are saying all kinds of crazy things. As a result, it’s become difficult for her to know what’s real and what’s a spoof.

If this is the case, then maybe she should stop reporting on what conservatives are saying.

If she can no longer discern between fact and fiction, serious commentary and satire, she can’t possibly be trusted or taken seriously about anything, for who knows what her next source will be and whether or not it’s actually legitimate.

Maybe more importantly, how can anyone on television – Rhodes scholar or not! – be deserving of the public’s trust if she blames her own mistakes on others not at all involved in her program?

Sadly, this is par for the course on MSNBC as well as other liberal media outlets.

These are the same people that disgustingly blamed conservatives for the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) last month. They’re used to pointing fingers at others without merit.

Leftists have been mocking University of Idaho graduate Sarah Palin for two years for biting down on a prank by two Canadian DJs pretending to be French President Nicolas Sarkozy, claiming it makes her dumb as a rock. By their thinking, then, Rhodes Scholar Rachel Maddow, because she fell for an internet spoof, should be dumb as a bag of dirt.

After all, the DJs got Gov. Palin’s telephone number and called her, putting the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate on the spot. But Maddow and her producers, on their own initiative, found the spoof story and ran with it without bothering to take a couple of seconds to do a Google search to verify the story. So by the left’s own standards, Sarah Palin is not just smarter than the average Grizzly Bear, she’s just as smart — if not smarter — than a Rhodes Scholar.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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