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Archive for the ‘Lloyd Marcus’ Category

Lloyd Marcus: McGinniss’ Book Is Actually An Attack on America

Posted by joshpainter on September 18, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Lloyd Marcus, in an American Thinker commentary, sees the Joe McGinniss book as more than an attack aimed at Sarah Palin. The Tea Party activist says it’s an attack on mainstream Americans who have traditional values:

Since her extraordinary, upbeat VP nominee acceptance speech in 2008, I have wondered. What did Palin specifically say to prompt such immediate visceral hatred from the left? I have come to realize the answer is her celebration of God, family, and country.

How dare Palin praise traditional marriage, motherhood, Christianity, and American exceptionalism, all of which are anathema to the left? Thus, the left’s hatred of Palin is really hatred of mainstream America — particularly Tea Party patriots.

That is it in a nutshell and explains why the left so desperately seeks to destroy Palin. They hate America and all who love our extraordinary country.

The left is indoctrinating our kids into believing America is the greatest source of all evil in the world; all other religions are superior to Christianity, and homosexuality is superior to heterosexuality. During the Gay Pride Day Celebration at a middle school, kids were taught to give things a try before deciding whether they like it or not. Apparently, Obama agrees.

Palin in the White House would be a major fly-in-the-ointment toward furthering the left’s secular/progressive agenda.

In typical left-wing fashion, McGinniss attacks Palin for her Christian faith and then accuses her of not being Christian enough. Thus, trying to portray Palin to be a hypocrite. It is pretty obnoxious when godless liberal progressive zealots accuse godly people of falling short of Christ’s standards. This tactic is satanic.

Even some liberals say the McGinniss Sarah Palin book scrapes the bottom of the barrel of indecency by showcasing undocumented allegations from weak anonymous sources. The McGinniss book is simply another sleazy hit-piece to destroy this extraordinary Christian woman who is, to the left’s horror, admired and loved by millions.

Like every other attempt to destroy Palin, the McGinniss vile piece of trash will fail.


Marcus predicts that Gov. Palin, should she decide to get into the presidential race, will not just defeat the sitting president, but she will win “in a landslide.”

h/t: SarahNET | Cross-posted from Texans for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Lloyd Marcus: Palin Power Coming On Stronger!

Posted by joshpainter on August 6, 2011

– by Josh Painter
TEA Party activist Lloyd Marcus acknowledges Gov. Palin’s unqualified defense of the movement as it has come under unprecedented attack from leftist Democrats and Vichy Republicans in recent days:

Sarah Palin’s latest “in your face” to the Obama administration in defense of the Tea Party is guaranteed to infuriate the left and terrify the timid on our side. Sarah said, “If we were real domestic terrorists, shoot, Obama would want to pal around with us, wouldn’t he?”

Wow! I loooooooove this woman!

Compare Palin’s cojones to those of Republican presidential candidate, Jon Huntsman. Huntsman encouraged Republicans to surrender to Obama during the debt ceiling battle. Get this, folks: as a contender for the White House, Huntsman said he will not attack Obama.

How absurd is that? Huntsman’s going into the ring with the Mike Tyson of politics, and his strategy is not to hit.

Compared to the John-Wayne true grit of Sarah Palin, Mr. Huntsman sounds pathetically metrosexual.

Talk about a “no surrender, no retreat” attitude! Despite a relentless and unprecedented effort to destroy her and her family, Palin is just as bold and beautiful as she was when she gave her extraordinary VP nominee acceptance speech in 2008.

I know you fearful folks on our side will flood me with e-mails about how Palin is too this or too that. Well, I am sorry, but every time this woman speaks, I feel excited. But most important, I feel empowered. After the Republicans’ depressing cave on the debt ceiling, Lord knows we Tea Party patriots desperately need to feel empowered.


Sorry, Representative Bachmann; sorry Congressman Paul. No leader has been a stronger defender of the TEA Party movement than Gov. Palin. No one.

Cross-posted from Texans for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Marcus: Some conservatives duped by lib media branding of Palin

Posted by joshpainter on March 1, 2011

– by Josh Painter
Lloyd Marcus, Tea Party activist and author of Confessions of a Black Conservative: How the Left has shattered the dreams of Martin Luther King, Jr. and Black America, calls out those conservatives who “still crave to be accepted by the liberal media” and have been duped by that same media into accepting the left’s narrative about Sarah Palin:

The Left launched their “Sarah Palin is Stupid” campaign the next day after her incredible VP nomination acceptance speech. A woman, pretty, smart, witty, confident and bold with an ability to inspire and fire up the conservative base, Sarah Palin was the Left’s worst nightmare. They were livid. The only thing which could have made it worse would have been if Palin was black. The Left would have surely lost their minds.

The clarion call went out, “Palin MUST be destroyed!


The assault on Palin’s intellect intensified daily. Every word out of Palin’s mouth was dissected and placed under a microscope. Then, viewed through a lens tainted with the paradigm that “Palin is stupid”. Who amongst us could withstand our every utterance judged with such extreme scrutiny?

Conservatives saying under their breath at cocktail parties that Palin isn’t too bright is evidence the liberal media’s branding of her has worked on some level.

Frustratingly, the facts completely prove otherwise. Palin was extremely successful as Governor of Alaska.


Some on our side still crave to be accepted by the liberal media. They are embarrassed to be named among those “crazy tea party people“. Thus, they pander to the Left saying things like, “They’re right, Palin is a joke. And yes, we conservatives should be willing to work with liberal democrats“. Unfortunately, willing to work with always means compromising our values, not theirs. Thank God, most of us get it. We realize the left simply must be defeated.

Liberal mainstream media, your glory days of distorting the truth, monopolizing coverage and totally controlling public opinion are over. We The People truly are Taking Back America!


Lloyd Marcus has a point. Though conservatives pride themselves on not being as gullible as their liberal friends, some of them nevertheless seem to be willing to fall for anything rather than stand for something. Those conservatives who buy the Democrat/Media Complex’s narrative about Sarah Palin almost always do not resemble movement conservatives in any way, shape or form. They are represented in the corrupt media by the likes of David Frum, David Brooks and Kathleen Parker, and the type is easy to spot. Their modus operandi is to attack other conservatives more often than they criticize the left and its policies.

In Ronald Reagan’s day, they were called Country Club Republicans, and they supported Gerald Ford over Reagan in 1976, with the result being the national disaster that was the Jimmy Carter presidency. Nowadays, they like to call themselves “conservatives,” and the liberal media never fails to oblige them. We like to refer to them as Conservative Lite®. To take back America, as Lloyd Marcus urges us to do, we must first defeat these pretend conservatives. Only then can we set about dismantling the crack house government that the Democrats and Vichy Republicans conspired to build. We can’t think of a better contractor for such a project than Sarah Palin.

Cross-posted from Texas for Sarah Palin

– JP

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Lloyd Marcus Campaigns for Joe Miller in Alaska

Posted by Dr. Fay on August 22, 2010

Lloyd Marcus, whose rendition of  “Sarah Smile” (see also here) endeared him to Sarah Palin supporters during the 2008 campaign, is campaigning with the Tea Party Express for Joe Miller in Alaska.   Other memorable songs by Marcus include “Our Girls” and the American Tea Party Anthem.  Marcus worked tirelessly with the Tea Party Express campaign in 2008.

Here are excerpts from Marcus’s excellent article posted at The American Thinker today:

Tea Party Express asked me to join them in Alaska to assist in their final push for conservative Joe Miller for U.S. Senate. I sang and spoke at rallies in Wasilla, Fairbanks and Anchorage, Alaska. 
The weather in Alaska was mild, mid 60s. It was my first time in Alaska and I enjoyed sourdough pancakes with reindeer sausage. I was most impressed with the people I met who attended the rallies. Most were families, large families averaging from three to eight kids. 
The age of the children at the rallies ranged from infants to 17. They were well behaved, bright, poised and seemingly happy. I began asking the parents, “Are your kids home schooled?” Every parent said, “Yes”. “I knew it”, I replied. 
The characteristics I have noticed for years in home schooled children are that they are centered, smart and poised. 
I asked the parents at the Alaska Joe Miller rallies, “Home schooling is a huge commitment. Why do you do it?” Every parent said, yes, home schooling is a huge commitment. But the anti-God, America and traditional conservative values agenda of the public school system left them no choice.


I felt the same kinship with my Alaskan tea party patriot brothers and sisters I have felt at hundreds of tea parties across the lower 48 states. Our divinely inspired tea party movement is not about race. It is about shared conservative values and love for America. All who feel this way are my brothers and sisters; skin color is irrelevant.
Joe Miller is great guy. He is a father, husband, successful businessman, a true conservative and extremely qualified for the U.S. Senate. Tea Party Express is endorsing and campaigning for Joe rather than the RINO Republican in the race. So much for the accusation that Tea Party Express is all about getting Republicans elected. Wrong! Tea Party Express is a powerful voice of “We The People” totally focused and committed to getting conservatives elected. This is why I am extremely proud and honored to be associated with them and to campaign for the peoples’ candidate, Joe Miller. (


While in Alaska, I visited the Alyeska Pipeline and the North Pole. We visited Santa Claus’ house where reindeer were grazing in the fenced area beside his charming home.
Inside, excited kids were sitting on Santa’s lap placing their early bird requests for Christmas gifts. Santa walked away for a coffee break. 
Despite being chastised by my wife, I took the big book from behind Santa’s beautiful antique chair. I had to take a peek inside. 
On the “Nice” list was Alaska U.S. Senate conservative candidate, Joe Miller. On the “Naughty” list was Joe’s opponent, arrogant, RINO republican candidate, Lisa Murkowski. For her long record of betraying the people who voted for her, 300 floor votes with Democrats, this naughty girl is so getting her stocking full of coal.
Trying to read as much as possible before Santa returned and with my nervous wife nagging me to put the book back, I saw the names of numerous democrats who will not be happy this Christmas starting in November.
Little Maxine Walters, shame on you for doing unethical things. Then, you displayed your further lack of character by calling those who discovered your crime racist and accusing George Bush of forcing you to commit the crime. Very naughty. 
The liberal mainstream media were also well represented on Santa’s Naughty list. Seems they attempted to shamefully brand the hard working decent Americans of the tea party movement as “redneck” racists against a black president. According to an ad my wife read in the North Pole Times, Santa is hiring extra elves specifically to stuff coal in the stockings of all the liberal mainstream media.
My Alaska trip was wonderful; breathtakingly beautiful with warm and friendly salt of the earth people. Only 650,000 people live there. Many Alaskans grow and hunt their food. There is a smell of freedom in the Alaska air. It reminds us of the importance of electing conservatives like Joe Miller who seek to preserve our freedoms rather Obama-ites who strive daily to take our freedoms away.
Lloyd Marcus, Proud Unhyphenated American Spokesperson/Entertainer of Tea Party Movement & Tea Party Express.
The American Tea Party Anthem cd/album.
Confessions of a Black Conservative, foreword by Michelle Malkin.
President, NAACPC (National Association for the Advancement of Conservative People of ALL Colors)
Join Lloyd Marcus Facebook Page

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