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Archive for the ‘Governor Palin’ Category

It’s a Barn Burner!

Posted by reagantman on September 4, 2011

Palin lays out her plan with Iowa speech

Sudden and relentless reform

It was her best speech since she accepted the vice presidential nomination. Sarah Palin clearly articulated what was wrong with the policies of the current administration and then clearly articulated an indisputable plan to fix it.

In a well written and well delivered speech, Palin lambasted the Obama presidency by reading a passage from her RNC Convention speech of 3 years ago which clearly shows how she called what was going to happen. Pointing out that now he has a record, the former governor of Alaska made it clear that the movement should not just be about getting rid of Obama, but be about bringing an end to business as usual (the status quo) and crony capitalism.

The staple of the Palin plan is energy. “I promise you this will bring real job growth, not the politicians’ phony green jobs fairy dust sprinkled with wishes and glitter…” There are enough conventional energy projects waiting in the wings, she said, that could create more than a million of high paying jobs. She called it a “stimulus project that actually helps dig us out of debt instead of digging us further into it.”

“America’s economic revival starts with America’s energy revival.”

She advocated the elimination of all federal corporate income tax. This could be done by eliminating corporate welfare and all the loopholes, she said. Speaking as a pure capitalist she explained, “this is how we break the back of crony capitalism because it feeds off corporate welfare which is just socialism for the very rich..” The message to job creating corporations, she said,  is “we’ll unshackle you from the world’s highest federal taxes, but you will stand or fall on your own just like all the rest of us out on Main Street.”

The latest Fox News poll which shows a majority of Americans don’t want her to run for president may no longer be valid after today’s speech and Monday’s when Governor Palin is scheduled to speak again in New Hampshire. “Polls are for strippers and cross country skiiers,” she said.

Clearly, this speech shows she is presidential. The substance of the speech was thick with stats and a plan. The plan she laid out is arguably the best of any of the plans being laid out by the GOP presidential candidates. To not have this woman on stage explaining it to the American people in the debates would be a disservice to the political process.

“As for you, I’m not for sale,” Palin said.

The entire speech is substance. Just quoting bits and pieces of it in an article can’t do it justice.

Many will find both the substance and the delivery of the speech to be Reaganesque. She was repeatedly interrupted with crowd chants of “run, Sarah, run.” Although she said “you don’t need a title,” one of us in this movement will have to have a title if this plan is to ever be implemented. The speech is the vision. To carry out this plan, she willl need the title of Madam President and all of her supporters will have to have her back.

Thanks to Brian at The Right Scoop for the video.

Read the Transcript – thanks to Ron Devito.

For more, read these great articles:

Sarah Palin rocks Iowa: ‘The status quo is no longer an option’ by Jedediah Bila at The Daily Caller

Root Causes: In Iowa, Sarah Palin Lays Out a Governing Philosophy that Should Worry Both Sides of the Aisle by John Nolte at Big Government

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Vote To Bring ‘The Undefeated’ To A City Near You

Posted by Tami Nantz on June 16, 2011

SOURCES: Victory Film Group and Cinedigm Digital Cinema

Cast A Vote To Bring Sarah Palin Documentary, The Undefeated, To Neighborhood Theatres

Following Limited Opening Engagement, The Undefeated Goes Nationwide; Vote Online to be Sure Your Neighborhood Theater Doesn’t Miss Out

Santa Monica, Calif. (June 16, 2011)  In a nod to the “power of the people,” movie-goers across the country now have the opportunity to vote to bring The Undefeated, which chronicles Sarah Palin’s rise from obscurity to national prominence, to their local neighborhood theaters following the initial theatrical debut July 15 at select AMC theatres.

Distributors ARC Entertainment and Cinedigm Digital Cinema Corporation (NASDAQ: CIDM) encourage interested movie-goers across the country to cast their vote at

“Digital cinema provides the perfect distribution model for The Undefeated,” said Jonathan Dern, president of Cinedigm Entertainment Group. “Based on the votes we receive, we will be able to deliver the documentary – with pin point accuracy – to the markets that want it most.”

Stephen K. Bannon, award-winning filmmaker, wrote and directed the film, which was produced by Victory Film Group’s co-founder, Glenn Bracken Evans and Dan Fleuette.  The Undefeated was independently financed by Victory Film Group and its partners.

“We are thrilled that Cinedigm and ARC Entertainment are affording the movie-going public the opportunity to speak out and have their voices heard,” said Glenn Bracken Evans.  “It is very exciting that we will be able to deliver this film on a big screen directly to those markets that request it. It’s great that we are able to provide a ‘democratic’ system allowing audiences to ‘vote’ where they want to see a movie that celebrates the values of our American democracy.”

The film includes leading prominent political commentators, such as: Mark Levin, Tammy Bruce and Andrew Breitbart as well as conservative activists: Kate Obenshein, Sonnie Johnson and Jamie Radtke. Additionally, the film features interviews with Alaskan civil servants, elected officials and advisors who were involved in Alaskan politics during Governor Palin’s tenure.

To have The Undefeated premiere at your local theatre, cast your vote at

The following theatres are confirmed for the limited theatrical engagement beginning July 15.  Ticketing information will be available Monday, June 20 at

Theater Name City State Street Address
AMCIndianapolis 16 Indianapolis, IN 4325 S. Meridian St., Indianapolis, IN  46217
AMC Independence Commons 20 Independence, MO 19200 East 39th Street, Independence, MO  64057
AMC Barrett Commons 24 Theatres Kennesaw, GA 2600 Cobb Place Lane NW, Kennesaw, GA  30144
AMC Grapevine Mills 30 Theatres Grapevine, TX 3150 Grapevine Mills Parkway, Grapevine, TX  76051
AMC Gulf Pointe 30 Theatres Houston, TX 11801 South Sam Houston Parkway, Houston, TX  77089
AMC UniversalCineplex 20 Orlando, FL 6000 Universal Blvd., Orlando, FL  32819
AMC QuailSprings 24 Oklahoma City, OK 2501 West Memorial, Oklahoma City, OK  73134
AMC HighlandsRanch 24 Highlands Ranch, CO 103 Centennial Road, Highlands Ranch, CO  80126
AMCAhwatukee 24 Phoenix, AZ 4915 East Ray Road, Phoenix, AZ  85044
AMC Block 30 @ Orange Orange, CA 20 City Boulevard, West Orange, CA  92868

For More Information:

**By Tami Nantz–Moms 4 Sarah Palin

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The Undefeated: A Review

Posted by Tami Nantz on June 15, 2011

Few things ignite passion more quickly than the mere mention of Governor Sarah Palin’s name, especially when it comes to the liberal left. That’s why I think Steven K. Bannon’s new documentary The Undefeated, set to release later this month in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina, is going to be an enormous success. It tells the unvarnished truth about a working class wife and mother who rose to political prominence through sheer determination, guts, and a lot of hard work.

At a screening held on Thursday in Arlington, VA, Bannon said he originally turned down a request by Palin aides Rebecca Mansour and Tim Crawford to film a series of videos for the Governor. After witnessing the energy Sarah brought to the crowds at the first national tea party event in Nashville, Bannon began to do his homework and became convinced that Sarah was not the marginal, political lightweight the mainstream media has portrayed.

Like Fire From the Heartland, Bannon’s last documentary about the rise of conservative women in American politics, the style of The Undefeated features interviews from a variety of sources, including conservative powerhouses Mark Levin and Andrew Breitbart. News clips, footage from the campaign trail, and never-before-seen videos of the Heath and Palin families, along with gorgeous panoramic views of an untamed Alaskan wilderness, are just a few things one can expect when watching The Undefeated.

The beginning of the yet unrated two-hour documentary confronts the viewer with the vile, often explicit language used by Hollywood and political leftist elites when they discuss Sarah Palin. The film is divided into three acts: Act 1 gives a glimpse of a young Sarah and her early involvement in politics on the local and state level. Act 2 takes an extremely detailed look at the multitude of accomplishments Sarah made in the short eighteen months she served as Governor of Alaska, enjoying the highest approval rating of any sitting Governor in history. Act 3 begins where most Americans were first introduced to Sarah Palin–August 2008, when it was announced that she would join Senator John McCain as his Vice Presidential running mate.

The Undefeated, with it’s Philip Glass style sound track, has a consistent theme throughout–it portrays a woman of deep courage and conviction, a politician with an intense focus and dedication to the people she’s called to serve. The viewer will get to know a very different Sarah as he takes a journey through her political life, and along the way, I think he’ll grow to love her as much as we do.

**On June 10th, Victory Film Group announced that The Undefeated will play exclusively at select AMC Theatres beginning July 15th. Read more… If you’d like to have The Undefeated shown at a theater near you, you may vote at this link.

By Tami Nantz — Moms 4 Sarah Palin

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Waiting for Governor Palin

Posted by Sheya on April 6, 2011

Will she or won’t she? Is she in or is she out? Day in and day out there are different articles and reports by people trying to convince us that they know the answer to this question or are in the know regarding Governor Palin’s political future. Analysts look for signals and make assumptions about what it is that Governor Palin is up to. The truth is that those who talk don’t know, and those who know don’t talk.

Most often, the conclusions are that Governor Palin will not throw her hat into the ring and that the only reason she’s allowing her name to be out there is so that she remains relevant and can make money. Recently on Hannity, Ann Coulter suggested that Newt Gingrich advised Governor Palin that the longer she keeps her name out there, the more money she would make.

The reasons offered by those who assume Governor Palin isn’t running are that “she isn’t doing anything” and that “there are no signals that she will in fact enter the race.”  These assertions however contradict the notion that Governor Palin is only dragging this thing out to remain relevant or to make money. If that were the Governor’s intention, her camp wouldn’t go out of its way to debunk every story that might suggest that she is in fact running.  On the contrary, she would do everything possible to make people believe she’s in, such as taking fake trips to Iowa, or leaking false rumors. She would do the things fake potential candidates do to remain in the news.

The mere fact that there are no leaks and that we’re not hearing much from Governor Palin suggests that she is running and is quietly organizing and putting everything in place in preparation for an announcement.

Which brings me to my next point:

Recently my neighbor knocked on my door asking me if I could do her a favor. She wanted me to run to the grocery store two blocks away and see if her daughter Emily was still there. She sent Emily over to buy some groceries, it had been almost 45 minutes, and she should have been back. My neighbor, who just had a newborn, couldn’t run over herself and was in such panic that she was about to call the police and file a missing persons report.

Of course I quickly ran over, and there was Emily calmly standing in the long line at the checkout patiently waiting her turn. I didn’t have to ask her the reason for her delay. Of the usual three checkout counters, only one was open and there were still many people in front of her with fully loaded trolleys. I stayed there with Emily until she was done and walked her home.

As we turned into our block, Emily’s mother came running over and hugged and kissed her daughter as if she met a long lost child. “Emily, I am so glad you’re okay, what happened? Where were you?” Emily of course thought her mother had totally lost it and she didn’t know what her mom was talking about. She explained how the store was overcrowded with shoppers, there was only one checkout open, and she had to wait in line. “Why didn’t you call me? I was so worried,” her mom interrupted. Emily, now totally confused, responded; “Call you, why? Nothing was out of the ordinary, I didn’t know I had to call every time there is a long line at the checkout.”

The situation can be explained in one sentence: Emily’s mom did not know what was going on and instinctively began to panic. Emily, for her part, was just doing her thing and didn’t even realize that there was a problem or that someone was worried.

We’ve all been there, whether it’s at the airport, on a plane, in a doctor’s office, or just waiting for a bus. Whatever the circumstances, the scenarios are identical. When our flight is delayed, 10 minutes can seem like an hour. When you doctor steps out to check some test results, those worrisome 5 minutes can be the longest five minutes of your life.

You board a plane, find your seat, pack your bags in the overhead compartment. You sit down, make yourself comfortable, and buckle up your seat belt expecting your flight to take off within the next 15 minutes or so. All the passengers have boarded, the doors have been closed, the cabin crew have made their final checks and you’re about to take off. Suddenly a voice comes over the public service announcement “Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain, we’re running slightly behind schedule and should begin our departure shortly.” You look at your watch and, well, it’s only 5 minutes past the scheduled time, so you’re not too concerned.

Some time elapses, the plane still hasn’t moved, and after what appears to be an eternity since the last time you checked your watch, you have a look again and another full 5 minutes has passed.

Waiting can be a terrible thing, especially when you’re not in the know. But the waiting is only bad for you. For the captain, the doctor or the bus driver who are in the know, the time goes by much faster because they know what’s going on. For them, the situation may well be reversed, so under pressure to get the situation sorted, the hour is just not long enough.

We’re all sitting around waiting for an announcement by Governor Palin. Days seem like weeks, weeks seem like months, and months seem like years. Frustration builds up and emotions run high. Everyone is telling you that it appears that Governor Palin isn’t doing anything. All you need is a signal, “Governor can you please call us.”

But while you may not be hearing anything, Governor Palin who is in the know, is working hard to get all her ducks in a row. Time is relative. What’s a long time for you can be very short for someone else. While waiting for an announcement may seem like an eternity, just remember that it is Governor Palin who is preparing for the toughest race of a lifetime and, for her, there just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day.


Originally- Posted on C4P

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A gathering army…

Posted by ehvogel on February 11, 2011

As we quickly approach the next cycle in the Presidential sweepstakes, we begin to hear all the usual BS from the lamestream media. This candidate is leading here, this candidate is losing ground there, this candidate needs to run, blah, blah, blah.

The lamestream media is desperately trying to foist an “acceptable” candidate onto the GOP. Within the last few days, there has been speculation about Rick Perry, Jim DeMint and Jeb Bush. It is a siren’s call to ruin and the lamestream media knows it.

What will happen in the next 6 months will be key. Potential candidates will test the waters, like Herman Cain and Rudy Guliani. Sad to say, but all will fail, not proven in battle. Their stories will be footnotes in the lead-up to 2012. In six months, we will see a dwindling field as the lamestream media takes its toll on their highlighted candidates. Who remains standing will tell all.

In my mind, there is only one candidate that has already shown the ability to do battle AND prevail against the lamestream media. Reared in individualism and steeped in conservatism, this candidate has already shown the ability to fend off the inevitable attacks that will confront ANY Republican candidate.

When the lamestream media is done propping up countless alternatives that end up crashing and burning, only one candidate is positioned to rise above the inferno and prevail: Sarah Palin. Why will this happen? It’s because of the vast army of supporters that are waiting in the wings to defend her when the time comes. Does Mitt Romney own Facebook in the way that Sarah Palin does? Has ANY other Republican harnessed the power of alternative media the way that Sarah has?

We have ALL crossed the Rubicon in dismissing the lamestream media and pursuing the truth through alternative media. In fact, the lamestream media’s business model is struggling to compensate and continues to show signs of irrelevance by shifting its dwindling assets towards polarizing venues. They obviously learned nothing from the 2010 elections.

The question is: Can Sarah Palin prevail in a general election? Does she have a gathering army awaiting her call? The answer to both is YES and I am but one.

Happy Birthday Sarah!

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Governor Palin’s “America By Heart” Book Tour Schedule

Posted by Sheya on November 11, 2010

Via The Associated Press

For her next book tour, Sarah Palin will again skip some of the nation’s biggest cities.

But no traveling by bus this time. It’s airplanes all the way.

HarperCollins announced Wednesday that the former Republican vice presidential candidate and Alaska governor will be on the road from Nov. 23 to Dec. 3, with a break for Thanksgiving, to promote “American by Heart,” subtitled “Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag.” The book, coming out Nov. 23, is her first since the million-selling memoir “Going Rogue.”

Palin, 46, will be joined by her husband, Todd, and other family members. As with “Going Rogue,” she will not make appearances in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco or other cities where Democrats are more in favor. She will spend little time on either coast, sticking mostly to the South, Southwest and Midwest.

The tour begins at a Barnes & Noble in Phoenix, in the home state of her 2008 running mate, Sen. John McCain. Other stops include Dillons Marketplace in Andover, Kan.; a Sam’s Club in Little Rock, Ark.; and a Costco in Brentwood, Tenn. Palin will finish at a Books-A-Million in Columbia, S.C.

Politico Reports

Sarah Palin — accompanied at times by family members — later this month will launch a nine-day, 16-stop signing tour for her new book, “America by Heart: Reflections on Family, Faith, and Flag.”

Among the destinations sure to get buzz: Des Moines and Spirit Lake, Iowa.

Palin’s strategic schedule includes a stop in Tulsa, Okla., on “Black Friday” — the day after Thanksgiving — and then four more stops during that big shopping weekend.

The tour has more of a heartland concentration than the 35-city tour for her memoir “Going Rogue” (the best-selling nonfiction book of 2009) and adds such markets as Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, South Carolina and Tennessee.

The venues include the giant book chains — Borders, Barnes & Noble and Books-a-Million. But the former Alaska governor will also sign books at all-American locations like Walmart, Sam’s Club, Costco and Kroger.

Her publisher, HarperCollins, released this description of “America by Heart”: “Framed by her strong belief in the importance of family, faith and patriotism, the book ranges widely over American history, culture and current affairs … America By Heart will include selections from classic and contemporary readings that have moved her — from the nation’s founding documents to great speeches, sermons, letters, literature and poetry, biography and even some of her favorite songs and movies.”
Here’s the list of stops:

Nov. 23: Phoenix
Nov. 26: Tulsa, Okla.
Nov. 27: Norfolk, Neb.
Nov. 27: Des Moines
Nov. 28: Andover, Kan.
Nov. 28: Dallas
Nov. 29: Houston
Nov. 29: New Orleans
Nov. 30: Baton Rouge, La.
Nov. 30: Little Rock, Ark.
Dec. 1: Brentwood, Tenn.
Dec. 1: Lexington, Ky.
Dec. 2: Spirit Lake, Iowa
Dec. 2. Carmel, Ind.
Dec. 3: Cincinnati
Dec. 3: Columbia, S.C.

Note: This has not yet been confirmed by the Governor

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Sarah is ready to knock on doors in Delaware

Posted by ehvogel on September 17, 2010

As if Charles Krauthammer was ever doubting what Sarah would do in Delaware comes this, after Sarah’s speech to the Ronald Reagan Day Dinner in Des Moines:

“I want to get back to Delaware and knock on doors…”

I watched the C-Span coverage of Sarah’s speech, which was excellent, by the way. It was that quote after the speech that really got my attention. She said it unequivocally and honestly.

I guarantee you that her comment will be all over the Internet and ignored by the LSM. Just you wait!

Correction: I originally stated that Sarah Palin was speaking in Iowa City. I’ve changed it to Des Moines.

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Run, Sarah, Run! We need You!

Posted by Denise Spencer on June 1, 2010

Now more than ever, we need Gov. Palin to represent us with a strong, conservative voice. Please encourage her to run in 2012. We need to go against the status quo and elect Gov. Palin to lead our country to greatness once again.

Please watch this video produced by the 2012 Draft Sarah Committee. Visit our website at, follow us on twitter @2012dsc, friend us on Facebook and my space. Share the word to sign the petition to encourage Gov. Palin to run. Run, Sarah, Run! We need you!

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Sarah Palin Reiterates: Never Retreat, Instead RELOAD!

Posted by Dr. Fay on March 28, 2010

Complete transcript of Governor Palin’s Facebook Post:

Warning: Subject to New Politically Correct Language Police Censorship

 Today at 3:59pm

March Madness battles rage! My family and I join millions of Americans enjoying college basketball’s finest through March Madness. Underdogs always get my vote as we watch intense competition bring out the best in these accomplished teams.

The Final Four is an intense, contested series (kind of like a heated, competitive primary election), so best of luck to all teams, and watch for this principle lived out: the team that wins is the team that wants it more.

To the teams that desire making it this far next year: Gear up! In the battle, set your sights on next season’s targets! From the shot across the bow – the first second’s tip-off – your leaders will be in the enemy’s crosshairs, so you must execute strong defensive tactics. You won’t win only playing defense, so get on offense! The crossfire is intense, so penetrate through enemy territory by bombing through the press, and use your strong weapons – your Big Guns – to drive to the hole. Shoot with accuracy; aim high and remember it takes blood, sweat and tears to win.

Focus on the goal and fight for it. If the gate is closed, go over the fence. If the fence is too high, pole vault in. If that doesn’t work, parachute in. If the other side tries to push back, your attitude should be “go for it.” Get in their faces and argue with them. (Sound familiar?!) Every possession is a battle; you’ll only win the war if you’ve picked your battles wisely. No matter how tough it gets, never retreat, instead RELOAD!

– Sarah Palin

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“PIPELINEGATE” and the White House

Posted by nypalinpower on March 11, 2010

by NYPalinPower –

Why is the President of the United States suddenly getting publicly involved in Alaska politics?  It seems curious and timely that all of the sudden Obama decides to make a complete 180 degree turnaround and is so very interested in becoming directly involved in the same Alaska Pipeline project that Sarah Palin for years has been working on and had finally secured funding for.

President Obama has just announced he is getting the White House to oversee the Alaska Pipeline project and is sending an envoy to Alaska to work with and oversee the project with the state legislators.  So now, we have the White House controlling state business.  And that’s really funny because Governor Sarah Palin had already secured this project along with then Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.  Do you think the President wants to take over the project and take the credit away from Sarah Palin?  Perhaps he has an interest in hurting Sarah Palin by destroying her project altogether and preventing it from going through?  Maybe he is so angry at her that he is using the White House to get back at her? Does he want to hurt Sean Parnell’s chances of re-election?  Could the President be abusing his executive power? Hmm?  I don’t know, but if he is, then this is a scandal, I’ll just call it “Pipelinegate”.

There are two reasons for this, I think.

Alaska Governor Sean Parnell, who took over Sarah Palin’s job last year is up for re-election.  He is way ahead in all the polls to get the Republican nomination.  The general election will be held in November.  Parnell has been working very hard on the Alaska Pipeline project along with Sarah Palin when she was governor, and the project has been on track to receive the funding it needed from Alaskan legislators (at least up until this week when it was announced the President is taking over).

But why would the President use his executive power to hurt Sarah Palin?  Could she be a possible threat to his re-election campaign in 2012?  Could it be that he is a little bit angry that she is running around the country going to bat for conservatives to unseat legislators in Washington who are not doing their job, mostly Democrats? Sarah is a patriot and she is doing it for her country so it can get back on the right track. If conservatives (mostly Republicans) win the elections, then the Republicans might have enough seats in the House and Senate to take over a majority and gain control of Congress.  If this happens, the President will be in a weaker position than he is today. Do you think he is angry about that? Or maybe he is angry because Sarah Palin saw some major flaws in his healthcare legislation which he desperately wants to pass, and she gave the public the heads up?

Gosh!  Is it really worth it Mr. President to scandalize yourself and abuse your White House privileges because of your anger? This could hurt your chances in 2012 for re-election.  Why do you take the chance? Have you already decided you will not run for a second term?

This is only the beginning, folks.  I think “Pipelinegate” will become huge and the President will be caught in an even bigger scandal than Nixon was a part of.  He is using his power of the executive office to hurt the other side politically.  He is manipulating Alaska’s state business for revenge instead of doing his job as Commander-in-Chief leading our country into prosperity and peace at a time in which our country needs a leader.

For more information on “Pipelinegate” and the players involved in it, go to:

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