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Archive for the ‘campaign contributions’ Category

Palin: R-E-S-P-E-C-T from Nader

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on September 22, 2011

Published by Salon just yesterday, Ralph Nader, accurately described as a “longtime crusader for the left”, was asked to comment on Palin’s September 3rd Indianola, Iowa speech with some surprising remarks.

Ralph Nader hearts Sarah Palin?

We decided to call the longtime left crusader about a speech Palin gave in Iowa earlier this month, one which seemed to mark the transformation of Palin from a standard-issue movement conservative to something more independent and more reformist. And Nader told us he liked what he heard.

“I think she’s a lot smarter than most people credit her,” says Nader. “Judging by her comments, she is squarely in the camp of conservative populism, opposed to corporatism and its corporate state.”

Palin delivered the speech in question in Indianola, Iowa, on Sept. 3. As Anand Giridharadas later observed in the Times, the media responded primarily by “ignoring the ideas she unfurled and dwelling almost entirely on the will-she-won’t-she question of her presidential ambitions.”

Some of the rhetoric was familiar. Palin slammed the “far left,” praised the Tea Party, and denounced the idea of more government spending.

But there was also some refreshingly new material. She described a “permanent political class,” one that is hypocritical and devoted to personally profiting off of government. (“Seven of the 10 wealthiest counties are suburbs of Washington, D.C.,” she noted.) She spoke of “the collusion of big government and big business and big finance.” And she took aim at both parties for governing in service of their big campaign contributors.

This sounded to us like Nader. And Nader agreed. More

Cross posted at Sarah Palin Blog

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Sarah Palin Sets Robert Gibbs Straight on Obama and BP Money

Posted by Dr. Fay on May 23, 2010

Robert Gibbs needs to do his homework before attacking Governor Palin on oil and gas issues.  He is either ignorant of or chooses to forget Governor Palin’s credentials as the Governor and CEO of an oil-rich state and former chair of both the Oil and Gas Commission of Alaska and the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission.  Perhaps he also conveniently forgets her landmark achievement as Governor in making the AGIA pipeline a reality.  In fact, the AGIA pipeline is so significant that Obama himself is already showing signs of either wanting to take credit for it or destroy it.  The jury is still out on Pipelinegate.

In response to Robert Gibbs’ churlish and uniformed remark about her knowledge of what goes on in oil and gas circles, Governor Palin  tweeted the following smackdown:

The Politico article that Governor Palin referenced in her tweets contains the following information:

While the BP oil geyser pumps millions of gallons of petroleum into the Gulf of Mexico, President Barack Obama and members of Congress may have to answer for the millions in campaign contributions they’ve taken from the oil and gas giant over the years.

BP and its employees have given more than $3.5 million to federal candidates over the past 20 years, with the largest chunk of their money going to Obama, according to the Center for Responsive Politics. Donations come from a mix of employees and the company’s political action committees — $2.89 million flowed to campaigns from BP-related PACs and about $638,000 came from individuals.

On top of that, the oil giant has spent millions each year on lobbying — including $15.9 million last year alone — as it has tried to influence energy policy.

During his time in the Senate and while running for president, Obama received a total of $77,051 from the oil giant and is the top recipient of BP PAC and individual money over the past 20 years, according to financial disclosure records.

It looks like Robert Gibbs is the one who needs to become more informed.  Or perhaps his attack on Governor Palin was a ruse as damage control for his boss.

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