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Author Archive

Moving Forward

Posted by Morgan on October 7, 2011

“Is there not one thing in your life that is worth losing everything for?”     – The Wind And The Lion (1975)

Sometimes it is a line in a movie that says it all, that conveys so succinctly what you want to say.  With the recent announcement by Sarah to not seek a run for President in 2012, it was the great screenwriter and director, John Milius, who unwittingly captured my own sentiments so well.

Sarah’s announcement resulted for the most part in two types of reactions: shock, sadness, disappointment, even anger from Palinistas, and snickering variations of “See I told you so” from detractors (if not outright Palin haters) deeply entrenched in their own negative opinions about Sarah, that she is shallow, ignorant, stupid, only out to make money, a fake, a liar, etc., etc., etc.

My own reaction wasn’t anger or disappointment, but has been what I call resigned acceptance.  I had hoped Sarah would announce a run for the top job, and was a little sad at the news, but also knew the possibility she would say no was there.  And because I didn’t want to raise my hopes up only to have them deflated, I tried to be prepared for either a yes or no.  The reasons for her decision are not known to me, and I don’t have the slightest idea what they are, but knowing what the media and Palin-haters have done to her, I can imagine the reasons.

For those of the “See I told you so” crowd, my response to them is short and sweet: Buzz off.  Most of those individuals are not only a waste of my time, but are also complete wastes of skin.  They are mired enough in the false and negative illusions of Sarah they have subscribed to that they are willing to believe anything and everything bad about her, no matter if the claims are distortions or bald-faced lies, like the garbage peddled by “author” Joe McGinniss.  When it comes to Sarah, they are beyond the capability of reasoned argument to be convinced otherwise.

For my fellow Palinistas, there isn’t much I can say at all.  We all respect Sarah’s decision, and her reasons for the decision.  More importantly, we know her role in the 2012 race and how it turns out will be significant, and we have not forgotten why we are in this fight.  We know what we fight for is bigger than any one person, and that Sarah’s decision doesn’t mean the end of the movement.  We know that no matter what, God is not done with us or with America.

Before I close, I will further note that to be able to serve alongside fellow Palinistas like the Mama Grizzly #2 herself, Karen Allen, Peter Singleton, Martha Cano, Mark America, David Powell, Thomas Schmitz, Janne Myrdal, Laura Hatton and Jesse Cornish was an honor.  It was worth giving my time, my effort and my money to help Sarah any way I could, and it will continue to be so.

To all the Palinistas in Indiana and elsewhere, thank you, and especially to Sarah Palin, thank you for all you have done.  May God bless all of us as we continue fighting the good fight.

Cross-posted from Hoosiers For Sarah Palin


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Throwing Stones At Glass Houses

Posted by Morgan on September 9, 2011

Cross-posted from Hoosiers For Sarah Palin:

This past Tuesday night, I found out Ann Coulter lives in a glass house.

When speaking to Laura Ingraham on The O’Reilly Factor, Ms. Coulter called for Sarah to make up her mind about running for President or not, referred to her as the “Obama of the Tea Party”, and castigated her followers, which includes yours truly, as if we were some kind of rabid dog snapping back at anything we see as an attack or threat.  Well, where oh where do I begin?

The thing of note about Ms. Coulter in regards to 2012 is the fact she supports New Jersey Governor Chris Christie for the top job.  The only problem is Governor Christie has said NO to a 2012 run, and not just once or twice, but dozens (if not hundreds) of times.  Neither the Governor nor his people have even hinted at the remote possibility of contemplating a run, yet Ms. Coulter doesn’t seem to have noticed that little obstacle, all the while thinking Sarah should decide now whether to run or not.

In a larger context, the comments, connected with another set of statements made by Ms. Coulter, have made me question her logic.  Running for the Presidency is a step down for Sarah, says Ms. Coulter, yet a run for the U.S. Senate from Arizona isn’t?  Does that make any sense to you at all?  Another reason for me to question the logic of Ms. Coulter is her calling Sarah the Obama of the Tea Party and criticizing me and other Palinistas as being somehow too intolerant of the attacks and insults aimed at Sarah by pundits and politicians.

Where does she get off calling Sarah “the Obama of the Tea Party”?  Because Palinistas like myself simply believe she’s the best candidate out there?  Contrary to what Ms. Coulter believes, we who support Sarah Palin do not think of her as some kind of superwoman or messianic figure.  The reason I support Sarah Palin has always been because of her record as a public official, her stances on the issues and the content of her character.  In other words, I and other Palinistas believe Sarah is the best possible candidate for President in 2012.  And when it comes to defending Sarah against the attacks and insults, our purpose has been quite simple: to straighten the record about her and correct the absurd claims brought up over the past three years.  Ms. Coulter apparently thinks that’s going overboard, which makes me think she’s blind as well as illogical.

Who Ms. Coulter chooses to support is her choice, and who she chooses to dislike, no matter how inane, is her choice as well, but I’d sooner suspect her of being a foolish optimist who thinks the candidate of her choosing is some kind of messianic figure.

Correction (12:13 PM EDT): Got the day of the interview wrong; my apologies.

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Restoring America

Posted by Morgan on September 8, 2011

Cross-posted from Hoosiers For Sarah Palin, with my apologies for not writing this up earlier.  I also have a few pictures available at the other site.

I couldn’t think of a better reason for undertaking my first trip to Iowa than to attend the Restoring America rally held in Indianola by the Tea Party of America this past Saturday, highlighted by the keynote speaker of the event, Sarah Palin.  Being the Indiana coordinator for Organize4Palin, it was more than a golden opportunity.  I deemed it a necessity to go.

The pundits, the analysts, the so-called experts we all see on the airwaves or whose opinions we read on the Internet, all believed Sarah would give an announcement (Karl Rove expressed confidence in this during one of his countless appearances on Fox News).  More than that, some people I know were hoping she would announce a run for President (more out of impatience than anything else).  From what I had heard, though, an announcement was the last thing any of us should have seriously expected or hoped for.

The Forecast

The day before I left for Iowa, I checked the weather forecasts for the Indianola area, discovering expectations of scattered thunderstorms throughout the following Saturday.  This would’ve been a good time to make sure I was packing an umbrella, but I ultimately didn’t bother to bring one along, suspecting the weather predictions could be wrong.  Traveling with my parents, we made the 500+ mile trip to Iowa, eventually arriving at the Indianola Balloon Grounds by 8:30 Saturday morning.

A line of people awaited us at the front gate, some of them (I later discovered) had spent the previous night at the site.  My dad noticed few of the license plates on the cars there came from Iowa.  There were clouds in the skies, but the sun came out not long after we passed through the gate.  The day was starting out to be a good one.

Like A Mailman

One of the great opportunities I was able to take advantage of during the rally was to be meet in person many of the diehard Palinistas, such as Karen Allen (Mama Grizzly #2 herself), Peter Singleton (the Iowa co-coordinator), Thomas Schmitz (the California coordinator), David Powell (the Ohio coordinator), Martha Cano (of O4P-Texas and Palin Promotions), and many others, all dedicated enough to travel as far as they did to Iowa.  Gathered at the O4P tent, we were organized for volunteer work, namely signing up new members as they arrived for the rally.

By 9 a.m., I was out there asking attendees to sign up and join O4P.  Many of them I asked, it turned out, signed up at the front gate thanks to other diligent volunteers (thank God for them), some said no and one person signed up.  Not too long after we began the task, however, the rain began to come down.  The error in my judgment in not bringing an umbrella along came back to bite me right on the butt.

Most of us sought shelter as the rain, along with the thunder and lightning, continued with its visit to the area.  Umbrellas showed up instantly, as did plastic coverings, but for those of us with neither, we had to wait as the rain came down in greater steadiness with intermittent flashes of lightning and sounds of thunder.  Despite the change in weather, cars continued coming into the parking lot (I later discovered people who left the grounds simply just waited in their cars until the rain let up and they returned, some with umbrellas!).  In my case, thanks to the kindness of a couple of Good Samaritans, I had a plastic covering and could continue to take signatures.

The rain came and went, and it was a challenge to keep the signup forms dry, but those of us still able to sign people up continued on as if we were mailmen, not allowing either rain or snow or heat or gloom of night to keep us from enlisting new members.  Looking back, it surprises me that most of the people who signed up did so even as the rain was coming down!  Meanwhile, the rally began at 11 a.m., with plenty of entertainment for the growing audience and a bevy of speakers whose words resonated with the audience.  By 1 p.m., the volunteer work was done and we were on our way to the stage and Sarah Palin.

For Strippers And…”

The plastic covering had done its job well, albeit the bottom of my jeans were wet and my shoes were soaked.  It wasn’t long after I sat down on my seat when a short video of Sarah began running.  A few minutes later, we became a roaring crowd when Sarah appeared on the stage.  Shouts of “RUN SARAH RUN” filled the air.

The message of Sarah’s speech resonated with all of us, with her focus on the failure of the policies of the Obama administration, the need for an end to crony capitalism, and stopping the massively increased spending now; for an end to Barack Obama’s fundamental transformation of America and the need for the fundamental restoration of America.  During the speech, she brought us out in laughter when mentioning the value of polls by saying, “they’re for strippers and cross-country skiers”.  I have to confess I missed the last part of that statement; my one-track mind got the better of me.

The most important part of the speech was her five-point plan: Enforcing the 10th Amendment to our Constitution, repealing ObamaCare, an end to the increasing debt and addressing entitlement reform, increased domestic energy production, and eliminating federal corporate income taxes, followed by ending corporate welfare and loopholes.

The reaction of everybody at the rally was euphoric, highlighted by shouts of support for a Palin run in 2012.  No announcement was made by Sarah one way or the other about a Presidential run, as I expected.

Back Home Again In Indiana

A long trip back awaited myself and my parents, so we were on the road by 2 p.m. heading for home.  I wish I could’ve been able to say hi to Sarah, but dozens of people instantly crowded around her when she got off the stage and I didn’t have enough time to wait.  On the whole, the trip to Iowa had been enjoyable; the sight of all that farm land was quite beautiful.  I look forward to visiting Iowa again (after all, I need to visit John Wayne’s birthplace in Winterset!).

I had gone into the rally expecting an important speech from Sarah, and an important speech it was.  Whether she will run or not in 2012 is still unknown to me, but I expect the announcement to come this month as all of us do.  I left the rally reminded of a quotation from Sarah which appears on the O4P site: “The more support I see, the harder I want to work, and the more determined I am to not let folks down.

With that, I close this chronicling of my recollections with a shorter quote from Sarah, which I spotted at Indianola.

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Now Isn’t That Interesting

Posted by Morgan on June 10, 2011

So, the moment finally arrived.  After nearly three long years, the media was given access to Sarah’s e-mails from her tenure as Governor of Alaska.  The task was a mean feat (to say the least), as nearly 25,000 e-mails were released in answer to a Freedom of Information Act request, and the secondary task of going through those nearly 25,000 e-mails was such a mean feat in its own right that we saw the Anchorage Daily News, The Washington Post and the (laughable, of course) newspaper of record itself, The New York Times, asking readers to help them sift through the e-mails in the hope of finding some dirt about Sarah.  Now isn’t that just interesting.

And what has the media found so far?  Well, if you read what William A. Jacobson writes at his blog Legal Insurrection, the headlines so far have been predictably pathetic.  Tanning beds, low regard for the mainstream media (gee, I wonder why?), a hands-on approach to her job as Governor, encouraging staff to be open with the media, the rare mentioning of Michigan (say what?!), and PR advice from Newt Gingrich (you don’t say?), among other highlights.  It doesn’t take much to go through the list of headlines and come away thinking, that’s it?  That’s what the Daily News, the Post and the Times come up with?  After asking for help to sift through all these e-mails from readers, all those nearly 25,000 e-mails, this is what they come up with?  These are the “interesting tidbits” they find?  Now isn’t that just interesting.

I should inform you that the media has also reported it might take a few days to “make sense” of all these e-mails (certainly didn’t take a few minutes!), and yet I can’t help but think of the first sentence Adrienne Ross wrote in a post today at her own blog Motivation:Truth, “The media is beclowning itself.”  Truer words were never spoken.  It does not amaze me, it does not surprise me, it does not even anger me, to see what the mainstream media as a whole is doing in regards to Sarah’s e-mails.  Nearly three years of Palin Derangement Syndrome has brought these organizations and others to the point they are sifting through the e-mails she sent and received while serving as Governor in the vain hope of finding something, anything, to bring her down politically.  You know, if they had paid attention to Sarah when she last spoke to Chris Wallace or perhaps read Adrienne’s post, maybe they could have avoided being the subject of Professor Jacobson’s post.

I’d say “Now isn’t that just interesting” if it were truly interesting, but in reality, it’s just plain pitiful.

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Targeted: Trig Palin

Posted by Morgan on April 21, 2011

Nothing is sacred; that’s the motto of the Left when it comes to attacks on people, which is why the recent attacks by the left-wing website Wonkette on Todd and Sarah’s 3-year old son Trig are not so surprising.

Dana Loesch at Big Journalism (if I’m not mistaken) broke the story wide open, and thankfully, the response has been significant.  Not only has there been a mass of support for Trig on Twitter, but also businesses have withdrawn advertisements from Wonkette (Tammy Bruce has more info on other businesses to contact).

Whitney Pitcher at Conservatives4Palin also wrote a superb indictment of the Left as projectionists whose actions have been far louder than their words which claim the opposite, and is far better than what I could write on the subject.  The attacks of the Left, as I wrote at the beginning of this post, don’t surprise me, but they leave me no less angered naturally.  As Stacy Drake noted succinctly at C4P, “Children are off-limits, period”.

If you can, contact the businesses which have ads on the website.  You can use e-mail or Twitter, which are the most commonly used vehicles in this current effort.  Let’s continue to stand in support of Trig and his family.

(Cross-posted from Hoosiers For Sarah Palin)

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Say what, Meghan?

Posted by Morgan on April 18, 2011

Somebody named Meghan Daum had a column out yesterday on Sarah in the Los Angeles Times which featured statements I have found to be the most baffling ever written by anybody (and I mean anybody) working in the American media today.  She claimed thanks to the “Palin machine” (Ms. Daum’s idea of a flattering nickname), it’s impossible to criticize Sarah “without being discredited as a biased and therefore unqualified source”.  Naturally, there’s more:

And that’s not the only reason why we can’t bring ourselves to take the gloves off with Palin. It’s impossible not to feel like we’re punching shamefully below our weight, which everyone knows is against the rules. Palin lacks the intellectual, analytical and rhetorical skills to have a competent discussion about policy or much else. She is handicapped not only by a lack of education, experience and curiosity about the world (wearing a Star of David in Israel doesn’t count), but by a speaking style that often collapses under the weight of disjointed, undiagrammable sentences. She is, in terms of the political arena, easily outclassed.

Does Meghan Daum live in some kind of bizarro world?  Apparently, it has never occurred to her that the reason why some members of the media have been discredited as biased and unqualified is because they relied on misleads, distortions, falsehoods, lies and blatantly biased sources when it came to their coverage of Sarah and her record in the first place. But the thing which baffles me most is her claim that she (and her “friends and readers”) would like “to rip the lady to shreds and move on”, but cannot because Sarah “is too well-shielded by her own incompetence”.  Has it ever occurred to her that those of like mind as her friends and readers have already attempted to rip the lady to shreds and failed because their criticism has been unfounded and makes them look like fools repeatedly? As far as Meghan Daum is concerned, I hate to think she represents what Los Angeles is today.

(Cross-posted from Hoosiers For Sarah Palin)

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Fired Up

Posted by Morgan on April 17, 2011

First off, I’d like to say thanks to all of you who have welcomed me as a contributor.  Admittedly, except for one e-mail, I haven’t received any greetings (and I don’t know why the bounceback from my e-mail address occurred).  I consider it an honor to be able to contribute anything here at a blog where so many of Sarah’s strongest and most vocal supporters contribute.  I decided for my first post here, instead of cross-posting what I just published at Hoosiers For Sarah Palin, I would elaborate on what I wrote today about Sarah’s speech at the Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin yesterday afternoon.

To start with, I had actually forgotten that Sarah was to speak in Madison when I went onto the CBS News website to watch the livestream of the rally.  I remember hearing a memorable phrase by one of the speakers when addressing a reference to the the famous sleeping giant quote (if I get this wrong, my apologies): “We’re weren’t asleep, just at work.”  Andrew Breitbart spoke next and I loved his “Go to hell!” to Richard Trumka.

I noticed the chat stream on the website was going as fast as bullets, but the intensity of these “bullets” grew the very moment Sarah came to the podium.  There were comments appearing and disappearing, either supporting Sarah or attacking her, one going so far as derogatorily mocking her by chanting the word uterus.  Thankfully, supporters of Sarah drowned him out (so to speak) with chants of Sarah! Sarah! Sarah! Sarah!.

As I wrote in my blog post, Sarah went after the union fat cats, the Republican Party establishment, and especially Barack Obama.  She praised Governor Scott Walker, as well as the state Republican legislators and the Tea Partiers who stood for the needed fiscal reforms (if only my own Governor, Mitch Daniels, had a spine like Governor Walker’s!).  The fire which came out of Sarah not only fired up all of us, but it also ensured the union protestors who tried to boo her and drown her out with their own chants were themselves drowned out by her words and the cheers of the Tea Partiers there.  I can’t say I saw any snow in the video footage, and I’m not surprised; Sarah’s fiery speech must’ve melted the snow!

There’s not much I can say about how I felt after her speech.  Not only was I fired up, I was also reaffirmed in my belief that Sarah is the best person out there today for the job of leading America back onto the right direction, and it was more motivating than anything I have heard from any of the other potential candidates seeking the Republican nomination for 2012 (hearing the sound byte from Tim Pawlenty, for instance, where he borrowed the phrase “You’re fired” from Donald Trump, would’ve been good if he hadn’t sounded so boring!).  With her editorials, Facebook posts, Tweets, and speeches like yesterday’s, Sarah showed why the Left, the media and Barack Obama are afraid of her.

As Jedediah Bila said so well and so simply, Sarah rocked Madison.  I thank God for this woman.  May she, and all of us Palinistas, continue fighting the good fight.

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