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Archive for February 12th, 2015

Gov. Palin: Obama is not for American energy independence

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 12, 2015

Governor Palin headlined the North American Prospect Expo (NAPE)  in Houston this morning.  From all reports, her address was well received by the attendees, except perhaps the media, who were sequestered in their own little corner.

Christopher Helman at Forbes writes:

Sarah Palin’s Message Of Love To American Oil And Gas

HOUSTON – Sarah Palin preached to the choir this morning at the North American Prospect Expo. She was greeted with a standing ovation by a crowd of hundreds oil and gas industry types, and she left with an ovation too, declaring, “It’s always a pleasure to be back in Alaska’s sister state Texas.”

In her own unique way, Palin told the crowd (part of the 15,000 attendees expected at NAPE this week) what they wanted to hear: oil and gas is the lifeblood of America. Keystone XL is a no-brainer. The Alaska National Wildlife Refuge should be opened to drilling. President Obama just doesn’t get it.

She didn’t rule out running for president in 2016.


“Energy is my baby. The thing that I miss most about my governing responsibilities is to be able to spur investment in exploration and development.”

America’s oil and gas is what’s needed to “feed and fuel a hungry nation with what God has created for man’s responsible use.”

My husband Todd started off with BP on the North Slope of Alaska. “We raised our kids with that North Slope lifestyle. Thank you so much for paying my bills for many years.”

Right now low oil prices are helping to spur our economy, though they are hurting the oil and gas industry. “Now is the time to plan for more drilling and more production. It’s a time to catch your breath and plan for the future.”

Can government do anything to help the industry at this time? Usually “government just gets in the way, and is so much of the problem in our economy.” But right now “government can spur more production by lifting the export ban.”

But instead of common sense moves like that, the administration is hurting the industry by blocking Keystone XL, by pursuing land grab in Alaska. By enabling an EPA guilty of vast regulatory overreach. “The punative aspect of it is to really stick it to the American people.”

“The president is not for American energy independence.” If he were he wouldn’t be trying to lock up the Alaska National Wildlife Refuge. That’s “20 million more acres he wants to lock up from development.”

Obama wants to balance that out by opening up some waters off the Eastern seaboard to oil exploration. But “that’s a bogus exchange.”

“All we need to explore and develop ANWR is a 2,000 acre swath. Alaska is 400 million acres when you consider our water and land. A postage stamp in the middle of a football field. That’s all the land we need to develop.”

As for the Keystone XL pipline: “It’s a no-brainer. It’s basic infrastructure. We have millions of mile of pipe streaming across this country. It’s the safest way to transport friendly fuel. It’s a shame [President Obama] has taken off the possibilities for America and for Canada to transport this fuel. It will get to market somehow.”

“The administration is not understanding the inherent link between energy and security and energy and prosperity. He’s rewarding the environmentalists who are extreme in saying there would be environmental harm in developing ANWR.” They worry about the impact on the “moose and caribou.” Well we’ve had the Trans-Alaska Pipeline for decades, and that “pipeline has not been adverse at all.”

On the contrary, “the animals like the warmth” that the pipeline gives off. “The animals mate under the pipeline. I haven’t actually seen it” but that’s what I’m told. If oil and gas development is risky to wildlife, “if it is to hurt one caribou, then that one caribou should take one for the team and allow the rest of the country to benefit.” 


“I can’t wait for 2016. That election I can see from my house. I hope for a GOP candidate who understands energy and understands infrastructure.”

“Hillary Clinton will be the Democrat candidate because she has the money.” After her, it’s a “shallow bench.” Is there any chance a dark horse could emerge to challenge her? “Not really, because of the money. Hillary Clinton will seize the opportunity to collect those funds. Hillary is it.”

As for Vice President Joe Biden? “He’s been in politics long enough to have voted against the Trans-Alaska pipeline.”

The field of GOP candidates represent ”a deep bench.”

“Common sense conservatives — we’re going to have our hands full.”

Is Sarah Palin considering a run? “I’m so sorry you asked that. It’s “just too early.” But “a lot can change.”

Can we win? “I don’t underestimate the wisdom of the people. Enough is enough for this hopey changey stuff that didn’t work.” America needs “common sense.” America needs to “reclaim exceptionalism.”

“Candidate Obama promised to fundamentally transform America.” But we don’t need that. “We need to restore” what’s great about America.

Read much more.


Jordan Blum at Houston Business Journal writes:

Former Gov. Palin talks oil prices, what she can see from her house

Feb 12, 2015, 1:44pm CST

Jordan Blum

Reporter- Houston Business Journal
Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska and 2008 vice-presidential candidate, visited Houston on Feb. 12 for the NAPE Summit.

Jordan Blum
Reporter- Houston Business Journal
Email | Twitter

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was up early Feb. 12 to headline the 2015 NAPE Summit’s 6:30 a.m. Decision Maker’s Breakfast in Houston as she continues her will she/won’t she run for president in 2016 tour.

Palin spoke at what was described to her as a “very friendly audience” of energy execs and others.

Here’s a sampling of her quips and comments during her Houston visit:

— Her introductory words: “Energy is my baby. I absolutely love it. It’s the theme that I miss most about my governing responsibilities. Being able to help spur investment and exploration and development and, you know, responsibly extracting that most valuable resource we have in Alaska and so many other places. And being able to feed and fuel our great nation with what God has created for man’s responsible use.”

— About President Barack Obama being term-limited: “I’m just looking forward to that change in 2016. It’s like, that election, I can see it from my house.”

— On the “Saturday Night Live” 40th anniversary special that she will appear in on Feb. 15: “I said, sure, you know, kill them with kindness.”


— On the 2016 Democratic nominee for president: “Hillary Clinton will be the candidate because she has the money and they have a very shallow bench.”

— On whether she will run: “I’m so sorry I have to sound like a politician and give you the same answer I give all the time. It’s too early and a lot can change.”

— Looking back on the 2008 presidential campaign: “Yeah, second out of two. Yeah, darn it. To do that again, I guess I would’ve gone rogue a lot earlier … broken out of the shackles.”

— On NBC’s suspended Brian Williams and what she calls the “lapdog media”: “They lie. They make things up.”

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