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(Updated) Gov. Palin from #IAFreedomSummit: “I’m ready. You coming?”

Posted by Dr. Fay on January 24, 2015


It turns out that the graphics posted below from Governor Palin’s Facebook page comprise key points of Governor Palin’s Iowa Summit speech, which is so packed with oneliners, that you will need to watch it all!

Video retrieved from sarahnettoo.


Gov. Palin posted this series of graphics on her Facebook page this evening.  In reverse order:

Looks like Governor Palin is “Ready for Hillary!”


2 Responses to “(Updated) Gov. Palin from #IAFreedomSummit: “I’m ready. You coming?””

  1. John R. Lancellotti said

    Dear Gov. Palin: Hillary has got to be found guilty of the deaths at Benghazi. Will you please nail her on that? She knew about it and did not provide protection for those three really brave Americans.

  2. Atomic Veteran said


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