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Gov. Palin to House GOP: Please consider Gohmert or Yoho when you vote for Speaker today

Posted by Dr. Fay on January 6, 2015

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this morning:


House GOP,

As you compete to make it to the Capitol this morning through that DC snow, remember that competition is good in ALL things; it makes everyone work harder and producer better, and it keeps us fresh, active and on our toes! It’s time for new energy and positive progress in Congress. Please consider “Gunnin’ for Gohmert” or going “Yahoo for Yoho” when you vote for Speaker of the House today. Both Representatives are true Constitutional, commonsense conservatives who’ve proven to America they keep their promises to We the People. They know they serve America, not the power brokers in DC. With all due respect we can thank yesterday’s Congressional leadership for years of service and be confident that former title holders will do the right thing and unite with NEW leadership today!

– Sarah Palin


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