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Archive for December 27th, 2014

Palin “Achiever of the Year” and potential 2016 candidate

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 27, 2014

From article by M. Joseph Sheppard at The American Thinker:

American Achiever of 2014: Sarah Palin


It would be the height of churlishness for even the most inveterate leftist to deny the import of someone who made Time magazine’s “100 Most Influential People” list, and then the Smithsonian Institution‘s “100 Most Significant Americans Of All Time” list.  Both affirmations were earned by former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin.To then accept Governor Palin as “American Achiever of the Year 2014” would be for most, if not all on the left (and to be fair, many in the GOP) no doubt a bridge too far.  However, such partisanship should not stand in the way of a general acknowledgement of what was a remarkable year for Palin.

Palin achieved what such luminaries as President Obama did not: a place in the Smithsonian’s prestigious “Most Significant” list.  After being written off by many in the media, and especially the left, as “irrelevant” and predicted by MSNBC’s Krystal Ball as “not going to have an effect on the [2014] midterms,” Palin’s record of success of her endorsed candidates was nothing short of phenomenal.Governor Palin endorsed 22 candidates for various offices during the midterm finals, including senators, governors, lieutenant governors, congressmen, and attorneys general.  Of those so endorsed, an incredible 20 were elected – contrasted with, for example, Hillary Clinton’s record of 8 wins out 24 endorsed candidates.

Beyond the success of her endorsed candidates lies a much deeper reason for Palin being seen as “Achiever of the Year”: those Palin endorsed in their respective primaries who then went on to win the general election battles.  As in the past with, among others, senators Ted Cruz, Kelly Ayotte, and Deb Fischer, and Governor Nikki Haley, who owe their elections in their primary campaigns to Palin’s endorsement at a critical juncture, so too could new senators Ben Sasse and Joni Ernst, and new Alaska governor Bill Walker (and, remarkably, his Democrat lieutenant governor Byron Mallott) be considered to owe all or a substantial part of their nominations to Palin’s endorsement.For all her detractors’ cries of “irrelevance” and “she’s just a reality show entertainer” (those two being among the nicer epithets), Palin goes on, election cycle after election cycle, populating Congress with her endorsed candidates in a cost-effective manner, and in such numbers that the likes of Karl Rove with his 1% success rate can surely view only with hidden admiration, if not downright envy.

In what is perhaps the most interesting aspect of Palin’s year of achievement, in instance after instance where Palin was ridiculed for a straightforward statement (e.g., “death panels” or the true history of Paul Revere), her most strident critics have agreed, in whole or in part, with her views.  But 2014 saw the most impressive of this historical revisionism.

After Russian president Putin invaded the Ukraine and annexed the Crimea, video surfaced of Governor Palin’s 2008 speech where she predicted exactly that occurrence should then presidential candidate Barack Obama be elected.  Palin sounded a deserved note of triumphalism in March:

“Yes, I could see this one from Alaska,” Palin posted on Facebook, saying she said “told-ya-so” in the case of her “accurate prediction being derided as ‘an extremely far-fetched scenario’ by the ‘high-brow’ Foreign Policy magazine.”

Read more.

From article by Anna Marie Burke at Newsmax (h/tp Ron Devito):

Sarah Palin 2016: 7 Key Political Positions of GOP Presidential Hopeful

Friday, 26 Dec 2014 03:08 PM

By Alana Marie Burke

Sarah Palin is considered a 2016 GOP presidential hopeful but she has not indicated whether she intends to run. However, an early 2014 Economist/YouGov Poll asked participants, “Other than Hillary Clinton, is there any other woman you would want to run for president either in 2016 or 2020? Palin topped the field above Democrat Elizabeth Warren and Republican Condoleeza Rice.

The former Alaska govenor is championed by the Tea Party and many Republicans for her solid conservative values, strength of character, and straightforward, folksy style of communication. On the other hand, the latter character trait has also made her an easy target for the liberal media, which takes every opportunity to portray Palin in a negative light.As the Republican choice for vice president in 2008, Palin brought a breath of fresh air and energy to John McCain’s rather plodding campaign. After McCain’s election loss, Palin continued to motivate conservatives across the country with her strong rhetoric for fiscal sanity, smaller government, and criticisms of President Obama.

Here are 7 key political positions of potential GOP presidential hopeful Sarah Palin:

1. Fiscal conservative:
Sarah Palin is aligned with the Tea Party foundation of reduced government spending, taxation, and regulation.

2. Illegal immigration: Palin supports a path to citizenship but is opposed to any form of amnesty for illegal immigrants. Currently Palin has been very vocal about Republicans whom she says will “face America’s wrath,” reports the Chicago Sun Times, if they do not defund President Obama’s executive amnesty actions.

3. Energy: Sarah Palin subscribes to the “Drill baby drill” energy perspective on domestic oil and gas production. While she was mocked by liberals for saying more domestic energy would bring gas prices down, Rush Limbaugh recently pointed out, “We’ve drilled, we’ve drilled, we’ve fracked, and here are the Saudis lowering the price of oil. It works every time it’s tried.”

4. Healthcare: As a vocal opponent of Obamacare, Palin has taken not just the Democrats to task for the Affordable Care Act, which she calls “socialized medicine.” She has also criticized Republicans in Congress saying, “Just remember — if you fund it, you own it!” reports National Review Online. Palin is for tort reform, and a free-market solution to healthcare that focuses on the doctor-patient relationship.

5. Abortion: Sarah Palin is pro-life including in cases of rape and incest. She does make an exception when the health of the mother is at risk. After an abortion activist filmed her own abortion, calling it “positive,” Palin posted on her Facebook page, “Sad, gut wrenching, barbaric, hopeless, too far-gone a society that celebrates filming this?” Christian Post reports that Palin thanked women who choose to protect their unborn children saying “it is the strong and selfless woman who faces life head-on and seeks the help she needs, all while acknowledging the life within her is purposeful and precious — the life of a baby, the precious life of a child.”

Read more.

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