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Christmas Evening, 2014

Posted by Dr. Fay on December 25, 2014

Governor Palin posted a special Christmas greeting to the military on  her Facebook page yesterday with a video and this comment:

23 hrs ·

A special Merry Christmas to our brave men and women in uniform – especially those serving us far from home.


We at SPIB hope that all of our friends and readers have had a joyful and blessed Christmas with family and friends today.  And we join Governor Palin in wishing our military and their families a special merry Christmas.

Christmas is when we remember the birth of our Messiah and Savior, Jesus Christ.  Although we don’t know exactly what time of year He was born, December 25 is the day that Christians have celebrated His birth for centuries.  He came to Earth for the sole purpose of providing an atonement for our sins so that we can have eternal life with Him in Heaven after all our days written in His book are finished.


Graphic from DaySpring


Video retrieved from Joe Comer


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