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Archive for November 8th, 2014

Gov. Palin: GOP given a mandate to stop Barack Obama and his lawlessness and failed policies

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 8, 2014

Video retrieved from iizthatiiz

Governor Palin talked with Sean Hannity last night about the 2014 midterm elections.

Ian Hanchett at Breitbart News writes:

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin predicted that Democrats will spin the massive defeats of candidates that Hillary Clinton stumped for in order to protect her 2016 presidential prospects on Friday’s “Hannity” on the Fox News Channel.

“It was a whole ball of wax wasn’t it the other night? All of the Democrats’ failed policies and failed candidates and failed surrogates. Well, that was just really made manifest by the American people when we all said no to that and [voted] to stop that and Hillary of course was a part of that. Of course though the left, Sean, will buck up. and they will do all that they can to protect Hillary and try to change the narrative…[and] try to make it sound like she was the winner in all of this, that she had chosen the right ones and the right policies to support. Obviously, the facts don’t support that, but they will support her anyway and prop her up” she stated.

She also wondered how Democrats believed they could convince voters they wouldn’t simply be rubber stamps for President Obama saying, “Barack Obama, of course has had his boot on the neck of the American economy…anyone who shined those boots, no, the American public, you can’t underestimate the wisdom of. And we’ll be saying no to anyone who participated. Good point too about [Sen.] Mark Begich (D-AK), [Sen.] Mary Landrieu (D-LA), all these folks, who they supported Barack Obama and would continue to of course when they got back in there 97%, 98%, 99% of the time. How stupid did they think American voters were?”

Read more.

When asked what her advice to the newly elected Republicans in Congress was, Governor Palin said that they have been given a mandate to stop Barack Obama and give us our freedom.  She said the GOP shouldn’t get overconfident and think they can “go back to status quo and expect victory in 2016.  It’s kind of like once-bitten, twice-shy with so many of us….We’re saying, ‘You try that again, and 2016 will not go well for us….   My warning is:  you get there, you stop Barack Obama in his fundamental transformation of America and secure our freedom, and you play hard ball.”

She said that America’s expectations of Republicans are “first and foremost, to stop Obama, his failed policies, his lawlessness, … fulfill their campaign promises and stand strong on the planks of the Republican platform, and they can get specific from there.  Lower the corporate tax rate, quit shoving  jobs overseas, allow competition in the health care system once you repeal Obamacare, as you promised to do, GOP.  And allow employers to hire more people – full time jobs, not part time jobs. What’s going on right now, Sean, is the decimation of the middle class…. Open borders of course is another step toward the decimation of the middle class, because we’ll have a flood of illegal immigrants coming in to compete with American jobs.”

Sean asked, “Are you thinking at all about getting back into politics yourself?”  To which she replied, “I would love to!”  Sean:  “Really!  What job?”    Governor Palin hedged, “Don’t know specifically what job.  And of course, in the meantime, I’m out and about doing what I can to support good candidates.  Saturday, I’ll be in Louisiana.  Tonight I’m very pleased to hear that at the College Inn in New Orleans, we have a unity effort going on there right now with Colonel Rob Maness and his supporters in that race against Mary Landrieu, joining with the winner of the GOP – you know, that open jungle primary that Louisiana has.  We will see Cassidy and Maness and their supporters come together to make sure that Mary Landrieu and her participation in this lawlessness and in these failed policies of Obama, that they don’t get back to Washington, D. C.  We’ll have the GOP there, and we’ll do that by unity.  So I want to participate in things like that to help.”

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