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Archive for July 29th, 2014

Gov. Palin: The Truth About the War in Israel

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 29, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this evening:

Sarah Palin
I posted a new video to the top of my channel called “The Truth About the War in Israel.” I look to two very unlikely sources for wisdom on what’s really going on there. Please check it out and let me know what you think:
-Sarah Palin

The video is a very powerful expose on the conflict between Israel and Hamas and can be found under SARAH SAYS by scrolling down to the right.  Here is the direct link to the video:

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Media frenzy ensues following launch of Sarah Palin Channel

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 29, 2014

The launch of Governor Palin’s news channel on Sunday) generated a media frenzy populated by supporters and haters alike.  A few mainstream media sources were objective.  A Google search for “Sarah Palin Channel”  yielded 10,200,000 results tonight and 13,200,000 yesterday.  Here is a sampling of the multitude of articles written about the Governor’s latest venture.


Tony Lee at writes:

Sarah Palin Launches Online TV Channel

27 Jul 2014

Vowing to once again go around the mainstream media’s filter like she did with her pioneering use Twitter and Facebook after the 2008 presidential election, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin launched her own member-supported digital TV channel on Sunday evening.

“Tired of media filters? Well, so am I. So, let’s go rogue together and launch our own member-supported channel!” she wrote. “This will be OUR channel, for you and for me, and we’ll all get to call it like it is.”

Palin linked to her channel and a video that welcomes Americans to her “new project” that will allow her to “talk directly” to Americans on her terms.

The channel, which is a part of the TAPP network, has videos, speeches and “Sarah Says” video commentary from Palin. She will also answer questions, chat with subscribers, and provide behind-the-scenes videos of “some of the fun in the Palin household” and “adventures in the great outdoors.” She will also invite and interview various guests as well.

In a “Sarah Says” video that is featured on the site, Palin says the tragic downing of the Malaysian Airlines plane has “shifted the balance of world opinion against Vladimir Putin” since “there is a lot of evidence pointing to pro-Russian separatists” as being responsible for the “thoughtless massacre.” She said that Putin, though, still holds “oil and gas prices over the heads of those” who are dependent on Russia’s resources even as he is trying to distance himself from the separatists. Palin noted that Putin uses his energy resources essentially “as a weapon” against Europeans who are afraid to cross him. Palin said American needed to curb Russian power by developing its own resources and diluting Russia’s. She said America could be a “natural gas exporter” if the government got serious about development.

Palin also said the Ukraine situation did not have to “escalate” because “a good leader steers world events” instead of merely going with the wind and responding to one crisis after another. She President Barack Obama is merely “reacting” to world events, which is dangerous in a world with bullies and tyrants intent on doing harm.

“America, you deserve better,” Palin says of Obama

Read more.

From article by Jonathan Topaz at Politico:

Retrieved from SarahPalinAK

Sarah Palin launches online TV channel

Sarah Palin has announced the formation of her own Internet television news channel.

“This is a news channel that really is a lot more than news,” Palin said in a video introducing the network. “This is a community where we’re going to be able to share ideas and discuss the issues of the day. And we’re going to find solutions.”

The network, which went live on Sunday, costs $9.95 per month or $99.95 annually for subscribers. Parts of the website — which is populated with videos, columns and other content — are available for free on a trial basis. The site doesn’t indicate whether Palin will host regularly scheduled shows or how long the free trial period will last.

In her announcement, the former governor emphasized that she wants a dialogue with her subscribers. “I want you to talk directly to me,” she said in the video. “That’s what I’m most anxious about — hearing from you. Together, we’ll go around the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”

In the video, Palin railed against some of her usual favorite targets — the mainstream media, entrenched members of the Washington establishment — saying her network would provide another way for subscribers to discuss the issues facing the U.S.

Tapp, the media group that has partnered with Palin on the venture, said subscribers will be able to write questions to her, participate in group video chats and post their own videos on the website. Tapp also said current U.S. service members can subscribe without charge.


Sean Sullivan at the Washington Post wrote:


Sarah Palin launches online channel as she rips ‘media filters’

July 27

Sarah Palin says she’s fed up with traditional news media outlets. So she’s starting her own online channel.

In a Sunday video, the former Republican vice presidential nominee announced the Sarah Palin Channel, a subscription-based Web site that she says will offer news, video chats with her and behind-the-scenes glimpses of speeches and political events she attends.


n a separate post on Facebook, Palin directly takes on The Washington Post, arguing it has “fallen like a lead balloon” since the days of writing about the Watergate scandal.

“Whereas you once doggedly covered the 18.5 minute gap in Nixon’s White House communications, you’ve virtually ignored the Obama Administration’s 1.2 million minutes of deleted communications by just one of the agencies under Obama’s executive branch,” she writes.

Palin says her new Web site is a response to mainstream media outlets she has routinely accused of dodging important issues and slanting coverage.

A subscription will cost $9.95 a month or $99.95 a year.

In her two-minute announcement video, Palin repeatedly criticizes the media. She also vows to talk about ideas that “Washington doesn’t want you to hear” about.

“Are you tired of the media filters? Well, I am. I always have been. So, we’re going to do something about it,” she says.

Read more.

From Haaertz:

Sarah Palin launches her own online TV channel

The ex-Alaska governor and VP candidate promises subscribers: ‘Together, we’ll go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.’

By Haaretz | Jul. 28, 2014 | 1:14 PM |

Sarah Palin.

Sarah Palin, the former Alaska Governor and vice-presidential candidate, has launched her own online TV network, The Sarah Palin Channel.

At a cost of $9.95 a month, or $99.95 a year, subscribers have access to Palin’s commentary on “important issues facing the nation,” Variety reported. They will also get a sneak peek at her life as “mother, grandmother, wife and neighbor.” Subscriptions are free for members of the U.S. military, according to the report.

Users will be able to upload their own videos to the site, ask Palin questions and take part in online video discussions. The former VP candidate herself, also a Fox News contributor, oversees the channel’s content as its executive editor.

“I want to talk directly to you on our channel, on my terms — and no need to please the powers that be,” the conservative politician said in a video launching the channel. “Together, we’ll go beyond the sound bites and cut through the media’s politically correct filter.”

Read more.

This article by Lloyd Grove at TheDaily Beast is rather snarky, but contains some additional background information about the Sarah Palin Channel.

Jonathan Klein, the former president of CNN’s United States operation, and Jeff Gaspin, the former chairman of NBC Universal Television Entertainment, are just the sort of lamestream media elites that Sarah Palin is constantly railing against.

But, because this is America, where capitalism is the great equalizer between liberals and conservatives alike, a little difference of opinion hasn’t stopped the former governor of Alaska, Republican vice presidential nominee and right-wing political icon from joining forces with two blue-state media entrepreneurs to launch her own subscription-based online TV channel.


The Sarah Palin Channel “went up last night at 9 p.m.,” Klein told The Daily Beast on Monday morning. He said that his and Gaspin’s brand-new niche digital channel company, TAPP, has installed cameras all throughout the Palin house in Wasilla—“Sarah can flip a switch anytime she has something to say”—and they’re building out the channel from their production hub in Los Angeles, while Mike Greer, the former chief technology officer of the satirical news site The Onion, is leading the Sarah Palin Channel’s Web design team in San Francisco.


“We’re not out to make a reality show,” Klein said. “We’re out to make a channel that provides you with all the dimensions of her personality. People are nuanced. They have different layers and different levels. Too often people in public life are reduced to easily digestible cartoons… What we’re excited about is giving voice, for literally thousands of people who are out there, to someone who’s got passion and something to say and has a rabid audience that wants to hear it.”

Klein added: “Sarah Palin’s supporters and the members of her channel will get a 360-degree view of the person they adore.”

It will be “a news channel that really is a lot more than news. This is a community,” as Palin herself describes the enterprise in a flashily-produced introductory video. “Are you tired of the media filters? I am. I want to talk directly to you on my terms… No need to please the powers that be. And most importantly, I want you to talk to directly to me.”


“We’ve been talking to the Palins for a while”—since their initial contact last year her with the ex-Guv’s lawyer-agent, Beltway establishment gatekeeper Bob Barnett—“but we really began talking in earnest a few months ago as her timing came together,” Klein said. “She’s got a complicated life. She does have five kids and three of them are at home, and she’s got a handful, running around the country giving speeches.”

Two of those kids—sexual abstinence advocate and former Dancing with the Stars contestant Bristol, 23, mother of Tripp and the ex-girlfriend of Tripp’s father, Levi Johnston; and middle school student Piper, 13, her mom’s frequent travel companion to all those high-dollar speeches—are also starring on the new channel’s web site. Bristol has her already-established blog on the site while Piper has begun to record her own video commentary. Meanwhile, Sarah’s mother, Scrabble aficionado Sally Heath, will be providing a word of the day, Klein said.

“When we began thinking about what types of personalities would be suitable for a TAPP channel, the governor really leaps out at you,” Klein said, “because she is obviously a very outspoken personality who has a lot to say, and whose supporters feel underserved. They feel they don’t get enough of Sarah. You can see that in the way they run out to see her speeches and buy her books, and mob her on the street.”

Klein said he and Gaspin sealed the deal five months ago with a visit to the Palin compound in Wasilla, a 45-minute drive from Anchorage. It was Klein’s first visit to Alaska, made all the more memorable because it occurred in the frigid depths of winter.

“We made the trip in February—that’s how dumb I am,” Klein said. “We actually passed moose on the road. I wonder whether they were placed there by the Alaska tourism board.”

Klein said he was pleasantly surprised by his close encounter with the governor. “She was a lot more down to earth than I expected and a lot less ‘on.’ She really is like a lot of the moms I hang out with at Little League games, and really fun to be around,” he said. “She’s normal and very nice—and a helluva moose chili cook.”

Read more.

For additional links to news articles, see our new Sarah Palin Channel page.

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