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Archive for July 22nd, 2014

Gov. Palin: Is Obama even engaged in the crises rocking this country and the world?

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 22, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page tonight:

Sarah Palin shared a link.

Again, we need to ask: “What did the President know and when did he know it?” And is he even engaged at all in the crises rocking this country and the world?

See here:



From Hannity last night:


Here is the article that Governor Palin linked to:

Report: White House Ignored ‘Alarm Bells’ About Border Crisis

Monday, 21 Jul 2014 11:18 PM

By Cathy Burke

The Obama administration two years ago reportedly ignored the “ringing alarm bells” of a potential crisis of unaccompanied children pouring across the the U.S.-Mexico border, fearing the political fallout in an election year.

“There were warning signs, operational folks raising red flags to high levels in terms of this being a potential issue,” a former senior federal law enforcement official told The Washington Post.

The official told the newspaper that Customs and Border Protection and Immigration and Customs Enforcement were “ringing alarm bells” within the administration.

Yet the White House was focused then on twin political battles: President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election campaign and the congressional push for a broad immigration overhaul. Both would have been made much more difficult amid a border crisis, the newspaper reported.


California Democratic Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard told The Post that lawmakers understood how serious the situation was, but feared the political fallout.

“That was always a concern of mine: how to address the issue in a way that did not detract from the need for comprehensive immigration reform,” she told the newspaper.

The Post quoted another unnamed source as saying the Obama administration was focusing on broad reform rather than an immediate fix.

“Was the White House told there were huge flows of Central Americans coming? Of course they were told. A lot of times,” this source told the newspaper. “Was there a general lack of interest and a focus on the legislation? Yes, that’s where the focus was.”

A University of Texas at El Paso report in 2013 detailed how 30 agents were already assigned to perform tasks like washing the immigrant children’s clothes, driving them to offsite showers, and making them sandwiches.

The report said that an average of 66 children were taken into custody each day and more than 24,000 cycled through patrol stations in Texas in 2013.

Yet study leader Victor Manjarrez Jr., a former Border Patrol agent, told The Post the government had little reaction to the report’s warning and viewed the situation as a “local problem.”

Manjarrez said a crisis on the scale of what’s now developed along the border since last October was “not on anyone’s radar [even though] it was pretty clear this number of kids was going to be the new baseline.”

Cecilia Muñoz, Obama’s domestic policy adviser, said the administration and key agencies had made adjustments over time to deal with the influx of children but then responded with urgency once federal officials realized last May the numbers would far exceed internal projections of 60,000 minors crossing the border in 2014, The Post reported.

Border Patrol estimates now say the number could reach 90,000 by the end of September, The Post noted.

Obama has ordered an emergency response overseen by the National Security Council and the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and earlier this month asked Congress to approve $3.7 billion in emergency funds.

But back in April 2012, Texas Republican Gov. Rick Perry was already urging Obama “to take immediate action” and return unaccompanied minors to their home countries.

In an open letter to Obama, Perry warned that “every child allowed to remain encourages hundreds more to attempt the journey.”

On Capitol Hill, as lawmakers began hearing reports of the growing crisis from organizations and churches with operations in Central America, some Democrats worried it would help Republicans make a case that the administration’s policies had failed, Roybal-Allard told the newspaper.

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Gov. Palin: Such a difference in mindset between Reagan and Obama

Posted by Dr. Fay on July 22, 2014

Video retrieved from iizthatiiz

Governor Palin talked with Hannity last night about Obama’s disconnect from the American people.  Tony Lee at reports on the interview.

Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin believes that President Barack Obama’s actions — or lack thereof — show that he is “in over his head” as the country’s chief executive.

Noting that Obama golfs, vacations, passes the buck and points fingers during domestic and international crises if he is not distancing himself even more from them, Palin said on Monday’s Hannity on Fox News that Obama is “so far… in over his head” because he was merely a community organizer with “no executive experience” and “no resume at all” before becoming president.

Speaking about the border crisis, Palin said Obama is “very disconnected to what people are going through in real life.” Palin has said that Obama’s lawlessness on illegal immigrant was the tipping point for her to call for impeachment because illegal immigrant impacts American workers — native-born of all backgrounds and races and legal immigrants. Palin reiterated that Obama was in “a border state when the invasion started erupting and chose instead to go to fundraisers.”

Palin said Obama embraces the idea of “shirking back” from some of the most important developments in the world, and that is why the vacuum is being “filled by evil men.” She said she hope more candidates who believe in America’s exceptionalism around the globe can be elected in the midterm elections.

After saying that Obama’s time in the White House has showed that he is merely a “community organizer with no real responsibilities,” as she warned during the 2008 campaign, Palin mentioned how different Obama is from Ronald Reagan, who “called out evil and didn’t ask for flexibility” and ended up winning the Cold War without firing a bullet.

“Such a difference in the mindset,” Palin said.

Read more.

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