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Archive for June, 2014

(Update 7) Gov. Palin: May [Meriam Ibrahim’s case] open our eyes to the creeping march of Christian persecution around the world

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 24, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this morning:

Sarah Palin shared a link.

Unbelievably, the Christian mother whose plight we followed since her death sentence and appeal, has been re-arrested for refusing to renounce her faith. See here:

The thing that should get us in the gut is that she had the chance to deny Christ, and she didn’t. That is a real mom, right there. She knows it’s most important to know and love Christ than anything else. Ultimately, her children’s faith can become unshakable; they’ll witness their mother standing on the promises in Psalm 24. May all of this open our eyes to Christian persecution and vow to halt its creeping march around the world. And may we follow her example, using the strength God will provide to be fearless. In coming days and in so many ways, though heaven forbid it’s anything like this situation, we’ll need to hold on to faith and know that in ALL things Christ strengthens us.

– Sarah Palin

Here is the article at Bristol’s Blog that Governor Palin linked to:

Meriam Ibrahim Re-Arrested – Please Pray and Urge Diplomatic Action

Oh no!  The ACLJ reports:

In a deeply disturbing development, Meriam Ibrahim, the Sudanese woman sentenced to death for her Christian faith, was arrested at the airport with her American husband and American children just as she was preparing to leave Sudan. Here are the details, from NBC News:

Meriam Ibrahim, 27, was “very happy” after an appeals court on Monday overturned a death sentence imposed because she married a Christian man and was alleged to have turned her back on Islam. But lawyer Elshareef Ali Mohammed said a group of 50 security force personnel arrested her during an angry confrontation at the airport in the capital Khartoum on Tuesday.

Mohammed, who was at the airport with Ibrahim, said the security forces did not give him a reason for her re-arrest, and made no reference to her dropped case even when he identified himself as her lawyer. He said Ibrahim had been taken to a detention center accompanied by her two children and husband Daniel Wani, who insisted on going with her. “I have no more information,” he said. “They knew she had been cleared by the court but they have re-arrested her – I don’t know why.”

Other reports indicate that she was arrested by “national security officials” because of “national security concerns,” and she is beyond the reach of any civilian court.

I’ve written about Meriam here, here, and here (when I thought she was free).

There’s a new petition to try to let Meriam come to America — with her American husband and American children — so she can be a mom freely.  Please sign it — and pray.



From ABC News:

Christian Woman Who Was Sentenced to Death Blocked From Leaving Sudan



Jun 24, 2014 5:22pm

ap ibrahim christianwoman jc 140624 16x9 608 Christian Woman Who Was Sentenced to Death Blocked From Leaving Sudan

(Al Fajer/AP)

The U.S. State Department is monitoring the case of a Sudanese woman whose death sentence for marrying a Christian was rescinded this week, but was arrested again along with her family when she tried to leave the country.

Meriam Ibrahim, 27, was held at the airport along with her children and husband, a U.S. citizen, for allegedly not having the right travel documents, State Department spokesperson Marie Harf told reporters. The four were released today after being questioned for several hours at the airport, but are still not allowed to leave the country.


Harf said that the Sudanese government has assured the United States of the family’s safety, and that the U.S. embassy has been and will remain involved in the case.

Read more.



From an article by Attorney Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), at FOX News:


Christian mom’s freedom short-lived:Obama administration must act decisively

Read more.

From an article by Perry Chiaramonte at FOX News:

Sudan charges Christian mom with using phony travel documents

Read more.



From an article by Arutz Sheva staff:

Sudanese Christian Woman Released from Jail Again

Sudanese woman whose death sentence for marrying a Christian was overturned released from jail again after being detained at airport.

Sudanese flag


A Sudanese woman whose death sentence for marrying a Christian was overturned has been released from jail again, after she was detained at Khartoum airport on Tuesday, the BBC reports.

Meriam Ibrahim’s lawyer, Muhannad Mustafa, said that she was currently in the American embassy with her family.

Ibrahim had been detained on charges of falsifying ID documents.

Ibrahim, whose father was Muslim but who was raised by her Christian mother, was convicted last month of apostasy for marrying a Christian. Sudan’s penal code criminalizes the conversion of Muslims to other religions, a crime punishable by death.


She was first released on June 23, when an appeals court lifted her death sentence. She had been held at a police station in the capital since Tuesday, when she was prevented from leaving the country along with her husband, Daniel Wani, and their two children.

She had reportedly planned to travel to the U.S. with her family.

According to Reuters news agency, quoting her lawyer, Ibrahim was released on the condition that she remains in Sudan.

She has been charged with forgery relating to the South Sudanese travel document she was carrying, and accused of providing false information.

South Sudan’s embassy in Khartoum says the emergency travel documents were issued by the South Sudan authorities and are genuine; her husband is a Christian originally from South Sudan and holds U.S. citizenship.

Sudan summoned the ambassadors of America and South Sudan on Wednesday over what it termed the “criminal” issuance of travel documents by the two governments to Ibrahim.

Read more.


Also see:

Report: Meriam Ibrahim freed again, to leave Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim and the Persecution of Christians



From an article by Attorney Jay Sekulow at the ACLJ website:

Meriam and Her American Family Released on Bail, Not Free to Leave, as Possible New Charges Loom in Sudan

Meriam Ibrahim from Sudan

Jordan Sekulow Filed in:
Sharia Law 12:00 PM Jun. 27, 2014

After being re-arrested less than a day after being released from death row for her Christian faith, Meriam Ibrahim and her American family have reportedly been released from the custody of Sudanese police forces on the condition that they not leave Sudan, as possible charges are brought against them.

They are not free.

Meriam and her American family were about to board a flight to freedom earlier this week, when 40 members of Sudan’s National Intelligence Security Service (known as the “Agents of Fear”) detained her along with her American husband and her two American kids – Martin, a toddler, and Maya, a newborn baby girl.  After being detained at the airport, Meriam and her American family were arrested and taken to the police station.


According to press accounts, her lawyer also stated that Meriam and her American family are now in the U.S. embassy.  This is a critically important development for her safety.  However, they are not free to leave Sudan.

The United States must never let Meriam and her family who are U.S. citizens leave their sight from this point forward.  There were reports that when Meriam was taken into custody at the airport, it was done in the presence of U.S. diplomatic personnel.  This can never happen again.

Yesterday, a U.S. State Department spokesperson said that “from our perspective, Meriam has all of the documents she needs to travel to and enter the United States. It’s up to the Government of Sudan to allow her to exit the country.”

Later that day the State Department released a short statement, providing:

The State Department has received confirmation that Meriam Ibrahim Ishag has been released on bail and is no longer being detained at a Sudanese police station. She and her family are in a safe location and the Government of Sudan has assured us of the family’s continued safety. The Embassy remains highly engaged in Ms. Ishag’s case. We will provide more information as it becomes available consistent with privacy laws.

The Obama Administration, and the State Department in particular, must continue to aggressively demand freedom for Meriam and her American family.  While not physically in the custody of the Sudanese government at the present time, Meriam and her American family are not truly free until they are safely in America.

It would be an act of diplomatic malpractice were the U.S. to allow Meriam and her American family to fall back into the hands of the Sudanese government – the government that just days ago planned to execute her for her Christian faith.

Hundreds of thousands of Americans have demanded Meriam’s freedom.  Meriam expressed her gratitude for that support when she left the police station, telling the BBC, “I would like to thank those who stood beside me.”

At the ACLJ, we will not rest until Meriam, Martin, Maya, and Daniel, their American husband and father, are safely home.  Join us by urging the Obama Administration to take direct action to bring them home.  Sign the petition at  And please continue to pray.

Read more.

Here is a direct link to the ACLJ petition:



This is the Guardian article linked to by Sekulow:

Sudanese woman Meriam Ibrahim ‘safe and well’ in US embassy

Meriam Ibrahim with her baby, husband Daniel Wani, their son and a lawyer

Husband of Christian woman whose apostasy death sentence was overturned says she and children doing well

The husband of a Sudanese Christian woman facing threats after her apostasy death sentence was overturned has expressed relief that the family has been given refuge at the US embassy in Khartoum.

“Really, it’s good,” Daniel Wani, the American husband of Meriam Ibrahim, told Agence France-Presse by telephone on Friday, adding that embassy staff had been “very helpful and very nice”.

He said his wife and two children, who could be heard in the background, were doing well at the heavily guarded facility.

Ibrahim, 27, went to the US embassy on Thursday after being detained at Khartoum airport as she tried to leave Sudan. Her arrest came days after her release from death row.

Wani confirmed they had sought the embassy’s protection because of death threats against his wife.

A US state department spokeswoman, Marie Harf, said the family were in a safe location and Sudan’s government had assured the US of their continued safety.

Ibrahim was detained with her husband and two young children at Khartoum airport on Tuesday over allegations she had forged travel documents. But she was discharged from a police station, on the condition she remained in Sudan, after the government came under pressure from foreign diplomats.


Wani, a US citizen since 2005, said he hoped the family could start a new life in America. But 24 hours later security service agents apprehended the family, including a baby girl born while Ibrahim was shackled to the floor of her cell, claiming that her travel documents were forged. Ibrahim’s lawyer, Elshareef Mohammed, said more than 40 security officers stopped them boarding a plane to Washington.

The US state department said its envoy then met Sudanese foreign ministry officials at their request and told them the family needed to be able “to depart as swiftly as possible from Sudan and that we are happy to help in any way we can”.

Wani has claimed that those who triggered the case against his wife, whom he married in 2011, were attempting to muscle in on her business interests, including a hair salon, mini-mart and agricultural land.

Read more.



From article at

Sudan Mother: Baby Harmed Because of the Chains


Thursday, July 03, 2014

Meriam Ibrahim, the Christian Sudanese mother who was forced to give birth with her legs chained in prison, says that her baby daughter is disabled as a result.

“Something has happened to the baby,” she said, according to The Telegraph.

Ibrahim said she doesn’t know the extent of the harm her daughter Maya may have suffered, and would probably only know as she grows older.

“I don’t know in the future whether she’ll need support to walk or not,” Ibrahim said.

The Christian mom, who was imprisoned in Sudan for her faith, was freed last week after her conviction of “apostasy” was overturned. But she remains holed up with her family at the U.S. Embassy, unable to leave the country.

She could also face new charges, among them that her travel documents to come to the United States with her American husband and her children included false information about her religion.

However, the U.S. Embassy and the South Sudan Embassy cleared the papers, she said.

“How can my paperwork be wrong? My paperwork came from the Embassy,” she said, according to The Telegraph. “It’s 100 percent correct and it was approved by the South Sudan ambassador and the American ambassador.”

The 27-year-old mother of two had been sentenced to death for marrying a Christian and “abandoning” the Muslim faith of her father. She contends that she never was a Muslim and always embraced the Christian faith that her mother taught her.

Read more.

Also see:

Meriam Ibrahim: My baby is disabled because I gave birth with my legs chained

Meriam Ibrahim on giving birth in jail: ‘Something has happened to the baby



See this article for the story about the Ibrahim family’s arrival in Rome:

(Updated) Bristol Palin: Meriam Ibrahim and her family are now safe and free in Italy!



Meriam Ibrahim and their family left Rome on Thursday  en route to the U. S. A.

Hannah Roberts at MailOnline wrote:

Meriam heads for new life in America: Mother put on death row in Sudan for marrying a Christian leaves Rome for Philadelphia with the Pope’s blessing

By Hannah Roberts

Courage: Meriam Ibrahim holds her daughter Maya in her arms as she leaves Rome for Philadelphia

The family of four are planning to start afresh in America in Manchester, the hometown of Daniel’s brother, Gabriel Wani.

They spent the previous week in Rome after being spirited out of Sudan in the dead of night on an Italian state aircraft.

Meriam and baby Maya, who was born while her mother as shackled in prison, were blessed by Pope Francis who thanked her for her courage and praised her ‘courageous witness to faith’.

The brave mother said she was a little anxious about the new start.

Daniel, a trained chemist, lost his job while in Sudan supporting his wife through her ordeal in prison so they will be reliant on their extended family, at least at first.

The entire four will be cramped into Daniel’s one person apartment in Manchester.

She said: ‘ I’m a bit scared to leave Rome. We have been very happy here. We have felt like a real family. ‘

She said that they had toured the city as they waited for the final arrangements to be made for their travel, including an emotional trip to the ancient Roman amphitheatre where thousands of Christians were martyred for their faith.

They also prayed in one of the cities most famous churches, St Paul outside the walls.

She said: ‘We saw the whole city, we went to the Colosseum, we went to mass on Sunday, and we went shopping. We returned to life. And now I don’t know what to expect but at least we will all be together. ‘

Daniel was more confident. He said: ‘My brother will help us I’m sure and the Christian community in New Hampshire will be with us. The future is always unknown but I am optimistic.’

The quotes were relayed by the campaigner Antonella Napoli who saw the couple off at the airport.

She said the visit to the the Colosseum ‘touched’ the courageous Christian but the entire family had been ‘moved by the welcome they had received in Rome’.


After weeks at the US Embassy amid tense negotiations between the Italian and Sudanese authorities she was released and flown to Rome immediately.

The couple were given a private apartment during their week in Italy, where they were able to live as a family for the first time since the birth of their daughter.

They were kitted out with new clothes and driven around the sights by armed police, for their security.

When they arrive at the airport in New Hampshire they are set to be welcomed by the Sudanese and entire Evangelical community, as well as Daniel’s brother and his family.

From an Associated Press article at the New York Daily News:

Meriam Ibrahim, who avoided death sentence in Sudan, lands in New Hampshire

Ibrahim flew from Rome to Philadelphia with her husband and two children, en route to Manchester, where her husband has family and where they will make their new home. Her husband, Daniel Wani, his face streaked with tears, briefly thanked New Hampshire’s Sudanese community on his family’s behalf and said he appreciated the outpouring of support.

Thursday, July 31, 2014, 10:56 PM
Meriam Ibrahim, left, and her husband Daniel Wani are greeted by family and friends shortly after arriving in Manchester, N.H., on Thursday.


MANCHESTER, N.H. — A Sudanese woman who refused to recant her Christian faith in the face of a death sentence arrived Thursday in the United States, where she was welcomed first by the mayor of Philadelphia as a “world freedom fighter” and later by cheering supporters waving American flags in New Hampshire.

Meriam Ibrahim flew from Rome to Philadelphia with her husband and two children, en route to Manchester, where her husband has family and where they will make their new home. Her husband, Daniel Wani, his face streaked with tears, briefly thanked New Hampshire’s Sudanese community on his family’s behalf and said he appreciated the outpouring of support.

Earlier in Philadelphia, Mayor Michael Nutter said people will remember Ibrahim along “with others who stood up so we could be free.” He compared her to Rosa Parks, who became a symbol of the U.S. civil rights movement when she refused to give up her seat to a white man on a bus in Montgomery, Alabama, touching off a bus boycott.

Nutter said it was only fitting Ibrahim landed first in Philadelphia, a city founded as a place open to all faiths. He gave her a small replica of the Liberty Bell, a symbol of American independence, which he said she understood

“Meriam Ibrahim is a world freedom fighter,” he said.

Manchester, a city of 110,000 residents about 50 miles north of Boston, is northern New England’s largest city and has been a magnet for immigrants and refugees for decades. There are about 500 Sudanese living in the city, which is just north of the Massachusetts state line.

Ibrahim’s husband, who previously lived in New Hampshire, had been granted U.S. citizenship when he fled to the United States as a child to escape civil war, but he later returned and was a citizen of South Sudan.

The family was met at the Manchester airport by Gabriel Wani, Ibrahim’s brother-in-law, and dozens of supporters holding balloons, signs and flags. The crowd cheered as they stopped in the terminal, and several women reached out to hug Ibrahim.


“We’re just going to go and bring them home,” Gabriel Wani said. “They want to come home, and they want to rest.”

Monyroor Teng, pastor of the Sudanese Evangelical Covenant Church in Manchester, said Ibrahim’s release gives him hope.

“People are really happy to receive them when they come home,” he said. “It’s a miracle to me. I didn’t think that something like this would happen because, in Sudan, when something happens like that, it’s unreal. It happens to so many people. Maybe, who knows, I’m praying for those (other) ladies who are in jail and those who have died.”

The Rev. William Devlin, a New York pastor who had helped the family, said Ibrahim expressed some sadness when he talked to her Wednesday.

“She is leaving everything she knows behind,” he said.

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Gov. Palin: Grassroots conservatives running against Washington insiders need your votes in the primaries tomorrow!

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 23, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this afternoon:

Friends, there are important primaries across the country tomorrow with many good grassroots conservatives running against Washington insiders, and they need our help! In two states in particular, please help us send conservative fighters Chris McDaniel from Mississippi and T.W. Shannon from Oklahoma to the U.S. Senate. America’s future depends on good leaders like Chris and T.W. who will fight for what is best about America!

– Sarah Palin

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Bristol Palin: Amazing way to start your day! Meriam Ibrahim released!

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 23, 2014

Governor Palin posted a link on her Facebook page this afternoon to this article at Bristol’s Blog:

Meriam Ibrahim Released from Death Row!

Amazing way to start your day!  My readers know that I’ve been so upset over Meriam Ibrahim, who was sentenced to death just for being a Christian.  She was imprisoned when she was pregnant, so they allowed her to give birth — but when she weaned her child, she was going to be killed.

They gave her a chance to save her life — all she had to do was deny her Christian faith.

She wouldn’t do it.

Here’s what made it even worse.  Meriam’s husband is an American, which makes her kids American citizens.  They also were imprisoned with her.  However, the ACLJ has amazing news!!

We are getting credible reports from Sudan, including from her attorney, that Meriam Ibrahim and her American children have been freed from prison. Here’s the latest reporting:

A woman sentenced to death after being accused of converting from Islam to Christianity has been released from prison, according to her lawyer.

The case of Meriam Ibrahim, who is married to a Christian American, triggered an international outcry. She gave birth to a baby daughter, Maya, while in prison.
“Meriam was released just about an hour ago,” Mohanad Mustafa told AFP.

Ms Ibrahim was convicted last month of apostasy and adultery and claimed she had always been a Christian, having been raised by her Ethiopian mother while her Muslim father had left when she was young.

The 27-year-old married Daniel Wani in 2011 and has refused to renounce her faith.
But a court in Khartoum insisted she was a Muslim, and in Sudan such interfaith marriage is forbidden.

She was sentenced to 100 lashes for adultery and to hang for apostasy.

Read more about it here.  Thank you to all of my wonderful readers who prayed, signed petitions, and shared this on Facebook.  Love you guys!

We at SPIB also rejoice with Bristol and everyone else who  has been praying for Meriam’s release. What an awesome God we serve!

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Gov. Palin: God dumped a bucket load of heaven-and-earth beauty and abundance up here

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 23, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page last night:

Sarah Palin

Kings are running in Bristol Bay! These are the world’s richest salmon spawning grounds, and Rainbow Bay Lodge can take you there. Todd’s weathered in tonight, staying in a yurt somewhere on the water; it’s guaranteed that weather dictates one’s schedule in these majestic locales accessible only by air. What a way to get away! The guys’ lodge has openings in September if it’s on your bucket list; you’ll not catch kings that late, but so many other species await, including guides showing you where the indescribably delicious halibut are. I can’t do justice describing this world class sport fishing lodge that Todd’s very excited to be a part of, so here’s info: (contact:

God sure dumped a bucket load of heaven-on-earth beauty and abundance up here, and we share! There’s something for everyone here, especially anglers because the only other fishermen are bears.

– Sarah Palin

(6 photos)

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Gov. Palin: Join me for America’s Last Stand rally on June 26 in Sevierville TN!

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 21, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page yesterday:

Sarah Palin
Ready for some Tennessee Tea? Join me and the Sevier County Tea Party for America’s Last Stand rally on June 26th in Sevierville, TN! See the flyer for details.


*Due to an inclement weather forecast, the event has been moved indoors to the Sevierville Convention Center by the Wilderness Resort on Route 66.

From the event page for the America’s Last Stand rally:


Get your tickets NOW!!



The Sevier County Tea Party in association with a JL Production, Inc. is proud to announce AMERICA’S LAST STAND will be at Sevierville Convention Center, by the Wilderness Resort on rt 66 on June 26th.  Please take a look at the flier and order your tickets now.  With speakers including Gov. Sarah Palin, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Senator Rick Santorum and the Guardian of the Republic, Col Allen West, the tickets will go fast.

Join the GOLD 100 and have dinner with the stars and have your picture taken with them.  Your seat will be in the first five rows.  This is unique for Eastern Tennessee so don’t miss this opportunity to mingle with prominent leaders of the country.  Doors open at 4:30 PM – Dinner for the GOLD 100 group will start at 5 PM and the show starts at 6:30 PM.  Come early for best parking.

Read more.

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Gov. Palin: Oklahoma, T. W. Shannon has proven he puts YOU first and will fight for our solvency and sovereignty

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 21, 2014

———-  —————————

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page yesterday:

Sarah Palin shared a link.
No one in Washington is going to tell T.W. Shannon to sit down and hush up as he’s sent to the U.S. Senate as a reinforcement for conservative warriors fighting for America. The country needs him in DC! Oklahoma, please share this excellent ready and able constitutional conservative leader. The healthy independence he represents is needed to end Washington’s politics-as-usual, crony capitalist, big government agenda that’s bankrupting our country. T.W. has proven he puts YOU first, he reins in government, and will fight for our solvency and sovereignty. Please vote for T.W. on Tuesday, June 24th.
Thank you, Sooner State!
See T.W. on Hannity last night appreciating what Hannity calls “THE lineup of conservative leaders” endorsing T.W., including Senators Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, Mark Levin, and Ben Carson.
– Sarah Palin
Here is a YouTube version of the video:

Video retrieved from iizthatiiz

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Palin’s ‘Going Rogue’ sales during first week were almost 5X those of Hillary’s ‘Hard Choices’

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 21, 2014


From article by T. Becket at Washington Examiner:

Hillary Clinton’s first week of book sales versus Sarah Palin’s is not even close

By T. Becket Adams | June 19, 2014 | 9:22 am

[View video on website]

HiIlary Clinton smiles as she arrives at a book signing for her new book "Hard Choices," at Harvard Book Store, Monday in Cambridge, Mass. (AP/Steven Senne)  Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton continues to tour the nation,    promoting her new book, Hard Choices, and a possible 2016 candidacy.

Her book tour, filled with gaffes and missteps, has lagged and perhaps failed to live up to expectations. But that’s not all. Her book, when compared to former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin‘s political memoir, Going Rogue, has woefully underperformed in sales.


Palin’s book, which was released the same year President Obama moved into the White House, sold approximately 496,000 copies in its first week of release, according to figures cited by the New York Times.

That’s almost half a million copies in one week.

In contrast, Clinton, with all her softball interviews and a massive amount of free publicity from an excited press, sold only 100,000 copies from its Tuesday release through Saturday, Politico reported.

And because “explanatory journalism” is all the rage these days, here’s a chart to help you visualize Palin’s first week of book sales versus Clinton’s:

Hopefully, that chart helped you to understand the news.


Read more.

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Gov. Palin links to Greta’s post about Obama’s negligence regarding Tahmooressi

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 21, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page on Thursday:

Here is Greta’s post:

I am furious at President Obama if he blew this opportunity.. .did he not mention our marine, Sgt Tahmooressi, in his call today with Mexico’s President Nieto? click to read


Late tonight I received the White House press release (see below.)  President Obama and the President of Mexico spoke today.  Below is a readout of the call which means a summary of what the two Presidents discussed.  There is NO MENTION in this press release of our marine, Sgt Tahmooressi, who has been languishing in a Mexican prison since March 31.  I hope President Obama did not blow this one….did he mention Sgt. Tahmooressi to President Nieto or not?  

I am so hoping that President Obama had a ‘side conversation’ with and a promise by President Nieto that somehow is not part of the read out. 

What do you think?  A side conversation?  And a promise?   It is possible….I sure hope so.  Frankly, the more I think about it, the more I am convinced that President Obama had to have said something, made some sort of deal…..he could not just ignore Sgt. Tahmooreesi, right?  No one could ignore this, right?  



Office of the Press Secretary


June 19, 2014


Readout of the President’s Call to President Peña Nieto of Mexico


This afternoon President Obama spoke by phone with Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto to discuss a regional strategy to address the influx of unaccompanied children coming from Central America, through Mexico, to the U.S.-Mexico border. The President noted that Vice President Biden will attend a regional meeting in Guatemala on Friday, June 20, to discuss the urgent humanitarian issue, and welcomed the opportunity to work in close cooperation with Mexico to develop concrete proposals to address the root causes of unlawful migration from Central America. He also discussed the United States and Mexico’s shared responsibility for promoting security in both countries and in the region.

Read more.




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Gov. Palin: Planning to lure Todd away from fishing to jet to Tea Party Rally in Tennessee next week

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 21, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook Page last night:

Sarah Palin
Any bad day fishing beats any good day… well, doing most anything else! Todd and buddies are on the Nushagak River in Bristol Bay today (I could have sworn he said he had to fly his float plane over to his fishing grounds to prep for the rip-roaring Bristol Bay commercial salmon season, but this looks more like rod & reelin’! And to think Todd says, “We commercial fish; no time for sport because we don’t play with our food.”) The plan is to lure him away from his Rainbow Bay Lodge he helps run, and we’ll jet to Tennessee for the Seiver County Tea Party Rally on Thursday. Glad he’s showing tourists what Alaska has to offer as he guides them from the Rainbow Bay Lodge. Good bear viewing, good fishing, as you can see… and you should have seen the one that got away!
– Sarah Palin


Here is the website of the Rainbow Bay Lodge that Governor Palin says husband Todd is helping run.


Here is the event page for the America’s Last Stand rally in Sevierville Tennessee next Thursday.

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Gov. Palin posts press release about latest developments in Tahmooressi case

Posted by Dr. Fay on June 19, 2014

Posted on Governor Palin’s Facebook page this afternoon:

Sarah Palin

As promised, here’s the press release on the current situation with Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, the U.S. Marine stuck in a Mexican prison for months now. Please spread the word:

A couple of hours earlier, she had posted this:

Sarah Palin shared a link.

Fight Club that Betters the Lives of Our Vets

One of the great Americans helping the US Marine stuck in a Mexican prison, Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, is Chad Robichaux, PhD, MBA. Chad is changing the lives of our honored veterans suffering physical and mental ramifications of recent wars. He works with “Serving California,” and as a Board Certified Pastoral Counselor he founded “Mighty Oaks,” an associate ministry of Dave Roever’s famous ministry for vets.

Both organizations focus on PTSD and reintegration issues. These are free private sector effective programs – they do absolutely phenomenal work. In addition to his academic bonafides, Chad is one tough decorated former Marine… and to top it all off he’s a professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter! Impressively, even the MMA/Fight Club concept assists our guys, as you’ll see in this video!

Please watch it; short and profound, it features America’s finest and shows how to help:

Learn more here and vets can register free:

– Sarah Palin

Here is the video:
Retrieved from ServingCalifornia
This is the press release that she linked to in her afternoon post:

Serving California’s Press Release on Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi, 6-17-14


Published by Sarah Palin
Jill Tahmooressi Builds New Partnerships to Support Her Son Imprisoned for Inadvertently Crossing the Border into Mexico with Personal Firearms

Read the rest here.

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