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Posted by Dr. Fay on June 27, 2014


Posted by Governor Palin on her Facebook page  this morning:

Sarah Palin shared a link.



This is the  article by Jeff Poor at Breitbart TV that she linked to:

Chris McDaniel: We’ve Found 1,000 Examples of Ineligible Voters in One C


[VIEW VIDEO AT WEBSITE or here on the Hannity website.]

On Thursday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” State Sen. Chris McDaniel, the Republican candidate in last Tuesday’s GOP primary that fell just shy of defeating long-time incumbent Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS), reacted to the outcome.

McDaniel laid out his Republican credentials and questioned why some within his state’s Republican Party had gone to such lengths to for Cochran.

“It was shocking,” McDaniel said. “I’m a two-term state senator. I’ve been a Republican since I was 13-years old. I’ve paid my dues. I’ve gone door to door. I’ve given money. I considered these men and woman to be my friends and colleagues. But desperation and the quest for power pushed them somewhat over the edge. And Tuesday evening the Republican primary in Mississippi was not decided by Republican voters. It was decided by 35,000-40,000 Democrats. That’s unprecedented and extraordinarily unusual.”

He also claimed he had evidence of more than 1,000 voting irregularities in just one country and pointed to the desperate tactics Cochran employed to get Democrats out to vote for him.

“It’s not so much a recount,” McDaniel continued. “We’re looking to the issue of whether or not people who participated in if June 3 Democrat Primary crossed over into the Republican Primary this Tuesday night. We’ve found more than 1,000 examples of that in one county alone. So, we’ve found widespread irregularities of ineligible voters. They should not have been there in the first place. And they were pushed there. This is what’s shocking, Sean. They were pushed there be an overt action, an aggressive action on the part of Sen. Cochran’s campaign that was filled with race-baiting, lies, distortions. He literally ran the latter three weeks on food stamps. He ran on voter suppression and he ran on pork. Mississippi is a conservative state and one would think that our party was a conservative party. This proves otherwise.”

As far as the tactics themselves, McDaniel condemned them and said that was his justification for pursuing further action questioning the outcome.

“It’s absolutely despicable,” he added. “They did everything in their power to embrace liberal Democrats. But think about that for a second. If we have an agenda as conserve conservatives, which is to fight with principle … to be strong open courageous and they say they’re going to fight the liberals in Washington but they embraced the liberals in Mississippi just to win the election. It’s the worst style of politicking I can imagine. They did it. They’ve gotten away with it so far. That’s why we’re looking at voter irregularities.”

Read more.


  1. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    No voter fraud there….
    No where….


  2. E Boone said

    Well, the mask is off the “Republican” Party, at least in Mississippi as of June 24th. That was when the Grand Old Party of Mississippi had to solicit votes from democrats to defeat a Constitutionally Minded Republican Primary Candidate in the state’s runoff for the “Republican” nominee in the November Election for a US Senate Seat representing Mississippi.

    The promise and accusation to encourage democrat voters to cast a ballot in the Republican Primary Runoff for Thad Cochran instead of the Rank-and-File Republican Party Favorite? Why Good-Old Thad would be more supportive of barack obama and democrat party initiatives and … wait for it … Chris McDaniel was a racist.

    I frequently get solicitations from Republican Party fund raisers explaining that a “Big Donor” has offered to match any contributions from “Small Donors” and would I be willing to contribute fifty or one-hundred dollars which the “Big Donor” would match? My usual response is to the effect, “Well, thanks for telling me who the candidate will be listening to after the election, but my current inclination is to make what political donations I have available to Freedom Works, the Senate Conservative Fund, or specific candidates of my choosing. Thank you for calling and please have a good remainder of the day.”

    Frankly I have my fingers crossed that Chris McDaniel will run in the General Election as a Write-In Candidate, a Constitution Party Candidate or Libertarian. I do have a couple of dollars that I can contribute to a candidate of my choosing. Chris McDaniel could be that candidate. Bad behavior, as demonstrated by the GOP of MS, needs to be punished; otherwise it is encouraged.

    Emmette Boone

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