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Archive for February 18th, 2014

Bristol Palin: Proud of You, Dad!!

Posted by Dr. Fay on February 18, 2014

Posted at Bristol’s Blog today:

“Stuff Happens”

Just a note to say that I’m so proud of my dad whose Iron Dog adventure was cut short this year.

Kevin Scholla has the latest:

Team 11, comprised of Todd Palin and Tyler Huntington, had to scratch out of the 2014 Iron Dog race in Alaska Monday night. The Palin-Huntington duo posted the best time of 39 teams from Big Lake to Skwentna. But then some bad news. Huntington’s sled began running on one cylinder after leaving Skwentna. Team 11 turned around and tried to diagnose it. At first, they thought it was an exhaust sensor, so they changed it in Skwentna. No luck.

The team returned to Pain’s shop in Wasilla. There, they were able to determine it was a problem they could not repair in time and get back on the trail without making the trail volunteers stay out in the elements an extra day. So they decided they will get things fixed with no time frame. The idea is to use the sleds for practice runs in 2015.

Craig Compeau, sponsor of Team 11, put it nicely: ”I really feel bad about the mechanical issue.  It’s one of those things in life you file under ‘stuff happens.’”

No matter what, I’m so proud of my dad.  I love that he gets out there and tries to do this killer race.  It takes guts, know-how, and skill to even think about putting yourself out there for the longest and toughest race in the world.

Proud of you, Dad!!

(We are, too!)

From a #23 starting position, Team 11 was in position #3 when they arrived at the  Skwenta checkpoint.  Up the trail, the team encountered mechanical problems with one of their snow machines and had to back track for repairs.

Team 11 started in position 24, now in position 3: Huntington / Palin Checked out of Skwentna at 13:11:00 02/16/14

Team 11 must have run into problems. Huntington / Palin Checked out of Skwentna at 22:38:00 02/16/14. The Lord be with them.

Posted by Todd and Tyler on Governor Palin’s Facebook page last night:
19 hours ago

Hi! For anyone interested, this is Todd and Tyler from Iron Dog Team #11 writing from Sarah’s Facebook page.

Disappointed on the trail today, but keeping everything in perspective. Due to a rare mechanical issue that was impossible to fix on the trail, we’ll be cheering on the other teams the rest of the race. I’ve been enjoying this endurance race for decades now, and you never can tell how it’s going to turn out for any team. There’s always inexplicable circumstances arising and you never know what mother nature will challenge you with out there. But it’s always rewarding and worth the effort.

This race, like everything else in life, is a gamble. Our advice is to find your passion, don’t procrastinate, and just do it! This isn’t a dress rehearsal. It doesn’t matter how many times you get knocked down, what matters is how many times you get back up. As Sarah likes to say, live life vibrantly! Having the freedom to tackle challenges like this is what makes America amazing.

We’re incredibly grateful for all the supporters that make the world’s ultimate snowmachine race happen every year. It wouldn’t be possible without our rural communities that connect the trail, celebrate this event, and cheer on every participant. You keep us going, bush Alaska! You’re our foundation! Thank you so much for all you guys do.

Keep the other racers in your prayers.

Also, thanks so much for pledging in the fund raiser to fight breast cancer with the awesome “Bring Home the Pink” campaign. You can still support the Ski-Doo teams involved in this great cause by pledging here:


Todd & Tyler
Team #11

Governor Palin posted a video of Trig still cheering his Dad on after Team 11 left the race.
19 hours ago

When the girls told Trig that daddy had to leave the race, he still said, “Go, daddy!” And it’s sort of his first “sentence” that’s kind of clear! We’re proud of our boy!


She also posted photos of Team 11 parents:
Sarah Palin · 3,996,978 like this
Our happy parents at the Iron Dog race, always supportive and sincerely appreciated!


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