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Sarah Palin celebrates Veterans Day at NBC and FOX today

Posted by Dr. Fay on November 11, 2013

Governor Palin posted this comment on her Facebook page today, along with 4 photos, including the one above:

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Celebrating Veterans Day on the TODAY Show
— in New York, NY.

She also posted the photo above and the comment below:

Celebrating vets this Veterans Day on the TODAY Show!

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Adam Edelman at the New York Daily News posted these photos:


Sarah Palin greeted military service members following her appearance on the 'Today' show.

Governor Palin posted  this comment and 4 photos on her Facebook page tonight from her and Todd’s meeting with veterans during her visit at FOX News today to film a segment on Hannity.

Building Homes for Heroes

Updated 57 minutes ago · Taken in New York, New York
I met some wonderful veterans in the green room at FOX who are part of an organization called Building Homes for Heroes. Please visit their website to learn how to get involved and donate to the great work they’re doing to build homes for wounded warriors – our heroes:

Also had a great time chatting backstage at FOX with Ainsley Earhardt and Sean Hannity and their wonderful, competent teams!

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