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Palin: If You Love Freedom, Thank a Vet Everyday

Posted by Jackie Siciliano on November 10, 2013


Photo by Shealah Craighead/SarahPAC


Sarah Palin extends a special thank you to our nation’s vets via her Facebook page:

If you love freedom, thank a vet everyday — but especially on Monday, Veteran’s Day. Take time to let vets know how much you appreciate their service. If you see a good patriot who has served or is currently serving, be bold and introduce yourself and thank them for the freedoms you cherish. Over the next few weeks we’ll be out on the road all across America discussing my new book “Good Tidings And Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas” because in this book our vets are acknowledged throughout for their bravery, service and sacrifices paid to defend our freedoms that some take for granted. We’re excited to visit with vets, active duty military, and their amazing families this Friday at Fort Campbell and Fort Benning. Thank you, veterans, for protecting the heart of America and for inspiring us everyday!

– Sarah Palin


One Response to “Palin: If You Love Freedom, Thank a Vet Everyday”

  1. John R. Lancellotti Hackensack NJ said

    Mrs. Palin, you don’t have to thank we vets. I believe most of us feel that it was our privilege to serve this country. Best always, John R. Lancellotti

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