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Gov. Palin: Happy birthday, Todd!

Posted by Dr. Fay on September 6, 2013

Governor Palin posted this comment on Facebook this evening along with the first photo below.

about an hour ago



Happy birthday, Todd! He’s finally as old as I am! We’ve been away hunting this week in an “undisclosed location.” It’s that time of year when Alaskans fill their freezers for the winter with homegrown organic protein. (As my Dad likes to remind folks: “Vegetarian” is an old native word for “lousy hunter.”) Todd is still up north, and I’ll head back out again later with more family. It was nice to get away from the real world for a little while out in the remote tundra. It’s always a blessing being in the great outdoors and especially to share Todd’s birthday out there with friends. And it’s always a bit of an adventure. One of our buddies got a bear, swearing he saved all our hides as one evening I was engrossed in picking blueberries when the bear silently snuck up behind us. (Granted, our buddies do exaggerate their hunting escapades… it’s part of the lore!) I’ll post some of the photos snapped on the few quasi-sunny hours we found. Hope you enjoy them and are also able to get outside and enjoy God’s beautiful creation. Even if your dinner’s wrapped in cellophane, not fur, appreciate the bounty!


A little later, she posted 10 photos, including these, of their blueberry gathering and hunting trip, and of Piper seeing Trig off to school back home.




One Response to “Gov. Palin: Happy birthday, Todd!”

  1. Ray said

    Beautiful Family, Beautiful pics of Alaska.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Todd…

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